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STOP - Read this Before Giving Away Your BlackBerry or iPhone


A Must See for Businesses and Individuals ! What Every Blackberry and Iphone User Should Know When Servicing, Selling, or Giving Away Their Phone

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									                ARC - A Resource Company
  Protecting Your Privacy – A Must
  Read for BlackBerry and I Phone

What Every Blackberry and Iphone User Should
Know When Servicing, Selling, or Giving Away
Their Phone

• What you need to know to wipe out your
  memory in a Blackberry before you sell it or
  give it away to a friend.

• What to do when you are Selling or Giving
  Away your BlackBerry, iPhone or iPod

• Tools and Sites to Help You : Bonus Free Hard
  Drive Utilities to help you destroy data on
  your computers

• Review

Let’s face it, no matter what age you are, we have
become a generation on the move. And with that we
developed tools to help us become efficient wherever
we are. That means we are storing vast amounts of
data on our devices. And believe it or not, most
people who sell or give away their mobile devices do
not think about what they are giving away when they
pass on their used Blackberry's, iPods and iphone. We
tend to store anything from our personal contact
phone numbers, to our bank account numbers. In
addition, our email conversations are also stored on
our devices. When you think about it much of what
we store is very personal. What you need to know is
how to wipe out your personal data before handing
over your personal information to just anyone.
You can go to the store where you purchased
your smart phone and have the professionals
do it for you. Or for the DIY’s there are two
ways : (Remember to do a backup prior to
wiping out your data)

Option 1:
• : Options > Security Options > General
Settings > Enter wrong password 10 times
• You will be prompted to type the word
blackberry to confirm the wipe.
Option 2:
Options > Security Options > General Settings >
Click the track wheel/trackball on the
Password field > Select “Wipe Handheld
Don’t count on the professionals at
Apple to scrub your phone and wipe it
clean. Why ? That’s because there is
no public, easy way to completely
erase your personal data. If you want
to annihilate every scrap of personal
information, Jonathans Zdziarski’s
methods works best:
iPhone Jailbreak:
►Process allows users to install
customized applications.
►Uses custom software to work around
the default iPhone operating systems.
►Process voids warranty from Apple
Each new version of iPhone software
requires new version of jail breaking
 Jail Breaking process voids warranty
from Apple

 Some users have experienced software
errors which cause their iPhone to stop
operating. It can also happen when trying
to apply an official Apple update to a
phone that has already been jail broken or

Here are the sites you can go to
offering additional information on
wiping your devices clean :

• http://jailbreak4: A site for wiping
your iPhone
• A free utility
for erasing bits or all of your data on
your computer hard drive A free
utility for erasing all of your data on
your computer hard drive USB
memory sticks, and floppy
• Never Service, Give Away or Sell your
devices without first wiping the memory
of your personal information

•BlackBerry’s can be wiped by internal

• iPods and iPhones need a 3rd party
application to ensure that the memory is
wiped out.

• There are free utilities available to wipe
out your Laptop or Desktop Computers,
USB Memory Sticks, and Floppy Drives
We hope this tutorial has been helpful and allows
you to feel confident when selling or giving away
your old devices. If you liked this tutorial, please
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