The effects of Vitamin B12

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					Question. What do these groups of people have in common?

Older adults
Lactating and pregnant women
Those on medications for a long period of time
Those with problems in the gut

The answer is that these groups are at high risk for Vitamin B12
anemia. B12 is an essential water soluble vitamin commonly found in
animal foods such as eggs, fish and dairy products. Those who do not
either consume such products OR do not absorb them properly are at
significant health risks. B12 is vital to our DNA. Yes, it is that

B12 is required for our genetic cellular makeup and has far reaching
implication for the health our our red blood cells and nerve cells. RBCs
carry oxygen from the lungs to other vital body parts while nerves cells
send important signals throughout the entire system.

Without healthy levels of B12, RBCs fail to get enough oxygen. End result
is that “worn out, run down” feeling that many people express. Overall
B12 deficiencies lead to muscle weakness, fatigue, disturbed dreams,
incontinence, low brain functioning, dementia, depression and mood
disturbances. These can occur with even a slight drop in B12.
Although B12 does not get the press that Vitamin C, for example, gets it
is a major player in the hierarchy of nutrition the body needs.

Doc Wellness Commentary: There are many forms of B12 on the market. The
most effective one I have found is called “For-Til B12? by Standard
Process. They combine the wonderful herb Tillansia with quality sources
of B12. In addition to raising levels, it is also a natural hormonal

Also, if you get injections of B12, be sure to avoid the Cyanocobalin
version of B12. It contains toxins. Look for Hydroxycobalin. Just as
effective but much safer.

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