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									                                              Scalding line

                                                                                                                               Scalding line
 DESCRIPTION                                                      OPTIMIZATION
The closed SFK Scalding line where pigs are hanging ver-           • SFK recommends positioning of the scalding line after
tically differs significantly from traditional scalding basins,       the pre-washing machine. Pigs are transported into
e.g. in the following ways:                                          the scalding line on an overhead conveyor.
   • Minimum energy consumption                                    • SFK recommends positioning of the scalding line as
   • Low water consumption                                           closely as possible to the bristle remover, to prevent
   • Heated steam                                                    scalded pigs from being cooled down just before the
   • Continuous draining of waste water during operation             bristles are to be removed.
   • Short start-up time                                           • SFK recommends to combine the scalding line with an
   • No chemicals needed                                             SFK Duoplan conveyor and an SFK standard bleeding
   • Minimum risk of over-scalding at operation shut-                shackle.
   • External conveyor                                            ADVANTAGES
                                                                 Vertical scalding offers many important advantages com-
The closed scalding line features extremely accurate tem-        pared to traditional dip scalding:
perature control and an optimum method of adding heat              • No infection of thoracic cavity
and steam to the scalding air.                                     • No water in lungs
                                                                   • No recirculation of dirty water
 WORKING PROCESS                                                   • No cross contamination
Suspended by one of their hind legs, pigs are scalded with         • Easy access for cleaning
hot, water-saturated (close to 100%) air which condenses           • Optional CIP system
on the surface of the carcasses. The air is heated up and          • All surfaces inside the scalding line is made of stain-
humidified by injecting steam and water into a circulating            less steel
air stream.
  • Very user-friendly Siemens operating panel
  • The operating system allows for linking up to admin-
    istrative system (ERP).
  • Flooring plates can be lowered, thus offering more
    space for walking and cleaning.

  • The scalding line is available with a suction exhaust
    hood which encloses the chain slot or can be attached
    to an existing suction exhaust.
  • CIP system.

Maximum pig length from point of suspension in chain to
snout should not exceed 2450 mm.

  • In every section, plate walls can be opened for
    cleaning purposes.
  • For daily cleaning, a low-pressure cleaning system
    (pressure < 25 bar) is recommended.
  • Easy access for cleaning as flooring plates can be
  • Roof with slope.
  • Demountable spoilers.
  • The scalding line conforms to HACCP regulations.

The scalding line conforms to the strictest rules regard-         Sectional view of structure and flow of air and steam.
ing health and safety.

                                                                  The machine requires the following connections:
The machine is designed in accordance with EU and
USDA regulations and furthermore, it meets CE require-
                                                                   Steam pressure                   3 bar (1.5 kg per pig)
                                                                   Air requirement                     6 bar, clean and dry
Technical data subject to alteration.                              Water                10-40°C at min. 3 bar (1 litre per pig)

  Modules                                                Entry               Corner             Standard          Standard
                                                       module                module              module            module
  Length (mm - total)                                       885               1650                2400              4800
  Width (mm - total)                                     1585                 1650                2210              2210
  Width, cabin externally                                    -                  -                 1585              1585
  Height (mm - total)                                Min. 3630      1)
                                                                            Min. 3630          Min. 3630          Min. 3630
  Weight (kg)                                               500               700                 500               1500
  Capacity (pigs/hour)     2)
                                                             -                  -                  31                62
  Fan                                                        -                  -               2 x 3 kW          4 x 3 kW
  Water consumption (litres/hour)                            -                  -                  31                62
  Steam consumption (kg/hour)                                -                  -                  47                93
  Exhaust at 400V effective consumption (kW)                3.4                 -                   -                 -
1) The height depends on type of suction exhaust, conveyor and shackle.
2) At the indicated capacities, the scalding time is 7.5 minutes and the pitch between pigs 600 mm.
                                                                                                                                  Version 03-Apr07-jym

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