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Steve Clayton Info Prodigy


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									Steve Clayton Info Prodigy
I always thought it is better to know who you’re taught from,a little background and so
here it is.Steve Clayton is the co-author of Info Prodigy,but what else ?

Steven Clayton is a high profile Internet Marketer who burst onto the world stage when
he released a product called Commission Blueprint.

Steven’s route to Internet Marketing success came through a different path to most. Steve
had a very successful career in the corporate world where he was vice president of a 5
billion dollar fortune 500 company. The corporate world gave him an expert
understanding of marketing strategies that he went on to apply with great success on the

After deciding to finish up in the corporate world Steve founded an Internet Marketing
company called “Worth Overdoing Marketing and Consulting” which ultimately led him
to achieve great success in a wide range of internet marketing facets such as PPC, SEO,
Product Creation, and Affiliate Marketing via channels such as

Steven Clayton has had so much success through affiliate marketing that
interviewed him to find out more about his methods.

When Steven Clayton teamed up with IM guru Tim Godfrey to create Commission
Blueprint a massive buzz was created in the internet marketing community.
Commission Blueprint soon went on to become the top selling Click Bank product and
amass a massive amount of members.

About 6 months after launching Commission Blueprint, Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton
created Niche Blueprint.

Niche Blueprint has since been replaced by Niche Blueprint 2,which had a $2 Million

Steven Clayton has a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of internet marketing and is
someone who has so much to offer any internet marketer regardless of their online

So you now know that when you’re taught from a person like this,boy you’ll make a lot
of money!


Steve Clayton is launching a new product called Info Prodigy.It shows you how to make
money online by selling products online.Go Here For A Full Info Prodigy Review

Info Prodigy Review

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