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									                                                            DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH

                                                                JOB DESCRIPTION

                        Job Title:          Senior Sister

                        Job Role:           Sister for Orthopaedic Wards and services

                        Location:           Orthopaedic Wards
                                            Orthopaedic / Trauma / Private Patient Directorate
                                            Noble’s Hospital

                        Accountable to:     Clinical General Manager

                        Reports to:         Clinical General Manager

                        Pay Band:           7

                        Job Evaluation      0349v2/JE/10
                        Reference No:


Sister / Charge Nurse / Team Leader Job Description                                          Page 1 of 17
                                                                                     Clinical General Manager

                                                             Senior Nurse

                                                             Senior Sister

                                             Sister / Charge Nurse

                                                           Registered Nurse

                                                      Senior Health Care Assistant
                                                         Health Care Assistant


                        JOB PURPOSE

                        The post holder will have 24 hour responsibility for managing all aspects of patient care delivery and
                        resources in the Orthopaedic/Trauma wards and Pre-admission Clinics

                        The post holder will provide clinical and managerial leadership, supervise, develop and regulate a team of
                        carers and support staff within a safe working environment which promotes learning, development and
                        professional excellence.

                        The post holder will lead the Unit team in providing a health service for patients (and their families) from

Sister / Charge Nurse / Team Leader Job Description                                           Page 2 of 17
                        pre admission to discharge

                        The post holder is responsible for promoting delivery of care based on current evidence, best practice and
                        where applicable validated research when it is available.

                        The post holder will demonstrate effective and efficient management of resources

                        The post holder will be a positive role model

                        The post holder will deputise for the directorate Clinical General Manager (CGM), Senior Nurse or Night
                        Manager as required.

                        The post holder will take part in Site Management rota.

                                                       KNOWLEDGE, TRAINING & EXPERIENCE

                               1st level registration with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC)

                                A minimum of 5 years post-registration experience

                               A post basic qualification in a relevant speciality or be able to demonstrate a comparable level of

                                Evidence of personal development in management and leadership

                               Proven experience in continuous improvement strategies including competency in setting and
                                auditing of standards

                               Knowledge of research based practice relevant to the clinical area

                               Maintain knowledge and experience in teaching and assessment of ward staff and students

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                               Ability to implement and utilise effectively team building strategies

                               Competence in information technology including familiarity with PAS, PACS, Pharmacy, Intranet,
                                Outlook, Word etc

                               Experienced risk manager

                               Promote the ethos of Clinical Governance throughout the Ward/Directorate

                        MAIN DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES

                               Have continuous responsibility for all patients and staff activities within Orthopaedic / Trauma
                                Preadmission and inpatient areas

                               Ensure care delivery within the Orthopaedic / Trauma Preadmission and inpatient areas is in
                                accordance with hospital and local policy and based on best available evidence

                               Act as a lead for Orthopaedic / Trauma Pre-admission and inpatient services.

                               Carry continuous responsibility for the operational management of the Orthopaedic / Trauma ward
                                and Preadmission clinics

                               Act as a positive role model for all staff

                               Effectively manage resources and develop strategies for improvements in service provision within
                                current budget

                               Monitor staff compliance to all policies/procedures/protocols, initiating action as required

                               Contribute to the Directorate and hospital’s business planning

                               Maintain own professional development

Sister / Charge Nurse / Team Leader Job Description                                              Page 4 of 17
                               Responsible for the management and safe usage of all equipment


                               Co-ordinate activity within the Orthopaedic / Trauma wards and Pre-admission Clinics to ensure the
                                effective, efficient and economical utilisation of human resources

                               Identify and develop advances in nursing practice, such as basic plastering, venepuncture,
                                cannulation and ECG, which would benefit orthopaedic and trauma patients

                               Responsible for major incident planning within the Orthopaedic / Trauma wards, ensuring the plan
                                is current, in line with the hospital plan, revised annually and is regularly tested in the clinical area.

                               Responsible for leading and influencing programmes to improve the quality of orthopaedic and
                                trauma patient care. This may include contributing to or leading on projects e.g. Transforming
                                Care, Clinical Audit

                               Monitor the delivery of patient care to ensure that patients needs are assessed, care is planned,
                                implemented and evaluated

                               Promote forward planning in all aspects of healthcare delivery within the Orthopaedic and Trauma
                                wards and Pre-admission Clinics

                               Act as a clinical expert for the hospital and outside agencies in all aspects of Orthopaedic and
                                Trauma care

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                           PROFESSIONAL

                               Act at all times in a manner which promotes public confidence

                               Be conversant with and comply with hospital policies and procedures

                               Maintain skills and competences in nursing orthopaedic and trauma patients

                               Maintain NMC registration by following NMC rules and guidelines and work within the Professional
                                Code of Conduct and Competence

                             Encourage & support your team members to reach their full potential through education and

                               Responsible for the 24 hour management of the Orthopaedic and Trauma Wards and Pre-
                                admission Clinics ensuring the efficient use of work force and economic use of resources and
                                appropriate delegation in your absence

                               Responsible for following appropriate disciplinary and capability procedures with staff where
                                necessary, in order to ensure appropriate professional conduct and behaviour

                                                         TRAINING, EDUCATION & RESEARCH

                               The post holder will have a current professional portfolio.
                               Skills and training in:
                                     o Recruitment, selection and retention of staff
                                     o Management of attendance at work
                                     o Discipline and capability procedures
                                     o Negotiation
                                     o Adherence with Financial regulations

Sister / Charge Nurse / Team Leader Job Description                                             Page 6 of 17
                                    o   Planning and organisational

                              Responsible for the identification and selection of key workers and link nurses for the ward /

                              Responsible for the design and review of the ward induction and orientation programme

                              Responsible for an annual training needs analysis to assist the CGM in ensuring the education
                               budget is appropriately utilised and all staff are appropriate skilled and trained to carry out their

                              Responsible for the development of a robust ward education and teaching programme

                              Responsible for maintaining a training register

                              Responsible for an allocation of mandatory training leave, ensuring all staff are provided with the
                               opportunity to attend appropriate mandatory training in line with hospital policies

                              Ensure that an appropriate learning environment is provided for all multi disciplinary team members
                               and students and liaise with colleagues to optimise student placements

                              Responsible for allocating staff development training leave

                              Assist and facilitate unit / directorate staff research projects

                              Promote a learning environment that encourages staff to reach their full potential by enabling them
                               to develop professional, clinical, managerial and communication skills, which will be identified by
                               the use of Individual Performance Review (IPR)

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                                                       PLANNING & ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS

                               Responsible for 24 hour staff rostering, ensuring adequate numbers and skill mix are allocated to
                                meet the needs of patients

                               Responsible for allocation of study and annual leave

                               Contribute (through comments, suggestions and recommendations) to strategic planning for unit /
                                directorate with regard to epidemiological studies and population growth

                               Arrange, chair, document and distribute records from meetings

                               Utilise effective time management skills

                               Responsible for the design and development of contingency plans (e.g. Business Continuity,
                                Pandemic Flu, Majax) for the Orthopaedic/Trauma Wards

                               Attend appropriate hospital wide nursing development meetings and forums, ensuring your team
                                receive feedback on decisions and actions taken


                               Responsible for the development of a local communication strategy which ensures effective
                                communication within the unit / directorate, hospital and outside agencies

                               Responsible for promoting effective communication within the Orthopaedic/Trauma Wards and
                                Pre-admission Clinic environment and auditing as required

                               Responsible for dealing with all complaints at ward level and taking appropriate remedial action to
                                prevent reoccurrences

                               Responsible for attending meetings to communicate with other areas of the hospital and the wider

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                               Responsible for the design and review of written material given to patients their families and
                                significant others within the preadmission and unit areas as appropriate

                               Responsible for regular communication audit within Orthopaedic and Trauma Ward areas

                               Promote accurate contemporaneous record keeping in accordance with hospital policy and NMC
                                guidelines, monitor the record keeping of ward staff through regular audit

                                                             MANAGERIAL / LEADERSHIP

                               Act as a positive role model for the nursing team by representing the values and beliefs of the
                                nursing profession as well as the organisation

                               Identify own educational, development and support needs via your Professional Development Plan
                                ensuring you seek appropriate learning opportunities to meet your needs

                               Function competently both as a leader and member of the multi disciplinary team

                               Identify staff training and development needs ensuring all team members have up to date personal
                                development plans, and understand and acknowledge the role and function of the other team

                               Provide encouragement and motivation to the ward team

                               Utilise mentorship, preceptorship and objective setting to enable educational needs of staff to be

                               Initiate and lead on unit / directorate projects. Facilitate other team members to develop projects
                                and be involved in projects within the unit / directorate / organisation

                               Ensure that all new staff receive an orientation programme and are provided with a preceptor to

Sister / Charge Nurse / Team Leader Job Description                                            Page 9 of 17
                                meet their needs

                               Manage resources within Orthopaedic / Trauma wards and Pre-admission Clinic, and act as an
                                authorised signatory for expenditure stocks/ supplies, up to £5,000.

                               Responsible for the day to day operational management of the ward team including adherence to
                                policies/ protocols, NMC guidelines, and financial regulations

                               The   post holder must identify and react to:
                                o     mechanical breakdown
                                o     damage to the fabric of the building
                                o     communication failures
                                o     security breaches/ issues

                       Human Resources
                           Responsible for the recruitment and selection of staff to the Orthopaedic / Trauma wards /
                            Directorate in accordance with organisational recruitment policies

                               Act within the Department of Health (DH) employment policies and procedures

                               Initiate discipline / grievance procedures as appropriate

                               Maintain accurate records related to attendance/ absence, staff changes, mandatory training, NMC
                                registration, personnel records and incidents and outcomes

                               Utilise leadership skills to facilitate change within the ward / directorate and organisation

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                                                               CLINICAL GOVERNANCE

                              Ensure that the procedure for reporting untoward incidences are in place, responses are timely and
                               remedial action is taken

                              Investigate complaints / incidents taking appropriate action and write reports as required

                              Responsible for undertaking and reviewing environmental and clinical risk assessment taking
                               appropriate action dependent on outcome

                              Responsible for the development and implementation of continuous improvement initiatives for the
                               unit / directorate

                              Responsible for regular audit of the Orthopaedic / Trauma services and standards of care

                              Responsible for the development and review of clinical competencies within the Orthopaedic /
                               Trauma wards and preadmission clinics based on current best practice

                              Responsible for ensuring all current hospital policies and protocols are available to all staff, and
                               promote compliance through regular audit and feedback

                                                               SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT

                              Ensure that all equipment used in the clinical area is maintained and safe working practices are
                               adhered to in line with Health and Safety Legislation

                              Monitor Medical Device alert notices and action those which apply to Orthopaedic / Trauma wards

                              Provide staff with equipment training sessions and updates to facilitate safe usage

                              Ensure that those who input information into the clinical information system / patients nursing
                               records have been trained and are offered the opportunity to update their knowledge / skills

Sister / Charge Nurse / Team Leader Job Description                                         Page 11 of 17
                              Ensure all staff comply with The Isle of Man, Data Protection Act          (2001) and local policies
                               regarding confidentiality and access to medical records

                             In accordance with financial regulations authorise timesheets and invoice payment

                              Responsible for the safe storage, stock level and record keeping and ordering of ward medicines,
                               including controlled drugs

                              Maintain current and historic audit results     for the Orthopaedic and Trauma Wards and Pre-
                               admission Clinic

                              Maintain an asset register

                             Responsible for the maintenance and archive of records stored on the Orthopaedic and Trauma
                              Wards in accordance with hospital guidelines

                             Produce, interpret and act upon relevant statistics e.g. trends in activity in conjunction with team

                                                              DECISIONS & JUDGEMENTS

                              Make autonomous decisions, based on comprehensive knowledge, skills and experience of the
                               clinical service and setting taking account of the guidance of the NMC and the employer’s policies
                               and procedures

                              Make autonomous clinical decisions in planning and prioritising nursing care and delegation to team
                               members. By using advanced knowledge, you will have the ability to anticipate changes in patients’
                               condition and implement the appropriate actions required.

                             Recognise your limitations in the provision of clinical care and identify the need to refer to, or
                              consult with, other health care professionals

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                              Plan and alter the duty rota, roster staff according to skill mix, identify and justify bank nurse needs

                              You will give feedback on performance directly and sensitively in a timely manner whether the
                               issue is positive or otherwise

                              You will have the ability to challenge the decisions made by others if they are against policy or not
                               in the best interest of the patient

                              Through experiential learning and theoretical knowledge you will have the ability to respond to
                               challenging / complex situations both clinically and administratively


                        In the course of your duties you may have access to confidential material about patients, members of staff
                        or other business of the Department. On no account must information relating to identifiable patients be
                        divulged to anyone other than authorised persons, for example, medical, nursing or other professional
                        staff, as appropriate, who are concerned directly with the care, diagnosis and /or treatment of the patient.
                        If you are in any doubt whatsoever as to the authority of a person or body asking for information of this
                        nature, you must seek advice from your manager. Similarly, no information of a personal or confidential
                        nature concerning individual members of staff should be divulged to anyone without the proper authority
                        having first been given. Failure to observe these rules will be regarded by your employers as gross
                        misconduct which could result in disciplinary action being taken against you. In the case of information held
                        on computer systems, you may be held personally liable if you in any way knowingly contravene the
                        appropriate terms of the Data Protection Act 2002.

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                        Health & Safety/Security

                        It is the duty of all employees to work in such a way that accidents to themselves and to others are
                        avoided, and to co-operate in maintaining their place of work in a tidy and safe condition, thereby
                        minimising risk. Employees will, therefore, refer any matters of concern through their respective line
                        managers. Similarly, it is each person’s responsibility to ensure a secure environment and bring any
                        breaches of security to the attention of their managers.

                        JOB DESCRIPTION AGREEMENT

                        I have read and agree with the content of this job description, and
                        accept that the role will be reviewed annually as part of the
                        development review process.

                        Job Holder’s name (please print) ………………………………….

                        Job Holder’s signature: ………………………………………………                               Date: ………………….

                        Line Manager’s name (please print) ……………………………...

                        Line Manager’s signature: …………………………………………..                             Date: ………………….

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                                                                ISLE OF MAN DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH

                                                                       ORTHO TRAUMA DIRECTORATE

                                                                                     SENIOR SISTER

                                                                               PERSON SPECIFICATION

  (Justifiable as necessary for safe   (A clear definition for the necessary      (Where available, elements that          (Application, CV, Portfolio,              FRAMEWORK
     and effective performance)                       criteria)                  contribute to improved/immediate     Certificates, References, Interview)
                                                                                      performance in the job)

QUALIFICATIONS                         1st Level Registered Nurse on Part 1     Post basic qualification for the     NMC Check
                                       of the NMC register                      speciality or comparable level of    Application
                                                                                experience                           Interview
                                       Relevant teaching and assessing                                               Certificates

                                       Educated to degree level or
                                       demonstrate equivalent level of

                                       Formal management or leadership
                                       qualification or equivalent level of

KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE                 5 years post registration experience     Advanced skills in the speciality    Application
                                       HR management skills                     Management                           References
                                       Skill and knowledge about clinical       Clinical
                                       governance –principles and
                                       practices                                Communication

Sister / Charge Nurse / Team Leader Job Description                                                                 Page 15 of 17
                               Evidence of recent professional

                               Broad knowledge of current nursing
                               and professional issues

                               Demonstrate knowledge regarding
                               the effective and efficient use of

SKILLS & ABILITIES             HR management skills                    Interview
                               Leadership skills                       Portfolio

                               Excellent communication skills

PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES            Confident and assertive professional    Interview
                               manner                                  References

                               Demonstrate an ability to manage

                               Flexible approach

                               Awareness of limitations

                               Ability to support and educate

                               Awareness of accountability and
                               responsibility within the role

                               Team player


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