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					                 A&I HUMAN RESOURCES BULLETIN
                                       January 2007

Compensation Policy:
The HR Division is receiving feedback from a few agencies indicating a need to review
the compensation policy. As some of you know, the administration of compensation was
developed using policy in place of rules. The reason for this was so the administration of
compensation could keep pace with the changing labor market within Wyoming. The
policy is in place to assist you in meeting the compensation needs of your workforce.

With that said, please submit to Brian Foster any compensation policy areas you feel
should be reviewed. Once we have all of the requests we will reconvene the
compensation policy group to start the review process. If you or someone from your
agency wishes to be a committee member please let us know.


The Department of Agriculture, State Lands and Investments, Department of Corrections
as well as two sections within A & I have participated in the introductory phase (Phase 1)
for the Employee Performance and Development System (EPDS). During the
introduction phase the Workforce Planning Coordinator has had several meetings with
Department of Agriculture, State Lands and Investments, the Department of Corrections
and Administration and Information. Pending a second meeting with Administration and
Information, all participating agencies will now move into phase two (Forming an
Implementation Team). Objectives for this phase include:

   •   Include the use and ideology of competencies in the new employee performance
       and development system.
   •   Discussing and understanding roles and responsibilities.
   •   Understanding the performance and development process.
   •   Identifying issues and concerns and strategy methods to address such issues.
   •   Developing a (top down / bottom up) communication plan. A process is needed
       to cascade essential performance measures from strategic plan and divisional
       goals to employees. Provide a communication plan for employee to report
       position goals upward. (Normally agencies have a process in place, this step is to
       take that process and work it into the system.)
   •   Developing and Identifying Core Competencies.
   •   Forming implementation plan for specific agency/division.

The development of the Workforce Planning web site has been delayed until March 1,
2007. The three major components of the web site include: Workforce Planning,
Wyoming Core Competencies Dictionary and Performance and Development. The site
will include a Behavioral-based Interviewing guide, agency workforce demographics as
well as other workforce planning links and resources.

Presentations of the EPDS have been provided to the Wyoming Livestock Board,
Department of Transportation District Engineers and Game and Fish. While working
with the Department of Agriculture, State Lands and Investments and the Department of
Corrections, we have determined that a series of meetings are necessary to gain a better
understanding concerning the focus and initiative between workforce planning and the
EPDS. If your agency is interested in beginning discussions and would like to schedule a
presentation, please contact Sean Moore at: 307-777-8658 or

Payroll Approval Process – As a reminder -- The Human Resources Division will
strictly comply with the cut-off dates established by the State Auditor’s Office.

Welcome to Lori Narva – Lori’s first day in Class & Comp is February 1, 2007. She is
filling the vacant Human Resources Consultant I. We are very happy to have Lori join us
from Work Force Services.

Erin Williams – Erin will be returning to work in the middle of February.

Analyst Assignments – We will be reviewing agency assignments as soon as we are
back to full staff. If you have any concerns (positive or negative) about potential
changes, please call Kate at 777-6728.

Consultant Study – Results of the Fox Lawson study should be available in February.

2006 Compensation Report – The report is now available at
within the Employee Compensation section.

Work Force Report – Evanna Hardin will begin working on the 2006 Work Force
Report after the January payroll run. The 2005 report is available at our web site which is
listed above. If you have any suggestions for changes or improvements, please contact
Evanna at

It was brought to our attention there are times when an agency will have an ESMT on the
system for an extended amount of time. Please be aware that Classification and
Compensation cannot see your document catalog as easily as they have in the past. We
encourage you to review your document catalog frequently and either call or e-mail your
analyst if you have questions as to why it hasn’t been approved. Your analyst will be
able to determine the delay of the transaction.

Also, if you have new hires that start after the cutoff date, please inform your analyst of a
need for a hand warrant in order to expedite the process. Please make sure you have sent
in the appropriate paperwork and have the ESMT on the system.

                                                             January 2007
          Total Number Applications Received                     3,988
          Number Applications Received Online                    3,559
                                                               89% of all
          Number Applications Screened by A&I HRD                3904
          Average Calendar Days for A&I HRD to
          Screen Applications                                      5.84
          Number of Recruitments Authorized                        134
          Average Calendar Days for A&I HRD to
          Authorize Recruitments                                   1.42
          Number of Official Vacancy Announcements
          Released                                                 106
          Final Registers Generated                                111
          Average Calendar Days for A&I HRD to
          Generate Registers after Position Closing                4.09
          Prescreens and Employee Qualification                     37

Selection, Recruitment & Training is looking forward to a great year ahead. We will
continue focusing on transitioning agencies to viewing applications on-line. New
developments of eHRMS coming this year will include: agency ability to manage
applicant flow electronically, ability to communicate with applicants through eHRMS,
enhanced reporting and tracking capability, plus much more!
New eHRMS Users – Tina Winkels of WYDOT and Jeannie Cox from Department of
Health are the newest eHRMS users.

Student Intern Program – February 2nd was the deadline for agencies to request student
interns. All requests received will be reviewed the week of February 5th. Agencies will
be notified of approval status the week of February 12th. Should you have any questions,
please contact David Urquidez at ext. 6722.

Career Fairs – Spring Career Fairs are right around the corner. If you have any
recruitment materials you would like us to provide students, please send it to Loretta