3 Reasons Take Up Running

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					3 Reasons Take Up Running
Have you ever thought that running is a waste of time? Or do you ever think running is not a
good exercise, and think other exercises (such as weight lifting) are much better and healthier?
Well if you think that way, here are 3 reasons why it isn't a waste of time and why you should
take up running!

1. Running is the most efficient exercise for your body

Running is the most efficient exercise for your body because when you run, you are exercising
your heart, lungs, bowels, immune, lymphatic and neurological system. All these systems are
activating and exercising when you run which also makes these systems stronger. More systems
are in use compared to other exercises such as weight. With weights, you are just exercising one
specific group of muscles, but with running, you exercise multiple groups of muscles plus other
organ systems.

2. Reduces your cholesterol

When you run, your body helps to increase the removal of cholesterol from your body by
burning it and digesting it away from your cardiovascular system. This will help your arteries
and veins be clear of any blockages and plaques so your blood can move more smoothly
throughout your body.

3. Best exercise to make your heart stronger

The best way to make one of your biggest muscle in your body, the heart, much stronger is by
running. When you run, you make your heart pump hard and fast because you are using your
whole body to move. No other exercise is better at making your heart pump hard and strong than

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