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                                                                                                                               NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006
                                           KEEPING YOU INFORMED                                                                        Volume 1 Number 5

 Home Depot: The Battle Rages On
Undeterred by Recent
Planning Dept Decision,
a Community Explores
its Options
by Edward Rivera
SUNLAND-TUJUNGA—When is a “project”
not a “project”?
     That was only one of the questions de-
bated by a determined crowd Monday evening
as the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council’s
(STNC) Design Advisory Committee (DAC)
hosted a spirited meeting to discuss the ongo-
ing battle against Home Depot’s plans to build        “In our office now, when we are really PO’ed at someone, we say ‘Let’s send them a Home Depot letter!’
a store in a former K-Mart location on Foothill                                                             showed 178 against Home Depot, eight in favor
                                                      community into a family-friendly neighborhood.
Boulevard in Sunland.                                                                                       and 17 audience members neutral.) The final
                                                      Foothill Boulevard is already at maximum capac-
     As No 2 Home Depot spokesperson Joe Bar-                                                               meeting attendance count was 360 persons.
                                                      ity during certain hours, particularly at the same
rett told the group, to raucous applause, “We                                                                   Much of the impetus for the meeting came
                                                      hours that Home Depot does it’s peak businesses.
believe our community is at a critical crossroads.                                                          after a recent decision by the LA Department by
                                                      We would have an unacceptable, unsafe traffic
We can either go down the path of further indus-                                                            City Planning to allow Home Depot to continue
                                                      nightmare. ”
trialization, or we can fight to turn our neglected                                                         improvements on the building with construc-
                                                          The gathering at the North Valley City Hall
                                                      brought together all of the major players in the      tion that, according to the department, did not
                                                      ongoing drama. Included were 2nd District Coun-
                                                      cilmember Wendy Greuel and her staff, the lead-           Councilmember Greuel,
                                                      ers of the No 2 Home Depot committee, four              who stayed for the length
                                                      representatives of Home Depot, as well as rep-
                                                      resentatives of the Mayor’s office, and the LA         of the three-and-a-half hour
                                                      departments of Building and Safety and Planning.       meeting, told the group that
                                                      Representatives of neighborhood councils and
                                                      homeowner associations from Pacoima, Shadow            her opposition to the Home
                                                      Hills, Foothill Trails, Sylmar, Kagel Canyon, La       Depot store remained strong.
                                                      Tuna Canyon, Sun Valley, and Lakeview Ter-
                                                      race attended to demonstrate their opposition to      qualify as a “project,” as described by LA City
                                                      the proposed building improvement store. A let-       regulations. That decision sparked an outcry and
                                                      ter from the Northeast Coalition of No 2 Home         immediate appeal from No 2 Home Depot, who
                                                      Depot was also read at the meeting.                   argued that the decision was “arbitrary and an
                                                          The meeting, which was equal parts strategy       abuse of discretion.”
                                                      meeting, courtroom trial, and pep rally, was heav-        Councilmember Greuel, who stayed for the
                                                      ily anti-Home Depot, as its representatives faced a   length of the four-and-a-half hour meeting, told
                                                      barrage of tough questions from members of the        the group that her opposition to the Home De-
Building and Safety Chief Inspector Dave Keim         DAC as well as the audience members (An in-           pot store remained strong. She reminded them
attempted to explain
                                                      formal poll taken at the beginning of the meeting                                    Continued - page 2

                                                                                       Sun Valley Trees
                                                                                       Still at Risk
                                                                                       John Eshbach, President of the Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Coun-
                                                                                       cil (SVANC) presented the following information in a letter to the
                                                                                       City Planning Commission on October 2, 2006. They were not aware
                                                                                       of the hearing that took place on September 28, 2006 and hoped to
                                                                                       present their case to save the trees at that bordered two projects to
                                                                                       be developed, at 8612, 8614, 8616 and at 8648 through 8724 Gle-
                                                                                       noaks Boulevard in Sun Valley.
                                                                                           The letter stated: “On September 26-2006, the Sun Valley Area
                                                                                       Neighborhood Council voted unanimously in favor of supporting a
                                                                                       determination to save the many street trees that the Bureau of Street
                                                                                       Services has required to be removed for the construction of the two
                                                                                       tentative tracts on Glenoaks Boulevard.              Continued - page 3

Trail and Horse                 CA Health Services               I was                            What are All the                Mark Your
Advocates Gather at             Protecting Your                  Just Thinking                    Neighborhood                    Calendar: Watch
Equestrian Center.              Drinking Water.                  Veterans Day.                    Councils Doing..                for Holiday Events.
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Page 2                                                            NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                    NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006

Battle Rages On – from page 1
of a strongly worded letter     with a K-Mart and a Home          Chief Inspector Dave Keim
she sent to Home Depot in       Depot, there are different        attempted to explain the ra-
February of 2005, in which      traffic patterns, this fight is   tionale for the decision, say-
she said she would do ev-       not over.”                        ing that among other issues,
erything in her power to see         Greuel then pledged that     the structural alterations that
that the store does not open    she would appeal any deci-        Home Depot planned did not
in the neighborhood.            sions in favor of Home De-        “prolong the life of support-
    She joked, “In our office   pot “at the highest levels,”      ing walls and load-bearing
now, when we are really         and explained that LA Plan-       members” of the existing
PO’ed at someone, we say                                          building, and thus did not
‘Let’s send them a Home                                           qualify as a project. This
Depot letter!’                  The meeting, which                sparked an intense debate as
    Greuel then reviewed                                          to the nature of the con-
the history of the project
                                  was equal parts                 struction plans, and whether      A DAC record turnout came to voice their opinon of Home
and her office’s involvement      strategy meeting                or not the floor slabs that       Depot in Sunland-Tujunga
and explained her dissatis-
faction with the Building
                                   courtroom trial,               Home Depot also planned
                                                                  constitute an integral part of
                                                                                                    members are unconvinced
                                                                                                    that this was calculated cor-
                                                                                                                                     Any other use of the space
                                                                                                                                     would be grounds for revok-
and Safety decision. (Were          and pep rally,                the structure.                    rectly.                          ing the permit, and Keim
the construction to be de-       was heavily anti-                     Planning contended they           One aspect of the plans,    said he would “Keep a close
clared a “project,” Home                                          did not, while several com-       however,     gave     support-   eye on the auto repair sec-
Depot would then be subject       Home Depot, as                  munity members, including         ers of No 2 Home Depot           tion of the building.”
to a host of regulations, in-    its representatives              a local architect, contended      some hope. Home Depot                For now, the No 2
cluding a full Environmental                                      that they did.                    had at one point, planned        Home Depot appeal is at
Impact Report and a traffic       faced a barrage                      Keim also explained          to change the auto repair        City Planning, the second of
study.)                         of tough questions                that the cost of the new im-      section of the K-Mart Store      three levels. A further ap-
    Greuel was also dis-                                          provements did not exceed         into their Pro Desk, for pro-    peal would be to the North
tressed after Building and       from members of                  50 percent of the value of        fessional contractors. Build-    Valley Area Planning Com-
Safety responded to a 30-        the DAC as well                  the building, which would         ing and Safety sent those        mission.
page appeal filed by No                                           also constitute a project. Ac-    plans back to Home Depot             Both Greuel and Barrett
2 Home Depot with just
                                  as the audience                 cording to Keim, the new          for corrections because such     remain optimistic in spite of
a three-page memo, which              members.                    improvements would cost           a move would be a vio-           the uphill battle they face.
she felt did not address all                                      $3.5 million dollars of a 7.5     lation of their “tenant im-          Said Barrett to the Home
the points of contention.                                         million project, thus failing     provement” application, con-     Depot representative Richard
She went on to explain that     ning Director Gail Goldberg       to trigger a “project” decla-     sidered a “change of use,”       Green, “Pack your bags, Mr.
while Home Depot is con-        will make the final decision.     ration.                           and cause for the work to        Green, you’re not wanted in
tending that their use of the   Greuel herself is barred               “This is a decision based    be determined a “project.”       this town.”
building does not constitute    from appealing directly to        on regulations,” he said. “We     Home Depot officials then
a change of use, “There are     the Planning Department.          can’t make decisions based        told Keim they had no plans
different dynamics at work          Building and Safety           on popularity.” Community         for auto repair at the store.

                                                                  Trail And Horse
                                                                  Advocates Gather at
                                                                  Equestrian Center
                                                                  Los Angeles, CA, the 2nd          gies and partnerships for the    and learn about the issues.
                                                                  Annual “State of the Horse”       future of horses in Califor-     Members of government as
                                                                  Conference and Awards will        nia. The horse industry has      well as horse and trail ex-
                                                                  be held Saturday, January 27,     a marked effect on trends        perts will be on hand to ex-
                                                                  2007, 9AM-5PM. The Los            in real estate, vehicle sales,   change ideas and discuss the
                                                                  Angeles Equestrian Center         tourism, event venues, health    future and benefits of horses
                                                                  in Burbank is hosting the         and group programs.              and trails in our increasingly
                                                                  event in partnership with.             Last year, the first con-   urbanized world.
                                                                  “The New Heaven on Earth          ference brought together             An Admission will be
                                                                  Ranch Foundation”, Los An-        representatives from 3 Con-      charged for conference ses-
                                                                  geles Trails Project, and the     gressional Offices, 3 City       sions, which also includes
                                                                  Valley Horse Owner’s As-          Mayors, USDA, National           lunch. A reining saddle val-
                                                                  sociation. Look for updates       Park Service, California         ued at $3,000, donated by
                                                                  regarding this year’s confer-     State Assembly, National         Champion Turf Equipment,
                                                                  ence sessions and speakers        Park Service, Los Angeles        will be raffled. For more
                                                                  on the Valley Horse Own-          City Council, Department         information on admission,
                                                                  ers Association web site at:      of Recreation and Parks,         saddle raffle tickets, spon-
                                                                  www.VHOA                          Santa Monica Mountains           sorship or ad space contact:
                                                                      The theme for the 2007        Conservancy. State Dept of           Michael         Carpenter,
                                                                  Conference is Economic            Conservation and leadership      818 470-5235 or email:
                                                                  Impact of the Horse In-           from over 30 equestrian and      lamikec@yahoo.com:
                                                                  dustry. The conference will       trail groups. As a direct re-        Mary      Benson,     800-
                                                                  once again bring together         sult, the Mayor of Los An-       660-0650 or email c-
                                                                  members of the equine in-         geles signed a resolution to     maryb@msn.com
                                                                  dustry, horse groups, mem-        support Federal Legislation         Or Carol Locus Ford: e-
                                                                  bers of Neighborhood Coun-        authorizing a study of the       mail president@vhoa.org
                                                                  cils and representatives of       “Rim of the Valley”.
                                                                  State, Federal and Local               This year, invited speak-
                                                                  Government. The conference        ers from a variety of disci-
                                                                  will examine issues of major      plines will share their exper-
                                                                  concern to equestrians and        tise. Neighborhood Councils
                                                                  mutually beneficial strate-       will join trail enthusiasts
NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006                                                         NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                                Page 3

Saving Trees              – from page 1

     Since the 1940’s Sheri-           adjacent to the property             peared at the City Planning
                                                                                                            CA Health
dan Gardens Nursery has
been a landmark in the
                                       line would be amended to a
                                       sidewalk and curb and gut-
                                                                            Commission on September
                                                                            28th. The SVANC assumed
                                                                                                            Services Busy
community. and the trees
planted along the street are
growing vigorously, despite
                                       ter that would accommodate
                                       the impacted trees. The Sun
                                       Valley Neighborhood Coun-
                                                                            that the Council Office
                                                                            would take action to amend
                                                                            the project conditions in the
                                                                                                            Protecting Your
the closure of the nursery,
as they have done in the
                                       cil recommends the street or-
                                       der be modified as required
                                                                            form of a council motion to
                                                                            the DPW to save the trees.
                                                                                                            Drinking Water
past sixty years. Even the             by Street Services in order          It has not happened and the     by Elektra Kruger
replacement of these trees at          to save this invaluable re-          SVANC realizes now that
                                                                                                            The California Department       and brain development. In
a two to one ratio will not            source. Saving existing trees        the Council Office mistaken-
                                                                                                            of Health Services (CDHS)       adults, thyroid hormones are
replace the millions of green          is even more important than          ly believes that the hearing
                                                                                                            has recently proposed the       needed for normal body me-
leaves and lofty height of             planting new ones.”                  has not yet taken place. The
                                                                                                            establishment of a maxi-        tabolism.
these mature trees. The trees                                               SVANC expects the hearing
                                                                                                            mum allowable level of               In March of 2004, the
measure up to 24” in diam-                                                  for the second project is im-
                                                                                                            perchlorate in our drinking     California      Environmental
eter and fifty feet in height.              Even the                        minent.
                                                                                                            water. Perchlorate is both      Protection Agency’s Office
Their loss is not something                                                      According to Yolanda
that the developers have any
                                         replacement of                     Fuentes, Department of Pub-
                                                                                                            a naturally occurring and a     of Environmental Health
power to mitigate. These                these trees at a                    lic Works Commissioner,
                                                                                                            manufactured chemical. As
                                                                                                            a manufactured chemical, it
                                                                                                                                            Hazard Assessment (OE-
                                                                                                                                            HHA) established a “pub-
trees include eight (8) now
protected sycamores along
                                       two to one ratio                     the Engineering Department
                                                                            requires the street widening
                                                                                                            is used as the primary in-      lic health goal” (PHG) of
the nursery frontage.                   will not replace                    for projects of that mag-
                                                                                                            gredient of solid rocket pro-   6 parts per billion (ppb) as
                                                                                                            pellant, numerous industrial    being a level with no sig-
     “The trees at the 8648              the millions of                    nitude. She has agreed to
                                                                                                            processes and pyrotechnics.     nificant health risk based on
and 8724 were posted on                                                     confer with the Engineering
June 28, 2006. Rosalind                green leaves and                     Department to address the
                                                                                                                 Waste from the manu-       available toxicological data
                                                                                                            facture and improper dis-       in the scientific literature.
Stewart, District Director               lofty height of                    concerns of the community.
                                                                                                            posal of perchlorate-contain-   The proposed maximum
for Council District Two                                                    However, it may be too late
Office and Jon Esbach,                these mature trees.                   to save the trees. They are
                                                                                                            ing chemicals have been         contaminant level of 6 ppb
                                                                                                            discovered in soil, ground-     is reported to be far lower
President of the Sun Valley                                                 looking for the Council Of-
                                                                                                            water, drinking water and       than the 24.5 ppb goal level
Area Neighborhood Council                  According to the SVANC           fice to intervene with the
                                                                                                            irrigation water throughout     set by the Federal Environ-
were informed of the tree              the projects, one, the build-        Planning Office, the De-
                                                                                                            the State including ground-     mental Protection Agency,
removal request on August              ing of apartments and the            partment of Building and
                                                                                                            water wells in Los Angeles      though still greater than eg
28, 2006.                              other, the building of con-          Safety and the Department
                                                                                                            County and in the Colorado      the 2 ppb adopted by Mas-
     Together, the two prop-           dos, are not the issue and           of Public Works. They want
                                                                                                            River. Both aare important      sachusetts.
erties contain over two doz-           they have been approved.             the street widening removed
                                                                                                            sources of water for South-          Councilmember Wendy
en trees that have canopies            The tree removal and street          from the projects conditions
                                                                                                            ern California. When ingest-    Greuel submitted a Motion to
shading Glenoaks Boulevard.            wodemomg are the issues.             and as terms for approval
                                                                                                            ed, Perchlorate is known to     the Los Angeles City Coun-
Alternatives exist. The street         One project has already been         of those two projects, Wid-
                                                                                                            interfere with the thyroid      cil for a report from the fol-
widening would only facili-            through the Department of            ening Glenoaks Boulevard
                                                                                                            glands ability to produce       lowing the departments. She
tate street parking and not            Public Works and the tree            and removing the trees will
                                                                                                            hormones, thereby endanger-     requested that they direct the
widening the street will not           removal regarding that prop-         not be beneficial the com-
                                                                                                            ing pregnant women, fetuses     Los Angeles Department of
hamper traffic flow.                   erty was posted in August.           munity.
                                                                                                            and young children. These       Water and Power to provide
     “Development conditions           The Council Office notified
                                                                                                            hormones are especially         a report on the potential
requiring the installation of          the SVANC and they ap-
                                                                                                            important for normal pre-
twelve-foot wide sidewalk                                                                                                                             Continued - page 7
                                                                                                            natal and postnatal growth

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Page 4                                                               NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                  NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006

Progressive Vigilance in the
Foothills                                                                                        Sylmar
by Nick Krall
Land Use Chairman                                                        NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL
It was an exciting week for         opening of the station is not
Sylmar. First, we had the           known, as it is tied to some     Roxford.                        are working with Burbank         commercial businesses on
Wednesday morning ground-           number of homes being                 The bike path is the       and hopefully Glendale will      Public-Facilities-Zoned land,
breaking for the future fire        sold, in order to provide the    first phase of a plan to con-   also work with them to have      simply aren’t there. What-
station on Foothill Blvd. at        developer with the money to      nect bikeways throughout        connecting paths to down-        ever recommendation PLUM
the 210 freeway, next to the        build it.                        the Valley and all the way      town L.A. The funding for        makes, it goes to the City
Vector Control building at              Tom Clark is redesign-       to downtown, enhancing cy-      phase one was a combina-         Council on December 13th.
the north end of Sylmar.            ing the much-maligned Cas-       cling as an authentic alter-    tion of City of Los Angeles           These are two meetings
     The planned fire station,      cades Golf Club course into      native to the one-passenger     and County MTA funds.            that need a strong showing to
which will bring in desper-         a genuine, fun, playable         car commutes. Phase two             Some important dates:        send the message, the 800-
ately needed safety services        links-style course meander-      is planned to extend from       November 28, P.L.U.M.            pound gorillas can’t meet in
(yet still leave the area be-       ing through approximately        the south end of the City       hears appeals on the Edi-        private and determine the
low the “standards” set else-       850 new homes, condos and        of San Fernando, which has      son-driven,    RHC     Com-      future of our lives, nor can
where) will be built entirely       apartments.                      a bike-lane already in place,   munities/Pacific     Partners    they get away with pitting
without public money, being             Next, the ribbon-cut-        through Pacoima, per Coun-      Self-storage units that were     one community against an-
funded, designed and built          ting for the new stretch of      cilman Alex Padilla. Accord-    proposed to be built under       other. United we stand!
in conjunction with the huge        bike-path extending from the     ing to C. Lynne Goldsmith,      a mile of power transmis-             The next Sylmar NC
“Legends at the Cascades”           Metrolink station at Hubbard     Transportation       Planning   sion lines against homeown-      Board meeting is Thursday,
development.     The    exact       and San Fernando Road, for       Manager of the Metro Bike       ers’ backyards in Sylmar,        Nov. 9 at 6:30 PM at Hub-
date of the construction and        approximately 2 miles up to      Program for the MTA, they       in exchange for park-use of      bard Street School, and the
                                                                                                                                      next SNC Land Use Com-

    Mission Hills
                                                                                                     the power lines right-of-way
                                                                                                     through Hansen Dam. More         mittee Meeting is Monday
                                                                                                     than five citizens filed ap-     November 20, at 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                                     peals, including Anne Krall,     at the SNC office, next to

   NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL                                                                              who contended that the find-
                                                                                                     ings of land-use hardship
                                                                                                                                      our City Councilperson’s
                                                                                                                                      field office.
                                                                                                     required in order to build
 By Betty Ley
 Board Member
 Our next Neighborhood council meeting will be November 14, 2006, at San Jose St. El-
 ementary School Auditorium, 14928 Clymer St. Our Business meeting starts at 6:00 p.m.
 A presentation by Holy Cross Hospital regarding an update on their expansion will begin
 at 7:00 p.m.
       We received a telephone call from a Mr. Oliver Bud. His wife and others have a
 support group called “New Voice Club” for people who have lost their voice to cancer.
 The club meets at the Bermuda Trailer Park in Mission Hills at the Parks Club House
 on the second Saturday of each month from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. People apparently
 come from as far as Ventura to attend this Support Group. Mr. Bud said that November
 11, their speaker will be Dr. Blackwell from UCLA. Contact Tess O’Neal and his wife
 Ginger. Their phone number is 805-527-2592. It would be awesome if the information for
 this support group received more awareness through Community News.

        MOORE BROS. & SONS & DAUGHTERS                                                               Councilman Alex Padilla cuts the ribbon to officially open the
                                                                                                     San Fernando Bike path..

                GENERAL CONTRACTORS                                                                           epor er
                                                                                                               NOR T H VA L L E Y

     One CALL does it ALL • Get MOORE for your MONEY
            REMODELING                                     CONSTRUCTION                                   is looking for a few
                                                                                                           good subscribers.
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    •   Cabinets            •   Counter Tops         •   Fencing           • Patios
    •   Windows             •   Doors                •   Electrical        • Gutters                         Delivered to your mail box
                                                                                                          the second and forth Wednsday
         STEEL BUILDINGS                             PAINTING/PLUMBING
                        •   Houses/Barns             •   Interior         •   Repairs / Leaks
                                                                                                                  six months—$25
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     Independant Dealer •   Churches/Offices           •   Stucco           •   Sprinklers                  Just include your name, address
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NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006                                             NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                                  Page 5

LAPD Hosts Open
“Haunted’ Houses
                                                                  NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL
                                                                By Edwin Ramiriz
                                                                We are asking stakehold-         coima, from 11:00 a.m. to           Industrial (1) seat open
                                                                ers to please take the op-       4:00 p.m. For more informa-         Renter (2) seats open
                                                                portunity to comment or to       tion please feel free to call       Youth (2) seats open
                                                                make your recommendations        (818) 590-4792 or email:
                                                                                                                                   What Is Expected of Board
                                                                with regards to new hous-        pacoimaneighborhoodcoun
                                                                ing projects, new schools,       cil@yahoo.com.
                                                                Street Vending or about              Upcoming          Pacoima       Attend monthly board
                                                                the changes in our commu-        Board Member Elections in-           meetings and commit-
                                                                nity. Your voice is impor-       formation:                           tee meetings as needed
                                                                tant to us! We will tell you                                          (generally held in the
                                                                                                 Who Can Participate in the
                                                                about our activities, goals,                                          evenings.)
                                                                                                 Neighborhood Council?
                                                                and resources and explain                                            Work for the betterment
Foothill Area. Community Relations Officer Karen York,                                              Any stakeholder (com-
“Clown” CPAB Co-Chair Vicki Burch and Reserve Officer           how you can help eliminate                                            of our Neighborhood
                                                                                                     munity member) may
Haydee Capdet.                                                  blight, abandoned vehicles,                                           Council area.
                                                                                                     vote in the election and/
In keeping with an annual tradition, both LAPD Foothill         and bulky items on Streets.          or run for any position         Listen to and act on
Area and Mission Area Stations held their open house’s          Our goal is to help improve          on the board of directors        neighborhood concerns
on Saturday, October 28, that included a “Haunted House”        our community and the                for which they qualify.          and interests.
along with treats and events for children. Parts of the sta-    delivery of City services.                                           Avoid conflicts of inter-
                                                                                                    A stakeholder is any
tions closed in order to be decorated and set up with crea-     Take the opportunity to in-                                           est.
                                                                                                     person who:
tures that go “boo” in the night. Scary parts were played by    teract with the representa-                                          Have at least one meth-
                                                                                                     Lives or
community volunteers who were made up to look like the          tives of the Mayor, Alex                                              od of being reached by
                                                                                                     Works or
real thing. Plenty of treats were on hand for both children     Padilla,   Tony    Cardenas,                                          community stakeholders.
                                                                                                     Owns Property or
and adults. Police officers and community volunteers worked     Cindy Montanez, Richard
                                                                                                     Participates in a Com-          Help decide how best
together to make their events a success.                        Alarcon, LAPD, LAUSD,
                                                                                                     munity Based Organiza-           to run the organization
                                                                City Departments and most
                                                                                                     tion                             and spend its $50, 000
                                                                important other Pacoima res-
                                                                                                 What seats are available in          annual funding from the
                                                                idents. Find out who is re-
                                                                                                 the PNC Board of Direc-              City.
                                                                sponsible for what and how
                                                                we can all help monitor the      tors?                               Attend free trainings
                                                                progress and improvements.          At Large (2) seats open          hosted by the Dept. of
                                                                With your help, Pacoima             Community Based Orga-            Neighborhood Empower-
                                                                will become cleaner, nicer           nization (1) seat open           ment to learn how to
                                                                and a safer community.                                                get things done.
                                                                                                    Educational     Institution
                                                                    Our next meeting is              (1) seat open
                                                                Nov. 15 at 6:30 PM. Our             Senior (1) seat open
                                                                next elections take place
                                                                                                    Retail (1) seat open
                                                                December 2, 06 at Pacoima
                                                                Youth & Family Center,              Home/Condo Owner (2)
Mission Area volunteers, Peter John, Ruth Cano with a white     11243 Glen Oaks Blvd, Pa-            seats open
face, and Julie Cano

           Granada Hills                                                                         the more memorable events
                                                                                                 that have occurred there in
                                                                                                 the last 80+ years.
                                                                                                                                   you know if what you have
                                                                                                                                   sounds like something that
                                                                                                                                   can be used.

  NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL                                                                                Images we are looking
                                                                                                 for include: Award or dedica-
                                                                                                                                       Thanks in advance for
                                                                                                                                   any consideration you can
                                                                                                 tion ceremonies, Community        give to help out this ef-
By Kim Thompson
                                                                                                 events, street fairs, concerts    fort to preserve the history
                                                                                                 or parades, School programs       of Granada Hills. My lo-
I would like to tell you a      Neighborhood Organizations,     History Of Granada Hills         or activities, Local sports       cal contact is: Jim Summers
little bit about the GHNNC.     Environmental Groups and        We received the following        teams or sporting events,         818-321-6259 Jim Hier
We were certified on Sep-       Faith Based Groups.             correspondence from Jim          Photos that document con-         www.granadahillshistory.com
tember 10, 2002. We are             Our meetings are held       Hier, who is writing a book      struction of homes and
                                                                on the history of Granada                                          Reminder
the liaison between the vari-   the last Monday of every                                         buildings or damage result-
                                                                Hills.                                                                  The Rotary Club of
ous agencies of the City of     month at Van Gogh Elemen-                                        ing from some of the natu-
                                                                     A quick note to let you                                       Granada Hills is holding a
L.A., Councilmember Greig       tary Auditorium, 17120 Van                                       ral disasters that have struck
                                                                know the response to the                                           formal rededication of the
Smith’s office and the com-     Gogh Street in Granada Hills                                     the area over the years. Pic-
                                                                Granada Hills History Proj-                                        Granada Hills Veterans Me-
munity. We appear at vari-      at 7:00 p.m. Our agenda are                                      tures of a friend or family
                                                                ect has been great, but I                                          morial Park on Veterans
ous Commission Hearing on       posted 72 hours before ev-                                       member who was an early
                                                                still need to find more pho-                                       Day, Saturday, November
behalf of community inter-      ery meeting at 5 different                                       Granada Hills resident, ac-
                                                                tographs and other images                                          11, 11:00 a.m., in Granada
ests. We bring items of in-     locations: HOW’s Market,                                         tive in a local church or
                                                                that help illustrate events                                        Hills Veterans Park (cornor
terest from our Stakehold-      the display cabinet between                                      civic group. Maybe a snap-
                                                                and life in Granada Hills                                          of Zelzah/Chatsworth). We
ers to the attention of our     the Sugar Suite and Tony’s                                       shot of a local celebrity who
                                                                through the decades.                                               invite you to help support
Council Office. Our approx-     Mexican Food, Albertson’s                                        lived next door or a more
                                                                     If you previously thought                                     our veterans and honor the
imate boundaries are, North:    Market, the Odyssey Res-                                         nationally known figure that
                                                                you didn’t have anything that                                      sacrifices of all the members
County Line, West: Aliso        taurant and several kiosks in                                    happened to visit Granada
                                                                could be used in the book,                                         of the Armed Services. Par-
Canyon, South: 118 Freeway      Bee Canyon and O’Melveny                                         Hills and you were lucky
                                                                you might be surprised. In                                         ticipants will include Coun-
and East: 405 Freeway.          Park. These agendas show                                         enough to snap a picture.
                                                                addition to “professional”                                         cilmember Greig Smith,
      Our Board is comprised    committee reports, motions                                            If you think you might
                                                                photographs, we are inter-                                         along with other elected of-
of 25 Board Members who         to be voted on, public com-                                      have something that can be
                                                                ested in more informal pho-                                        ficials, community dignitar-
are elected by the Stakehold-   ment on any subject and is-                                      used, a quick reply to this
                                                                tos that help show what it                                         ies, veteran’s organizations
ers. Some Board Members         sues that you wish to bring                                      email is all that’s needed.
                                                                was like living in Granada                                         and color guards.
represent specific interest     before us. We want to know                                       If you aren’t sure, contact
groups such as Educational,     what we can do for you.         Hills or illustrate some of      me anyway and I will let
Page 6                                                          NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                    NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006

      Sunland Tujunga
                                                                                                                                     NVCH = North Valley
                                                                                                                                     Neighborhood City Hall,
                                                                                                                                     7747 Foothill Blvd.,
                                   NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL                                                                              STNC Office:
                                                                                                                                     7747 Foothill Blvd.,
                                away with is the confusion                                       The Citywide Budget Sur-            Room 101, Tujunga, CA
                                                                Character Study (Mansion-
                                as to what will happen to the                                    vey deadline is November            91042. (818) 951-7411
                                                                ization Study).
                                old auto use portion of the                                      15. Be a part of the City’s         FAX (818) 951-7412
                                                                     The        Neighborhood
                                former K-Mart site. Building                                     budget planning for Fiscal            Please visit the STNC
                                                                Character       Study    (also
                                and Safety promised to look                                      Year 2007-08 by complet-          web site often for new up-
                                                                called Mansionization Study)
                                into this part of the plans                                      ing the survey online. You        dates and information at:
                                                                Workshops will be held on
     DAC Meeting with           more carefully.                                                  can make a difference in the      www.stnc.org
                                                                November 9, 14, 15, and
Wendy Greuel                         Thank you to our neigh-    16, from 5:00-7:30 PM at         priorities that are important
     A big “thank you” to       boring neighborhood coun-       different locations through-     to you and your neighbors.            2006 STNC Board
Councilmember          Wendy    cils and community groups       out the City of Los Angeles.     Visit     www.lacityneighbor-
                                                                                                                                     Cindy Cleghorn
Greuel for meeting with the     for turning out in support of   It is important for the City     hoods.com and click on the
Design Advisory Committee       the Sunland-Tujunga com-        to hear from you regarding       Budget survey link. Printed
                                                                                                 survey forms are available          Nina Royal
of the STNC. The North          munity. This was an im-         on how to best address the
                                                                                                 at the STNC office.                 Vice Chairman
Valley City Hall auditorium     pressive show of unity and      issue of Mansionization as
had a record turnout (“370”)    support to us and we thank      it affects non-hillside and      912/Neighborhood Council            Linda Brand
of neighbors who came out       you, thank you!                 non-coastal properties. The      Review Commission - Plan            Treasurer
to hear from Wendy on the            Wednesday, Nov 8th         Department has developed a       now to attend the North             Deborah Ray
biggest issue in our commu-     General Meeting several         citywide proposal that would     Valley Public Hearing to be         Recording Secretary
nity - the proposed Home        important recommendations       ultimately address key issues    held at San Fernando High           Jeannine Crowley
Depot at the site of the for-   regarding our Tujunga Wa-       raised by various communi-       School. On Nov. 21st, 6:30.         Corresponding Secretary
mer K-Mart. The evening         tershed will be presented.      ties. This is your opportunity   See ad this issue for more          Victor Castro
started a little after 7 p.m.        Check the STNC web         to learn more about the study    details. This is your oppor-        District 1 &
and didn’t end til after 11     site for these recommenda-      and to share your thoughts       tunity to speak out about           DAC Chairman
p.m. in an effort to hear       tions and other updates at      on the Department’s city-        the future of the neighbor-
                                                                                                                                     Penny Barcena
from everybody. Thank you       www.stnc.org                    wide proposal. I hope you        hood council system.
                                                                                                                                     District 1
to Wendy’s staff, Depart-                                       will plan to attend.             How to Contact the STNC:
ment of Building and Safe-           Citywide Issues: New                                                                            John Van-Es
                                City Planning Director, Gail      Thursday,                      The STNC meets every
ty Staff, Department of City                                                                                                         District 2
                                Goldberg will soon unveil a       November 9, 2006*              second Wednesday of the
Planning staff, the STNC,                                         City Hall, Room 1010           month at Mt. Gleason Mid-           Joan Slater
DAC and you for staying         strategic plan for the City’s                                                                        District 2
                                Planning Department. In the       200 N. Spring St.              dle School at 10965 Mt.
the duration. The biggest                                         Los Angeles, CA 90061          Gleason Avenue, Sunland at          David Cain
item I see that the Dept.       meantime, be sure to attend
                                one of the following work-                                       7 p.m. All stakeholders are         District 3
of Building and Safety went                                       Tuesday,
                                shops on the Neighborhood                                        welcome and meetings oper-          Janet Linsalato
                                                                  November 14, 2006*
                                                                                                 ate under California’s open         District 3
                                                                  Valley Region
                                                                                                 meeting rules (the Brown
                                                                  Marvin Braude Building                                             Dan McManus
                                                                                                 Act). Agendas are posted on
                                                                  6262 Van Nuys Blvd.,                                               District 4
                                                                                                 the STNC web site and also
                                                                  Room 1A                                                            Michelle Sahfran
                                                                                                 at the S-T Chamber, 8250
                                                                  Van Nuys, CA 90012                                                 Education
                                                                                                 Foothill Blvd., Unit B; the
                                                                  Wednesday,                     Sunland Senior Center, 8640         Timothy Borquez
                                                                  November 15, 2006              Fenwick, Sunland and North          Cultural Arts
                                                                  West Region                    Valley City Hall, 7747 Foot-        George Powell
                                                                  Felicia Mahood Senior          hill, Tujunga. Agendas are          Youth
                                                                  Multipurpose Center            also posted at local busi-          Saro Minassian
                                                                  11338 Santa Monica             nesses in Sunland and Tu-           Business Rep
                                                                  Blvd.                          junga. You can also sign up
                                                                  Los Angeles, CA 90025                                              Mark Seigel
                                                                                                 to receive STNC by e-mail
                                                                                                                                     Scouting Rep
                                                                  Thursday,                      through the STNC web site
                                                                  November 16, 2006*             at www.stnc.org                     Richard Stewart
                                                                  South/Harbor Region                                                Interfaith Rep
                                                                                                       Check the STNC web
                                                                  Locke High School              site for updates and other          John Blue
                                                                  Hobbs Hall                     committee meetings. Call            Media & Communications
                                                                  325 E. 111th St.               the STNC office to verify           Shirley Kellstrom
                                                                  Los Angeles, CA 90061          meeting time and location.          Parliamentarian
                                                                * Spanish translators will       Thank you to The North
                                                                be present - Traductores de      Valley Reporter for provid-
                                                                espanol estaran presentes.       ing space for this article.
                                                                Spread the word to attend
                                                                either of the above dates.

                                                                       November    8    Monthly STNC meeting - 7 p.m. - Mt. Gleason Middle School
                                                                       November    11   Veteran’s Day
                                                                       November    18   Outreach Committee - 1 p.m. at Joselito’s
                                                                       November    29   Executive Committee - 7 p.m. at NVCH
                                                                       November    30   Budget Committee - 7 p.m. at NVCH
                                                                   Meeting times are subject to change. Check the STNC web site for updates and other committee
                                                                   meetings. Call the STNC office to verify meeting time and location. Thank you to The North
                                                                   Valley Reporter for providing space for this article.
                                                                   NVCH = North Valley Neighborhood City Hall, 7747 Foothill Blvd., Tujunga
                                                                   STNC Office: Contact Ed Rock, Office & Logistics Manager, 7747 Foothill Blvd., Room 101,
                                                                   Tujunga, CA 91042. (818) 951-7411 FAX (818) 951-7412 Please visit the STNC web site often
                                                                   for new updates and information at: www.stnc.org
NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006                                                NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                                   Page 7

Drinking Water
                                                                     Foothill Trails District
                                – from page 3
impact, enforcement of a 6         tially affecting Los Angeles
ppb perchlorate maximum            water supplies even if the
contaminant level (MCL)            contamination does not orig-
in our drinking water may
have on the LA water sup-
                                   inate in Los Angeles.
                                        Water resources are in
                                                                         NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL
ply, to the Council’s Energy       increasingly short supply,
and Environment Commit-            therefore, water is often         Elections for the Foothill Trails Board of Directors were held on Saturday, November
tee. Greuel further requested      bought and sold as a com-         4, at the Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church in Sunland. They are one of the smallest
that the Council instruct the      modity. Additionally, water       Neighborhood Council districts with approximately 20,000 stakeholders, because their area
Environmental Affairs De-          bottled in other parts of         is mostly rural. However, they were pleased with the nearly 200 stakeholders that turned
partment (EAD) to submit           the State is commonly sold        out to vote because also have the largest geographic area to cover. In fact, they are hav-
a report supporting this new       in Los Angeles. This pro-         ing a difficulty locating an area for their office that is available and agreeable to all their
regulation, as the official        posed statewide regulation        stakeholders. They hold their meeting alternating between La Tuna Canyon, Shadow Hills
position of the City of Los        will ensure that all drink-       and Lake View Terrace, but they do need an office that is located within their district
Angeles, to the Council’s          ing water in the state meets      and they are open to suggestions.
Energy and Environment             the high standards already               Their new board for the year 2006-2007 is provisional until the votes have been
Committee. Also, to submit         supposedly achieved by the        ratified by DONE. They are expected to be: District Reps. Christine Hughes and Kevin
a statement of this position       LADWP. The Los Angeles            Davis, District 2 Rep. Marianne Berglund, District 3 Rep. Erwing Davis, District 4 Reps.
of support to the CDHS.            Department of Water and           Cile Borman and Sandee Ferman, District 5 Reps. Mary Benson and Terry Kaiser, Dis-
    The report submitted           Power (DWP) reported that         trict 6 Reps. Ken Keeble and Ronald G. Sipus, At Large Reps. Callie Ferman and Ted
by the City’s EAD, sup-            it would be able to meet          Lange, Current President Mary Ann Geyer. Foothill Trails elects their Executive Board
ports the CDHS’ establish-         this regulation with existing     from amongst their representatives, which will be done at the next meeting after ratifica-
ment of a maximum con-             infrastructure. The DWP re-       tion is completed.
taminant level (MCL) of 6          ports that to impose this 6             Their next meeting will be Thursday, November 16 at 7 p.m. the Chapel of Village
ppb for perchlorate in our         ppb PHG regulation should         Christian School at 8930 Village Ave. in Sun Valley. According to President Mary Ann
drinking water. It also sup-       not result in any fiscal im-      Geyer they will determine if there is to be a December meeting at that time.
ports the establishment of a       pact to the City of Los An-
monitoring system for deter-       geles, although statewide it
mining compliance with the         may reach as much as $24
MCL of 6 ppb. The report           million. The DWP has been
also supports establishing a       monitoring perchlorate since
means to ascertain an ap-          1997 and claims that since      tion level and to research       they become available.            CDHS’ establishment of an
propriate treatment method         that time perchlorate has       operations and treatment op-         The LADWP is also             enforceable MCL of 6 ppb
for remediating perchlorate        never been detected in water    tions to deal with this con-     supporting the Metropolitan       for perchlorate in the State’s
contamination in excess of         supplied to DWP customers.      taminant. They claim that        Water Districts efforts to ag-    drinking water. It also in-
this MCL. The EAD report-          The DWP admits that, in         since 2002, the levels of        gressively eliminate sources      cludes a request for Coun-
ed that passage of this State      the past, 8 of the 90 mu-       perchlorate in those wells       of perchlorate contamination      cil authorization to submit
regulation would protect all       nicipal water supply wells      have decreased to undetect-      in the Colorado River. In         those comments to the Cali-
California residents from the      have tested positive for per-   able levels. They claim they     their report to City Council,     fornia Department of Health
potential adverse effects of       chlorate (and 5 of those at     are continuing to investigate    the EAD enclosed a copy           Services prior to the close
perchlorate, including the         levels above the proposed 6     sources of perchlorate con-      of draft comments addressed       of the Nov 3, 2006, Pub-
residents of Los Angeles,          ppb PHG). At that time, the     tamination, monitor perchlo-     to the State’s California De-     lic Comment Period on this
given that groundwater con-        DWP resolved to provide         rate levels and to research      partment of Health Servic-        new regulation.
tamination can spread poten-       water below a 4 ppb detec-      new treatment methods, as        es. It is in support of the

                                  Signing &
                                  November 14
                                  6 pm
                                  Elks Lodge
    of Sunland Tujunga will honor local
  author and historian, Mary Lou Pozzo,
   at a book signing dinner on Tuesday,
 November 14, 2006 at the Elks Lodge in
 Tujunga - book signing at 6:00pm, dinner
   at 7:00. Dinner is $20.00. Mary Lou’s
  book, “Founding Sisters,” life stories of
  Tujunga’s early women pioneers, 1886-
 1926, has been recognized as an authentic
 pictorial and descriptive work of our local
  women pioneers. The public is welcome
      and reservations may be made at
        818-353-5514 by Nov.11th.
Page 8                                                      NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                           NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006

Share your events with your neighbors through:
                                                             WEDNESDAY, NOV. 8            SATURDAY, NOV. 11           SUN VALLEY AREA N/C
                                                                                                                       Villa Scalabrini
calendar@northvalleyreporter.com FREE!                      MHNC OUTREACH                MEET & GREET NEW              10631 Vinedale, S.V.
                                                            COMMITTEE.                   OFFICERS                      6:30 pm
LVT–Lake View Terrace, LTC–La Tuna Canyon, G.H–Granada
Hills, KC–Kagel Canyon, MH–Mission Hills, LA–Los Angeles,    10161 Sepulveda, MH          S.F. Valley NAACP
                                                             6:30 pm                      11300 Glenoaks, Pac         WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15
NVCH–North Valley City Hall, VN–Van Nuys, PAC–Pacoima,
                                                             STNC General Meet.           Reservations
SH–Shadow Hills, S-T–Sunland-Tujunga, SV–Sun Valley, SYL–                                                             SYLMAR CHAMBER
                                                             Mt. Gleason Middle School    1-4 pm 877-245-9381
Sylmar,                                                                                                               LUNCHEON DEPUTY MAYOR
                                                             10955 Mt. Gleason, S-T
                                                                                         POKEMON LEAGUE               BUD OVRUM, HOUSING &
                                                                                          S-T Library                 ECON. DEVELOP.
                                                             7 pm 951-7411
                                                                                          7771 Foothill, Tuj           China Buffet
                                                            FOOTHILL OPTOMIST             1-4 pm 352-1419              13760 Foothill, Syl
                                                             Fairways Restaurant                                       11:30 am 367-1177
                                                                                         VETERANS DAY PARADE &
                                                             Hansen Dam Rec Center
                                                                                         FESTIVAL                     FOOTHILL OPTOMIST
                                                             10400 Glenoaks, Pac
                                                                                          San Fernando Valley          Fairways Restaurant
                                                             6:30 pm
                                                                                          Laurel Canyon &              Hansen Dam Rec Center
                                                            ROTARY CLUB                   San Fernado Mission, Pac     10400 Glenoaks, Pac
                                                             Coco’s Restaurant            11 am                        6:30 pm
                                                             10521 Sunland, S-T
                                                                                         STNC OUTREACH COMMIT         ROTARY CLUB
                                                             7 pm 951-5299
                                                                                          Joselitos Restaurant         Coco’s Restaurant
                                                            SYLMAR WOMEN’S CLUB           7308 Foothill, S-T           10521 Sunland, S-T
                                                             Odyssey Restaurant           1 pm 951-7411                7 pm 951-5299

    Gets you back where you belong. ®
                                                             15600 Odssey, G. H.
                                                                                         VOLUNTEER TRAINING           PACOIMA N/C
                                                             $20 833-8033
                                                                                         FOR MEND                      Pac Youth & Family Cent.

       Auto • Home • Life                                     THURSDAY, NOV. 9            13460 Van Nuys, Pac
                                                                                          8:30 am- 2:00 pm
                                                                                                                       11243 Glenoaks, Pac
                                                                                                                       6:30 pm 590-4792
    Commercial • Workers’ Comp.                             FOOTHILL CPAB (COMM
                                                            POLICE ADVISORY BOARD.)
                                                                                                                      S-T LIONS CLUB

                                                             10631 Vinedale, S.V
                                                                                            SUNDAY, NOV. 12             Joselitos Restaurant
                                                                                                                        7308 Foothill, S-T
                                                             6 pm 756-8866                                              6:30 pm 353-5420
                                                                                         BOLTON HALL MUSEUM
                                                            SYLMAR N/C MEET.              10110 Commerce, S-T
                                                                                                                       THURSDAY, NOV. 16

                                                             Hubbard St. Elementary       Docent Tours
                                                             13325 Hubbrad St.            1-4 pm 352-3420
                                                                                                                      SNC LAND USE
                                                             6:30 pm 833-8737
                                                                                           MONDAY, NOV. 13             SNC Office
                                                            STNC BYLAWS COMMIT                                         13515 ½ Hubbard, Syl
                                                             NV City Hall                ANDRES PICO ADOBE             6:30 pm 833-8737
                                                             7747 Foothill, S-T           1 0940 Sepulveda, M.H.      S-T ELKS LODGE
                                                             3 pm 951-7411                Tours 1 pm-4 pm               10137 Commerce, S-T
                                                            S-T LIONS CLUB                365-7810                      8 pm 352-2098
                                                              Joselitos Restaurant       AARP #140                    STNC SAFETY COMMIT

                                                              7308 Foothill, S-t          Senior Center                NV City Hall
                                                              6:30 pm 353-5420            8640 Fenwick, S-T            7747 Foothill, S-T
                                                            S-T COORDINATING              1-3 pm 353-9571              6 pm 951-7411
                                                              Joselitos Restaurant         TUESDAY, NOV. 14           ST-SERVS/CERT
                                                                                                                       NV City Hall
                                                              7308 Foothill. S-T
                                                                                         S-T CHAMBER BOARD             7747 Foothill, S-T
                                                              11:30 am 353-7056
                                                                                         INSTALLATION                  7 pm 352-5504
                                                            ANDRES PICO ADOBE              S-T Elks Lodge             FOOTHILLS TRAILS N/C
                                                             1 0940 Sepulveda, M.H.        11037 Commerce Tuj.         Village Christian School,
                                                             Tours 1 pm-4 pm               Reservations 352-4433       8930 Village Ave., SV

                                                                                         MHNC BOARD OF GOVERN.         7 pm 601-4407
                                                            KIWANIS CLUB                 & STAKEHOLDERS GENERAL.      LAPD BLOCK CAPTAINS
                                                             Denny’s Restaurant          MEETING.                      13867 Foothill, Syl
                                                             Gladstone & Hubbard, Syl     San Jose St. School          7:30 p, 367-1177
                                                             12 pm 367-9310               14928 Clymer, M.H.
      Superior Service • Multiple Discounts                     FRIDAY, NOV. 10
                                                                                          Board 6 pm General 7 pm         FRIDAY, NOV 17
               Competitive Prices                                                        BOLTON HALL MUSEUM
                                                                                          10110 Commerce, S-T         THANKSGIVING DINNER &
                                                            FREE FOR TEENS
                                                                                          Docent Tours                KOREAN BBQ
       Purchasing insurance shouldn’t be a difficult          ANIME & MANGA OTAKU
                                                                                          1-4 pm 352-3420              All Nations Church
                                                            CLUB & GAMES
      decision. As your personal Farmers agent, I will       Sylmar Librfary
                                                                                                                       10000 Foothill, LTV.
                                                                                         SHADOW HILLS PROPERTY
       help you understand and take control of your          14561 Polk, Syl              Owners Assoc. (SHOPA
                                                                                                                       Reservations 470-5235.
                                                                                                                       Free 6 pm
     insurance needs. You can rest assure you have the       3:30 pm                      Tierra del Sol
    right coverages in place when you need them most.                                     9919 Sunland, S.H.          OFFICERS INSTALLATION S-T
                                                            SPAGETTI DINNER
                                                                                          7 pm                        CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                             Elks Lodge #2098
        As a customer of Farmers you will not only           10137 Commerce, Tuj
                                                                                                                       10137 Foothill, Tuj
                                                                                         S-T KIWANIS
     receive the personal care and service of your own       $5 6:30 pm 352-2098           Joselitos Restaurant
                                                                                                                       RSVP 11/14 352-4433
                                                                                                                       $20 6:30 pm
        personal agent, but also our award-winning                                         7308 Foothill, S-T
                 HelpPoint® claims service.                                                6 pm 352-4857               SATURDAY, NOV. 18
         Call (800) HelpPoint – (800) 435-7764                                           ETI CORRAL 12
                                                                                                                      SAN FERNANDO PIONEER
                                                                                          Sylmar Chamber Office
     Plus, no one has more discounts than Farmers.                                        13867 Foothill, #104, Syl
                                                                                                                      MEMORIAL CEMETARY
    Our multi-line discount is just one way to save on                                    7:30 pm
                                                                                                                       Foothill & Bledsoe, Syl
                                                                                                                       9 – noon 365-5860
    the cost of insurance by having auto, homeowners
             and life insurance with Farmers.                                                                         GRANADA HILLS N/C
                                                                                                                      PICNIC IN THE PARK
                                                                                                                        Bee Canyon Park
         For Coverage Comparison                                                                                        Van Gogh St between
      and other Farmers Discounts call                                                                                  Sesnon & Tital Ave. GH
                                                                                                                        11 am – 4 pm

     ARLEN PETROSSIAN                                                                                                 CERT LEVEL 2 CLASS
                                                                                                                      GRANADA HILLS CHARTER
                   Insurance Agent                                                                                     Hi School
                                                                                                                       8am – 5 pm
                818-331-4144                                                                                           www.cert.la.com

                  License #0F33229
NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006                                          NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                     Page 9

   SUNDAY, NOV. 19               TUESDAY, NOV. 28            “COWBOY HOLIDAY
BOLTON HALL MUSEUM             BOLTON HALL MUSEUM             on Chatsworth to Petit Park
 10110 Commerce, S-T            10110 Commerce, S-T           Ave. to Zelzah Ave.
 Docent Tours                   Docent Tours                  1:30 pm
 1-4 pm 352-3420                1-4 pm 352-3420              HOLIDAY SHOW
BREAKFAST-OMELET BAR           S-T KIWANIS                    Branford Rec. Center
 S-T Elks Lodge                  Joselitos Restaurant         13306 Branford St. Arl
 10137 Commerce, S-T             7308 Foothill, S-T           6 pm 893-4923
 $6 9 am-12 pm 352-2098          6 pm 352-4857
                                                               THURSDAY, DEC. 7
 Hi School                     SCHOOL                         Denny’s Restaurant
 8am – 5 pm                     Sylmar Library                13201 Gladstone, Syl
 www.cert.la.com                14561 Polk, Syl               7:30 am 367-1177
                                3:30-4:30 pm 367-6102
  MONDAY, NOV. 20                                              SATURDAY, DEC. 9
                               ETI CORRAL
ANDRES PICO ADOBE               13867 Foothill Syl
                                                             TREE PLANTING WORKSHOP
 1 0940 Sepulveda, M.H.         7:30 pm 367-9177
                                                              Hansen Dan Recreation
 Tours 1 pm-4 pm                                              9 am- 1 pm 623-4879
                               WEDNESDAY, NOV. 29
                                                             ELECTIONS SUN VALLEY
4H CLUB MEET.                  SYLMAR CHAMBER MIXER          AREA N/C
 Shadow Hills Pres. Church      Barry Sylvan Co.              J.H.F. Polytechnic High
 10158 Sunland, S. H.           13752 Foothill #2, Syl        12431 Roscoe, S.V.
 7 pm 352-0864                  5:30 pm 367-1177              10 am – 4 pm

                                Fairways Restaurant
                                                               MONDAY, DEC. 11
BOLTON HALL MUSEUM              Hansen Dam Rec Center
                                                             STNC-DAC (LAND USE)
 10110 Commerce, S-T            10400 Glenoaks, Pac
 Docent Tours                   6:30 pm
                                                              NV City Hall
 1-4 pm 352-3420               ROTARY CLUB                    7747 Foothill, Tuj
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH              Coco’s Restaurant             7 pm 951-7411
 Stonehurst Park                10521 Sunland, S-T
 9901 Dronefield                7 pm 951-5299                  TUESDAY, DEC. 12
 7 pm 768-0988                 STNC-DAC (LAND USE)           STNC- BYLAWS COMMITTEE
BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL         NV City Hall                 STNC-DAC (LAND USE)
WOMEN                           7747 Foothill, S-T           COMMITTEE
 7 pm for info. 352-4415        7 pm 951-7411                 NV City Hall
                                                              7747 Foothill, Tuj
ARLETA N/C                         FRIDAY, NOV. 30            7 pm 951-7411
 Beachy Elementary School
 9757 Beachy, Arl              STNC BUDGET COMMIT            SUN VALLEY AREA N/C
 6:30 pm 897-9122               NV City Hall                  Villa Scalabrini
                                7747 Foothill, S-T            10631 Vinedale, S.V.
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 22              7 pm 951-7411                 6:30 pm

 Fairways Restaurant            Van Gogh Elementary
 Hansen Dam Rec Center          17160 Van Gogh, G.H.         STNC-GENERAL MEETING
 10400 Glenoaks, Pac            7 pm 360-4346                 7747 Foothill, S-T
 6:30 pm                                                      7 pm 951-7411
                                 SATURDAY, DEC. 2
ROTARY CLUB                                                    THURSDAY, DEC 14
 Coco’s Restaurant             WORKSHOP COMMUNITY
 10521 Sunland, S-T            GREENING                       Chamber Luncheon
 7 pm 951-5299                  Lake View Terr Rec.           China Town Buffet
                                9-3 pm 623-4879               3760Foothill, Syl
  MONDAY, NOV. 20                                             11:30 am
                               WOMEN’S CLUB LUNCHEON          367-1177
ANDRES PICO ADOBE               Odssey Restaurant
 1 0940 Sepulveda, M.H.         15600 Odyssey, GH
 Tours 1 pm-4 pm                10 am 833-8033
                                   SUNDAY, DEC. 3                                           11/30/06
   SUNDAY, NOV. 26
                               HOOP SHOOT AT
HOLLYWOOD CHRISTMAS             Verdugo Hills Hi by
PARADE                          S-T Elks Lodge
 Hollywood Blvd at Orange to    Info at 335-3610
 Vine Ave.                     HOLIDAY VARIETY SHOW
 5 pm                           Lake View Terr. Rec Center
BOLTON HALL MUSEUM              11075 Foothill, LVT
 10110 Commerce, S-T            6:30 pm 899-8087
 Docent Tours
 1-4 pm 352-3420

 1 0940 Sepulveda, M.H.
 Tours 1 pm-4 pm
 Van Gogh Elementary
 17160 Van Gogh, G.H.
 7 pm 360-4346
 MHNC Committee
 MHNC Office
 10161 Sepulveda, M.H.
 6:30-8:30 pm
Page 10                                                    NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                    NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006

            Free Family Fun
                                                           I was Just
          Holiday Happenings                               Thinking…
                                                           P. Vincent DiNova
                SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11                      Veterans’ Day, formerly
             3rd Annual San Fernando Valley                known as Armistice Day,
             Veterans Day Parade & Festival                is celebrated this year on
   San Fernando Mission Blvd, M.H. to Paxton in Pacoima    Saturday, November 11.
    11:00 am followed by Street Fair, Richie Valens Park   Many of us have a fam-
                                                           ily member(s) who is a vet-
                                                           eran, or, at the very least,
                  Friday, November 17                      we all know someone who
          Thanksgiving Dinner & Korean Bar-B-Q             is a veteran. This would be
                     All Nations Church                    as good time to visit with
           10000 Foothill Blvd., Lake View Terrance        that person and offer him
                                                           or her a firm handshake, or
          Free – 6 pm – Reservations reqd 470-5235n
                                                           even a warm hug for a “job
                                                           well done”. It is through the
                 Saturday, November 18                     combined efforts of our ded-
              3rd Annual Granada Hills N/C                 icated soldiers and veterans
                     Picnic in the Park                    that our country continues to
                                                           shine as the beacon of de-
      Bring Picnic Lunch, Blanket, Chairs & Umbrella
                                                           mocracy for other fledgling
   Food Vendors, Classic Cars, Live Music, Moon Bounce     freedom loving governments
      Councilmember Greig Smith will appear at noon        across the globe. Those with
     Van Gogh St. Between Sesnon Blvd. & Titian Ave        whom you are able to con-        guish of this soldier’s family
                                                                                                                              happens to Americans”.
                    Visit www.chnnc.org                    verse are the fortunate ones.    as they were kept in the
                                                                                                                                   Carolyn Maupin (moth-
                                                           They are alive and well and      dark while they awaited any
                                                                                                                              er): I’m just hoping and
                                                           hopefully in a safe place.       factual news regarding their
                  Sunday, November 19                                                                                         praying there’s someone
                                                           But, as Donald C. Amoro-         loved one-- news that should
                                                                                                                              over there that’s a little bit
               Pasadena Doo Dah Parade                     si, Chairman of the North-       have come from a military
                                                                                                                              different than that. Maybe
              Spoof of “other famous parade”               east POW/MIA Network in          who’s responsibility it is to
                                                                                                                              they feel a little bit differ-
           Raymond & Colorado Sts. Old Pasadena            South Glens Falls, N.Y. re-      act in the best interest of
                                                                                                                              ently, believe a little differ-
                                                           lates, and as is evidenced by    Sgt. Maupin and his fam-
              Free – 1:30 pm – 626-440-7379                                                                                   ently”.
                                                           the following article, not all   ily. Following is the most
                                                                                                                                   “Our source told us the
                                                           military families are quite so   recent information regarding
                                                                                                                              ad produced no new leads.
      Wednesday, November 22 through                       lucky.                           his possible fate:
                                                                                                                              He went on to say it’s de-
            Friday December 29                                  The North Valley Re-              New Effort or Last
                                                                                                                              creasingly likely that we’ll
              Annual Holiday Light Festival                porter is privileged to in-      Ditch Effort—On October
                                                                                                                              elicit information on Matt’s
                                                           clude among its periodic         13 WKRC 12 Cincinnati re-
       Largest Holiday themed event in So. California                                                                         location and increasingly
                                                           contributors, Donald C.          ported on a new effort to
                 Enjoy from within vehicles                                                                                   likely he’s dead or deceased.
                                                           Amorosi. Mr. Amorosi is a        locate Sgt. Matt Maupin,
                                                                                                                              As you might expect, those
          Griffith Park along Crystal Spring Drive         Navy veteran who has spent       Prisoner of War in Iraq. Ac-
                                                                                                                              are fighting words for Army
            Free - pm to 10 pm 1-888-527-2757              the better part of three de-     cording to a story filed by
                                                                                                                              officials who speak on the
                                                           cades working on behalf of       local 12 reporter Paul Adler:
                                                                                                                              record, and they’re fighting
                                                           all American veterans. He        “A new push by the Army
                  Sunday, November 26                                                                                         words for Matt’s parents
                                                           is associated with numerous      to find Sergeant Matt Mau-
        75 Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade
            th                                                                                                                too”.
                                                           veterans’ organizations and      pin has resulted in a paid
   Hollywood Blvd., east from Orange Ave. to Vine Ave.,                                                                            Carolyn         Maupin:
                                                           causes and is extremely well     advertisement that appeared
                                                                                                                              “We’re to keep our hope
         right on Vine, southbound to Sunset Blvd,         versed on most all veterans’     on Iraqi television. A mili-
                                                                                                                              up. And praying until they
                 westbound to Orange Ave.                  issues, especially those in-     tary official close to the
                                                                                                                              can prove to us 100 percent
                                                           volving American POW’s &         project told local 12 the
                 Bring Blankets and chairs                                                                                    either way. And that’s what
                                                           MIA’s. With Veterans’ Day        ad produced no new leads
          Free – 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. – 323-469-8311                                                                              I’m going to do. And I re-
                                                           on the horizon, we invited       during its run. That offi-
                                                                                                                              alize we only have a 50/50
                                                           Mr. Amorosi to submit an         cial also expressed doubts
                                                                                                                              chance here, but I’m not go-
                  Sunday, December 3                       article for the current issue    that Matt Maupin is alive.
                                                                                                                              ing the low road, I’m going
        23 Annual Granada Hills Holiday Parade
           rd                                              of the North Valley Reporter.    We want to make it clear,
                                                                                                                              the high road”.
                 “A Cowboy Holiday”                        In our September 27edition       this military official request-
                                                                                                                                   “The Army’s official
                                                           I wrote an article address-      ed his name be withheld as
       On Chatsworth to Petit Park Ave to Zelzah Ave.                                                                         stance is: ‘We’re commit-
                                                           ing the POW/MIA situation        part of our report”.
                         1:30 pm                                                                                              ted to tracking all leads.
                                                           in our country. In that ar-            “Tonight he shows us
                                                                                                                              The goal is to return Staff
                                                           ticle I shared with you in-      the ad…You may not under-
                                                                                                                              Sergeant Matt Maupin. We
                 Wednesday, December 6                     formation about a missing        stand the spoken words, but
                                                                                                                              have no substantiated evi-
                  Holiday Variety Show                     soldier named Staff Sergeant     here’s the translation: ‘Help
                                                                                                                              dence he’s deceased’. While
                                                           Matt Maupin that was pro-        heal the pain of these sepa-
       Children perform dances, acts and other talents                                                                        others express doubts, Matt’s
                                                           vided to me by Mr. Amo-          rated families.’ The ad is a
           Lake View Terrace Recreation Center                                                                                parents expect no less than
                                                           rosi. He has forwarded to        plea to find Matt Maupin,
                                                                                                                              a safe return”.
         11075 Foothill Blvd., Lake View Terrace           me a copy of a most inter-       but you don’t see him until
                                                                                                                                   Keith Maupin (father):
                 Free – 6:30 pm 899-8087                   esting transcript of an Octo-    15 seconds after the start.
                                                                                                                              “Just bring Matt home.
                                                           ber 13, 2006 broadcast from      His parents don’t appear for
                                                                                                                              That’s all I ask of you”.
                                                           WKRC, TV 12, Cincinnati,         another 20 seconds…”
                   Friday, December 8                                                                                              Is the Army Preparing
                                                           OH. Sergeant Maupin was                “An official in Iraq,
                        Holiday Show                                                                                          to Declare Matt Maupin
                                                           the topic of that broadcast.     close to the production of
                                                                                                                              Dead?—“Several         months
        Visit from Santa, Performances by preschool,       The transcript was forward-      the ad, told us the men who
                                                                                                                              ago we were told, by a
                  ballet, jazz, Latin Dance,               ed to Mr. Amorosi by Lynn        attacked Matt’s convoy are
                                                                                                                              very well placed individual,
   Tae Kwon Do & special performance by Senior Citizens    O’Shea of the National Al-       hard core opponents, very
                                                                                                                              that the Army believed Sgt.
                                                           liance of Families, an orga-     little will get them to talk.
              Dance Club and Child Care Center                                                                                Maupin is dead and would
                                                           nization intimately involved     The military official told us
    Branford Recreation Center,3306 Branford St., Arleta                                                                      like to change his status.
                                                           with all POW/MIA issues. In      the ad focused on Iraqis be-
                   Free – 6 pm – 893-4923                                                                                          We did not report this
                                                           the matter of Sgt. Maupin,       cause, he says, the major-
                                                           we can only imagine the an-      ity of Iraqis don’t care what             Continued - next page
NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006                                                NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                             Page 11

                                                      Neighborhood Council
                                                       Review Commission
                                                         Public Hearing
     Seven   years ago, the City of Los Angeles created a system
     of Neighborhood Councils to give you a greater voice in                  TUESDAY
     local government. These are elected groups of your neighbors     NOVEMBER 21, 2006
     and other local stakeholders who give advice to the City         6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
     Council and City Departments about how to better serve
     your neighborhood.
                                     The Neighborhood Council Review Commission will be
                                     holding a public hearing in the North Valley Planning Area.
                                     Written comments or brief spoken comments are welcome.

                 WE WANT TO
                 HEAR FROM
      How well is your Neighborhood Council representing
           you and your needs?
      Do people know about the Neighborhood Councils?
      Do Neighborhood Councils have the right roles
           and powers?
      Is the City government organized to help the
           Neighborhood Councils?
      How can we make the system better?

                San Fernando High School                                                                    Spanish Translation
                  11133 O’Melveny Ave.                                                                       Will Be Provided
                 San Fernando, CA 91340                                                                       Free Parking!
                                For More Information Contact: Patrice Lattimore (213) 978-1074

information, as we usually        response was, ‘The POW/          as you mingle and speak
                                                                                                    served your country.           at 33 Wilson Ave., Glens
like at least a second source     MIA groups.’ There was a         with veterans, feel free to
                                                                                                         In the article above,     Falls, NY, 1-518-792-2057.
of confirmation. WKRC has         slight nod of the head and       ask them about their mili-
                                                                                                    Keith Maupin, Sgt. Matt            Lynn O’Shea and the
now confirmed that informa-       the topic was changed”.          tary experiences. Many will
                                                                                                    Maupin’s father pleaded        National Alliance of Fami-
tion. While the WKRC story             Unfortunately, if the in-   gladly engage you. However,
                                                                                                    with the Army: “Just bring     lies can be reached at lynn
is soft in its wording, no        formation contained in the       for some, the recall may be
                                                                                                    Matt home…”.                   oshea@nationalalliance.org.,
punches were pulled when          last paragraph above is true,    too painful. In such instanc-
                                                                                                         And each of us should     or at 1-718-846-4350.
we were told the Army             Sgt. Matt Maupin will not        es a simple “thanks” may
believes Maupin is dead.                                                                            be demanding that our poli-
                                  live to become a veteran.        make them feel that their
When we were told of this                                                                           ticians and generals to do
                                  He will have paid the ul-        contributions were all well
information, we asked why                                                                           their best to bring them all
                                  timate sacrifice for what I      worth their effort. If you ac-
the Army had not acted                                                                              home.
                                  hope is a grateful nation.       knowledge this day in even
on the status. Our answer                                                                                Donald C. Amorosi and
                                  And as we approach this          the simplest of ways, you
was a pointed look, with a,                                                                         the Northeast POW/MIA
                                  Veterans’ Day I ask that         can not be unaffected by
‘Well…’ that trailed off into                                                                       Network can be reached at
                                  you keep Sgt. Matt Maupin        those dedicated uniformed
a shrug of the shoulders. Our     and his family in mind And       men and women who have
                                                                                                    kris1976@verizon.net, or
Page 12                                                             NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                         NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006

Friends of                          get it done.                    cer, Pop Warner Football.        thanks in advance for your            in the armed forces which
                                        To that end, I am go-       Bowling Teams/events at          help and any photos and               guard my country and our
Granada Hills                       ing to be in Granada Hills      Granada Lanes, Knollwood         images you can provide.               way of life. I am prepared
Remember enjoying an                from Saturday, November         Country Club, etc.               For additional information            to give my life in their
ice cream at Currie’s in            4th through Saturday, No-            The Housing Boom of         contact Jim Summers 818-              defense.”
the old Alpha Beta shop-            vember 11th and will be         the 1950’s & 1960’s Home         321-6259.                                 That is why we will
ping center? How about              more than happy to visit        construction photos, real                                              proudly honor our Veterans
the BIG slide at the cor-           with you to discuss what        estate literature/advertising,                                         again this year at our San
ner of Chatsworth and               you have and see if it can      Balboa Highlands, the old                                              Fernando Valley’s 3rd An-
Zelzah (across the street           be used in the book.            ranches that were subdi-                                               nual Veterans Day Parade
                                                                    vide for new homes con-
from where the Treasury                 Here is a list of some
                                    of the events I am inter-       struction ( e.g., Sunshine
                                                                                                     Why and how                           November 11, which will
was) or the trampoline pits                                                                                                                begin at 11:00 AM. The
on Chatsworth (where the            ested in including the book     Ranch, Cascade Ranch,            We will Honor                         theme is “Honoring those
                                    and am looking for addi-        Carroll Ranch), etc.
Frosty Queen is)? Maybe
                                    tional pictures of:                  Bygone        Businesses    our Veterans                          Who Served Past and Pres-
                                                                                                                                           ent.” Rear Admiral Joseph
you learned to swim at
the swim school on White                Historic/Memora-            Char-Mar’s,      The    Trea-    The majority of Ameri-                Maguire Commander, Na-
Oak. These are just some            ble Events–1971 Sylmar          sury, the old White Oak          cans lead daily lives not             val Special Warfare Com-
of the great old memories           Earthquake       (earthquake    Post Office, Thurlow Cul-        bound by any set code of              mand, will be the Grand
that have been coming into          damage, evacuation pho-         ley Real Estate, Nahas De-       conduct. Most pledges that            Marshal of the parade. The
the Granada Hills History           tos from Northridge Park        partment Store, Granada          we make, are of our own               parade will culminate at
Project      (www.Granada-          or Granada High, the fire       Movie Theater, Granada           design and only made to               Ritchie Valens Park where
HillsHistory.com).                  at Thrifty Drug Store,          Lanes, Food Giant, Peter         those of our own choosing.            a street fair and carnival
     In fact, the response          Van Norman Dam, etc.),          Pan Dairy and Tinkerbell         At most community events              will be held.
and interest in the forth-          1994 Northridge Earth-          Cleaners, Hughes, Gemco,         the Pledge of Allegiance                  The parade will begin
coming book on the his-             quake (earthquake damage,       Currie’s Ice Cream, Alpha        to the flag is usually re-            at San Fernando Mission
tory of Granada Hills has           President Clinton’s visit to    Beta, Builders Emporium,         cited in a dull monotone.             and Laurel Canyon Bou-
been great. But I could             GH, etc.), the 1991 Jewish      Frosty Freeze, A&W Root          The singing of the Star               levards. The streets will
still use some additional           Community Center hostage        Beer, etc.                       Spangled Banner is used               be festive and lined with
photographs and other im-           taking, the Red Adair Gas            Church and Service          as an advertising tool, be-           cheering families, friends
ages (this is going to be a         Well fire,                      Club Events Installation         fore super bowl games, to             and supporters. There will
pictorial history of Grana-             Knott’s Landing and         of officers and officials,       either introduce the latest           be high school and el-
da Hills after all).                other movie and television      Awards ceremonies, Cham-         singing sensation or to res-          ementary school marching
     With the Holidays ap-          location filming, etc.          ber of Commerce Events,          urrect the career of some             bands, and many other at-
proaching I know people                 Community Events The        etc.                             fading superstar.                     tractions to see. There will
are going to be rushed and          Annual Holiday Parade,               School Events Dedica-           In the United States              be government representa-
getting focused on things           Dedication of the Grana-        tions of new schools, fairs,     Military there is a code of           tives, celebrities and com-
a lot more important than           da Hills Library, plays at      dramatic or musical pro-         conduct. Marine Colonel F.            munity dignitaries, in the
the Granada Hills History           the Granada Theatre, Jimi       ductions, etc.                   Brooke Nihart, who recent-            viewing stand.
Project. But if you were            Hendricks at Devonshire              Community       Amuse-      ly died at the age of 87,                 At that time please,
thinking about participat-          Downs, Miss Granada Hills       ments The Big Slide, the         wrote it. Colonel Nihart,             take a moment and know
ing, I would appreciate             competitions, Forth of July     Trampoline Pits, Swim            was awarded the Navy                  that the men and women
hearing what you have that          celebrations, the Petit Park    School, O’Melveny Park,          Cross for distinguished               representing all branches
you think would be of in-           Band Shell, the Bookmo-         Petit Park, Shopping Center      service in the Korean War.            of the military service,
terest.                             bile, etc.                      traveling carnivals, school      He later commanded the                and marching proudly be-
     Remember you will                  School Teams/Groups         pranks/practical jokes, etc.     Marine Regiment at Camp               fore you, are also carry-
not be surrendering or los-         All the City Championship            As you can see there is     Pendleton.                            ing the memories of their
ing control of your photo-          Sports Team from Grana-         quite a bit of history and           On Aug. 17, 1955,                 comrades past and present
graphs and other material.          da Hills High and Ken-          memories that have taken         President Dwight D. Eisen-            upon their shoulders. And,
I simply need to secure a           nedy High ( e.g., the 1970      place in Granada Hills           hower signed an executive             as the ten World War Two
useable scan of your items          GHHS City Championship          over the years. No doubt         order making the code of              Condors fly overhead, think
(information on the pub-            Football Team, Kennedy          I’ve missed something, so        conduct, written by Nihart,           about the sacrifice each
lisher’s scanning informa-          High’s 1989 City Baseball       that’s why I would still         the official credo for Amer-          one of them past and pres-
tion can be found here              Champs), GHHS’s High-           like to hear from you.           icans in all branches of the          ent made and continue to
    http://granadahillshis-         land Marching Band in the            If you can help pro-        military. Every member of             make because one fateful
tory.com/GranadaHillsH-             annual Rose Parade, Ken-        vide images of anything          the United States Armed               day they raised their hands
istoryScanSpecs.htm). If            nedy High’s award winning       I’ve mentioned above or of       Forces recites the code,              and pledged to give their
you don’t have the abil-            Drill Team.                     something I’ve overlooked,       which was revised in 1977.            lives for “our” country.
ity to scan your material,              Community          Sports   let me know.                     Article 1, of the Military                            Cile Borman
I will be happy to work             Teams/Activities         The         Thanks for your contin-     Code of Conduct states, “I                     Lake View Terrace
with you to figure out the          1963 Little League World        ued interest in the Granada      am an American, fighting
most convenient way to              Champs,      AYSO       Soc-    Hills History Project and

                                                                                                      Faith Community
                           COMFORT SHOES • BOOTS • SANDALS • CLOGS
                                 Lifts, Orthopedics, Alterations and all Shoe Repair
                                          (818) 363-2753                                                       Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church
11856 Balboa Blvd., Granada Hills, CA 91344 • Knollwood Plaza                                                               A joy filed family of God.

    $1000                 OFF!!
                                                                                                                           Rev. Dr. Janet Winslow, Pastor
                                                          We also carry many other
                                                  all     brands of comfort shoes!
                                                                                                                    Praise Celebration–9:00am • Worship Service–10:30am
                                                                                                      818-353-2500. • 10158 Johanna Ave (at Sunland Blvd.) Sunland, CA 91040
                                                             Large & Wide Sizes!
                                                         *Diabetic Shoes and Socks*
                                                                                                                                                  is adding a
                                                         Shoe Clearance

                                                                                                          FAITH COMMUNITY DIRECTORY.
                                                        SELECTED STYLES                              It will appear on or next to the “Spiritual Life” page in
                                                                                                     each issue. Our goal is to support the places and orga-
                                                         UP TO 50% OFF!!!                            nizations of Faith by featuring interesting articles, and
                                                                                                     Community Events, and Services offered in the North
One discount purchase per customer expires 12/31/06
                                                                                                     Valley. Please call 818-293-0060 or email jeannine@nort
Do You Like North Valley Reporter? Please Support our Advertisers                                    hvalleyreporter.com for affordable directory pricing and
                                                                                                     to submit events or services offered to the community.
NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006                                               NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                                    Page 13

  Spirtual LIFE
                                                                                                      Free And
                                                                                                      Memory Screenings
                                                 Prescribing                                          Tuesday, November 14
                                                 Religion                                             2:00 p.m. -- 8:00 p.m.
                                                                                                      Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church will be providing memory
                                                                                                      screenings in conjunction with Alzheimer’s Foundation of
                                                 Spirituality, Religion                               America’s National Memory Screening Day on Tuesday,
                                                 and Healthy Aging                                    November 14, from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
                                                                                                          A memory screening is a simple and safe evaluation
                                                 By Lisa Chippendale
                                                                                                      tool that assesses memory and other intellectual functions.
                                                 Infoaging Correspondent
                                                                                                      It is not used to diagnose any particular illness but may
                                                                                                      indicate whether additional testing by a qualified healthcare
                                                                                                      specialist is necessary. The face-to-face screening takes place
Most of the time, a doctor’s advice for               Not all researchers find the evidence link-     in privacy with a psychologist, social worker, or nurse. It
successful aging would offer the familiar        ing religion to good health compelling. Dr.          consists of a series of questions and/or tasks designed to
mantras of good health: quit smoking, exer-      Richard P. Sloan, director of the Behavioral         test memory, language skills and thinking ability. The con-
cise regularly, eat five to seven helpings of    Medicine Program at Columbia-Presbyterian            fidential results are reviewed with the person following the
fruits and vegetables a day. Yet perhaps the     Medical Center in New York, believes that            screening.
day could be coming when your family phy-        the scientific evidence supporting the asso-             Reservations may be made by calling the church office,
sician might prescribe some unusual advice:      ciation between spirituality and good health         drop-ins are also welcome.
go to your house of worship, meditate, pray.     is weak. He notes that the results of many
In the United States, the traditional bound-     studies have not been consistent. Some have                          Shadow Hills Presbyterian Church
aries between church and state are blurring      shown that religious attendance is associ-                           10158 Johanna Ave (at Sunland Blvd.)
with President George Bush’s recent initia-      ated with longer life, but others have not.                          Sunland, CA 91040
tive to allow faith-based charities to compete   In addition, the studies tend to vary on how                         818-353-2500.
for government funding. Might the boundar-       they define religious and spiritual activity,
ies between medicine and religion be blur-       leading to difficulty in comparing them. In
ring as well?                                                     his paper on this topic pub-
     Science and Religion Pro-                                    lished in the Feb. 20, 1999,
ponents of recent research        People with a                   issue of the journal Lancet,
into the role of spirituality
in health believe that it is
                                  strong personal                 Dr. Sloan wrote, “Even in the
                                                                  best studies, the evidence of
time for those boundaries to      faith who                       an association between reli-
disappear. Numerous studies
published in peer-reviewed
                                  regularly attend                gion, spirituality, and health
                                                                  is weak and inconsistent.” He
journals have shown that re-      religious services              also points out that there are
ligious faith and participation                                   ethical problems with a phy-
in organized religion offer
                                  generally have                  sician recommending religion
benefits for healthy aging.       lower blood                     to patients.
People with a strong personal                                        The Relaxation Response
faith who regularly attend re-    pressure; are                   For people uncomfortable
ligious services generally have   less likely to                  with    traditional    religions,
lower blood pressure; are less                                    work by Dr. Herbert Benson,
likely to suffer from depres-     suffer from                     an Associate Professor of
sion; have a greater sense        depression; have                Medicine at Harvard Medi-
                                                                                                       Sergeant Randy Sulstrom of the Crescenta Valley Sheriff’s
of well-being; have stronger                                      cal School and founder of the
immune systems; and live          a greater sense                 Mind/Body Medical Institute,
                                                                                                       Department is flanked by Women’s Auxiliary Vice President
                                                                                                       Nancy Reitze of Pasadena and cell phone project chairwoman
longer-23% longer, accord-        of well-being;                  suggests that you can enhance        and Auxiliary member Marti Marshall of Sunland.
ing to a long-term study by                                       your spirituality and your
                                  have stronger
Dr. William Strawbridge and
other researchers published in
the American Journal of Pub-
                                  immune systems;
                                                                  health without joining a tra-
                                                                  ditional church or synagogue.
                                                                  In the early 1970s, Dr. Ben-
                                                                                                      Helping Seniors
lic Health in 1997.
     Religious faith seems to
                                  and live longer-
                                  23% longer,
                                                                  son defined the “relaxation
                                                                  response” as the opposite of
                                                                                                      to Be Heard
increase the ability of older                                     the fight-or-flight response. It    The Church of Scientology
people to cope with illness,                                      brings about a slowed heart-
disability, loss, and their own mortality. In    beat, lowered blood pressure, and a reduc-           Women’s Auxiliary Donates Cell
a study published in 1992 in the American        tion in stress rather than the opposite. Draw-       Phones To Sheriff’s Station
Journal of Psychiatry, Dr. Harold G. Koe-        ing on non-Western religious traditions, the
nig, Director of the Center for the Study        relaxation response is triggered through the         Members of the Women’s           “Giving the phones to our
of Religion/Spirituality and Health at Duke      spiritual practice of many techniques, includ-       Auxiliary recently delivered     seniors is really a way to
University, and colleagues surveyed men          ing meditation, yoga, progressive relaxation,        37 gently used cell phones       provide them with a lev-
hospitalized with serious illness. They found    and autogenic training. In numerous studies          and chargers to the Cres-        el of comfort. Now they
that those men who used religion to cope         published in the 1970s and 1980s, Dr. Ben-           centa Valley Sheriff’s De-       know that when they need
with their illness had much lower rates of       son and colleagues showed that regular use           partment. Sergeant Randy         help, it’s merely a phone
depression and reported a better quality of      of the relaxation response led patients to           Sulstrom gladly accepted         call away. They have more
life than those using nonreligious coping        overcome a variety of stress-related illnesses,      the phones for distribution      freedom and know that
methods or who reacted negatively to their       such as insomnia, migraine headaches, and            to Foothills-area seniors to     they are not alone in case
situation. In addition, religious people seem    hypertension. Patients also reported increased       use in case of emergency.        of any emergency. We are
to spend less time in the hospital. In a study   feelings of spirituality.                            The phones will be refur-        thrilled to be a part of this,
published in the Southern Medical Journal             Although the relaxation response works          bished and programmed for        knowing we are helping
in 1998, Dr. Koenig and colleagues found         no matter what the practitioner’s spiritual be-      911 by the sheriff’s depart-     people in need.”
that subjects who attended church at least       liefs, Dr. Benson is an avid supporter of re-        ment as part of the Cell              For further information
once per week were 43% less likely to have       ligious faith. “There is a tremendous amount         Phones for Life project.         on the Cell Phones for Life
been admitted to the hospital in the pre-        of literature that belief enhances healing,”             Auxiliary member Marti       project at the Crescenta
ceding year than non-churchgoing subjects.       he points out, referring to the placebo ef-          Marshall of Sunland, who         Valley Sheriff’s department,
Plus, any hospital stays they did have were      fect, which he calls “remembered wellness.”          chaired the project, said:       contact (818) 248-3464.
markedly shorter.                                                             Continued - page 15
Page 14                                                        NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                  NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006

                                                                                                            Los Angeles Animal Services
                                                                                                              East Valley Shelter
                                                                                                            Here Comes Santa Claus…
                                                           My Cat’s                                         by Officer Greenberg
                                                                                                            LAAS Public Relations Office

                                                           Late Night                                       Santa Claus will be coming to a LA Animal
                                                                                                            Services shelter near you. From 2pm to 4pm

                                                                                                            on Sunday, November 26, 2006, families who
                                                                                                            adopt a new pet from the East Valley Animal
                                                                                                            Care and Control Center can have their picture
                                                                                                            taken with Santa. This is for adopted pets on
                                                                                                            that day only. Donations to help the shelter
                                                                                                            animals are welcomed and please, leave your
                                                                                                            personal pets at home.
by Bob Alexander
     My cat Spike is very laid back. He’s a lover, raccoon in the least. He couldn’t see the food, so       Pedigree, Saving
not a fighter, so it was with surprise that one
morning as I was feeding him his daily ration
                                                   he chewed the lid off the five gallon containers
                                                   that held the cat food, scattering it all over the
                                                                                                            Animals’ Lives
of cat food, I saw two scratches on his nose.      garage. This dampened my spirits somewhat, but           Monday, October 23, 2006, The Pedigree Com-
He ate the food like he was famished, instead of   I was determined to drive him from our house             pany arrived at the East Valley Shelter to shoot
taking a few bites then going somewhere to think   forever!                                                 a commercial using the shelter dogs. The com-
the situation over. Normally he would then come         Play the radio loudly in the areas the raccoon      mercial, as well as print ads, will feature dogs
back to his bowl and begin to eat again. At the    has invaded! They will think someone is talking          of all types that were housed at the shelter
time I didn’t know there were raccoons eating his  and stay away! I tuned the radio in the garage           that day. The Pedigree Company has started a
food at night.                                     to a station that played rap music all night, then       website, www.lashelterdogs.com to feature these
     Spike sleeps in the garage. He has a cat      turned up the volume. I figured if that didn’t do        dogs so that each one will get a loving home.
door to the outside, so he comes and goes as       the trick nothing would. It didn’t work! Somehow         They have graciously agreed to adopt these
he pleases. Only on the cold-                                         he climbed up a bookshelf onto        dogs if they were not adopted 30 days after the
                                                                                                            shoot. In addition to the two dogs below, please
est winter nights does he sleep
in the house, preferring the
                                                                          top of a
                                    He scooted through thehad stored refrigerator where
                                                                      I              the cat food. He       check out the website and see if you will be
solitude of his own kingdom the door to the                           pushed it off onto the floor,         willing to adopt one of these loving dogs into
                                                                                                            your home.
where there is always silence
after dark. His quiet time was
                                                                                      bouncing on
                                    outside, then turned dry cat food like raindrops the
                                                                      concrete floor                on
shattered one night a couple of     around and stuck his a roof.                                            Won’t You Adopt Me?
hours after dinner. I heard a head back through                           Trap the animals. I called
noise in the garage that sounded                                      the city animal control people
like something falling from a the door, staring at                    and they brought me a trap.
shelf. I opened the door to the me as if I should be This was a big cage that would
garage and saw a large raccoon                                        catch the raccoon without hurt-
scurrying from the cat’s bowl to sorry for interrupting ing it. The theory is that the
the opening in the pet door. He his dinner.                           raccoons would enter the trap,
scooted through the door to the                                       stepping on the trip mechanism
outside, then turned around and                                       as they ate the bait, (cat food),
stuck his head back through the door, staring      thus tripping the trap door. The raccoons would
at me as if I should be sorry for interrupting his be caught, the city would then remove the animal
dinner.                                            to a safe place, miles away from my house and
     The next day surveying the damage to my       all would be peaceful again. Wrong! The only
exterior door, where the raccoon had scratched     thing I caught was my cat Spike! Twice!
and torn at the pet door to get inside the garage,      I learned that those traps do work, but rac-
I did some studying about the subject of raccoon   coons are very intelligent. You have to put con-
removal. I found out that they are nocturnal ani-  crete blocks or some kind of barrier around the                   “Chelsea” ID#832014
mals, sleeping all day and feeding and roaming     sides of the trap so they won’t put their paws                    3y old Female/Intact
at night. I also learned that there are ways to    into the cage and grab the food without springing               Shepard/Queensland mix,
remove raccoons without shooting them.             the trap. Raccoons have paws with fingers that
     Remove their food supply! This sounded like   enable them to grasp food and stuff it into their
such a good idea that I tried it. I brought the    mouths.
cat’s dish into the house. That didn’t deter the        By this time I realized I had a family of rac-
                                                   coons. By now I had seen five; two adults and
                                                   three young ones. The young ones let me take
                                                   their pictures while munching on Spike’s cat food.
                                                   I reward them for allowing me a photo shoot. The
                                                   older ones wait patiently outside the door until I
                                                   finish shooting. They’ll finish up the food when I
                                                   go back into the house. Spike the cat is sprawled
                                                   in an old chair, yawning at the raccoons.
                                                        My wife thinks I’m nuts to have fallen un-
                                                   der the spell of the adolescent raccoons. Since
                                                   one of the young raccoons tries to get into the                        “Stella” ID#728570,
                                                   house every time the Maybe I am, but they are                     2.5 years old, Female/Spayed
                                                   a lot of fun. I’ve ordered a sure-fire raccoon re-             Microchipped, Austrailian Kelpie mix
                                                   pellant that I know will work. It’s coyote urine.
                                                                                                            Animals in shelters don’t have all the
                                                   Sprinkled around the area the raccoons frequent,
                                                   it will scare them away. They’re afraid of coy-          comforts of home. We try to make the
                                                   otes because they are one of the natural predators       animals as comfortable and as happy
                                                   of raccoons. If this doesn’t work, I’ll order wolf       as possible and you can assist us by do-
                                                   urine.                                                   nating: BLANKETS, NEWSPAPERS, GAL-
                                                          Bob Alexander is greatly experienced in the art   LON JUGS OF WHITE VINEGAR, SMALL
                                                     of southern barbequing and leisure activity. Learn     AND MEDIUM-SIZED RECTANGULAR
                                                     to enjoy yourself with more of Bob’s ideas. Visit:     LITTER BOXES, WOOD STOVE PELLETS,
                                                     www.bluefishbob.com or www.homeandgardenbob.com.
                                                                                                            AND JINGLE CAT TOYS
NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006                                               NORTH VALLEY REPORTER                                                                         Page 15

Prescribing Religion                  – from page 13    of aging as an opportunity for spiritual growth.      lieving anxiety about mortality. And those with a
Studies have shown that anywhere from 30 to                 Most sacred traditions emphasize one of two       belief in a higher power can still serve others by
70% of patients with certain non-life-threatening       roles for older adults: embarking on a quest for      praying for them and society in general.
illnesses or conditions will recover just by tak-       spiritual growth or mentoring the younger gen-             What all of these approaches to spirituality in
ing a “sugar pill” or other form of placebo. If         eration. One Hindu tradition urges the elderly to     aging have in common is an emphasis on achiev-
faith in the medical establishment can yield such       leave behind their comforts and possessions and       ing inner peace. Extrapolating from the scientific
positive results, Dr. Benson reasons, combining it      “resort to the forest” to seek enlightenment. On      literature, perhaps anything that reduces stress and
with faith in a higher power that can assist with       the other hand, Native American cultures expected     anxiety can improve the quality of our lives.
healing can only help the brain “remember” how          older people to become elders, to use their ac-       Whether older people achieve inner peace through
it felt to be well.                                     cumulated knowledge and wisdom to advise and          attendance at a Christian church or Jewish syna-
     Aging as a Spiritual Journey Is the only goal of   guide the tribe. Leder and other proponents of        gogue, through meditation designed to elicit the
spirituality in aging to maintain health? A grow-       a spiritual approach to aging call their blend of     relaxation response, or through contemplation of
ing number of people think otherwise. They have         these ideas “spiritual eldering.” Leder believes      spiritual matters and an acceptance of mortality,
begun advocating a different approach to aging:         that even ill elderly who are unable to volunteer     the effect is most likely similar. The real goal
treating the later years as a new, unique stage in      or travel to spiritual retreats can find solace in    of successful aging should be to enjoy the extra
life rather than trying to extend youth. Dr. Drew       the spiritual eldering process. “Even if you don’t    years of life that advances in Western medicine
Leder, a professor of philosophy at Loyola Uni-         stay healthy, you can use that as part of your        have brought us.
versity in Maryland and author of the spiritual         spiritual growth. Disability causes people to seek        This article was reprinted with permission from
workbook Spiritual Passages: Embracing Life’s           out social and spiritual wholeness,” he says. An      the American Federation for Aging Research and was
                                                        inward spiritual journey can help ill or disabled     originally developed for the educational Web site, In-
Sacred Journey, has drawn upon the spiritual be-
                                                        people come to terms with death and dying, re-        foaging. For more information, please visit www.info-
liefs of many different cultures to build a model

                                               HERE’S                           MY CARD

                                                                                                              I Buy Houses
                                                                                                                      SELL your house AS IS for a fair price
                                                                                                                            on the DATE OF YOUR CHOICE
                                                                                                                         Refinancing SOLUTIONS available
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                                                                                                                                        PERSONAL LOANS
                                                                                                                                                        Call Dr. Levant

                                                                                                                                    Sunshine Thai Spa
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                                                                                                                                           Reduce Back Pain
                                                                                                                                        Refreshed and Balanced
                                                                                                                                            Total Relaxation
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                                                                                                                                       (one block west of Glenoaks)

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http://www.hilltopinla.com                                    To place an ad             ____________________________
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Unfurnished - $3,500                                           money order
                                                                North Valley Reporter, P.O. Box 674, Tujunga, CA 91042 • 818-293-0060
The Greening of
Page 16                                                        NORTH VALLEY REPORTER             NOVEMBER 8–21, 2006

Hansen Dam
The Tree People, a non profit organization, and the Los Angeles Department
of Recreation and Parks partnered in planting more than 150 trees in the
Hansen Dam Recreation Area. According to TreePeople Jim Summers, Direc-
tor of Forestry they plan to organize other park plantings and green streets
and schools in the San Fernando Valley. The San Fernando Valley planting
is part of the goal to plant trees in parks from the “foothills to the sea.”
    Volunteers from all over Los Angeles came together to plant oaks and
other native, drought resistant trees on Saturday, November 4, on one of the
hottest days of the month.
    To date members and staff of the TreePeople, who are training a new
troop of Citizen Foresters, have planted over two million trees. Their part-
ner, the L.A. Department of Recreation and Parks oversees approximately
400 parks covering 16,000 acres. Their partnership is based on that a single
person planting a tree can help curb global warming, beautify a neighbor-
hood, clean the air, save energy, capture rainwater for rescue and enhance a
community. The next Community Workshop will be held at Lake View Ter-
race Recreation Center December 2. An R.S.V.P is required by November
25, you may call (818) 623-4879 or email: volunteer@treepeople.org.
    Tree planting will begin in Griffith Park in 2007. Volunteers are always
needed: to plant trees call (818) 623-4879 for more information or volunteer
for Recreation and Parks programs call (888) 427-2757

                                                     Uses of California
                                                     Native Plants by
                                                     the Native People
                                                            November 11, 2006
                                                          10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
                                                        Learn about the different environments
                                                    and communities and how people relate to
                                                    their environment. Discover how the native
                                                    people use nature for food, shelter, music
                                                    and spiritual beliefs. Students will make
                                                    bracelets using traditional (Yucca plant)
                                                    and non-traditional materials. Instructor
                                                    Oscar Ortiz is a cultural/environmental
                                                    specialist working in the Santa Monica
                                                    Mountains conducting workshops, teacher
                                                    and docent training and has been a docent
                                                    for over 20 years and is affiliated with
                                                    several Chumash organizations.
                                                                $30 for members,
                                                              $40 for non-members
                                                       Tues - Sat, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
                                                          Closed Sunday - Monday
                                                                  (818) 768-1802
                                                            10459 Tuxford Street,
                                                          Sun Valley, CA 91352-2116

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