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					                         Final Minutes of CCM Meeting
                           Held on February 26, 2010
     To Discuss GFATM Round-10 Planning and Various CCM Related Matters
                          Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
                   Venue: Ministry of Health, Committee Room

List of Participants:

1.    Khushnood Akhtar Lashari   Secretary Health/Chair CCM
2.    Dr. Qaiser Javaid          Vice Chair CCM/ Chairman, Al-Punjab AIDS Consortium
3.    Dr. Noor Ahmad Baloch      National Manager, National TB Control Program
4.    M. Aslam Khan              Director, Malaria Control Program
5.    Dr. Hassan Abbas Zaheer    National Manager, National AIDS Control Program
6.    Dr. Fazli Hakim Khattak    Chief Health, Planning Division
7.    Dr. Khalif Bile Mohammad   WHO Country Representative-Pakistan
8.    Dr. Muhammad Saleem        M & E Advisor, UNAIDS
9.    Ms. Elizabeth Barnhart     Health Office, USAID
10. Mr. Maekawa Masaharu         Project Formulation Advisor, JICA
11. Mr. Hector Nihal             President, AIDS Awareness Society (AAS)
12. Mr. Francis Rufi Sardar      Director-RASTI (Pakistan)
13. Sheikh Imran Zali            PLWHA Member
14. Dr. Shahid Pervaiz Khan      District Officer Health (H.Q) Rawalpindi (Punjab)
15. Dr. Fazal Mahmood            Director General (HS) NWFP (NWFP)
16. Dr. Naseer Ahmed Baloch      Additional Secretary Health (Balochistan)
17. Dr. Shahina Qayyum           Research Coordinator, OJHA Institute of Chest Diseases
18. Mr. Muhammad Asif Sheikh     Joint Secretary, E.A.D (U.N Section)
19. Ms. Rehana Hashmi            Project Director, GRAP (Ministry of Women Development)
20. Mr. Zubair Ahmed Malik       Former Vice President, FPCCI
21. Dr. Altaf H. Tariq           Chairman Homeopathic Medical Ass.of Pakistan (HMAP)
22. Sabir / Arzoo Masti           Key Affected Community Member

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  1. Ms. Joanna Walshe           Country Director, Mercy Corps, Pakistan
  2. Dr. Abdul Latif             Project Director TB NWFP, (For Secretary Health
  3. Dr. Qutbuddin Kakar         NPO / WHO
  4. Dr. Sardar Talat Mahmood    Project Management Specialist, USAID
  5. Jack Byrne                  Country Representative (Director), CRS Pakistan
  6. Dr. Muhammad Imran          Epidemiologist, NACP
  7. Dr. Hasan Raza              PATA
  8. Dr. Ali Athar               Mercy Corps
  9. Dr. Abdul Khalique Ghauri   SPO-GFATM Unit, NTP


  1. Mr. Abdul Majeed                   Section Officer G&D
  2. Adeel Sarwar                       Project Officer - CCM
  3. Mr. Mahdi Abbas                    Staff to Secretary Health
  4. Mr. Adeel Sarwar                   Project Officer-CCM Secretariat
  5. Supports Staff                     Ministry of Health, Islamabad

     Ms. Zarina Kausar                  Senior Project Officer / E.S CCM

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CCM Meeting started in line with the agenda items dully approved by CCM. The Secretary
Health and the Chair CCM recited verses from Holy Quran and opened the meeting forum.
He greeted and welcomed CCM members. The meeting quorum was full for taking and
endorsing decisions related to CCM and the Global Fund grants.

2. Out Come of CCM Pakistan GFATM Round-9 HIV/AIDS Proposal :

CCM members were abreast about the out come of the GFATM Round-9 HIV/AIDS
proposal that unofficially it has been revealed that the subject proposal has been approved
by the Global Fund’s Independent Appeal Committee. Yet the Global Fund is currently
consulting its Board members to endorse the Independent Appeal recommendations. CCM
Pakistan is quite hopeful that GF Board will approve this and the HIV/AIDS Round-9 grant
will start its implementation at the earliest schedule. The NACP Manager, Dr. Hasan Abbas
Zaheer stated that in order to maintain the continuity of ARVs supply to PLHIV, NACP’
priority would be to propose the schedule to start the grant from June 01, 2010 since
GFATM Round-2 ARVs supply will end on May 31, 2010. The Chair CCM appreciated
the team and the development partners contributing technical support by submitting
successful appeal document which secured HIV/AIDS Round-9 grant after a failure of
consecutive seven GF rounds.

3. GFATM Round-10 Starts from May 01 – August 01, 2010:

CCM members were informed that unofficially the Global Fund has indicated to announce
the GFATM Round-10 RFP on May 01, 2010 and its submission final date would be
August 01, 2010. The Chair CCM emphasized that considering the complex and time
taking GF proposal development process, its time to start planning for GFATM Round-10
proposal development.

4. Way Forward – GFATM Round-10, NTP Plan for GFATM Round-10:

The National Manager, NTP presented the intended plan for GFATM Round-10 for TB
programme. He recapped the progress made so far by NTP with regard to the Global Fund
grants of GFATM Round-6, GFATM Round-8 and GAFTM Round-9. He presented that
NTP has been successful in the implementation of the Global Fund grants in Pakistan.
GFATM Round-6 phase II extension has been approved with time bound actions. He
presented the progress made so far to meet the time bound actions. He stated that WHO
would be contacted to fill the position of international M&E expert where as a national
expert will also be hired before March 30, 2010.

Referring to planning for Round-10, the Dr. Noor A. Baloch, the National Manager stated
that in the present scenario where NTP is implementing major grants of Round-6, R-8 and
Round-9 specially the consolidation of Round-6 and Round-9 grant. He stated that so far
NTP perceives that TB – HIV has been addressed in Round-6 as the pilot project where as
it needs much more attention due to the vulnerability of TB – HIV co-infection in
PLWHA and TB positive person and submission of Round-10 proposal could be around
TB HIV co-infection. But the forum agreed that NTP will be in a better position to plan for
Round-10 once the Round-6 & Round-9 consolidation plan has been prepared.
For details, please refer to the soft and hard copy of the presentation attached with the
minutes for a ready reference.
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5. Way Forward GFATM Round-10 Plan by Directorate of Malaria Control:

Mr. Mohammd Aslam, Director, DoMC presented planning for GATM Round-10. He
referred to the fourth Cross Border Coordination Meeting between Iran, Afghanistan and
Pakistan which was held on 29th Sep-1st Oct 2009 in which it was recommended to
develop multi country proposal in GFATM Round-10. He presented the facts that in the
current scenario Pakistan is bordering districts /agencies with Iran and Afghanistan and
sharing 37% of disease burden. One of the option for Round-10 is to develop multi country
(3 countries) joint proposal for malaria control with focus on malaria control in bordering

He presented that the second option could be resubmission of R-9 proposal for malaria free
Punjab after thorough review. He further added that the resubmission of Round-9 proposal
seems in-appropriate due to the malaria prevalence in country in the bordering districts of

The third option is development of comprehensive country proposal for burden reduction in
all highly endemic districts including the bordering districts and agencies in the context of
“Universal Coverage” and having one additional objective “To pilot malaria Pre-
Elimination Strategy in 5 districts of Punjab”. He shared the following arguments to
support the third option :

Comprehensive Country Proposal would address;
   Manageable task at country level
   Universal Coverage initiative
   Burden reduction in all endemic districts through Universal Coverage of case
    management and prevention measures will help achieve the MDGs
   Additional objective to pilot test the “Pre-Elimination” in 5 districts of Punjab will
    guide the programme on the feasibility of the elimination programme
   Targeting bordering districts and agencies (Sharing 37% burden in Pakistan) a direct
    support to achieve PIAM Net Objective at one country level
   Precedence- R-8 Afghanistan Proposal

CCM forum discussed in detail the three options presented by the Director DoMC. It was
agreed that DoMC to focus to develop proposal on third option of submitting a
comprehensive country proposal.

DoMC Director spelled for soliciting CCM approval for going ahead with initiating the
process for start looking for engaging the support of the development partners and UN
Agencies to fulfill the TA needs for Strategic Plans Review and revision, needs assessment
gap analysis and proposal write up etc.

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6. Way Forward GFATM Round-10 Plan by NACP:

The Manager, National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) presented the update addressing
the current situation of AIDS Control Programme and disbursement of funds received from
various sources including PC-I, World Bank loan and grants from the Global Fund, DFID,
CIDA and various other donors in the form of financial and technical support. He stated
that NACP will set priorities according to time, financial and human resources once the
official results of appeal for Round-9 HIV/AIDS proposal is out and grant negotiation for
R9 HIV proposal are materialized. NACP would be in a position to spell out the option of
developing R10 proposal. He expressed that technical assistance for Round-10 proposal
development has been offered by Plan Int., CRS, Mercy Corps, Care Int., and Save the
Children). Upon materializing the Round-9 appeal outcome, NACP will initiate preparation
for future rounds. For more details about the financial scenario and programme priority
areas, please refer to soft copy of the presentation attached with the minutes of meeting.

7. Others:

Due to time constraints, the agenda items included in others from 1-11 were deferred to
next CCM meeting except one urgent priory issue of PATA as non recommended SR and
recommendation of SRs to take over PATA’s districts for implementing GFATM Round-8
& Round-9 TB grants.

ES-CCM briefed the forum that Green Star has submitted to CCM that looking at the
nature of LFA recommendations and the serious programmatic gaps in PATA, it will not be
possible for Green Star to work with PATA as SR specially when Round-8 TB grant is in
the implementation phase:

CCM recommendation : The Chair CCM took the endorsement of CCM members that in
order to address the matter, a committee comprising of three members, Dr. Noor A. Baloch,
NTP Manager, Dr. Qaisar Javaid, Vice Chair CCM and Elizabeth Bernhart, Public Health
Advisor, USAID to meet and after reviewing the LFA findings to recommend to CCM the
way forward to settle the subject matter.

CCM Decisions:

A. NTP to first conclude the Round-6 & Round-9 consolidation plan in order to mature
   plan for GFATM Round-10.
B. DoMC to submit proposal in Round-10 Comprehensive Country Proposal addressing
   the universal coverage focusing the disease burden reduction in all endemic districts
   through Universal Coverage of case management and prevention measures.
C. NACP to finalize plan of potential of proposal submission in future rounds after
   receiving the Round-9 grant confirmation from the Global Fund.
D. CCM constituted a CCM sub committee to look in to Green Star’s request of not
   working with PATA as SR. The Committee members are represented from Civil
   Society, Bilateral and Public Sector; Dr. Noor A. Baloch, NTP Manager, Dr. Qaisar
   Javaid, Vice Chair CCM and Elizabeth Bernhart, Public Health Advisor, USAID.

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