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									                                                   Volume 7, Issue 4       October/November/December 2007

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                       B RING ING   THE   O U TSID E W O R LD    IN FO R   S ENIO RS   IN   O U R C O M M U NITY

                       O UR M ISSION: Using primarily volunteers, PeopleCare will assist and support the
                       homebound elderly by providing socialization, emotional support and access to service
                       providers where no one is denied services.

In This Issue
                        The Importance of Hospital Discharge Planning
The Importance of
Discharge Planning 1       As important as it is       care to another. Dis-           cial worker, or possibly
                       to know what to expect          charge from a hospital          an administrator, is re-
Powerful Tools         when your                            does not mean that         sponsible for making sure
For Caregivers     3   relative enters                      your relative is fully     that the plan for your rela-
                       the hospital, it                     recovered. It simply       tive s discharge is, to use
Senior Living          is just as es-                       means that a physi-        Medicare s language,
Communities        3   sential to                           cian has determined          safe and adequate. (To
                       know what                            that her condition is      make it easier to remem-
Who Says Doctors
                       happens when                         stable and that she        ber all those involved,
Don t Make
                       he or she is                         does not need              keep a notebook with all
House Calls      4
                       ready to leave. When pa-        hospital-level care.            the names and phone
Elder Abuse            tients return home, it is       WHO DOES IT?                    numbers of people who
Warning Signs      5   also the first point at             Only a physician can        are involved in your
                       which many family mem-          authorize a hospital dis-       relative s hospital care
PeopleCare Staff   6   bers assume a significant       charge. However, many           and discharge plan.)
                       caregiving role. In addi-       other people are involved       WHEN SHOULD IT
Free Library           tion, many family mem-          in working out the details      HAPPEN?
Services           6   bers receive very little        of the discharge plan. As           Many health care pro-
                       information about how to        the patient s family care-      viders say that discharge
Brain and Body         manage the complex care         giver, you play                              planning
Health             7   of the patient. The often       a very impor-                                should begin
No Nursing Home        quick discharge of pa-          tant role. You                               on the day of
For Me          8      tients from hospitals           have the best                                admission. Al-
                       places many family care         understanding                                though a good
                       providers at risk and           of the patient s                             idea in theory,
                       leaves them unprepared          home situation,                              this is some-
                       for post hospital care.         as well as infor-                            times not prac-
  Age is a High            Discharge planning is       mation about your own           tical. If a hospital stay is
  Price to Pay         defined by Medicare as          caregiving capabilities.        unplanned - accident,
                         A process used to de-             The discharge planner       stroke or sudden illness -
 for Maturity.         cide what a patient             is the person in charge of      it may be impossible to
                       needs for a smooth              your relative s discharge.      make decisions regarding
  - Tom Stoppard       move from one level of          This person, a nurse, so-       discharge. However, it is
outside in

                The Importance of Hospital Discharge Planning                                  cont.

                a good idea to start thinking
 As a
                about the options as soon as        DISCHARGE PLANNING BASICS:
                the outcome becomes a little
                clearer.                            DISCUSSION: At the beginning of discharge planning, health-
                WHAT WILL INSURANCE                 care professionals, caregivers and patient (if appropriate)
you were at     PAY FOR?                            should discuss:
                    Even though your primary          The patient s condition, and any changes that have
the last        concern is your relative s            occurred as a result of treatment;
stage of        health, it makes sense to be-         Any symptoms, problems, or changes that may occur
                gin as soon as possible to in-        when the patient is at home;
your life       vestigate what follow-up care         The patient s care plan, and caregiver s needs
                will be paid for and what your        The potential impact of caregiving on the caregiver;
when you                                              warning signs of stress and techniques for
                relative or you will have to
were happy      pay out of pocket. The dis-           reducing stress.
                charge planner or a social          PLANNING: Prior to discharge, health professionals
to hear         worker can help you get             should work with caregivers, with patient consent,
                started. It may also be useful      (if appropriate) to:
that the
                to talk to others who have            Arrange for an in-hospital assessment to determine
phone           been in the same situation.           Medicare or insurance eligibility for home care services
                (Medicare information is              such as nurses or aides;
was for         available from the                    Set up home care services
you.            Medicare Rights Center,               Get the home ready by arranging for equipment rental
                212-869-3850, or online at            and home modification;
Fran Lebowitz              Provide a 24-hour phone number the caregiver can call
                    Discharge planning is a           to speak with a health care professional;
                short-term plan to get your           Organize transportation home for the patient
                relative out of the hospital.         Schedule a follow-up appointment.
                Even though no one can pre-
                dict what the patient s needs       TRAINING: Before discharge, health care professionals
                            will be for the fu-     should provide training for caregivers including:
                            ture, it is important     A written medication list with specific instructions on
                            to think about the        medication dosages and how long they should be taken,
                            long term as much         and information about possible side effects;
                            as possible. You          Teaching and practice of techniques such as bed-to-chair
                            may be able to            transfers, care procedures, use and monitoring of equip-
                            build into the im-        ment, recognition of symptoms, and other elements of
                            mediate plan ser-         patient care.
                            vices that will be      REFERRALS: Before discharge, health care professionals,
                            important in the        caregivers and patients should explore available support
                long run. For more informa-         services, including;
                tion, please contact the Na-          Community sources of social support for caregivers and
                tional Alliance for Caregiv-          patients;
                ing at 212-494-0700 or on             Community-based agencies that provide services such as
                line at, egiving.or g.        transportation, equipment maintenance, respite care,
                                                      home care, and volunteer services;
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                                                      Information resources such as books, pamphlets, videos,
                                                      and websites.
                                                      Volume 7, Issue 4         October/November/December 2007

         Feeling stretched caring for an older adult?
                                                                                      Affordable Advice
                         Balance your life with:
                                                                                      for Senior Living
    P OWERFUL T OOLS           F OR C AREGIV ERS                                         Choosing an alternative living
                                                                                     arrangement for a loved one or
                  Oct. 17 -No v. 2 8, 2 007                                          friend is a process that must be
                                                                                     executed with care and compas-
                                                                                     sion. Whether you are contemplat-
Caregiving can be stressful, physi-     Classes run on Wednesdays from               ing independent living, assisted
cally, emotionally and financially.                                                  living, or nursing home care, the
                                        Oct. 17 - Nov. 28, 2007 at 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                     decision can be confusing, stress-
Powerful Tool for Caregivers            at the Summit library. (there is no          ful, and time-consuming. There
allows you to examine your life,        class on Nov. 21) Classes consist of         are varying levels of care, lifestyle
acquire the tools to deal with          six, 90-minute sessions. There is a          factors, and financial realities to be
stressors and become more                                                            considered. The decision must be
                                        nominal fee of $30 for the program to
                                                                                     made with the prospective resi-
comfortable with your role as a         cover the cost of The Caregiver              dent s best interests in mind.
caregiver. It is not a support group,   Helpbook. Special arrangements can               For more information on af-
but provides a highly supportive,       be made for free respite care for the        fordable advice for Senior Living,
informative environment.                care receiver during scheduled class         please contact , Andrea Donovan
                                                                                     Senior Living Advisors at 708-
Powerful Tools for Caregivers, is       time. For additional information and         442-7174 or
an educational program designed to      class schedules please contact:              (Please note that Andrea
provide you, the caregiver, with the    Southwest Suburban Center on                 Donovan does not represent nor is
tools necessary to better take care     Aging at 708-354-1323.                       compensated by any of the
                                                                                     facilities presented.)
of yourself.

     M A R K YO U R C A L E N D A R S                                                AFFORDABLE SENIOR
                      for the 2nd Annual
                                                                                     LIVING COMMUNITIES
       Riverside Brookfield High School
                                                                                     Drexel Horizon Senior
                                                                                     Living Community,
     Bulldogs Give Back                                                              3443 55th Ave., Cicero, IL -
                                                                                     call Missy Ditkowich
    Community Service Day                                                            708-780-0822 for free tour

            Saturday, October 20, 2007                                               Lyons Grove Apartments,
                                                                                     8325 Carr Court, Lyons, IL -
               9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
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 ATTENTION: Senior Citizens of the Riverside Brookfield High School                  Riverwalk Senior
   District Community. Do you need some students and staff to help                   Residences, 8019 Ogden Ave.,
with minor indoor/outdoor chores, repairs, errands, computers, other?                Lyons - call 708-442-0007

                  For more information, call                                                             Page 3

           Betty Sharp at 708-442-7500, ext. 110
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 Who Says Doctors Don t Make House Calls                                        IT S TIME FOR YOUR
     Housecall Services of Greater         MD at Home Services Include:     ANNUAL EYE EXAM!
 Chicago (d.b.a.: MD at Home) has            Physician Home Visits
 been performing physician housecalls        Full mobile lab                   Dr. Steve Butzon and the staff
 in the Metropolitan Chicago area and        Physical Examinations         of DuPage Optical are committed
 Northern Illinois since 1993. Their         Wound care/lacerations        to providing the
 program is one of the first physician       Decubitus wound care          homebound members
 housecall services in the Midwest;          Consultative Examinations     of your family with
 performing thousands of home visits         Mental Status opinions and      House Call exams
 by board certified physicians.              Affidavits                    as well as providing
     The purpose of MD at Home is to         Pulmonary Function Testing    you and your family
 provide quality comprehensive and           Tracheostomy tube changes-    with in-office, qual-
                                             Gastrostomy tube changes      ity eye care. Our of-
 cost-effective physi-
                                             Echocardiogram                fice never surprises
 cian services to the                        Ultrasound                    you with unexpected
 homebound                                   EKG                           add-ons that hurt
 patient at their                            X-Ray                         your budget. Just
 convenience.                                Oximetry                      competitive prices, a large selec-
     MD at Home                              Fracture care                 tion of fashionable eyewear, and a
 focuses on the phy-                         Customized Services           level of service you will appreci-
 sicians role in the home healthcare                                       ate and trust.
 needs of this patient population. They    MD at Home Specialties              Dr. Butzon is a board certified
 strive to support the work of the           Primary Care                  optometrist who is trained in treat-
 home health agency and the primary          General Surgery               ment and diagnosis of eye infec-
 care physician or specialist as well as     Disability Medicine           tions and eye diseases, such as
 the family. Availability and commu-         Occupational Medicine         Cataracts and Glaucoma. He pro-
                                             Emergency Medicine            vides eye examinations for adults
 nication are a priority as they work
                                             Podiatry                      and children as young as 6
 together for the most appropriate
                                             Optometry                     months old.
 level of care for their patients.                                             For more information, please
                                                                           call (630) 279-8866.

                    REQUEST AN MD AT HOME HOUSE CALL
                    Phone: (815) 986-2610
                    Toll Free: (866) MD-AT-HOME (866-632-8466)
                    Fax: (815) 986-6287
                    Mail Address: 7479 Walton Drive, Suite 4,
                       Rockford, IL 61108
                    Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm CST
                    Closed on Saturday and Sunday
                    After Hours: (815) 966-2050
                    E Mail:
       Page 4       Physician on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week
                                                 Volume 7, Issue 4    October/November/December 2007

Elder Abuse Warning Signals                               P U B L IC C A N H E L P
   Elder abuse is a very serious issue and           S TO P ELD ER A B U S E
cases of abuse, neglect, or exploitation
should be reported. Watch for these                     Illinois law requires many service providers,
warning signals:
                                                         including social service, law enforcement,
Physical and Sexual Abuse:                                  public service and medicine, including
Suspicious bruises or other injuries. Rope
                                                             paramedics and emergency medical
burns or other signs of restraints. Sudden
change in behavior. Caregiver s refusal to             technicians, to report elder abuse if an elder
allow visitors.                                              cannot report for himself or herself.
Emotional or Psychological Abuse
                                                        If you suspect that an older adult you know
(insults, threats, social isolation): Elder is
extremely upset, withdrawn, unresponsive;            is being mistreated, call the Illinois Department
other unusual behavior.                                  on Aging Statewide Elder Abuse Hotline at
Neglect: Dehydration, malnutrition, un-             (866) 800-1409. Anonymous reports are welcome
treated bed sores, weight loss. Unattended          and all reports are kept confidential. Anyone wish-
health problems or unsanitary living condi-         ing to learn more about elder abuse can call Katie
tions (lice, soiled bedding).                           Schmit or AgeOptions at (708) 534-0258..
Financial Exploitation: Unexplained bank
withdrawals, unauthorized use of a credit or
ATM card or stolen or misplaced" cards or
checkbook. Checks written as loan or
  gift. Abrupt changes in a will or unex-          CLEVER RESOURCEFULNESS &
plained transfer of assets to a family mem-        A LARGE CHEESE PIZZA
ber or friend. Disappearance of valuables.
    If you suspect someone you care about             While traveling away from home
is being abused or neglected, you can help.        late one afternoon, an elderly cou-
For more information contact the National          ple exited the museum of art sur-
Center on Elder Abuse at (202) 898-2586            prised to discover several inches
or online at www.elder abusecenter .or g.
                                                   of snow on the ground with a
                                                   snow storm in the forecast. Not
                                                   having a car or a cell phone, and
                                                   with no taxi in sight, the couple
                                                   navigated their way to the
HIV/Aids Emerging in Older Adults                  subway to get to the stop nearest
                                                   their hotel.
                                                      After exiting the subway, the
Statistics show that     educated about            couple carefully surveyed the area
aging individuals        transmission and          and saw something that brought a
remain sexually ac-      prevention of             smile to their faces - the steamy
tive into their 60 s,    sexually trans-           windows of a Domino s Pizza
70 s and perhaps         mitted dis-               parlor! The couple entered the
even longer. Midlife     ease (STD).               store, ordered a pizza for home
and older people can     To learn more, con-       delivery and said, There s one
be at the same risk      tact Jane P. Fowler,      more thing - we d like you to
for HIV infection as     Director of HIV Wis-      deliver us with it! The couple
their younger coun-      dom for Older             cleverly arrived back at their hotel
terparts, especially     Women at                                                            Page 5
                                                   with a large cheese pizza and grins
if they aren t         on their faces.
outside in

 MEET THE STAFF                                                                                   There s no

          Volunteers make our work here at PeopleCare                                            labor a man
             possible. They give generously of their time,                                       can do
         bringing the outside in for our clients - enabling
                                                                                                 that s
             them to attend appointments and fulfill their
           own needs. Being able to bring volunteers and                                         undignified,
         clients together is our goal and I am happy to be
                                                                                                 if he does it
               a part of this rewarding, important work.
                   Cindy Antene Transportation Assistant
                                                                                                 Bill Cosby

 Youth is the           PUBLIC LIBRARY PATRONS
       Gift of             In order to better serve our community     with their items, they may call the library
                       of elderly and homebound individuals, the      to schedule a pickup and delivery of
  nature, but          Brookfield Public Library offers a Home-       new materials.
                       bound Delivery Service for Brookfield              Additionally, as an alternative to home
Age is a Work          residents with a valid library                 delivery, homebound patrons can sign up
                       card. Through the service, library staff       for Proxy Borrower services. Under this
      of Art.
                       will deliver library materials for residents   arrangement, a library patron can call the
  - Garson Kanin       who are homebound or have a difficult          library to have their materials held to be
                       time coming into the library. After sign-      picked up by a designated friend or family
                       ing up, patrons will simply call the library   member. For more information, or to sign
                       to request materials and the library staff     up for either service, please call the
                       will set up a delivery time convenient for     Brookfield Public Library at
                       the patron. When patrons are finished          708-485-6917.

                        FREE TALKING BOOKS!!!
                           Research indicates that in the next 15     physical handicap makes
                       years, the number of people who are blind      reading a standard printed
                       or have low vision will increase substan-      page difficult. Through its national net-
                       tially. A variety of programs can help         work of regional libraries, books and
                       minimize the day-to-day impact of vision       magazines on cassettes and in Braille,
                       loss - such as its effect on reading.          as well as audio equipment, are mailed
                           The National Library Service (NLS),        straight to people s door, at no cost.
                       Library of Congress offers a free library          For information and enrollment, call
     Page 6            service, Talking Books, to help people of      1-888-657-7323 or visit
                       all ages whose low vision, blindness or
                                                      Volume 7, Issue 4    October/November/December 2007


   Walking is one of the most effective, enjoyable and accessible
forms of exercise, and can help you live longer. The International
Longevity Center - USA suggests walking at least 10,000 steps per
day to help control weight, maintain fitness and build bone and
muscle strength. Walking can help reduce the risk of chronic
diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity,
osteoporosis, non-insulin-dependent diabetes, osteoarthritis,
anxiety, depression and insomnia.
Seniors can do a variety of activities to improve their health:
  Strengthening exercises, such as repetitive lifting of light hand
  weights or using ankle weights, build muscle tissue and reduce
  age related muscle loss.
  Balancing exercises, such as tai chi and yoga, reduce the
  chances of a fall                                                   Sudoku is a test of logic and patience - no
  Stretching exercises keep the body limber and flexible              math is needed. Fill in the grid so that the
  Endurance activities, such as walking, swimming, or riding a        numbers 1 through 9 appear only once in
                              bike, improve the health of the heart   every horizontal row, every vertical column
                                                                      and every 3x3 mini box. Start by scanning
                              and circulatory system
                                                                      the columns and rows. Only one
                                 Eating less - but more often helps
                                                                      solution is possible.
                              to digest food and absorb important
                              nutrients such as iron.
                                Exercising your brain with mental
                              games will keep you entertained and
                              increase your brain health. Learn the
                              names of trees and flowers in your
                              neighborhood or memorize the street
                              names or house facades.                                            BORROW
                                Staying hydrated with eight
                                                                                                 MONEY FROM
                              ounces of water per 15 minutes of
                              exercise is key to preventing after-                               A PESSIMIST   -
      It s only a             exercise soreness.
½ hour appoint-                                                                                  THEY DON T

  ment and I                 Vigorous walking for half an hour                                   EXPECT IT
don t know how               five times per week could add three
I ll get there               years to life expectancy!
Make a difference in
an older adult s life        Sudoku - answer


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    About 2 years ago my wife and I were on a cruise         as many as three swimming pools, a workout room, free
through the Mediterranean abroad a Princess liner. At        washers and dryers, and shows every night. 4. They
dinner we noticed an elderly lady sitting alone along the    have free toothpaste and razors, free soap and shampoo.
rail of the grand stairway in the main dining room. I also   5. They will even treat you like a customer, not a pa-
noticed that all the ship s staff seemed very familiar       tient. An extra $5 worth of tips will have the entire staff
with this lady. I asked our waiter who the lady was, ex-     scrambling to help you. 6. I will get to meet new people
pecting to be told that she owned the line,                  every 7 or 14 days. 7. T.V. broken? Light bulb need
but he said he only knew that she had been                        changing? Need to have the mattress replaced? No
on board for the last four cruises,                              Problem!! They will fix everything and apologize for
back to back.                                                   your inconvenience. 8. Clean sheets and towels every
    As we left the dining room one                             day, and you don t even have to ask for them! 9. If you
evening I caught her eye and stopped to say hello. We        fall in the nursing home and break a hip you are on
chatted and I said, I understand you ve been on this         Medicare; if you fall and break a hip on the Princess
ship for the last four cruises. She replied, Yes, that s     ship they will upgrade you to a suite for the rest of your
true. I stated, I don t understand and she replied,          life. Now, Hold on for the best! Do you want to see
without a pause, It s cheaper than a nursing home.           South America, the Panama Canal, Tahiti, Australia,
    So, there will be no nursing home in my future.          New Zealand, Asia, or other exotic places? Princess will
When I get old and feeble, I am going on a Princess          have a ship ready to go. So don t look for me in a nurs-
Cruise Ship. The average cost for a nursing home is          ing home, just call shore to ship.
$200 per day. I have checked on reservations at Princess     P.S. - And don t forget, when you
and I can get a long term discount and senior discount       die, they just dump you over the
price of $135 per day. That leaves $65 a day for:            side at no charge!
    1. Gratuities which are $10 per day. 2. I can have as
many as 10 meals a day or room service (which means
breakfast in bed every day of the week.) 3. Princess has

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