bahasa inggris by wandii


									1. From Group II       : NOVA SAFRIANA
How so far different of old. Middle and modern
English in morphological change.
Answer :
The differences not so far, because we just add-ed/ d at past from, from V1 to V2and V3
(that is rules of English past tense formation)

2. From Group III      : MELIZA
How the velar consonant (g) and (k) chagw in modern English?
Answer :
In modern change in writing word and pronunciation
       gǽąr           year (yer)

3. From Group IV      : ASTRINI AYUPUTRI
What different Assilation and dissimilation in old English
Answer :
If in Assilation voiceless fricatives became less like one another

4. From Group V        : SRI WAHYUNI
In point raising / lowering there is word noon we read (nun) How with words book and
Answer :
The words book and didn’t called raising/ lowering because if we say book and door our
langue didn’t height being raised from mid to height.

5. From Group VI      : NURMASYITAH
What factor vocabulary change from old. Middle to modrn
Answer :
Influenced by outside events and borrowing word from other country

6. From Group VII : MURNIATI
Why written word in English different pronouncation ?
Answer :
Because that is have been clue

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