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                        ‘                                          Appointment of the selected candidates
              Ministry of Mines                             based on the results of the above examination will
            (Department of Mines)                           be made initially on a temporary basis.
         New Delhi, the 19 June, 2010.
                                                            4. The examination will be conducted by the Union
                      RULES                                 Public Service Commission in the manner
                                                            prescribed in Appendix I of these Rules.
No.4/2/2010-M.II – The rules for a competitive                      The dates on which and the places at which
examination to be held by the Union Public Service          the examination will be held shall be fixed by the
Commission in 2010 for the purpose of filling               Commission.
vacancies in the following posts are with the
concurrence of Ministry of Water resources,                 5. A candidate must be either:-
published for general information:-                             (a) a citizen of India, or
                                                                 (b) a subject of Nepal, or
Category I (Posts in the Geological Survey of India,
Ministry of Mines)                                               (c) a subject of Bhutan, or
                                                                 (d) a Tibetan refugee who came over to India,
  (i)   Geologist Group A                                                            st
                                                                      before the 1 January, 1962 with the
                                                                      intention of permanently settling in India, or
Category II (Posts in the Central Ground Water
                                                                 (e) a person of Indian origin who has migrated
Board, Ministry of Water Resources)
                                                                      from Pakistan, Burma, sri Lanka, East
                                                                      African countries of Kenyua, Uganda, the
  (i) Jr. Hydrogeologists (Scientist B) Gr. A
                                                                      United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia,
  (ii) Assistant Hydrogeologists Group B
                                                                      Malawi, Zaire and Ethiopia or Vietnam with
                                                                      the intention of permanently settling in
2. A candidate may compete for any one or both
the categories of posts mentioned above for which
                                                                 Provided that a candidate belonging to
he is eligible in terms of the Rules. A candidate who
                                                                 categories (b), (c), (d) and (e) above shall be a
qualifies on the result of the written part of the
                                                                 person in whose favour a certificate of eligibility
examination for consideration for selection to both
                                                                 has been issued by the Government of India.
the categories of posts will be required to indicate
                                                                      A candidate in whose case a certificate of
clearly in the detailed application form within due
                                                                 eligibility is necessary may be admitted to the
date, the categories of post for which he wishes to
                                                                 examination but the offer of appointment may
be considered in the order of preference so that
                                                                 be given only after the necessary eligibility
having regard to his rank in order of merit, due
                                                                 certificate has been issued to him by the
consideration can be given to his preference when
                                                                 Government of India.
making appointment.
                                                            6 (a) A candidate for this examination must have
N.B. (i) No request for addition/alteration in the
                                                            attained the age of 21 years and must not have
preferences indicated by a candidate in his detailed                                            st
                                                            attained the age of 32 years on 1 January, 2010
application form will be entertained by the                                                                 nd
                                                            i.e. he must have been born not earlier than 2
Commission.                                                                                  st
                                                            January 1978 and not later than 1 January 1989.
                                                            (b) The upper age limit will be relaxable upto a
N.B. (ii) The candidates competing for both the
                                                            maximum of seven years in the case of
categories of posts will be allotted to the posts
                                                            Government Servants, if they are employed in a
strictly in accordance with their merit position,
                                                            Department mentioned in Column I below and apply
preferences exercised by them and number of
                                                            for the corresponding post(s) mentioned in column
3.       The approximate number of vacancies to
be filled on the basis of results of above Geologists       Column I                              Column II
Examination will be specified in the Notice issued          Geological Survey            (i) Geologist Group A
by the Commission.                                          of India
         Reservation of vacancies among the                 Central Ground                (i)Jr. Hydrogeologist
vacancies of the above categories of posts to be            Water Board                   (Scientist B) Group A
filled up from the above examination for candidates                                       (ii) Assistant Hydro-
belonging to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled                                              geologists Group B
Tribes, the Other Backward Classes and Physically
disabled will be made as per Govt. of India Rules &         ----------------------------------------------------------------
Regulation in force.                                        (c) The upper age limits prescribed above will be
                                                                 further relaxabe:-

   (i) upto a maximum of five years if a candidate
          belongs to a Scheduled Caste or a                        Note IV – Notwithstanding the provision of age-
          Scheduled Tribe.                                         relaxation under Rule 6(c) (vii) above, a physically
   (ii) upto a maximum of three years in the case of               handicapped candidate will be considered to be
          candidates belonging to Other Backward                   eligible for appointment only if he/she (after such
          Classes who are eligible to avail of                     physical examination as the Government or
          reservation applicable to such candidates.               appointing authority, as the case may be, may
   (iii) upto a maximum of five year, if a candidate               prescribe) is found to satisfy the requirements of
          had ordinarily been domiciled in the State of            physical and medical standards for the concerned
          Jammu & Kashmir during the period from the               services/posts to be allocated to the physically
           st                        st                            disabled candidates by the Government.
          1 January 1980 to 31 day of December
(iv) upto a maximum of three years in the case of                  SAVE AS PROVIDED ABOVE THE AGE LIMITS
       Defence Services personnel disabled in                      PRESCRIBED CAN IN NO CASE BE RELAXED:
       operations during hostilities with any foreign                        The date of birth accepted by the
       country or in a disturbed area and release as a             Commission is that entered in the Matriculation or
       consequence thereof.                                        Secondary School Leaving Certificate or in a
(v) upto a maximum of five years in the case of Ex-                certificate recognised by an Indian University as
       servicemen including Commissioned Officers                  equivalent to Matriculation or in an extract from a
       and ECOs/SSCOs who have rendered at least                   Register of Matriculates maintained by a University
       of Military Service as on 1 January 2010 and                which extract must be certified by the proper
       have been released (i) on completion of                     authority of the University or in the Higher
       assignment including those whose assignment                 Secondary or an equivalent examination certificate.
       is due to be completed within one year from 1                         No other document relating to age like
       January 2010 otherwise than by way of                       horoscopes, affidavits, birth extracts from Municipal
       dismissal of discharge on account of                        Corporation, Service records and the like will be
       misconduct or inefficiency or (ii) on account of            accepted.
       physical disability attributable to Military Service                  The    expression       Matriculation/Higher
       or (iii) on invalidment.                                    Secondary Examination Certificates in this part of
(vi) upto a maximum of 5 years in the case of                      the instructions include the alternative certificates
       ECOs/SSCOs who have completed an initial                    mentioned above.
       period of assignment of 5 years of Military
       service as on 1 January, 2010 and whose                     Note 1: Candidates should note that only the date
       assignment has been extended beyond 5 years                 of birth as recorded in the Matriculation/Secondary
       and in whose case the Ministry of Defence                   Examination Certificate or an equivalent certificate
       issues a certificate that they can apply for civil          on the date of submission of application will be
       employment and that they will be released on 3              accepted by the Commission and no subsequent
       months notice on selection from the date of                 request for its change will be considered or granted.
       receipt of offer of appointment.
(vii) upto a maximum of 10 years in the case of                    Note 2: Candidates should also note that once a
       blind deaf-mute and Orthopaedically disable                 date of birth has been claimed by them and entered
       person.                                                     in the records of the Commission for the purpose of
                                                                   admission to an examination, no change will be
Note I – Candidate belonging to the Scheduled                      allowed subsequently (or at any other Examination
Castes and the Scheduled Tribes and the Other                      of the Commission) on any ground whatsoever.
Backward Classes who are also covered under any
other clauses of Rule 6 (c) above. viz. those coming               N.B. – (i) The candidature of a person who is
under the category of Ex-servicemen persons                        admitted to the examination under the age
domiciled in the state of J & K, physically                        concession mentioned in Rule 6(b) above, shall be
handicaped etc. will be eligible for grant of                      cancelled, if after submitting his application, he
cumulative    age-relaxation    under      both  the               resigns from service or his services are terminated
categories.                                                        by his department/office, either before or after
                                                                   taking the examination. He will, however, continue
Note II – The term ex-servicemen will apply to the                 to be eligible if he is retrenched from the service or
persons who are defined as ex-servicemen in the                    post after submitting the application.
Ex-servicemen (Re-employment in Civil Services                     (ii)     A candidate who, after submitting his
and posts) Rules, 1979 as amended from time to                     application to his department is transferred to other
time.                                                              department/office will be eligible to compete under
                                                                   departmental age concession for the post(s), for
Note III – The age concession under Rule 6(c) (v)                  which he would have been eligible, but for his
and (vi) will not be admissible to Ex-servicemen and               transfer,     provided      his   application,    duly
Commissioned Officers including ECOs/SSCOs,
who are released on their own request.

recommended, has been forwarded by his parent                        Candidates should note that if a
Department.                                                  communication is received from their employer by
                                                             the Commission withholding permission to the
7. A candidate must have –                                   candidates    applying     for/appearing     on    the
(a) Master‟s degree in Geology or Applied Geology            examination, their application will be liable to be
or Marine Geology from a University incorporated             rejected/candidature will be liable to the cancelled.
by an act of the Central or State Legislature in India
or other educational Institutes established by an Act        10.        The decision of the Commission with
or Parliament or declared to be deemed as                    regard to the acceptance of the application of a
Universities under Section 3 of the University               candidate for the examination and his eligibility or
Grants Commission Act, 1956; or                              otherwise for admission to the examination shall be
(b) Diploma in Associateship in Applied Geology of           final.
the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. or                                 The    candidates      applying    for    the
(c) Master‟s degree in Hydrogeology from a                   examination should ensure that they fulfil all the
recognised University (for posts in the Central              eligibility conditions for admission to the
Ground Water Board only). or                                 Examination. Their admission at all the stages of
(d) Master‟s degree in Hydrogeology from a                   examination for which they are admitted by the
recognised University (for posts in the Central              Commission, viz. written examination and Interview
Ground Water Board only).                                    for Personality Test, will be purely provisional,
                                                             subject to their satisfying the prescribed eligibility
Note I: A candidate who has appeared at an                   conditions. If on verification at any time before or
examination the passing of which would render him            after the Written Examination or Interview for
educationally qualified for this examination, but has        Personality Test, it is found that they do not fulfil
not been informed of the result may apply for                any of eligibility conditions, their candidature for the
admission to the examination. A candidate who                examination will be cancelled by the Commission.
intends to appear at such a qualifying examination
may also apply. Such candidate will be admitted to           11.    No candidate shall be admitted to the
the examination, if otherwise eligible, but their            examination unless he holds a certificate of
admission would be deemed to be provisional and              admission from the Commission.
subject to cancellation, if they do not produce proof
of having passed the requisite qualifying                    12.    A candidate who is or has been declared by
examination alongwith the detailed application form          the Commission to be guilty of:-
which will be required to be submitted by the
candidates who qualify on the result of the written            (i)    Obtaining support for his candidature by
part of the examination.                                              any means: or
                                                               (ii)   Impersonating: or
Note II: In exceptional cases the Commission may               (iii) procuring impersonation by any person: or
treat a candidate who has not any of the                       (iv) submitting       fabricated    documents    or
qualifications prescribed in this rule, as                            documents which have been tampered
educationally qualified provided that he has passed                   with: or
examinations conducted by other institutions, the              (v)    making statements which are incorrect or
standard of which in the opinion of the Commission,                   false, or suppressing material information;
justifies his admission to the examination.                           or
                                                               (vi) resorting to any other irregular or improper
Note III: A candidate who is otherwise eligible but                   means in connection with his candidature
who has taken a degree from a foreign University                      for the examination; or
which is not recognised by government may also                 (vii) using unfair means during the examination;
apply to the Commission and may be admitted to                        or
the examination at the discretion of the                       (viii) writing irrelevant matter, including obscene
Commission.                                                           language or pornographic matter, in the
                                                                      script(s); or
8.     candidates must pay the fee prescribed in               (ix) misbehaving in any other manner in the
the Commission‟s notice.                                              staff employed by the Commission for the
                                                                      conduct of their examination; or
9.       All candidates in Government service,                 (x)    harassing or doing bodily harm to the staff
whether in a permanent or in temporary capacity or                    employed by the Commission for the
as work-charged employees, other than casual or                       conduct of their examination; or
daily rated employees, or those serving under                  (xi) being in possession of or using any
Public Enterprises will be required to submit an                      cellular/mobile phone, pager or any
undertaking that they have informed in writing their                  electronic equipment or device or any other
Head of Office/Department that they have applied                      equipment capable of being used as a
for the Examination.

         communication       device      during   the        belonging to the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled
         examination. or,                                    Tribes and Other Backward Classes against
  (xii) Violating any of the instructions issued to          reserved vacancies, the Commission may relax the
         the candidates alongwith their Admission            general qualifying standard with reference to
         Certificates permitting them to take the            number of reserved vacancies to be filled up in
         examination; or                                     each of these categories on the basis of the
  (xiii) attempting to commit or as the case may be          examination.
         abetting the Commission of all or any of the                  Provided that the candidates belonging to
         acts specified in the foregoing clauses;            the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and
         may, in addition to rendering himself liable        Other Backward Classes who have not availed
         to criminal prosecution be liable.                  themselves of any of the concessions or relaxations
                                                             in the eligibility or the selection criteria at any stage
  (a) to be disqualified by the Commission from the          of the examination and who after taking into
      examination for which he is a candidate;               account the general qualifying standards are found
      and/or                                                 fit for recommendation by the Commission shall not
  (b) to be debarred either permanently or for a             be recommended against the vacancies reserved
      specified period -                                     for the Scheduled Caste, the Scheduled Tribes and
                                                             Other Backward Classes.
  (i) by the Commission from any examination or
       selection held by them:                               (2) While making service allocation the candidates
  (ii) by the Central Government from any                    belonging to the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled
       employment under them; and                            Tribes or Backward Classes recommended against
                                                             unreserved vacancies may be adjusted against
  (c) if he is already in service under Government to        reserved vacancies by the Government if by this
  disciplinary action under the appropriate rules;           process they get a service of higher choice in the
                                                             order of their preference.
  Provided that no penalty under this rule shall be
  imposed except after –                                     (3)    The Commission may further lower the
  (i) giving the candidate an opportunity of making          qualifying standards to take care of any shortfall of
       such representation in writing as he may wish         candidates for appointment against unreserved
       to make in that behalf; and                           vacancies and any surplus of candidates against
  (ii) taking the representation, if any, submitted by       reserved vacancies arising out of the provisions of
       the candidate within the period allowed to him        this rule, the Commission may make the
       into consideration.                                   recommendations in the manner prescribed in sub-
                                                             rules (4) and (5)
13.     Candidates who obtain such minimum
qualifying marks in the written examination as may           (4)      While recommending the candidates, the
be fixed by the Commission in their discretion shall         Commission shall in the first instance, take into
be summoned by them for an interview for a                   account the total number of vacancies in all
personality test.                                            categories. This total number of recommended
         Provided that candidates belonging to the           candidates shall be reduced by the number of
Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes or Other                   candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes, the
Backward Classes may be summoned for an                      Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes
interview for a personality test by the Commission           who acquire the merit at or above the fixed general
by applying relaxed standards if the Commission if           qualifying standard without availing themselves of
of the opinion that sufficient number of candidates          any concession or relaxation in the eligibility or
from these communities are not likely to be                  selection criteria in terms of the proviso sub-rule (1).
summoned for interview for a personality test on the         Along with this list of recommended candidates, the
basis of the general standard in order to fill up the        commission shall also declare a consolidated
vacancies reserved for them.                                 reserved list of candidates, which will include
                                                             candidates from general and reserved categories
14 (1) After interview, the candidates will be               ranking in order of merit below the last
arranged by the Commission in the order of merit             recommended candidate under each category. The
as disclosed by the aggregate marks finally                  number of candidates in each of these categories
awarded to each candidate. Thereafter, the                   will be equal to the number of reserved category
Commission       shall,    for  the    purpose      of       candidates who were included in the first list without
recommending candidates against unreserved                   availing of any relaxation or concession in eligibility
vacancies, fix a qualifying mark (hereinafter referred       or selection criteria as per proviso to sub-rule (1).
to as general qualifying standard) with reference to         Amongst the reserved categories, the number of
the number of unreserved vacancies to be filled up           candidates from each of the Scheduled Caste, the
on the basis of the examination. For the purpose of          Scheduled Tribe and Other Backward Class
recommending reserved category candidates                    categories in the reserve list will be equal to the

respective number of vacancies reduced initially in           that the candidate having regard to his character
each category.                                                and antecedents, is suitable in all respects for
                                                              appointment to the post.
(5) The candidates recommended in terms of the
provision of sub-rule (4) shall be allocated by the           18.       A candidate must be in good mental and
Government to the services and where certain                  bodily health and free from any physical defect
vacancies still remain to be filled up, the                   likely to interfere with the discharge of his duties an
Government may forward a requisition to the                   officer of the service. A candidate who after such
commission requesting it to recommend, in order of            medical examination as Government or the
merit, from the reserve list, the same number of              appointing authority, as the case may be, may
candidates as requisitioned for the purpose of filling        prescribe, is found not to satisfy these requirements
up the unfilled vacancies in each category.                   will not be appointed. The candidates who are
14.(i) After the interview the candidates will be             declared finally successful on the basis of this
arranged by the Commission in the order of merit              examination may be required to undergo the
as disclosed by the aggregate marks finally                   medical examination to ascertain their physical
awarded to each candidate and in that order so                fitness for the post or otherwise. The details of the
many candidates as are found by the Commission                medical examination are given in the Appendix II to
to be qualified at the examination shall be                   these Rules. Candidates will have to pay a fee of
recommended for appointment up to the number of               Rs. 16.00 (Rupees sixteen only) to the Medical
unreserved vacancies decided to be filled on the              Board concerned at the time of the Medical
results of the examination.                                   Examination.
(ii) The candidates belonging to any of the
Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes or the Other               Note:-     In order to prevent disappointment,
Backward Classes may to the extent of the number              candidates are advised to have themselves
of vacancies reserved for the Scheduled Castes,               examined by a Government Medical Officer of the
Scheduled Tribes and the Other Backward Classes               standing of a Civil Surgeon before applying for
be recommended by the Commission by a relaxed                 admission to the examination. Particulars of the
standard, subject to the fitness of these candidates          nature of the medical test to which candidates will
for selection to the services.                                be subjected before appointment in gazetted posts
          Provided that the candidates belonging to           and of the standards required are given in Appendix
Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and the Other              II for the disable Ex-Defence Services personnel,
Backward Classes who have been recommended                    the standards will be relaxed consistent with the
by the Commission without resorting to any                    requirements of the posts.
relaxations/concessions in the eligibility or selection
criteria, at any stage of the examination shall not be        19.     For being considered against the vacancies
adjusted against the vacancies reserved for                   reserved for them, the physically disabled persons
Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other                  should have disability of forty percent (40%) or
Backward Classes.                                             more. However, such candidates shall be required
                                                              to meet one or more of the following physical
15.      The prescribed qualifying standards will be          requirements/abilities which may be necessary for
relaxable at the discretion of the Commission at all          performing the duties in the concerned
the stages of examination in favour of physically             Services/Posts :-
handicapped candidates in order to fill up the
vacancies reserved for them. In case however the              Code             Physical Requirements
physically handicapped candidates get selected on             F    1.        Work performed by manipulating
their own merit in the requisite number at the                               (with Fingers)
qualifying standard fixed by the Commission for
General SC, ST and OBC category candidates,
                                                              PP     2.      Work performed by pulling &
extra physically disabled candidates i.e. more than                          pushing.
the number of vacancies reserved for them, will not           L 3.           Work performed by lifting.
be recommended by the Commission on the                       KC 4.          Work performed by kneeling and
relaxed standards.                                                           Crouching
16.      The form and manner of communication of
                                                              B      5.      Work performed by bending
the result of the examination to individual                   S      6.      Work performed by sitting (on
candidates shall be decided by the Commission in                             bench or chair)
their discretion and the commission will not enter            ST 7.          Work performed by standing
into correspondence with them regarding the result.           W  8.          Work performed by walking
17.     Success in the examination confers no right
                                                              SL 9.          Work performed by seeing
to appointment unless Government are satisfied                H 10           Work performed by hearing/
after such enquiry as may be considered necessary                            speaking

RW 11        Work performed by reading and                               (SURESH KISHNANI)
             writing                                                              Director

The functional classification in their case shall                        APPENDIX – I
be one or more of the following consistent with
the    requirements     of     the     concerned        1. The examination shall be conducted
Services/Posts.                                         according to the following plan:-

FUNCTIONAL CLASSIFICATION                               Part I – Written examination in the subjects as
                                                        set out in para 2 below.
CODE           FUNCTIONS                                Part II – Interview for personality test of such
                                                        candidates as may be called by the Commission
BL   1. both legs affected but not arms.                carrying a maximum of 200 marks.
BA   2. both arms affected
            (a) impaired reach                          2. The following will be the subjects for the
            (b) weakness of grip                        written examination:-
BLA 3. both legs and both arms affected.
OL   4. one leg affected (R or L)                              Subject          Duration Maximum
                  a) impaired reach                                                      Marks
                  b) weakness of grip                   (1)    General English   3 hrs.   100
                  c) ataxic                             (2)    Geology Paper I 3 hrs.     200
OA 5. one arm affected (R or L) --do—                   (3)    Geology Paper II 3 hrs.    200
BH  6. stiff back and hips (cannot sit or               (4)    Geology Paper III 3 hrs.   200
                           stoop                        (5)    Hydrogeology      3 hrs.   200
MW 7.    muscular weakness and limited
         physical endurance.                            Note:- Candidates competing for posts under
B   8.   the blind.                                     both category I and category II will be required
PB 9.    partially blind                                to offer all the five subjects mentioned above.
D  10.   the deaf                                       Candidates competing for posts under category
PD 11.    partially deaf.                               I only will be required to offer subjects at (1) to
                                                        (4) above and candidates competing for posts
20.   No person:-                                       under category II only will be required to offer
(a)   who has entered into or contracted a              subject at (1) to (3) and (5) above.
      marriage with a person having a spouse            3. THE EXAMINATION IN ALL THE
      living, or                                        SUBJECTS WILL BE OF CONVENTIONAL
(b) who having a spouse living has entered              (ESSAY) TYPE.
      into or contracted a marriage with any            4. All Question Papers must be answered in
      person shall be eligible for appointment to       English. The Question Papers will be set in
      service.                                          English only.
        Provided that the Central Government            5. The standard and syllabus of the
may, if satisfied that such marriage is                 examination will be as shown in the schedule.
permissible under the personal law applicable           6. Candidates must write the papers in their
to such person and the other party to the               own hand. In no circumstances will they be
marriage and there are other grounds for so             allowed the help of a scribe to write answers
doing exempt any person from the operation of           for them.
this rule.                                              7. The Commission have discretion to fix
                                                        qualifying marks in any or all the subjects of
21. Brief particulars relating to the posts to          the examination.
which recruitment is being made through this            8. If a candidate’s handwriting is not easily
examination are given in Appendix III.                  legible, deduction will be made on this account
                                                        from the total marks otherwise accruing to him.

9. Marks will not be allotted for mere                        analysis, Applications of geomorphology in mineral
superficial knowledge.                                        prospecting, civil engineering, hydrology and
                                                              environmental studies. Topographical maps,
10. Credit will be given for orderly, effective               Geomorphology of India.
and exact expression combined with due                                Concepts     and    principles of   aerial
economy of words in all subjects of the                       photography and photogrammetry, satellite remote
examination.                                                  sensing – data products and their interpretation,
11. In the question papers, wherever necessary                Digital image processing, Remote sensing in
                                                              landform and land use mapping, structural
questions involving the Metric System of                      mapping, hydrogeological studies and mineral
Weights and Measures only will be set.                        exploration, Global and Indian Space Missions,
12. Candidates should use only International form             Geographic Information System (GIS) – principles
of Indian numerals (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.) while         and applications.
answering question papers.
13. Candidates are permitted to bring and use                         Section B: Structural Geology
battery operated pocket calculators for answering
papers in this examination, Loaning or inter-                          Principles of geological mapping and map
changing of calculators in the Examination Hall is            reading,     projection   diagrams,     Stress-strain
not permitted.                                                relationships of elastic, plastic and viscous
14. Interview for personality test: The candidate will        materials, Measurement of strain in deformed
be interviewed by a Board of competent and                    rocks. Behavior of minerals and rocks under
unbiased observes who will have before them a                 deformation conditions, structural analysis of folds,
record of his career. The object of the interview will        cleavages, lineation, Joints and faults superposed
be to assess his suitability for the posts for which he       deformation, Mechanism of folding and faulting.
has competed. Special attention will be paid in the           Time-relationship between crystallization and
personality Test to assessing the candidate‟s                 deformation, Unconformities and basement-cover
capacity for leadership, initiative and intellectual          relations, Structural behavior of igneous rocks,
curiosity, tact and other social qualities, mental and        diapers and salt domes, Introduction to petrofabrics.
physical energy powers of practical application,
integrity of character and aptitude for adapting                      Section C: Geotectonics
themselves to the field life.

             SCHEDULE                                         Earth and the solar system, Meteorites and other
        STANDARD AND SYLLABUS                                 extra terrestrial materials, Planetary evolution of the
                                                              earth and its internal structure, Heterogeneity of the
The standard of the paper in General English will be          earth‟s crust, Major tectonic features of the Oceanic
such as may be expected of a science graduate.                and Continental crust, Continental drift – geological
The papers on geological subjects will be                     and geophysical evidence, mechanics, objections,
approximately of the M.Sc. degree standard of an              present status, gravity and Magnetic anomalies at
Indian University and questions will generally be set         Mid-ocean ridges, deep sea trenches, continental
to test the candidate‟s grasp of the fundamentals in          shield      areas      and       mountain      chains,
each subject.                                                 Palaeomagnetism, Seafloor spreading and Plate
         There will be no practical examination in            Tectonics, Island arcs, Oceanic islands and
any of the subjects.                                          volcanic arcs, Isostasy, orogeny and epeirogency,
                                                              seismic belts of the Earth, seismicity and Plate
        (1) GENERAL ENGLISH                                   movements, Geodynamics of the Indian Plate.

Candidates will be required to write a Short Essay                    Section D: Stratigraphy
in English. Other questions will be designed to test
their understanding of English and workman like                        Nomenclature and the modern stratigraphic
use of words.                                                 code, Radioisotopes and measuring geological
                                                              time,     Geological    time-scale.    Stratigraphic
        (2) GEOLOGY PAPER I                                   procedures of correlation of unfossiliferous rocks,
                                                              Precambrian stratigraphy of India, Stratigraphy of
Section A: Geomorphology and Remote Sensing.                  the Palaeozoic. Mesozoic and Cenozoic formations
                                                              of the India, Gondwana system and Gondwanaland,
        Basic principles, Weathering and soils,               rise of the Himalaya and evolution of Siwalik basin,
Mass wasting, Influence of climate on process.                Deccan volcanics, Quaternary stratigraphy, Rock
Concept of crosion cycles, Geomorphology of fluvial           record, palaeoclimates and palaeogeography.
tracts, arid zones, coastal regions, „Karst‟
landscapes and glaciated ranges. Geomorphic                           Section E: Palaeontology
mapping slope analysis and drainage basin

        Fossil record and geological time-scale,
Morphology and time-ranges of fossil groups,
Evolutionary changes in molluscs and mammals in                             Section D: Geochemistry
geological time, Principles of evolution, Use of
species and genera of foraminifera and                                Earth in relation to the solar system and
echinodermata in biostraitigraphic correlation,               universe, cosmic abundance of elements,
Siwalik vetebrate fauna and Gondwana flora,                   Composition of the planets and meteorites,
evidence of life in Precambrain time, different               Structure and composition of Earth and distribution
microfossil groups and their distribution in India.           of elements, Trace elements, Elementary crystal
                                                              chemistry and thermodynamics, Introduction to
        (3) GEOLOGY PAPER II                                  isotope     geochemistry,      Geochemistry      of
                                                              hydrosphere,     biosphere     and     atmosphere,
        Section A : Mineralogy                                Geochemical cycle and principles of geochemical
        Physical, chemical and crystallographic
characteristics of common rock forming silicate                        Section E: Environmental Geology
mineral groups, Structural classification of silicates,
Common minerals of igneous and metamorphic                             Concepts and principles. Natural hazards –
rocks, Minerals of the carbonate, phosphate,                  Preventive/Precautionary measures – floods.
sulphide and halide groups.                                   Landslide, Earthquakes, river and coastal erosion.
                                                              Impact assessment of anthropogenic activities such
         Optical properties of common rock forming            as urbanization, open cast mining and quarrying,
silicate minerals, uniaxial and biaxial minerals,             river-valley projects, disposal of industrial and radio-
Extinction angles, pleochrosim, birefringence of              active waste, excess withdrawal of ground water,
minerals and their relation with mineral composition,         use of fertilizers, dumping of ores, mine waste any
Twinned crystals, Dispersion the U-stage.                     fly-ask, organic and inorganic contamination of
                                                              ground water and their remedial measures, soil
  Section B: Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology                degradation and remedial measures, Environment
                                                              protection – legislative measures in India.
        Forms, textures and structures of igneous
rocks, silicate melt equilibria, binary and ternery                         (4) GEOLOGY PAPER III
phase diagrams, Petrology and geotectonic
evolution of granites, basalts, andesites and                 Section A: Indian mineral deposits and mineral
alkanine rocks, Petrology of gabbros, Kimberlites             economies.
anorthosites and carbonaties, Origin of primary
basic magmas.                                                          Occurrence and distribution in India of
        Textures and structures of metamorphic                metalliferous deposits – base metals, iron,
rocks, Regional and contact metamorphism of                   mangancese, aluminium, chromium, nickel, gold,
pelitic and impure calcareous rocks, Mineral                  silver, molybdenum, Indian deposits of non-metals
assemblages and P/T conditions, Experimental and              – mica, asbestos, barytes, gypsum, graphite,
thermodynamic appraisal of metamorphic reactions,             apatite and beryl, Gemstones, refractory minerals,
Characteristics of different grades and facies of             abrasives and minerals used in glass, fertilizer,
metamorphism, Metasomatism and granitization,                 paint, ceramic and cement industries, Building
Migmatites, Plate tectonics and metamorphic                   stones, Phosphorite deposits, Placer deposits, rare
zones, Paired metamorphic belts.                              earth minerals.
                                                                       Strategic, critical and essential minerals,
        Section C: Sedimentology                              India‟s status in mineral production changing
                                                              patterns of minerals consumption, National Mineral
         Provenance and diagenesis of sediments,              Policy, Mineral Concession Rules, Marine mineral
Sedimentary textures, Framework matrix and                    resources and Law of sea.
cement of terrigenous sediments, Definition,
measurement and interpretation of grain size,                                Section B: Ore genesis
Elements of hydraulics, Primary structure,
palacocurrent analysis, Biogenic and chemical                         Ore deposits and ore minerals Magnatic
sedimentary structures,Sedimentary environment                processes of mineralisation. Porphyry Skarm and
and facies.Facies modelling for marine, non-marine            hydrothermal mineralisation. Fluid inclusion studies.
and mixed sediments. Tectonics and sedimentation.             Mineralisation associated with – (i) ultramafic, mafic
Classification and definition of sedimentary basins,          and acidic rocks. (ii) greenstone belts. (iii)
Sedimentary basins of India. Cyclic sediments,                Komatites, anorthostics and kimberlites and (iv)
Seismic and sequence stratigraphy, Purpose and                submarine         volcanism,          Magma-related
scope of basin analysis, Structure contours and               mineralisation through geological time. Stratiform
isopach maps.

and stratabound ores, Ores and metamorphism-                 movement and vertical distribution of groundwater,
cause and effect relations.                                  Springs, Classification of aquifers, Concepts of
                                                             drainage basin and groundwater basin. hydrological
                                                             properties of rocks – specific yield, specific
           Section C: Mineral exploration                    retention,    porosity,    hydraulic    conductivity,
                                                             transmissivity, storage coefficient, water table
Methods of surface and subsurface exploration,               fluctuations – causative factors, concept of
prospecting for economic minerals – drilling,                barometric and tidal efficiencies, water table
samping and assaying, Geophysical techniques –               contour maps, Classification of rocks with respect to
gravity, electrical, magnetic, airbone and seismic,          their       water       bearing      characteristics,
Geomorphological and remote sensing techniques,              Hydrostratigraphic units, Groundwater provinces of
Geobotanical and geochemical methods, Borehole               India, Hydrogeology of and Zones of India, wet
logging and surveys for deviation.                           lands.

            Section D: Geology of fuels                           Section B: Well hydraulies and well design

         Definition, origin of coal, Stratigraphy of                  Theory of groundwater flow, Darey‟s Law
coal measures, Fundamentals of coal petrology,               and its applications, determination of permeability in
peat, lignite, bituminous and anthracite coal.               laboratory and in field, Types of wells, drilling
Microscopic constituents of coal. Industrial                 methods, construction, design, development and
application of coal petrology, Indian coal deposits,         maintenance of wells, specific capacity and its
diagenesis of organic materials.                             determination. Unconfined, confined, steady,
                                                             unsteady and radial flow conditions, Pumps tests –
         Origin, migration and entrapment of natural         methods, data analysis and interpretation for
hydrocarbons, Characters of source and reservoir             hydrogeologic boundaries, Evaluation of aquifer
rocks. Structural stratigraphic and mixed traps.             parameters using Thiem, Theis, Jacob and Walton
Techniques of exploration, Geographical and                  methods, Groundwater modeling – numerical and
geological distributions of onshore and offshore             electrical models.
petroliferous basins of India.
                                                                      Section C: Groundwater chemistry
         Mineralogy and geochemistry of radioactive
minerals, Instrumental techniques of detection and                    Groundwater quality – physical and
measurement of radioactivity, Radioactive methods            chemical properties of water, quality criteria for
for prospecting and assaying of mineral deposits.            different uses, graphical presentation of water
Distribution of radioactive minerals in India,               quality data, groundwater quality in different
Radioactive methods in petroleum exploration – will          provinces of India – problems of arsenic and
logging techniques, Nuclear waste disposal –                 fluoride, Saline water intrusion in coastal and other
geological constraints.                                      aquifers and its prevention, Radioisotopes in
                                                             hydrogeological          studies,       Groundwater
          Section E: Engineering Geology                     contamination.

         Mechanical properties of rocks and soil
Geological investigations for river valley projects –
Dams and reservoirs; tunnels – type, methods and                     Section D: Groundwater exploration
problems, Bridges – types and foundation
problems. Shoreline engineering Landslides –                          Geological – lithological and structural
classification, causes, prevention and rehabilitation.       mapping, fracture trace analysis, Hydrogeological –
concrete aggregates – sources, alkali aggregate              lithological classification with respect of hydrologic
reaction. Aseismic designing – seismicity in Indian          properties, Hydraulic continuity in relation to
and earthquake-resistant structures. Problems of             geologic structures, Location of springs. Remote
ground water in engineering projects. Geo-technical          sensing – hydrogeomorphic mapping of the terrain
case studies of major projects in India.                     using different images of different satellite missions,
                                                             lineament mapping, shallow groundwater potential
               (5) HYDROGEOLOGY                              zone mapping using satellite images, Surface
                                                             geophysical methods – seismic, gravity, geo-
Section A: Origin, occurrence and distribution of            electrical and magnetic, Subsurface geophysical
water.                                                       methods – well logging for delineation of aquifers
                                                             and estimation of water quality.
         Origin of water: meteroic, juvenile,
magmatic and sea waters, Hydrologic cycle:                   Section E:        Groundwater       problems       and
precipitation,      runoff,    infiltration      and         management.
evapotranspiration,    Hydrographs.       Subsurface

        Groundwater        problems    related   to           should be hospitalised for investigation and X – Ray
foundation work, mining, canals and tunnels,                  of the chest taken before the candidates is declared
Problems of over exploitation and groundwater                 fit or not fit by the Board.
mining. Groundwater development in urban areas
and rain water harvesting, Artificial recharge                3. The candidate‟s height will be measured as
methods, Groundwater problems in arid regions                 follows:- He will remove his shoes and be placed
and remediation. Groundwater balance and                      against the standard with his feet together and the
methods of estimation. Groundwater legislation.               weight thrown on the heels and not on the toes or
Sustainability criteria and managing renewable and            other sides of the feet. He will stand erect without
nonrenewable groundwater resources.                           rigidity and with the heels, calve, buttocks and
                                                              shoulders touching the standard, the chin will be
                    APPENDIX II                               depressed to bring the vertex of the head-level
                                                              under the horizontal bar and the height will be
REGULATIONS RELATING TO THE PHYSICAL                          recorded in centimetres and parts of a centimetre to
EXAMINATION OF CANDIDATES                                     halves.

         These regulations are published for the              4. The candidate‟s chest will be measured as
convenience of candidates and in order to enable              follows: He will be made to stand erect with his feet
them to ascertain the probability of their coming             together and to raise his arms over his hand. The
upto the required physical standard. The                      tape will be so adjusted round the chest that its
regulations are also intended to provide guidelines           upper edge touches the inferior angles of the
to the medical examiners and a candidate who                  shoulder blades behind and lies in the same
does not satisfy the minimum requirements                     horizontal plane when the tape is taken round the
prescribe in the regulations cannot be declared fit           chest. The arms will then be lowered to hang
by the medical examiners. However, while holding              loosely by the side and care will be taken that the
that a candidate is not fit according to the norms            shoulders are not thrown upwards or backwards so
laid down in these regulations, it would be                   as to displace the tape. The candidate will then be
permissible for a Medical Board to recommend to               directed to take a deep inspiration several times
the Government of India for reasons specifically              and the maximum expansion of the chest will be
recorded in writing that he may be admitted to                carefully noted and the minimum and maximum will
service without disadvantage to Government.                   then be recorded in the centimetres thus 84 – 89,
                                                              86 – 93.5 etc. In according the measurement‟s
2(a) It should however, be clearly understood that            fractions of less than half a centimetre should not
the Government of India reserve to themselves                 be noted.
absolute discretion of reject or accept any
candidate after considering the report of the                 N.B. – The height and chest of the candidate should
Medical Board. For the partially hearing impaired             be measured twice before coming to a final
persons only to the extent of posts reserved under            decision.
physically handicapped category, standards will be
relaxed consistent with the requirements of the               5. The candidate will also be weighed and his
posts.                                                        weight recorded in kilogram; fraction of half a
                                                              kilogram should not be noted.
(b) The medical examination to be conducted shall
consist of the entire medical examination which the           6. The candidate‟s eye-sight will be tested in
Medical Board may prescribe for a candidate. The              accordance with the following rules. The result of
Medical Examination shall be conducted only in                each test will be recorded.
respect of the candidates who have been declared
finally successful on the basis of the examination.           (i) General:- The candidate‟s eye will be submitted
                                                              to a general examination directed to the detection of
1. To be passed as fit for appointment a candidate            any disease or abnormality. The candidate will be
must be in good mental and bodily health and free             rejected if he suffers from any squint or morbid
from any physical defect likely to interfere with the         conditions of eyes, eyelids or continuous structure
efficient performance of the duties of his                    of such a sort as to render or are likely at a future
appointment.                                                  date to render him unfit for service.

2. In the matter of the correlation of age, height and        (ii) Visual Acquity:-         The examination for
chest girth of candidates of Indian (including Anglo-         determining the acuteness of vision includes two
Indian) race, it is left to the Medical Board to use          tests, one of the distant, the other for near vision,
whatever correlation figures are considered most              Each eye will be examined separately.
suitable as a guide in the examination of the
candidates, if there be any disproportion with regard                 There shall be no limit for minimum naked
to height, weight and chest girth, the candidate              eye vision but the naked eye vision of the candidate

shall however, be recorded by the Medical Board or              sufficient, in respect of the services concerned with
other medical authority in every case as it will                road, rail and air traffic, it is essential to carry out
furnish the basic information in regard to the                  the lantern test. In doubtful cases where a
condition of the eye.                                           candidate fails to qualify when tested by only one of
                                                                the tests should be employed.
         The standard for distant and near vision
with or without glasses shall be as follows:-                   Note (4): Field of vision:- The field of vision shall be
                                                                tested by the confrontation method. Where such
Distant Vision                       Near Vision                test, gives unsatisfactory or doubtful result the field
Better       Worse              Better       Worse              of vision should be determined on the perimeter.
eye           eye                eye           eye
                                                                Note (5) Night Blindness:- Night blindness need not
6/9          6/9                 0.6             0.8            be tested as a routine but only in special cases. No
or            or                                                standard test for the testing of night blindness or
6/6          6/12                                               dark adaptation is prescribed. The Medical Board
                                                                should be given the discretion to improvise such a
                                                                rough test e.g. recording of visual acquity with
Note (1) Total amount of Mypoia (including the
                                                                reduced illumination or by making the candidate
cylinder) shall not exceed 4.00D. The total amount
                                                                recognise various objects in a darkened room after
of Hypermetropia (including the cylinder) shall not
                                                                he/she has been there for 20 to 30 minutes.
exceed 4.00D.
                                                                Candidates own statements should not always be
                                                                relied upon but they should be given due
Note (2) Fundus Examination: wherever possible
fundus examination will be carried out at the
discretion of the Medical Board and result recorded.
                                                                Note (6) : (a) Ocular conditions other than visual
                                                                acquity – Any organic disease or a progressive
Note (3) Colour Vision: (i) The testing of colour
                                                                reactive error which is likely to result in lowering the
vision shall be essential.
                                                                visual acquity should be considered as a
(ii) Colour perception should be graded into a
higher and a lower grade depending upon the size
                                                                (b) Trachoma – Trachoma unless complicated shall
of the aperture in the lantern as describe in the
                                                                not ordinarily be a cause for disqualification.
table below:-
                                                                (c) Squint – Where the presence of binocular vision
                                                                is essential squint even if the visual acquity is of a
                                                                prescribed standard should be considered a
                                                                (d) One-eyed persons – The employment of
                      Higher               Lower                one-eyed individuals is not recommended.
                      Grade of             Grade of
                      Colour               Colour               7.      Blood Pressure
                      perception           perception                  The board will use its discretion regarding
1. Distance between     4.9                  4.9                Blood Pressure.
the lamp and candidate metres              metres                      A rough method of calculating normal
                                                                maximum systolic pressure is as follow : -
2. Size of aperture         1.3 mm.          1.3 mm
3. Time of exposure         5 Sec.           5 Sec.
                                                                        (i) With young subjects 15-25 years of the
                                                                age the average is about 100 plus the age.
         For the post of Geologist Group „A‟                             (ii) With Subjects over 25 years of age the
concerning Geological survey of India and Junior                general rule of 110 plus half the age seems quite
Hydrogeologist and Assistant Hydrogeologists                    satisfactory.
concerning Central Ground Water Board the
                                                                N.B. – As a general rule any systolic pressure over
medical standard in regard to colour perception and
                                                                140 mm. and diastolic over 90 mm. should be
all other tests relating to eyes will be of high order.
                                                                regarded as suspicious and the candidate should
                                                                be hospitalised by the Board before giving their final
(iii) Satisfactory colour vision constitutes recognition
                                                                opinion regarding the candidate‟s fitness otherwise.
with ease and without hesitation of signal red,
                                                                The hospitalisation report should indicate whether
signal green and white colours. The use of
                                                                the rise in blood pressure, is of a transient nature
Ishihara‟s plates, shown in good light and a suitable
                                                                due to excitement etc. or whether it is due to any
lantern like edrige green shall be considered quite
                                                                organic disease. In all such cases X-ray and
dependable for testing colour vision while either of
                                                                electro-cardiographic examination of heart and
the two tests may ordinarily be considered
                                                                blood urea clearance test should also be done as a

routine. The final decision as to the fitness or                exclude the effects of medication it may be
otherwise of a candidate will, however, rest with the           necessary to retain a candidate for several days in
Medical Board only.                                             hospital under strict supervision.
Method of taking Blood Pressure.                                9.        A woman candidate who as a result of tests
                                                                is found to be pregnant of 12 weeks standing or
         The mercury monometer type of instrument
                                                                over should be declared temporarily unfit till the
should be used as a rule. The measurement should
                                                                confinement is over. She should be re-examined for
not be taken within fifteen minutes of any exercise
                                                                a fitness certificate six weeks after the date for
or excitement. Provided the patient, and particularly
                                                                confinement subject to the production of a medical
his/her arm is relaxed he/she may be either lying or
                                                                certificate of fitness from a registered medical
sitting. The arm is supported comfortably at the
patient‟s side in a more or less horizontal position.
The arm should be freed from clothes to the                     10.    The following additional points should be
shoulder. The cuff completely deflated should be                observed:-
applied with the middle of the rubber over the inner
                                                                (a) that the candidate‟s hearing in each ear is good
side of the arm and its lower edge an inch or two
                                                                and that there is no sign of disease of the ear. In
above the bend of the elbow. The following turns of
                                                                case it is defective the candidate should be got
clothes bandage should spread evenly over the bag
                                                                examined by the ear specialist; provided that if the
to avoid bulging during inflation.
                                                                defect in hearing is remediable by operation or by
          The branchial artery is located by                    use of a hearing aid candidate cannot be declared
palpitation at the bend of the elbow and the                    unfit on that accounts, provided he/she has no
stethoscope is then applied lightly and centrally               progressive disease in the ear. The following are
over it below but not in contact with the cuff. The             the guidelines for the medical examining authority in
cuff is inflated to about 200 mm. Hg. and then                  this regard:-
slowly deflated. The level at which the column                  (1) Marked or total      Fit for non-technical jobs if
stands when soft successive sounds are heard                    deafness in one ear      the deafness is upto 30
represents the systolic pressure. When more air is              other ear being normal decibles in higher
allowed to escape the sounds will be heard to                                            frequencies.
increase in intensity. The level at which the well-             (2) Perceptive deafness Fit in respect of both
heard clear sounds change to soft muffled fading                in both ears in which    technical and non-technical
sounds represents the diastolic pressure. The                   some improvement is       jobs if the deafness is upto
measurements should be taken in a fairly brief                  possible by a hearing     30 decibles in speech
period of time as prolonged pressure of cuff is                 aid.                      frequencies of 1000 to
irritating to the patient and will vitiate the readings.                                   4000.
Rechecking if necessary, should be done only a few              (3) Perforation of       (i) one ear normal other ear
minutes after complete deflation of the cuff                    tympanic membrane        perforation of tympanic
(sometimes, as the cuff is deflated sounds are                  of Central or marginal membrane present,
heard or at a certain level; they may disappear as              type.                    Temporarily unfit, under
pressure falls and reappear at a still lower level.                                      improvement conditions of
This `Silent Gap‟ may cause error on readings.                                           Ear Surgery a candidate
                                                                                         with marginal or other
8.        The urine passed in the presence of the
                                                                                         perforation, in both ears
examiner should be examined and the result
                                                                                         should be given a chance
recorded. Where a Medical Board finds sugar
                                                                                         by declaring him temporary
present in a candidate‟s urine by the usual chemical
                                                                                         unfit and then he may be
tests the Board will proceed with the examination
                                                                                         considered under 4(ii)
with all its other aspects and will also specially note
any signs or symptoms suggestive of diabetes. If
                                                                                         (ii)   Marginal      or   attic
except for the glycosuria the Board finds the
                                                                                         perforation in both ears-
candidate confirm to the standard of medical fitness
required they may pass the candidate fit subject to
                                                                                         (iii) Central perforation in
the glycosuria being non-diabetic and the Board will
                                                                                         both ears- Temporarily
refer the case to a specified specialist in Medicine
who has hospital and laboratory facilities at his
                                                                (4) Ears with Mastoid (i) Either ear normal
disposal. The Medical Specialist will carry out
                                                                cavity subnormal one       hearing other ear, mastoid
whatever examination, clinical and laboratory he
                                                                side/on both sides.       cavity-fit for both technical
considers necessary including a standard blood
                                                                                          and non-technical Jobs.
sugar tolerance test and will submit his opinion to
                                                                                         (ii) Mastoid cavity of both
the Medical Board upon which the Medical Board
                                                                                         sides, unfit for technical
will base its final opinion “fit” or “unfit”. The
                                                                                         jobs-Fit for non-technical
candidate will not be required to appear in person
                                                                                         jobs if hearing improves to
before the Board on the second occasion. To
                                                                                         30 decibles in either ear

                         with or without hearing aid.         examination of the concerned candidate) about the
(5) Persistently         Temporarily Unfit for both           fitness of the candidate shall be final.
discharging ear          technical and non-technical                   When any defect is found it must be noted
operated/unoperated       jobs.                               in that certificate and the medical examiner should
(6) Chronic inflam-      (i) A decision will be taken         state his opinion whether or not it is likely to
matory/allergic          as per circumstances of              interfere with the efficient performance of the duties
condition of nose with      individual cases.                 which will be required of the candidate.
our without bony         (ii)If deviated nasal Septum
deformities of nasal     if present with symptoms             Note:- Candidate are warned that there is no right
septum.                  temporarily unfit.                   of appeal from a Medical Board special or standing
(7)Chronic               (i) Chronic inflammatory             appointed to determine the fitness for the above
Inflammatory conditions conditions of tonsils and             posts. If, however, Government are satisfied on the
of tonsils and or larynx. or Larynx Fit.                      evidence produced before them of the possibility of
                         (ii) Hoarseness of voice of          an error of judgement in the decision of the first
                         severe degree is present             Board it is open to Government to allow in apeal to
                         then Temporarily unfit.              a second        Board. Such evidence should be
(8) Benign or locally    (i)       Benign      tumours        submitted within one month of the date of the
malignant tumours of Temporarily Unfit.                       communication in which the decision of the first
the T.N.T.               (ii) Malignant Tumour Unfit.         Medical Board is communicated to the candidate
(9) Otoscalrosis.        If the hearing is within 30          otherwise no request for an appeal to a second
                         decibles after operation or          Medical Board, will be considered.
                         with the help of hearing aid                  If any medical certificate is produced by a
                         Fit.                                 candidate as a piece of evidence about the
(10) Congential defect (i) If not interfering with            possibility of an error of judgement in the decision
of ear, nose or throat.    functions – Fit                    of the first Board, the certificate will not be taken
                         (ii) Stuttering of severe            into consideration unless it contains a note by the
                         degree – Unfit.                      medical practitioner concerned to the effect that it
(11) Nasal Poly          Temporarily Unfit.                   has been given in full knowledge of the fact that the
                                                              candidate had already been rejected as unfit for
(b) that his/her speech is without impediment:                service by the Medical board.
(c) that his/her teeth are in good order and that
    he/she is provided with dentures where                                   Medical Board’s Report
    necessary for effective mastication (well filed
                                                                     The following intimation is made for the
    teeth will be considered as sound).
                                                              guidance of the Medical examiner :-
(d) that the chest is well formed and his chest
    expansion sufficient; and that his heart and                      The standard of physical fitness to be
    lungs are sound;                                          adopted should make due allowance for the age and
(e) that there is no evidence of any abdominal                length of service, if any of the candidate concerned.
                                                                        No person will be deemed qualified for
(f) that it is not reptured
                                                              admission to the Public Service who shall not satisfy
(g) that he does not suffer from hydrocele, severe
                                                              Government, or the appointing authority as the case
    degree of varicocele, varicose veins or piles.
                                                              may be, that he/she has no disease, constitutional
(h) that his limbs, hands and feet are well formed
                                                              affliction, or bodily infirmity unfitting him/her, or likely
    and developed and that there is free and
                                                              to unfit him/her for that service.
    perfect motion of all his joints.
(i) that he does not suffer from any inveterate skin                   It should be understood that the question of
    disease.                                                  fitness involves the future as well as the present and
(j) that there is no congential malformation or               that one of the main objects of medical examination
    defect.                                                   is to secure continuous effective service, and in the
(k) that he does not bear traces of acute or chronic          case of candidates for permanent appointment to
    disease pointing to an impaired constitution.             prevent early pension or payments in case of
(l) that he bears marks of efficient vaccination; and         premature death. It is at the same time to be noted
(m) that he is free from communicable disease.                that the question is one of the likelihood of
11. Radiographic examination of the chest for                 continuous effective service and the rejection of a
detecting any abnormality of the heart and lungs,             candidate need not be advised on account of the
which may not be apparent by ordinary physical                presence of a defect         which in only a small
examination will be restricted to only such                   proportion of cases is found to interfere with
candidates who are declared finally successful at             continuous effective service.
the concerned Geologists‟ Examination.                                 A lady doctor will be co-opted as a member
         The decision of the Chairman of the Central          of the Medical Board whenever a woman candidate
Standing Medical Board (conducting the medical                is to be examined.

         Candidate appointed to the posts of                       (c) Any other disease or accident requiring
Geologists     and    Jr.  Hydorgeologist/Assistant                    confinement to bed and medical or
Hydrogeologists are liable for field service in or out                  surgical treatment.
of India. In case of such a candidate the Medical
Board should specifically record their opinion as to               4.Have you suffered from any form of
his/her fitness or otherwise for field service. The                nervousness due to overwork or any
report of the Medical Board should be treated as                   other cause?
                                                                   5. Furnish the following particulars concerning your
        In cases where a Medical Board considered
that a minor appointment in the Government                         (i)     Father‟s age if living, and state of health.
service, the grounds for rejection may be
                                                                   (ii)    Father‟s age at death and cause of death.
communicated to the candidate in broad terms
without giving minute details regarding the defects                (iii)   No. of brothers living, their ages and state of
pointed out by the Medical Board.                                          health.

        In case where a Medical Board considered                   (iv)    No. of brothers dead, their ages and cause of
that a minor disability disqualifying a candidate for                      death
Government Service can be cured by treatment
(medical or surgical) a statement to that effect                   (v)     Mother‟s age if living and state of health.
should be recorded by the Medical Board.
                                                                   (vi)    Mother‟s age at death and cause of death.
                                                                   (vii)   No. of sisters living, their ages & state of
         There is no objection to a candidate being                        health.
informed of the Board‟s opinion to this effect by the
appointing authority and when a cure has been                      (viii) No. of sisters dead, their ages & cause of
effected it will be open to the authority concerned to                    death.
ask for another Medical Board.
        In the case of candidates who are to be                    6.        Have you been examined by a
declared “Temporarily unfit” the period specified for                        Medical Board before ?
re-examination should not ordinarily exceed six
                                                                   7.        If answer to above is „Yes‟,
months at the maximum. On re-examination after
                                                                             please state what Service/
the specified period these candidates should not be
                                                                             Services, you were examined
declared temporarily unfit for a further period but a
final decision in regard to their fitness for
appointment or otherwise should be given.                          8.        Who was the examining
(a) Candidate‟s statement and declaration.
        The candidate must make the statement
                                                                   9.        When and where was the
required below prior to his/her Medical Examination
                                                                             Medical Board held?
and must sign the Declaration appended thereto.
His/her attention is specially directed to the warning
                                                                   10.       Results of the Medical Board‟s
contained in the Note below :-
                                                                             examination, if communicated to
                                                                             you or if known.
1.     State your name in full    .........................
                                                                   11.      All the above answers, are to the best of my
       (in block letters)
                                                                   knowledge & belief, true and correct and I shall be
2      State your age and birth place         .............        liable for action under law for any, material infirmity
                                                                   in the information furnished by me, or suppression
3(a)    Do you belong to races such as ...........
                                                                   of relevant material information. The furnishing of
         Gorkhas, Garhwali, Assames,
                                                                   false information or suppression of any factual
        Nagaland Tribes etc. whose average
                                                                   information would be a disqualification and is likely
        height is distinctly Lower ? Answer
                                                                   to render me unfit for employment under the
       „Yes and „No‟ and if the answer is
                                                                   Government. If the fact that false information has
        „Yes‟ state the name of the race.
                                                                   been furnished or that there has been suppression
(b) Have you ever had small pox, inter-                            of any factual information comes to notice at any
    mittent or any other fever, enlargement                        time during my service, my services would be liable
    or suppuration of glands, spitting of                          to be terminated.
    blood, asthma, heart disease, lung
    disease, fainting attacks, rheumatism,
    appendicitis ?                                                                                Candidate‟s signature

                                      Signed in my presence                    5. Glands ..................Thyroid . …………………….
            Signature of the Chairman of the Board                             6. Condition of teeth ..........................
                                                                               7. Respiratory system: Does physical examination
                      PROFORMA-I                                                   reveal anything abnormal in the respiratory
                                                                                   organs ?
       Report of the Medical Board on (name of                                      If yes, explain fully
candidate) physical examination                                                8. Circulatory System :
                                                                                  (a) Heart: Any organic lesions ....................
1. General development : Good ……………………
                                                                                     Rate Standing ……………………
Fair …………. Poor ……………….
                                                                                After hopping 25 times ..............................
Nutrition : Thin …………… Average ………………..
                                                                                2 minutes after hopping .............................
Obese……………Height (Without shoes) ................
                                                                               (b) Blood Pressure:
weight ……………………….
                                                                               Systolic ................Diastolic .............................
Any recent change in weight ? …………………
                                                                               9. Abdomen: Girth ....................
Temperature ………...
                                                                               Tenderness …………….
Girth of Chest :
                                                                               Hernia ..……………………...
     (i) ( After full inspiration) ........................
                                                                               (a)Palpable: Liver.............Spleen ............
     (ii) (After full expiration) ..........................
2. Skin any obvious disease .................
                                                                               (b) Haemorrhoids ............... Fistula ...............
3.   Eyes :
                                                                               10. Nervous System : Indication of nervous of
     (i) Any disease           ........................
                                                                               mental disabilities ……………………………….
     (ii) Night blindness ........................
                                                                               11. Loco-Motor System: Any abnormality ................
     (iii) Defect in colour vision ...........................
                                                                               12. Genito Urinary System: Any evidence of
     (iv) Field of vision .........................
                                                                               hydrocele, varicocele, etc.
     (v) Fundus examination ........................                           Urine Analysis :
     (vi) Visual acuity .....................                                    (a) Physical appearance .......................
     (vii) Ability for stereoscopic vision ........                              (b) Sp. Gr…………........
                                                                                 (c) Albumen .............
                                                                                 (d) Sugar .............................

Acquity of           Naked eye                              Strength of          (e) Casts ……….
Vision               With glasses                         glasses Sph.           (f) Cells .................
                                                            eye Axis.
Distant Vision                                                                 13.     Is there anything in the health of the
                                                                               candidate likely to render him unfit for the efficient
                                                                               discharge of his/her duties in the service for which
  L.E.                                                                         he/she is a candidate?
Near Vision                                                                    Note : In case of female candidate, if it is found that
                                                                               she is pregnant of 12 weeks standing or over, she
                                                                               should be declared temporarily unfit, vide regulation
  L.E.                                                                         9.
Hypermetropia                                                                  14 (a) For which services has the candidate been
(Manifest)                                                                     examined and found in all respects qualified for the
RE                                                                             efficient and continuous discharge of his duties and
                                                                               for which of them is he considered unfit?
4. Ears: Inspection ………………… Hearing : Right                                    (b) Is the candidate fit for FIELD SERVICE?

Ear …………… Left Ear ………………                                                      Note (I): The Board should record their findings
                                                                               under one of the following three categories :

                                                                                 Brief particulars relating to the posts for
     (i)          Fit .........................                           which recruitment is being made through this
     (ii)         Unfit on account of ..................
     (iii)        Temporarily unfit on account of ..........              1. Geological Survey of India.
Note (II) : The candidate has not undergone chest
                                                                          (1) Geologist Group A -
X-ray test. In view of this, the above findings are not
                                                                          (a) Candidates selected for appointment will be
final and are subject to the report on Chest X-ray
                                                                              appointed on probation for a period two years
test.                                                                         which may be extended, if necessary.
                                                                          (b) During the period of probation the candidates
                                                                              may be required to undergo such course of
Date:                                                                         training and instructions and to pass such
                                                                              examination and tests as may be prescribed by
                                                                              the competent authority.
                                                                          (c) Prescribed hierarchy of scales of pay in the
                                                                              Geological Survey of India is as below:
                                                                          Sl    Name/Designation      Revised Pay Scale
                                        Seal of the Medical Board         No.   of the Post
                                                                                                      PB        GP
                            PROFORMA-II                                   1     Geologist             PB-3: Rs. Rs.
             Candidate‟s statement/Declaration                                                        15,600-     5,400
                                                                          2     Senior Geologist      PB-3: Rs. Rs.
1.           State your name :                    ................                                    15,600-     6,600
             (in block letters)                                                                       39,100
                                                                          3     Superintending        PB-3: Rs. Rs.
2.           Roll No.               .........................                   Geologists            15,600-     7,600
                                                                          4     Director (Geol.)      PB-4: Rs. Rs.
                                      Candidate‟s Signature                                           37,400-     8,700
                                       Signed in my presence                                          67,000
                              Signature of the Chairman of the            5     Dy.       Director    PB-4: Rs. Rs.
                                                                                General (Geology)     37,400-     10,000
                                                                          6     Additional Director   HAG Rs NIL
             To be filled-in by the Medical Board                               General (Geology)     67000
Note : The Board should record their findings under                                                   increment
        one of the following three categories in                                                      @ 3%) -
        respect of chest X-ray test of the candidate.                                                 79000

Name of the Candidate ........................
                                                                          (d) Promotions to the higher grade of posts in the
     (i)       Fit ........................                                   Department will be made in accordance with
                                                                              the recruitment rules subject to such
     (ii)      Unfit on account of ......................
                                                                              modifications as may be made by Government
     (iii) Temporarily unfit on account of ................                   from time to time.
                                                                          (e) Conditions of service and leave and pension
                                                                              are those described in the Fundamental Rules
                                                                              and Civil Services Regulations respectively,
Date:                                                                         subject to such modifications as may be made
                                                                              by Government from time to time.
                                                                          (f) Conditions of Provident Fund are those laid
                                                        Signature             down in the General Provident Fund (Central
                                                        Chairman              Services) Rules, subject to such modifications
                                                         Member               as may be made by Government from time to
                                                         Member               time.
                                        Seal of the Medical Board         (g) All officers of Geological Survey of India are
                                                                              liable for service in any part of India or outside
                           APPENDIX – III                                     India.

                                                                (b) Prescribed scale of pay-Rs.7500-250-12000/-.
2. Central Ground Water Board                                   Revised Pay Scale PB-29,300-34,800 GP 4800.
                                                                (c) Recruitment to the cadre of Scientist „B‟ Junior
(1) Scientist `B‟ (Jr. Hg.), Group A -                              Hydrogeologist (Group A) will be made partly
                                                                    through the Union Public Service Commission
(a) Candidates selected for appointment will be                     competitive examination and partly through
    appointed on probation for a period of two years                D.P.C. by promotion from the next lower grade
    which may be extended, if necessary.                            of Assistant Hydrogeologist of the Centreal
(b) Prescribed hierarchy of scales of pay in the                    Ground Water Board in accordance with the
    Central Ground water Board :-                                   recruitment rules subject to such modifications
                                                                    as may be made by the Government from time
Sl    Name/Designation     Pre-       Revised Pay Scale             to time.
No.   of the Post          revised                              (d) Conditions of service and leave and pensions
                           Pay        PB      GP                    are those described in the Fundamental Rules
                           Scale                                    and Civil Services Regulations respectively,
1     Scientist `B‟ (Jr.   Rs.        PB-3: Rs.   Rs.               subject to such modifications as may be made
      Hg.)                 8,000 –    15,600-     5,400
                           275 –      39,100
                                                                    by Government from time to time.
                           13,500/-                             (e) Conditions of Provident Fund are those laid
2     Scientist `C‟ (Sr.   Rs.        PB-3: Rs.   Rs.               down in General Provident Fund (Central
      Hg.)                 10,000     15,600-     6,600             Services) Rules subject to such modifications
                           – 325 –    39,100                        as may be made by Government from time to
                           15,200/-                                 time.
3     Scientist `D‟        Rs.        PB-3: Rs.   Rs.           (f) Assistant Hydrogeologist are liable for Service
                           12,000     15,600-     7,600             anywhere in India or outside India.
                           – 375 –    39,100
4     Regional Director    Rs.        PB-4: Rs.   Rs.
                                                                                               SURESH KISHNANI
                           14,300     37,400-     8,700
                           – 400 –    67,000                                                         DIRECTOR
5     Member               Rs.        PB-4: Rs.   Rs.
                           18,400     37,400-     10,000
                           – 500 –    67,000
6     Chairman             Rs.        PB-4: Rs.
                           22,400     67,000
                           – 525 –    (annual
                           24,500/-   increment
                                      + @ 3% -

(c) Promotions to the highest grades of posts in the
Department will be made in accordance with the
recruitment rules subject to such modifications as
may be made by Government from time to time.
(d) Conditions of service and leave and pensions
are those described in the Fundamental Rules and
Civil Services Regulations respectively, subject to
such modifications as may be made by Government
from time to time.
(e) Conditions of Provident Fund are those laid
down in the General Provident Fund (Central
Services) Rules. subject to such modifications as
may be made by Government from time to time.
(f) All Officers of Central Ground water Board are
liable for services in any part of India or outside

(2) Assistant Hydrogeologists, Group B –
(a) Candidates selected for appointment will be
appointed on probation for a period of two years
which may be extended, if necessary.

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