Vaccinate for parvovirus vets urge dog owners

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Vaccinate for parvovirus,
vets urge dog owners
           By Miranda Burski                    “The minute you get a bunch of             Symptoms of parvovirus include
          Saskatoon newsroom                 nonvaccinated dogs running around,          profuse vomiting and diarrhea, de-
   Veterinarians say they’ve been treat- it becomes more common,” he said.               pression, lack of appetite and diffi-
ing more parvovirus cases than usual            Pet owners in rural areas may be less    culty walking or standing.
this season.                                 likely to vaccinate their dogs than those
   The canine disease has been making in urban areas, he added.                          Can be fatal
dogs sick for approximately 30 years,           Parvovirus is a contagious disease          It is important that dogs with these
and Dr. Alain Fafard, a veterinarian at transmitted through the fecal-oral               symptoms receive treatment as soon
Furry Friends Animal Hospital in route. It is picked up when a dog eats                  as possible. The virus causes severe
Saskatoon, said it isn’t un-                             or licks the feces of an in-    gastro-intestinal disease, which could
usual to see an occasional                                                               lead to dehydration and death.
spike in cases.
                                  “It’s a disease fected dog, either off the
                                                         ground or on a dog’s fur.          “It’s quite often fatal, especially if
   “It sort of waxes and             that’s way             Vaccination is the easiest   left untreated,” Fafard said.
wanes,” he said.                      easier to          way to prevent the spread          “And sometimes, despite the most
   “There’ll be times when prevent rather of the virus.                                  aggressive treatments, it’s still fatal.”
it isn’t that rampant, and                                  “It’s a disease that’s way      Lewis agreed that the virus gener-
then other times, like right        than treat.” easier to prevent rather than           ally kills the dog if left untreated, but
now, we seem to be seeing                                treat,” Fafard said.            said treatment can make a difference.
an increase in the number — Alain Fafard,                   Parvovirus vaccinations         “We’ve had at least a 95 percent sur-
of cases we’re seeing.”              veterinarian        begin when a puppy is six       vival rate with treatment.”
   Fafard said the high                                  to eight weeks old.                He said Rottweilers and Dobermans
number of urban cases is probably               The puppy receives a second shot at      have the most difficulty with the dis-
due to either an increase in the dog approximately 12 weeks and a third                  ease.
population or a decrease in the num- at approximately 16 weeks.                             “Large breed dogs, if they get it, seem
ber of vaccinations.                            Clinics will then administer a shot      to get it the worst.”
   Rural veterinarians note a similar either annually or every three years.                 Fafard and Lewis urge owners to
rise in cases.                                  Lewis said most dogs that receive        make sure their puppies are vaccinat-        COOKIE MONSTER — Laura Olive uses her Pathfinder scarf
   Dr. Roy Lewis, a veterinarian at the the vaccination never develop the dis-           ed and to take their dogs to see a vet-      to tie together the two Girl Guide cookie boxes worn by Rylea
Westlock Veterinary Centre in West- ease.                                                erinarian if symptoms appear.                Lunde outside a grocery store in Sylvan Lake, Alta. The 12-year-old
lock, Alta., attributes it to the number        “We get the odd dog with it in spite                                                  Pathfinders were drawing attention to the sale, one of two major
of unvaccinated dogs that run free of the vaccination, but that’s rela-                                                               annual Girl Guide fundraisers, the other being sandwich cookie
in the area.                                 tively rare.”                                                                            sales each spring. (Randy Fiedler photo)

                                                                     Letters captured in landscape
                                                                                   By Andrea Geary                          He said L-O-V-E is the most popular word, does as a volunteer in the local elementary
                                                                                     Freelance writer                    followed by L-A-U-G-H and F-A-M-I-L-Y. school that inspired him to start taking pho-
                                                                     WINNIPEG — Take a good look at the next             Customers often order words as gifts for a tos of these images and forming words.
                                                                     telephone pole you pass. Does it look like a        new baby, wedding, birthday or retirement.       Older buildings often contain interesting
                                                                     giant letter T? Or does that forked tree re-           Matthews processes his photos in a four shapes, and Matthews is now working on a
                                                                     semble a Y?                                         by six inch format in sepia tone because he collection of letters with an agricultural
                                                                       Photographer David Matthews sees upper            said colour distracts from the letter shapes theme.
                                                                     and lowercase letters of the alphabet every-        and he finds black and white too                            All but three of the letter photos
                                                                     where he goes.                                      harsh.                                                   he offers were taken within Man-
                                                                                                                                                                 Matthews is
                                                                       “I keep my eyes open and have my camera              The letters are available indi-                       itoba. One of them is Toronto’s
                                                                     with me at all times.”                              vidually, or Matthews will mat          working on a CN Tower, which looks like a cap-
                                                                       David runs his business, A to Z Illusions,        and frame a word that a custom-         collection of    ital I. The hardest letter to find is
                                                                     from his home in Alexander, Man., a village         er selects.                             letters with     a capital R.
                                                                     west of Brandon. He calls his work letter art          Growing up in England, Mat- an agricultural              While Matthews conducts most
                                                                     photography or lettergraph. A photo of a            thews began photography as a                             of his business through his website,
                                                                     door in the shape of an H is one of the ap-         hobby and later learned the skill
                                                                                                                                                                    theme.        he also sells his work at craft sales
                                                                     proximately 400 photos he has in stock that         of developing photos commer-                             in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
                                                                     contain the shape of a letter.                      cially.                                          This past summer, he set up a booth at the
                                                                       Matthews uses these images to spell words.           He worked as a photojournalist, took com- Forks Market in Winnipeg, where interna-
                                                                     An automatic function on his website at             mercial photos and ran a camera shop before tional visitors were interested in his photos.
                                                            allows visitors to            marrying a Canadian and moving to Thomp-         On his website, visitors can sign up for a
                                                                     select letters to spell words of their choice.      son, Man., in 1999. He and his wife have newsletter that includes information on
David Matthews photographs signs, buildings and                      They can check on variations of each letter         been living in Alexander for about six years. Matthews upcoming shows and tips on pho-
other features in the landscape to form letters.                     in their word to personalize the overall look.         Matthews said he began to see years ago tography.
He says the hardest letter to find is a capital R.                     “I’m giving them the paint box and they           how natural and manmade shapes can form
(Andrea Geary photo)                                                 are painting the picture.”                          letters. However, it was the literacy work he

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