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                                                                                                                                FD 160
                                                                                                    TABLETOP BOOKLET MAKER
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Standard Features:                                                            Click Here --->
 Staples and folds up to 12 sheets of 20# bond
 Quick and easy setup
 Self-centering adjustable side guides
 Lightweight and portable
 Two staplers with four stapling positions
 Motorized rollers fold and eject completed booklets
 Staple-and-fold and staple-only modes
 Heavy-duty steel construction

 Creates up to 420 booklets per hour
 Accommodates a variety of paper sizes
 Stapler heads are easily adjusted to several preset

                                                       Quick, Simple and Affordable Booklet Making
                                                       The FD 160 Tabletop Booklet Maker is a compact and affordable addition to small print
                                                       shops, offices, churches and schools. Quick and easy setup leads to professional-
                                                       quality booklets, right from your desktop. Staple and fold up to 12 sheets of 20# bond
                                                       with two staplers in a choice of four stapling positions. Simply insert sheets, press down
                                                       on the stapling handle, and the FD 160’s motorized rollers fold and eject the finished
                                                       booklet. With the ability to create up to 420 booklets per hour, this economical model is
                                                       ideal for short-runs or in-house projects.


                                                        Sheet Capacity:            Folds up to 12 sheets of 20# bond, for 48-page booklets
                                                        Sheet Size:                10.25” - 18.5” L x 7.75” - 11.75” W
                                                        Speed:                     Up to 420 booklets per hour (operator-dependent)
                                                        Dimensions:                20” L x 15.5” W x 6” H
                                                        Weight:                    41 lbs
                                                        Voltage:                   115 Volts AC, 60Hz

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