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Frank Horner Fever Test Frank Horner Fevertest


Frank Horner Fever Test Frank Horner Fevertest

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									                           Frank Horner Fevertest
                         Benefit Segmentation Analysis

                             EMBA North America 5


   1) Identify needs/benefits sought by different audiences of fever screeners.

        Consider the multiple needs/benefits from different perspectives of different
       audience types and roles (end users, channels, purchasers)

   2) To the best of your knowledge, and applying some judgment rank order the
      needs/benefits by audience type.

   3a) Looking at shared “number one” need/benefit, identify the various segments that
       emerge to make up the market for fever screeners. (use the segmentation
       worksheet to show your different audiences, needs/benefits, rankings, and then
       your actual segments.)

   3b) List the segments separately with the audience types that belong. You may even
       chose to name the segments!

   4) Now, if this were your company, which 2 segments would you pursue to
      commercialize Fevertest? Why?

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