Why Should I Give My Dog Treats

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					People sometimes give treats to their dogs to spoil them. But when giving
treats to your dog, do not forget to choose the best treat for him. Make
sure that the treat you will give is safe for your dog. Choose the safe
ingredients if you decide to make the treats on your own. Or if you
decide to give him toys for treats, make sure that you give the most
suitable one. There are so many treats available that you can easily pick
the best for your dog.

When giving treat to their dog, one should consider his/her dog’s
individual personality. The treats must suit the dogs personality. We can
not equalize the personality of our dogs even if they came from the same
breed. Dogs are different. Choose the most suitable treats for your dog.
Wether your dog is an active one, or he has some allergic on particular
food, or how big he is, it all based the selection of the treat you
should give to your dog.

Some dogs in some pets store are already given a specially formulated
treat. And those treats are one hundred percent safe for your dog to
consume since they are given in accordance to the dog’s condition. The
ingredients contained are safe and easy to digest. But with all those
pluses, it could be a little bit more expensive than the normal treats.
However, this kind of treats is surely safe and won’t hurt your dog’s

If you have a dog that is really active or is competing in a show, you
may have to consider the nutrients in the treat you are about to give. An
active dog needs more fat and protein. More fat and protein will keep
your dog maintain his routines. A dog that is active or in an exercise
regimens needs more energy to do his works. That’s why it needs more fat
and protein for energy surplus.

One more thing one should consider to give his puppy treats is the
purpose. If someone’s purpose to treats his dog is just to spoil it, then
don’t give treats to dog on a regular basis. Just give it sometimes, and
don’t forget to keep the treats low fat. Dogs can be easily become obese.
And weight problem like this can result in a worse health issues.

Another purpose of giving your dogs treats is as a reward of his good
behaviour. But instead of giving him large amount of treats, give him
small one. Some kind of treat that he can eat in just one bite,so you can
continue you training. Too much reward is not good for him and make him
spoiled. Still, you should give him the treats he really like. Giving
your dog this treats as a reward for training can give it extra purpose.

If you are trying to give your dog a treat when you are away or busy, try
to give him treat that will give him some time to eat, so it will keep
him busy while you can continue your business. A little food that will
only take a few minutes to chew, will only let your events to be failed.
Try give him bones or rawhide that will take a long time to chew. Giving
him bones also means maintaining his dental health. But remember, giving
bone that is too small is just the same like giving snack to your dog.
And yet, it could be very dangerous too, since your dog can be choked if
he swallowed the too small bone. It also goes the same way if you give
your dog bone that is too big. Your dog won’t be able to chew it. It
would be just the same like not giving him any food, wouldn’t it? One
more thing you shoul kept in mind is try not to give him anything that
will break into smaller pieces. It can be very fatal for his throat if he
is choked.

Consider your dog’s health if your are buying dog’s treats, and don’t
forget to read the directions carefully. Watch out for some ingredients
that may cause allergic to your dog. Be careful of all possible element
that will cause this miserable thing wether it is written in the label ir
it is not. Try to consult to your Vet for some advice in choosing the
right treats for your dog.

If you have any problem with budget but you still want to treat your dog,
then consider making the treats on your own at home. We can easily make
treats from ingredients we found at the kitchen, and if you are still
confused about what tomake and how, just search the internet and you will
find lots of recipes. Be careful of foods that can be dangerous for your

By making the treats on your own, you can save your money and your dog at
the same time. Making them on your own means you guarantee the safety of
the food you give to your dog since you make on your own. So the treats
you give to your dogs can’t be harmful for your dog.

Keep your dog away from eating table scrap. There some food that are very
dangerous and contain toxin for your dog like chocolate, raisins, dairy
product, grapes, onions, caffeine and more. So keept your dog away from
those food, or it will cause your dog vomitting or even death. Remember
not to include anything that your dog allergic to.

Treats are not meant to be daily diet for your dog. Remember, it very
easy for dog to become obeses, so your dog need to stay healthy and
maintain the weight. You should not give him treats more than ten percent
of his daily diet. And less if your dog has already had a weight issues.
If you are still confused about anything, please consult you

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