Hydrofluoric acid - safe use by vwm20081


									                      Hydrofluoric acid - safe use

When using Hydrofluoric acid always take the following precautions
•   Wear a laboratory coat
•   Wear a full face visor
•   Wear Solvex gloves
•   Wear disposable under gloves
•   Use Derma shield barrier cream on hands.

Before you start
•   Know what you are doing
•   Fill in the appropriate COSHH forms etc.
•   Check your gloves for any punctures by twirling a glove round to seal the end then
    immersing glove in water and squeezing to reveal pinprick holes. Any glove with
    a hole must be disposed of immediately.
•   Ensure someone knows you are using Hydrofluoric acid, preferably the palynology

While using Hydrofluoric acid
•   Never immerse gloves in Hydrofluoric acid
•   Beware of what you touch
•   Use Hydrofluoric acid in accordance with safe lab practice and as stipulated on
    COSHH form B

After using Hydrofluoric acid
•   Wash gloves thoroughly and wash down any possibly contaminated equipment
    with a solution of calcium hydroxide
•   Ensure there is no possibility of Hydrofluoric acid contamination on any piece of
    equipment or surface - remember other people using this lab. may not be using the
    protection necessary to use Hydrofluoric acid

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