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                                                        COFFEE MAKER

                                                                      KH 1098

                                                        Coffee Maker
                                                        Operating instructions

                 ID-Nr.: KH1098-12/09-V2
KH 1098






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INDEX                                                                                                  PAGE
Safety information                                                                                            2
Technical data                                                                                                2
Items supplied                                                                                                3
Correct Usage                                                                                                 3
Appliance description                                                                                         3
Preparation                                                                                                   3
Before the First Use                                                                                          3
Setting the Time                                                                                              4
Making coffee                                                                                                 4
Coffee servings                                                                                               4
Timer-Function                                                                                                5
Cleaning                                                                                                      5
Removing scale                                                                                                6
Storage                                                                                                       6
Troubleshooting                                                                                               7
Disposal                                                                                                      7
Warranty and Service                                                                                          8
Importer                                                                                                      8

Read the operating instructions carefully before using the appliance for the first time and preserve this booklet
for future reference. Pass this booklet on to whoever might acquire the appliance at a later date.

COFFEE MAKER                                                              Risk of personal injury!
KH 1098                                                               • NEVER use the glass jug in a microwave oven.
                                                                      • Lay the power cable in such a way that no one
                                                                        can tread on or trip over it.
Safety information                                                    • This appliance is not intended for use by individuals
                                                                        (including children) with restricted physical,
                                                                        physiological or intellectual abilities or deficiences
     Danger of electric shock!                                          in experience and/or knowledge unless they are
• Connect the appliance only to correctly installed                     supervised by a person responsible for their safety
  and properly earthed power sockets.                                   or receive from this person instruction in how the
• Remove the plug from the wall socket when you                         appliance is to be used.
  move the appliance, fill it with water, if it malfunctions,         • Children should be supervised to ensure that
  before cleaning it and when it is not in use.                         they do not play with the appliance..

      NEVER submerse the appliance in liquids.                             Caution! Hot surface.
      Should liquids nonetheless permate into the
      appliance housing, immediately remove the                           Risk of scalding!
      plug from the wall socket. Arrange for it to be                 • Never open the lid during the brewing process.
      repaired by a qualified specialist.                             • Do not touch the hot filter. Remove the filter bag
                                                                        when all of the coffee has drained away and the
                                                                        bag has cooled down somewhat.
• NEVER grasp the appliance, power cable or power                     • Do not hold your hands in the rising steam.
  plug with wet hands.                                                • Never move/transport the appliance during the
• To disconnect, always pull out the plug itself out                    brewing process.
  of the power socket, do not pull the power cable.
• Do not fold or crush the power cable.                                    This symbol warns you about hot steam clouds.
• Arrange for defective power plugs and/or cables                          Risk of scalding!
  to be replaced at once by qualified technicians
  or our Customer Service Department.                                 To avoid damage to the appliance!
                                                                      • Fill the water tank of the appliance exclusively
     Risk of fire!                                                      with freshly drawn mains water.
• Do not leave the appliance unattended when in use.                  • Never subject the glass jug to large temperature
• Never operate the appliance without mains tap-                        fluctuations. The glass may be damaged.
  water.                                                              • No liabilty will be accepted for damage caused
• Never place the appliance near sources of heat.                       by glass breakage!
• Do not use an extension cable. In the event of
  danger, the plug must be quickly and easily
  accessible.                                                         Technical data
• Do not use an external timing switch or a separa-
  te remote control system to operate the applian-                    Mains voltage:               220-240V ~ 50Hz
  ce.                                                                 Power consumption:           1050 W

Items supplied                                                Preparation
• Coffee Maker                                                • Remove all packaging material from the appliance
• Glass jug                                                     and the accessories.
• Measuring spoon                                             • Clean the appliance and all accessories (see
• Operating Instructions                                        chapter "Cleaning").
Before taking the appliance into use check to ensure          • Place the coffee maker on a level and slip-free
that all of the items listed have been supplied and             surface.
that there are no visible signs of damage.                    • Open the lid w.
                                                              • Install the filter basket 1( so that the lever settles
    Note:                                                       into the recess on the coffee maker.
     On delivery, the measuring spoon is to be                • Place the filter q in the filter basket 1(.
     found in either the water tank or the glass jug.         • Lay the driptray grill f in the driptray on the
                                                                coffee maker.
                                                              • Insert the power plug into a power socket.
Correct Usage
The coffee maker is intended exclusively for brewing          Before the First Use
coffee. This coffee maker is intended exclusively for
use in private households. Do not use it commercial-               Note:
ly. This appliance in intended only for indoor use.                When filling the appliance with water, never
                                                                   exceed the MAX marking in the water tank e.
                                                                   The appliance could overflow! Never fill the
Appliance description                                              water tank e with less water than is needed
                                                                   for 4 cups. The appliance could be damaged.
q Filter
w Lid                                                         • To remove possible production residues, before
e Water tank                                                    the first use brew up 10 cups of plain water,
r Keep-warm plate                                               without coffee, and allow it to flow through the
t Display                                                       appliance.
y red indicator lamp
u green indicator lamp AUTO SET
i Button MIN
o Button HOUR
a Button PROG
s Button ON/AUTO/OFF
d Coffee button
f Driptray grill
g Coffee passage
h Outer lock
j Coffee passage lock
k Outer lock
l Glass jug
1( Filter basket
Setting the Time                                                 The red indicator lamp y glows. The coffee maker
                                                                 begins the brewing process.
• Press the button PROG a once, so that CLOCK
   appears in the display t.                                     • When the brewing process is complete, the coffee
• Repeatedly press the button HOUR o for hours,                    is kept warm by the keep-warm plate r for two
   resp. the button MIN i for minutes, until the correct           hours. On the expiry of this period the coffee
   time is programmed in. If you hold the buttons                  maker switches itself.
   down, the numbers run through faster.                         • Should you wish to switch the coffee maker off
• Press the button PROG a twice. The time                          earlier, repeatedly press the button
   display is now programmed,                                      ON/AUTO/OFF s until the indicator lamps y /
or                                                                 u are extinguished.
• if you do not press any other button for ca. 10
   seconds, the indicator CLOCK extinguishes in                      Risk of scalding!
   the display t and the time is programmed.                     After the brewing process the coffee machine must
                                                                 first cool down, for at least 10 minutes, before you
                                                                 start another brew. If you do not, there is a risk of
Making coffee                                                    being scalded by escaping steam!

• Open the lid w.
• Using the measuring spoon, place coffee powder                 Coffee servings
  (coarse to medium ground) into the filter q.
  A level measuring spoon of coffee approximates                 With this coffee maker you can fill a cup with coffee
  to ca. 6 gr of coffee powder.                                  using only one hand:
                                                                 • When there is coffee in the glass jug l, press
    Note:                                                           and hold your cup against the coffee button d.
 Should you use finely ground coffee powder it                      Coffee flows into the cup.
could block the filter q, water can no longer flow               • When the cup is full, remove the cup from the
through it and the coffee maker could overflow!                     coffee button d.
                                                                 • Any drips that might fall will be caught by the
• Fill the water tank e with the required amount                    driptray grill f.
  of water. For this, use the glass jug l with the
  scale. When filling the appliance with water, never                Note:
  exceed the MAX marking in the water tank e.                    Regularly empty and clean the driptray under the drip-
• Close the lid w.                                               tray grill f. Otherwise, it could overflow.

    Note:                                                            Note:
After brewing, there is always somewhat less coffee              If you pour coffee using the coffee button d, a
in the glass jug l than the amount of water that                 small amount of coffee will always be left in the
you filled the water tank e with. The coffee powder              glass jug l.
absorbs some of the water.
                                                                 You can also pour coffee from the glass jug l in
• Place the glass jug l in the coffee maker.                     the usual manner:
• Press the button ON/AUTO/OFF s once.                           • Lift the glass jug l and then pull it to the front.

      Note:                                                          Cleaning
If, before you lift the glass jug l out, you have
activated the coffee button d, it can happen that a                  Before cleaning, ALWAYS remove the plug from the
few drops of coffee will drip from the glass jug l.                  wall power socket.

                                                                          Risk of electric shock!
Timer-Function                                                       Before you clean the Coffee Maker you MUST
                                                                     remove the plug from the power socket.
By use of the button PROG a, you can programme
the coffee maker so that it starts the brewing process at
a pre-determined time (Timer function). First, always                      Attention!
fill the filter q in the filter basket 1( with coffee powder         NEVER submerge the Coffee Maker in water.
and the water tank e with water. Place the glass                     This would irreparably damage the appliance.
jug l in the coffee maker. Ensure that the glass jug
l is empty and the water tank e is not filled beyond                      Risk of burns!
the Max marking.                                                     Always wait until the coffee maker has cooled
                                                                     down before cleaning it.
• Press the button PROG a twice, so that TIMER
  appears in the display t. Programme in the                         • Wipe the housing with a damp cloth. For stubborn
  desired start time with the button HOUR o and                        soiling use a mild detergent on the cloth.
  the button MIN i (see chapter "Setting the Time").
• When the desired start time has been entered in,                        Caution! Appliance Damage!
  press the button PROG a once more. The start                       NEVER clean the glass carafe l in a dishwasher.
  time is now programmed. The display t shows                        This would cause irreparable damage to the glass
  the normal time.                                                   jug l.
• To activate the timer, press twice on the button
  ON/AUTO/OFF s. The green indicator lamp                            • Clean the glass jug l, filter q and filter basket
  AUTO SET u glows. The coffee maker will now                          1( in mild sudsy water and rinse them with lots
  start the brewing process at the programmed                          of clean and clear water.
• If you want to deactivate the timer, press the button                   Note:
  ON/AUTO/OFF s. The green indicator lamp                            Clean the filter q as soon as possible after it has
  AUTO SET u extinguishes.                                           cooled. At a later time it will be more difficult to cle-

                                                                     If coffee powder or something similar has deposited
                                                                     itself in the coffee sieve of the glass jug l, proceed
                                                                     as follows:

• Upturn the glass jug l.                                    Removing scale
                                                             Scale removal is already necessary after ca.
                                                             30 brewing processes with hard water, after
                                                             ca. 60 brewing processes with soft water.
                                                             Use only scale removal products that are suitable
                                                             for coffee makers and pay heed to the instructions
                                                             for use.
• Press the two outer locks h/k inwards and                  The procedure for scale removal is:
  hold them firmly.                                          • Place the scale removal product in the water
• You can now slide the coffee passage lock j                    tank e.
  inwards. The coffee passage g opens itself.                • Pour in the volume of water detailed in the usage
  Hold it open.                                                  instructions for the descaler (max. 12 Cups).
                                                             • Press the button ON/AUTO/OFF s once.
                                                                 The brewing process starts, the red indicator
                                                                 lamp y glows.
                                                             • Wait until the solution has completely run through
                                                                 the Coffee Maker.
                                                             • After descaling, rinse the Coffee Maker through
                                                                 twice with 12 cups of clean water each time.
• You can release the outer locks h/k.
• Allow water to flow through the opened coffee
  passage g. The residues in the sieve should be             Storage
  washed out with the water. Should they still not
  dissolve/detach themselves, gently scrub the sieve         • If you do not intend to use the Coffee Maker for
  with a soft brush.                                           an extended period, remove the plug from the
                                                               power socket.
• When the sieve is free of residues, release the            • Store the power cable in the cable shaft on the
  coffee passage lock j. The coffee passage g                  rear of the Coffee Maker.
  is now closed.

Troubleshooting                                                Disposal
The Coffee Maker does not function:
• The plug is not inserted into a power socket.                        Do not dispose of the appliance in your
   Connect the appliance with the mains.                               normal domestic waste. This product is
   Push the power plug into the wall socket.                           subject to the European guideline
• The power socket is defective. Try another wall                      2002/96/EC.
• The Coffee Maker is still hot from the previous              Dispose of the appliance through an approved dis-
   brewing process. Wait until the Coffee Maker                posal centre or at your community waste facility.
   has cooled down.                                            Observe the currently applicable regulations.
                                                               In case of doubt, please contact your waste disposal
The brewing process does not start at the                      centre.
desired time:
• The timer is not activated. To activate the timer,                  Dispose of all packaging materials in an
   press twice on the button ON/AUTO/OFF s.                           environmentally friendly manner.
• The time is not correctly programmed. Check the
   time entered and, if necessary, re-programme it.

The coffee is too strong/too weak:
• There is too little/too much water in the water
   tank e. Fill it with the correct amount of water.
• It is filled with too much/too little coffee powder.
   Fill it with less/more coffee powder.
• The coffee powder is too finely/too coarsely
   ground. Select a different grade of grinding for
   your coffee powder.

Water collects in the filter q and it then flows
• The coffee powder is too finely ground, causing
  a blockage of the filter q. Use a more coarsely
  ground coffee powder.

The brewing process takes unusually long.
The appliance switches itself off during the
brewing process.
The appliance is becoming louder when brewing.
There is excessive steam.
• The brewing system of the appliance is calcified.
   Descale the appliance as described under
   "Removing scale".

Warranty and Service                                          Importer
The warranty for this appliance is for 3 years from           KOMPERNASS GMBH
the date of purchase. The appliance has been ma-              BURGSTRASSE 21
nufactured with care and meticulously examined be-            44867 BOCHUM, GERMANY
fore delivery. Please retain your receipt as proof of
purchase. In the event of a warranty claim, please  
make contact by telephone with our Service Depart-
ment. Only in this way can a post-free despatch for
your goods be assured.
 The warranty covers only claims for material and
maufacturing defects, but not for transport damage,
for wearing parts or for damage to fragile compo-
nents, e.g. buttons or batteries. This product is for
private use only and is not intended for commercial
use. The warranty is void in the case of abusive and
improper handling, use of force and internal tampe-
ring not carried out by our authorized service
branch. Your statutory rights are not restricted in
any way by this warranty.
The warranty period will not be extended by repairs
made under warranty. This applies also to replaced
and repaired parts. Any damage and defects extant
on purchase must be reported immediately after un-
packing the appliance, at the latest, two days after
the purchase date. Repairs made after the expira-
tion of the warranty period are subject to payment.

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Tel.: 0871 5000 700 (£ 0.10 / minute)

      Kompernass Service Ireland
Tel: 1850 930 412 (0,082 EUR/Min.)
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