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American Society of Safety Engineers sprain


American Society of Safety Engineers sprain

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									                                           Snake River Chapter
                                                Monthly Newsletter
                                                          January 2005

          In This Issue
                                                                    Monthly Chapter Meeting
      Upcoming Meetings & Technical
                                             Meeting Date & Place: January 18, 2005 – MK Plaza Executive Dining Room
      Calendar of Meetings for the Year

      Member Spotlight
                                             Call to Order: 7:30 a.m.

      Stretch & Flex Program: An            Membership: Currently 87 members, Snake River Chapter (2 students); 67
       Intervention for Soft Tissue
       Injuries                              members Big Sky Section; 26 members Montana Tech. Student Section
      Advertisements & Information on
       Placing Ads
                                             Financials: Checking - $1562.67       Savings - $2337.96

      Chapter News                                                     Upcoming Meetings
      ASSE National News
                                               Board Meeting:                          Chapter Meeting:
      Upcoming Classes                         Friday, February 4, 1005               Friday, February 11, 2004
                                                11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.                 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
      Positions Wanted
                                                MK Plaza Cafeteria                     Marie Calendars – Valentine’s Day
      Job Openings                                                                    Party (See attached invitation &
                                                                                       RSVP form)

 Newsletter Distribution
    You can receive your newsletter via                                2005 Meeting Schedule
       Email by contacting Louise
             Auchampach at:
                                             Date, Time & Place                        Technical Session Topic

                                             2/11/05, 6:00 p.m., Marie Calendars       Valentines Day & Chapter
     Technical Sessions
                                                                                       Recognition Dinner
    Harry Beaulieu - Coordinator             3/21/05, 8:00 a.m., BSU                   Electrical Safety With Application
          harryb@rmci.net                                                              of NFPA 70E
                                             4/19/05, 7:00 a.m., MK Plaza              TBD
    SRC Board Members                        5/17/05, 11:30 a.m., MK Plaza             TBD
                                             6/ 21/05, 6:00 p.m., TBD                  TBD
Michelle Steeler – President
michelle.steeler@wgint.com                   7/19/05, 7:00 a.m., MK Plaza              TBD
                                             8/16/05, 11:30 a.m., MK Plaza             TBD
Michelle McMullen – Vice President           9/20/05, 6:00 p.m., TBD                   TBD
mmcmullen@cableone.net                       10/18/05, 7:00 a.m., MK Plaza             TBD
                                             11/15/05, 11:30 a.m., MK Plaza            TBD
Louise Auchampach – Secretary
                                             Your Board of Directors hopes each of you can join us for the above listed
John Miller – Treasurer                      meetings. If you have suggestions for technical sessions, please contact Harry
rmmilljr@adaweb.net                          Beaulieu. His contact information can be found to the left.
Steve Manning – Past President

Ernie Harper - Delegate
                                           AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                                                       Michelle graduated Magna Cum Laude from the
                            MICHELLE                   University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a
                            McMULLEN –                 Bachelors Degree in Biological Science.
                                                       Michelle and her husband of almost 16 years, Gerry,
                            MINDFUL OF
                                                       moved to Boise in 1989. Michelle loves to hike,
                            IMPACT OF                  camp, hunt, go metal detecting, garden, and collect
                            DECISIONS ON               antiques. When asked what her greatest
                            OTHERS                     achievement has been, Michelle said “I wouldn’t say
                                                       I’ve had my greatest achievement, but is more of
Michelle McMullen, current President-Elect of the      something that will be here long after I am gone.
Snake River Chapter, ASSE has had an interesting,      While metal detecting with archeologists in England
character building, and challenging last couple of     in 2001, I discovered a 5th century Saxon Cruciform
years! After serving Micron Technology in the          brooch in an area that they did not know the Saxon’s
safety department for 14 years, Michelle was laid      inhabited. This brooch was completely intact, only
off in 2003. In fact, both she and her husband were    one other had been found that was complete, but it
laid off on the same day. Did that discourage          was unique and significant in that it still had cloth
Michelle or turn her bitter – NO!                      attached to the back. I donated this brooch to the
                                                       Castle Museum in Norwich where it has been
Even though Michelle has had to find a job outside     researched and preserved, and is now on permanent
the safety field, she has continued to support and     display with my name on the plaque as the donor. I
promote the chapter whenever and however               could have kept this brooch, but by donating it,
possible. Michelle joined ASSE in 1995 to promote      others will be able to view and learn about the
the safety professions, and enhance and develop her    history of the Saxon people in this early time
background and knowledge as a professional.            period.”
Michelle says, “The most valuable asset that I’ve
gained from being a member is a network of             Michelle’s advise to other safety professionals:
individuals in the same profession who I can           “Keep an open mind when trying to implement
brainstorm issues and problems with, and learn from    solutions to problems. Always listen to what the
all of our experiences.” Michelle was chapter          users of your solutions have to say, they really know
secretary in 2003-04 and President-Elect in 2004-05.   much more about the situation than you probably
In 2004 she served on the steering committee for the   ever will. Never lose sight that their involvement in
Ada County Kids Safety Day “Safety Poster”             finding and implementing solutions will result in a
contest sponsored by ASSE.                             better long-term solution for a problem, and a
                                                       greater respect for you, and what we all do as safety
Currently Michelle is working for the Department of    professionals.”
Administration as Administrative Rules
Specialist/Editor. Prior to that she worked for
                                                            Stretch & Flex: An Intervention To
Micron Technology in various capacities; Safety
                                                              Workplace Soft Tissue Injuries
Technician 1990-1991, Corporate Safety Training
Coordinator 1991-1997, Safety Engineer 1997-2003.
During her career with Micron she developed and        This month’s technical program was presented by
managed a safety and health program for a              Willie Piispanen, Senior Director for ES&H,
manufacturing unit of 700+ employees, provided         Washington Group International and ASSE Region II
safety technical support for construction and          Area Director
remodel projects, administered area emergency
response program and training for responders,          In 2004 Washington Group International adopted a
developed and coordinated safety training for a        Stretch & Flex program for their construction
company of 8,000+ employees, conducted                 operations. Willie Piispanen was a co-author of the
inspections and audits, etc.                           program. To date approximately eight projects have
                                                       adopted the program as a daily voluntary program.
                                                       Some of the reasons for developing this program are as
                                 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
     In 1997 one in four job injuries were back
     In 2001 34% of on-the-job injuries were
      MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders)
     Sprains and strains are the biggest percentage
      of the total recorded MSD injuries recorded by
      BLS for 2001(see graph below)
     The average medical cost for stain/sprain
      injury was in excess of $15,000!
                                                           History of the program and progress to date is as

                                                            August 2003 – Program was piloted in San Diego
                                                            September 2003 – Observation analysis and
                                                             employee interviews were performed in San Diego
                                                             to correct any deficiencies in the program
                                                            September 2003 – The program was a feature
                                                             article in the internal company e-newspaper – that
                                                             caused a lot of interest in the program, not only
                                                             from construction sites, but also from program
                                                             office operations.
                                                            By January 2004 – 8 projects had initiated the
Washington Group International was experiencing              program
injuries that closely matched the chart above. Sprains      Video tape analysis of the program at three
and strains were the major type of occupational injury       projects was conducted during summer of 2004.
for Washington Group in 2003 and represented a              Statistical analysis of comparative injury rates and
significant medical cost for treatment under the             costs was performed for four of the projects in
Worker’s Compensation program.                               October 2004.
                                                            A presentation of the findings was made at the
When developing the program, the authors first               December, 2004 OSHA Construction Partnership
selected a target project and analyzed the work force        meeting in Boise.
and the type and number of occupational injuries that
were being recorded. Willie and his co-author, Jim         While the program has not demonstrated a successful
Snee, CIE, an ergonomist for Zurich, developed a set of    reduction of strain and sprain injuries at every project,
guidelines to be followed that emphasized the goals        improvement has been seen at most of the projects
and limitations of the program. The final program          being tracked for comparative reduction in strains and
consisted of twelve simple stretching exercises that are   sprains incidence rates. This is an evolving program.
described in employee handbooks and included on a          Washington Group is learning what works and what
flipchart training tool for each job site along with a     doesn’t by using video tape analysis and worker
poster illustrating each exercise (shown in photo          interview techniques. While it is not a true scientific
below). The training tools also included information on    study because there is no control group to compare the
target muscles as well as applicable jobs. The real keys   results against, it is felt that over time a continuing
to the success of the program are project management       reduction in strain and sprain injuries will be realized
commitment to the program and the training leader’s        and a decrease in average costs of injuries will occur.
enthusiasm for the program.                                                 Advertisements

                                                           A variety of industries such as construction, healthcare,
                                                           manufacturing and many others receive this newsletter
                                                           every month. By advertising in this newsletter, you can
                                                           increase your company’s exposure and sales.

                                    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
For a minimal cost of $25.00 per month, you can
place a ¼ page ad for your company in the Chapter                        NDUSTRIAL
newsletter. All advertisements will appear after the                        YGIENE
chapter information section and before the job
opportunities section of the newsletter. Discounts                              ESOURCES
given based on the duration of your advertisement:           Full service environmental, health and
10% discount for advertising for a quarter, 15%              safety (EH&S) consultation firm. IHR
discount for 6 months, and 20% discount for a year.          is committed to helping businesses
ASSE members get an additional 5% discount. In               succeed, while protecting workers and
order to be included in the newsletter, ad copy must         the environment.
be received by the first working day of the month
and should be in PowerPoint, Word, or Publisher.             * Accredited Training          Contact:
Payment is required by the 10th of the month, or the              Provider                  Harry J. Beaulieu,
advertisement will not be published until the                CIH and Expert Witness         PhD, CIH, CSP
                                                                  Service                   206 Murray St.
following month.                                             Indoor Air Quality             Boise, ID. 83714
                                                             Mold Inspections               Tel: (208) 323-8287
For more information or to place your advertisement,         Asbestos & Lead (Pb)           Fax: (208) 323-0783
please contact: John Miller, Treasurer; Email:               Phase I Environmental          harryb@rmci.net
rmmilljr@adaweb.net; Phone: 208-287-7107 Fax:                     Assessments
208-287-7109                                               * We now offer HAZWOPER, Asbestos, and other
The board members of the Snake River Chapter of              training courses. For our current schedule visit our
ASSE have the right to refuse any advertisement, which       website at www.industrialhygieneresources.com
they deem inappropriate. The Snake River Chapter
also does not support or endorse any service or                             Chapter News
product that is advertised in the newsletter.
                                                         Chapter Dues Increase: It was moved by Willie
                                                         Piispanen and seconded by Jeff Miller that the chapter
                                                         dues be increased from $10 to $15. Discussion
                                                         revolved around why and why now. Michelle Steeler
                                                         noted that no one on the current Board of Directors
                                                         could remember the dues being changed for at least 10
                                                         years. As with all other things in our life, cost of
                                                         operation of an ASSE chapter has increased. In the end
                                                         the measure passed. You will see the increase
                                                         beginning with the 05/06 year which starts July 1,

                                                         Bylaws Update: The chapter bylaws will be changed
                                                         to read President Elect rather than Vice President as
                                                         directed by National. In addition, John Miller asked
                                                         the Board of Directors to add a chapter travel policy to
                                                         the Bylaws. John has worked diligently on that policy
                                                         and will present it at our April meeting for approval
                                                         and inclusion in the chapter bylaws.

                                                         Nominations Committee: The following people
                                                         were voted in as the 05/06 nominations committee:
                                                         Michelle Steeler, Steve Manning, Ernie Harper, and
                                                         Jeff Miller. They will be meeting over the next
                                                         month to select candidates for chapter offices from
                                                         the membership. Note - As stated in the By-Laws:
                                  AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
The Committee shall select those candidates who, in              Leaders Conference Funding for the Career
their judgment, are capable of fulfilling the duties             Guide to the Safety Profession; Second
and responsibilities of the office for which they are            Edition Assistance to universities seeking
selected; Prepare a slate of officers for the coming             ABET accreditation
year and review the slate with the Executive
Committee; and, after review with the Executive          Programs like these need your support. Show your
Committee, contacts the candidates and confirms          commitment to the SH&E profession. Invest $50, or
their willingness to serve in that office, should they   any amount that you would like to give. Visit the
be elected.                                              ASSE Foundation at
The slate of officer will be published in the
February newsletter and voted upon at our April          Thank you for your consideration. We look forward
meeting.                                                 to receiving your response soon. For more
                                                         information on ASSE Foundation programs, visit
Remember: our chapter does not operate on                our website at http://www.asse.org/foundat.htm
succession. Any chapter member may run for office
as long as they are a member in good standing and        The Grey House Publishing Safety & Security
have been a member for at least a year. The              Directory 2005 - As a membership benefit of ASSE
President, President-Elect, and Delegate must be         you can receive a complimentary issue of The Grey
Professional members. If you are interested in           House Publishing Safety & Security Directory,
running for an office, please contact one of the         formerly known as Best's Safety & Security
committee members.                                       Directory. Packed with the latest OSHA regulations,
Region II SPY Nomination: The Board of                   training materials and checklists along with a
Directors has submitted Willie Piispanen’s name for      buyer's guide to products and services that can help
Region II SPY. Thanks to Michelle Steeler for            with compliance issues. It is a resource safety,
gathering all the information and sending in the         health and environmental professionals use
nomination. Good luck Willie!                            throughout the year and we are pleased to be able to
                                                         offer it once again to the membership.
             ASSE National News
                                                         The 2005 edition of the directory will also be
Each year the ASSE Foundation supports the               available on CD-ROM. You now have a choice of
advancement of the safety, health and environmental      either the print version or the CD-ROM version.
professions through grants for scholarships, applied     (Both are $225 list price to non-ASSE members.)
safety research, fellowships and professional            For a small additional fee however, you can receive
development programs and accreditation.                  both. The publisher will bill you directly.
This year the Foundation will award nearly               Please let us know whether or not you would like to
$110,000 thanks to the support of generous ASSE          receive your FREE copy of the 2005 Safety &
members, chapters, regions and corporations.             Security Directory and simply click on the link
Specifically, programs include:                          http://www.asse.org/a/o/o.asp?un=252721
    Over $60,000 in scholarships;
    Professional development grants available           The following message is from Tim Fisher,
        to ASSE members wishing to advance their         Director of Practices and Standards - Greetings
        professional credentials;                        SH&E pros... Below is a link to an editorial on the
    Research fellowships; candidates will study         ASSE Council on Practices and Standards website
        at the Liberty Mutual Research Center            from Jim Smith, our Council Vice-President about
        during summer 2005;                              how you can get more involved in the practice
    Research grants - recently funded studies           specialties. We are trying to encourage you as a
        include Effective Safety Communication           practice specialty member to hopefully get even
        Among Non- English Speaking Equipment            more involved.
        Operators Funding for the Future Safety
                                   AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
The link to the editorial is below:                        CMP points. http://www.asse.org/frsemfest05.htm
http://www.asse.org/prac_spec_tech7.htm                    ASP/CSP Certification Preparation Workshops -
                                                           2005 http://www.asse.org/fredu_prep05.htm
Thanks and Regards, Tim Fisher with the ASSE
Council on Practices and Standards.                        Certificate in Safety Management Seminars - 2005
          Upcoming Events/Classes
                                                           Executive Program in Safety Management Seminars
March 21, 2005, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. – Basic                - 2005 http://www.asse.org/frexec05.htm
Electrical Safety With Application of NFPA 70E,
Boise State University, Boise, ID                                         Positions Wanted
This one day seminar is sponsored by the Snake
River Chapter, ASSE. Please visit                          Any member seeking employment may advertise in the
http://snakeriver.asse.org and click on Coming             newsletter. To do so, simply develop an ad in Word
Events for information and registration form.              and forward it to Louise Auchampach at
                                                           safetyhealthsolu@qwest.net. You may copy one of the
April 6-8, 2005 – Intermountain Northwest Safety           formats shown here if you wish.
Conference, Butte, MT
This conference is sponsored jointly by the Snake
River Chapter, Big Sky Section, and Craters of the
Moon Chapter, ASSE. Three days of excellent                           Louise A. Auchampach
concurrent sessions with keynote speakers Richard
Hawk and Darryl C. Hill. Attached is a synopsis of                       724 Evergreen Way
this conference. Please visit                                              Eagle, ID 83616
http://snakeriver.asse.org and click on Coming                         tauchampach@qwest.net
                                                                            (208) 939-8846
Events for registration form and hotel information.
(Note: the site is not complete. Check back often          Experienced EH&S professional seeking a position
for additional information on the Conference.)             which will utilize my management, organizational,
                                                           decision making, and creative skills. Fourteen
February 9-11, 2005 - Twenty-Four Hour Operations          years in the profession with excellent Microsoft
Level Training, SCP Global, Boise, ID                      Office Suite skills.
A three-day training course in working with hazardous                         Areas of Expertise
materials in the workplace. Anyone who needs to
                                                            Development & Implementation of Training
complete a 24-hour course or who needs to refresh
                                                            Authorized OSHA 10- and 30-hour general
previous training should attend. Cost: $285 per person       industry instructor
For more information, contact Wendy Campbell at             Policy and Program development
Boise State University (208) 426-2454 or                    Worker compensation & return to work
WendyCampbell@boisestate.edu.                               Compliance auditing
                                                            Accident Investigation
February 14-17 – OSHA 511: Standards for General            Interpretation and application of Codes &
Industry, AGC Building, Boise, ID                            Standards
                                                            Ergonomic evaluations
Cost: $575 per person                                       Program Development and Evaluation
To register, go to the Region X OSHA Training               Industrial Hygiene Sampling
Institute Education Center                                        Contact for complete resume.
(http://depts.washington.edu/ehce/) and select the
“Registration” button to fill out the registration form.

SeminarFest 2005 - February 13-19, 2005 in Las
Vegas, NV
46 seminars offering technical, management and
skill development topics for the SH&E professional.
This event is a great way to earn your COCs, CM, or
                                                                            Michelle McMullen
                                                                       1501 N. 12th Street
                                    AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                                                                           Boise, Idaho 83702
                                                                           Job Openings
              Daniel Charles Roberts
                 377 N. 2nd Street                      P.S. Associates, Inc. – visit the Paul Shrenker
                 Eagle, ID 83616                        Associates, Inc. website for a complete listing of job
              dancroberts39@msn.com                     openings. www.psassociatesinc.com
                   (208) 939-0959

  Proven sales performer with demonstrated ability to
  gain account loyalty and win preferential treatment
  for products. I am personable and enthusiastic,
  organized and focused. Strengths include:

      Strong focus on customer satisfaction
      Productive and responsible
      Willing and able to learn and handle any task
ASSE   Ethical – dependable – self starter – detail-
       oriented – team player
  Have provided technical seminars to train
  customers in the proper use, maintenance, and
  repair of the technical equipment they purchased.
  Also provide hands on demonstrations to help
  customers comply with OSHA standards such as:
  respiratory protection, Gas Detection Instrument
  training, Lock Out/Tag Out, Hazard Communication,
  Right to Know.                                        Snake River Chapter
             Contact for complete resume.               PO Box 45878
                                                        Boise, ID 83711

                Charles Gepford              -7–
                             AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY ENGINEERS
                 7010 Boise Rd.
               Fruitland, ID 83619
                (208) 452-2445 (H)

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