; New RFID Tag Could Replace Bar Codes
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New RFID Tag Could Replace Bar Codes


Researchers have created a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag that can be printed onto paper and plastic. The discovery may mean the end of grocery store lines: the technology would allow shoppers to drive their cart by a detector, which would instantly transmit data about their groceries, researchers from Sunchon National University in South Korea and Rice University in Houston told Science News. The new tag, reported in the March issue of IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, costs only three cents to print, compared to 50 cents for each silicon-based tag. The researchers want to reduce that cost to below one cent per tag to make the devices commercially usable.

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									New RFID Tag Could Replace Bar Codes
Information Management Journal; Jul/Aug 2010; 44, 4; Docstoc
pg. 10

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