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									                                       MMWR Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

      hospitalized. Isolates from all 10 patients were identi-   products poses a risk for foodborne illness (2), and
      fied as indistinguishable by two-enzyme pulsed-field       consumers of unpasteurized milk should be aware
      gel electrophoresis (PFGE), with pattern combination       of this risk.
      UTJJPX01.098/UTJJPA26.009, and were sensitive to
                                                                                         Reported by
      routinely used antibiotics. Cultures of frozen, unpas-
      teurized milk samples stored at dairy A from batches       JM Hall, MPH, RT Rolfs, MD, RK Herlihy, MD, MPS
      of milk sold during the outbreak period yielded S.         Dimond, MPH, Bur of Epidemiology, Utah Dept of
      Newport isolates indistinguishable by PFGE from            Health; J Holbrook, MPH, Utah County Health Dept;
      the outbreak strain. An inspection of dairy A on           LH Smith, JM Wagner, Unified State Laboratories:
      May 7, 2010, did not reveal any obvious sources of         Public Health, Utah Dept of Health; RW Clark, MPH,
      contamination.                                             Utah Dept of Agriculture and Food. WA Lanier, DVM,
          On May 12, 2010, on the basis of coliform test         EIS Officer, CDC.
      results within
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