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					                                  HUMAN RESOURCES BULLETIN
                                         January 2006


As with most agencies the month was spent getting information together for our budget presentation as
well as information on statewide compensation issues.

Attended the National Association of State Personnel Executives mid-year meeting in Washington DC
and conducted a discussion on Competency based hiring.

Worked with the Policy office to develop a Volunteer/Emergency response policy. This is being finalized
and will be distributed in February.

Working on finalizing an HR products survey that will be sent out to all agencies. It is currently being
reviewed by a couple of agencies. Once final it will be sent out to Directors and HR personnel.

Met with the Employee Development System team. The meeting was focused on the Performance
Appraisal process and how to implement competencies in this process.

Classification and Compensation:

Commitment to Excellence - A ceremony has been scheduled to recognize employees who have
completed the Commitment to Excellence certification requirements and those who have completed the
re-certification process. It will be held on Tuesday, March 21, 2006, from 9:00 am to 11:00 a.m. in the
Barrett Building, 1st floor multi purpose room, in Cheyenne. Please contact Kristy Fertig, at or call her at 307-777-6733 if you have any questions about the ceremony or the
Commitment to Excellence program.

Information for JAC – Kirsten, Erin and Evanna prepared a great deal of information for the JAC this
month. Members of the State Employee Compensation Commission met with the JAC to discuss market
pay issues. There were many questions regarding turnover, potential retirements, and costs to move to the
2006 market rates.

C & C Bids Farewell to Bridget Paris - Bridget’s last day as a class & comp analyst was January 20th.
She has begun her new job with human resources for the Department of Health in Cheyenne. She took
the job vacated by Kerri Couch. You can still keep in touch with her at WDH, at SHRA meetings and

Following is a list of who has taken over Bridget’s agencies in the interim.

                         Agency                             New Analyst
                         Military                           Kirsten Fanning
                         Agriculture                        Erin Williams
                         Dept. of Audit                     Anne McIlvaine
                         Public Service Commission          Erin Williams and
                                                            Anne McIlvaine
                         Water Development                  Kristy Fertig
                         Game & Fish                        Kirsty Fertig
                         Fire Prevention                    Kristy Fertig
                         Health Institutions                Kirsten Fanning
                         Retirement System                  Jeannie Collins
 Recruiting for a New Analyst – We have published a vacancy announcement for a Human Resource
 Professional (HRPR). We’ve had about 40 applicants. Anne McIlvaine took the Interviewing with
 Competencies class that was presented by Dr. Philip Varca from the University of Wyoming in
 November. She will be leading a team of Erin Williams and Kristy Fertig to develop competency based
 interview questions for a Human Resource Professional.

 Information Technology Study – Team members have spent the month doing position reviews with
 Geographic Information Specialists (GIS). After all of the reviews are completed, the team will
 determine how GIS fits in the overall study.

 Business Systems Study (BA Study) - This study will be completed February 1, 2006. The committee
 reviewed approximately 150 Position Description Questionnaires. Four classifications were developed
 from that group. They include Budget Analyst, Program Coordinator, Project Analyst and Grants
 Coordinator. Market pay for these classes will remain with the original BA series market figures for this
 year. Budget Analyst will fall under track A. Project Analyst and Program Coordinator will fall under
 track B, and Grants Coordinator will fall under track C. We will develop new market rates for these
 classes for the 2006 market.

 Selection, Recruitment & Training

                                                          January 2006
Total number of applications received                          3,976
Number applications received Online                        3,288 – 83%
Number of applications screened by A&I HRD                    3,653
Number of recruitments authorized                              151
Number of Official Vacancy Announcements released              113

 Student Intern Program - Information related to the 2006 Student Intern Program was distributed to
 agencies in January. Agency requests were due by January 31, 2006; however, a few slots remain open
 should other agencies desire to submit a request. All requests will be reviewed by A&I-HRD and
 agencies will be notified once approved. All Student Intern recruitments will be posted on A&I’s
 website at as they are approved. For
 more information contact Dave Urquidez at 777-6722.

 New Users to eHRMS - In January, Fran Hawkins of the Treasurer’s Office, Karen Case and Stephanie
 Wagoner of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety, and Kathy Sherman-Boltz and Anne Iske of the
 Livestock Board became active users of the eHRMS (Online Recruitment) system. An agency HR
 administrator eHRMS training session will be scheduled in February. For more information contact Dean
 Fausset at 777-6738.

 OnlineAp/eHRMS - In January the Selection & Recruitment staff worked with ITD programs to prepare
 of a February upgrade to OnlineAp and eHRMS systems.

 New Training Schedules Available - In January the new General Workshop Schedule for January through
 April was released and is posted at
 also Computer Training for January through February is posted at

 Online Class Specifications – Conversion of Position Class Specifications to an online web-based system
 is almost complete. The systems provides for Position Class Specification in a uniform format which
includes principal duties & responsibilities for all classification tracks and minimum qualifications for all
recruitment tracks. The system will be updated as information changes and available to all agencies and
the public via a link to A&I-HRD’s website. To view online class specifications currently under
construction, please go to Any questions or comments should
be directed to Dean Fausset at 777-6738.

Online Exit Interview System – work is underway to develop a conceptual design of an online Exit
Interview System. The system will be used by agencies and employees who terminate from state service
to collect information why they may be leaving. A July implementation date of the system is anticipated.
 More information will posted as it becomes available.

Group Insurance:

EGI is currently updating our flexible benefits claim processing software. We have run dual processing
on both systems to make sure the new software is operating correctly. The initial test looks promising.
We still have a few items that need to be worked out but we expect that the new windows based flex
claim system conversion will be completed this month.

The 2006 Legislative budget session is soon to start. Each agency’s standard budget contains funds for
anticipated increases in employer contributions for the next biennium. EGI has provided sample language
to the Joint Appropriations Committee for the budget bill relating to employer contribution levels for
benefits. This language is designed to provide EGI with the authority to increase the employer
contribution for benefits with certain caps when rate increases go into effect. This pro-active approach to
employer contribution has been utilized for the past two rate increases and has been quite successful.

The Joint Appropriations Committee’s version of the state budget has eliminated the Governor’s proposal
to provide a state contribution for retirees enrolled in the State’s health program with. The Governor’s
retiree proposal is dead unless it is reintroduced during the legislature.

EGI is sad to announce that Erin Friel has taken a new position with the State. We wish Erin the best in
her new position.

EGI will be meeting with Great West Life on February 10 for the 2005 year end review.