Bavet Iternational Border in Svay Reang Cambodia

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					Bavet Iternational
Border in Svay
Reang Cambodia
5Located 48 kilometers from Svay Rieng
provincial town is the international border
with Vietname. The Bavet checkpoint is the
main international border crossing for people
traveling between Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh

Bavet's main attractions are two casinos that
are within short walking distance of the
border. This casinos are very popular with
foreigners crossing the border. There is also
a market, Psar Nat, where goods are
transferred between Cambodia and Vietnam.

Svay Rieng is the provincial capital, a
sleepy town just 43 km from the Bavet border
crossing. This is a fairly prosperous place
as a result of the border trade traffic,
business people and travellers passing
trough. The town is a very friendly place and
makes for a pleasant overnight stop whether
coming from or going to Vietnam. Svay Rieng
town is situated near the Waiko River and its
vast, scenic marshlands, the result of a wide
stretch of the river drying up significantly
over the years. It’s a pleasant setting and
one that can be enjoyed at several different
spots along the river and marsh. A bridge
over the Waiko, not far from the main part of
town, bears a plaque that states prime
minister Hun Sen donated the bridge. During
the long Vietnam War, American forces
believed that this was the place, where
Vietnamese communists had their intelligence
headquarter. For sure there were undoubtedly
a lot of Vietnamese communists hiding
especially in the South of Cambodia during
much of the war, but there wasn’t a strategic
centre like the Pentagon here. In 1969 the
Americans began unauthorised bombing in this
area and in 1970 joined with South Vietnamese
forces for a big ground assault.