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Surname               Forename             Date         Address                     Notes
Quaid                 George J.            11/03/1920 Ballykennedy, Ballingarry     Clerk of Drumcollogher Petty Sessions; obituary and death
                                                                                    notice (condolences 13/03/1920 & funeral report 16/03/1920)
Quaid                 George N.            20/07/1905 Ballykennedy House,           death notice (funeral report, 22/07/1905)
Quaid                 Honoria              28/11/1907 Ballykennedy, Ballingarry     obituary

Quaid                 James                07/09/1926                               aged 36; Dromcolloher cinema fire; news report;
                                                                                    Dromcolloher cinema fire; news report
Quaid                 Mary                 21/10/1913 Ballykennedy House,           mother of J. J. Quaid, Secretary of County Council (funeral
                                                      Ballingarry                   report, 28/10/1913)
Quaid                 Michael              31/08/1929 Bracken Brae                  staff member at Matterson's; obituary

Quaide                Edmund               01/02/1906   Ballinarouga, Ballingarry   funeral report

Quaide                female (née Haney)   26/09/1905 Edward Street                 wife of C. Quaide of Matterson Ltd; funeral report

Quane                 Edmond               03/12/1903 Deerpark, Galbally            death notice

Quarry                Richard, Rev.        24/06/1919 England                       son of late Ven. John Quarry, former Rector of
                                                                                    Donoughmore; death notice
Quiade                Charles              25/01/1900 Nelson Street                 death notice

Quigley               male                 29/03/1900                               homicide in Doon; news report

Quilligan             John                 07/06/1904                               farmer; suicide; inquest report

Quilligan             John                 20/06/1916 Broad Street                  local politician; obituary

Quilligan             Mrs.                 12/01/1929                               wife of Patrick Quilligan and mother of J. J. Quilligan,
                                                                                    secretary of City Home and Hospital; funeral report
Quillinan             Bridget (nee Walsh   22/09/1906 42 George Street              death notice, wife of Matthew Quinlan (funeral report
Quillinan             Timothy              12/01/1904 Castletown, Doon              death notice

Quilty                Bridget              01/04/1897 Thomondgate                   death notice (funeral report, 6/4/1897)
Surname   Forename             Date         Address                       Notes
Quilty    Frank J.             16/02/1918 Thomondgate                     railway clerk; obituary and death notice (funeral report,
Quin      Alphonsus            23/11/1907 1 Keeper View Terrace,          obituary
                                          Athlunkard Street
Quin      Anne                 25/01/1900 20 Lower Hartstonge Street      daughter of late Thomas Quin, merchant; death notice

Quin      Enid Wyndham         04/07/1891 Adare                           funeral report, 7/7/91

Quin      Frank                29/04/1920 Wrexham, UK                     Private, Royal Welsh Fusiliers; War of Independence
                                                                          casualty; news report
Quin      James Edward         26/08/1915 Corbally House                  First World War casualty; killed 22 April 1915; son of James
                                                                          Quin, Corbally House; news report and death notice
Quin      John                 15/02/1883 George Street                   funeral report

Quin      John                 28/10/1905 9 Upper Gerald Griffin Street   staff at Newsom & Co.; death notice (funeral report,
Quin      John Herbert         19/03/1908 Ascot, England                  son of Stephen Quin, formerly of Limerick; obituary

Quin      Margaret             10/09/1887 Hartstonge Street               death notice

Quin      Michael              14/07/1923                                 aged 5; son of Stephen and Mary Quin; drowning; inquest
Quin      Mrs.                 15/02/1896 Rathgar Road, Dublin            widow of John Quin of John Quin & Co.

Quin      Patrick              15/06/1886 Courthouse Lane                 accidental drowning

Quin      Patrick              16/05/1914 Limerick Workhouse              suicide; inquest report

Quinlan   Ellen                26/11/1918 Biarritz, O'Connell Avenue      wife of Daniel Quinlan; funeral report

Quinlan   Francis J.           18/12/1900 119 George Street               merchant tailor; obituary

Quinlan   Francis M. (Frank)   26/11/1904 Spokane, USA                    brother of Rev. J. Quinlan, parish priest Pallaskenry; death
                                                                          notice (funeral report, 20/12/1904)
Quinlan   James                10/11/1906 Knocklong                       death notice

Quinlan   John                 30/12/1920                                 War of Independence casualty; Cahirguillamore incident;
                                                                          funeral report
Quinlan   John, Rev.           19/01/1907 Pallaskenry                     parish priest, Pallaskenry; announcement and death notice
Surname     Forename                     Date         Address              Notes
Quinlan     Katie                        16/12/1902 Newcastle West         wife of Augustus Quinlan; death notice

Quinlan     Mrs.                         30/07/1896 Glentworth Street      widow of William Hayes Quinlan

Quinlan     Patrick                      06/04/1897 Griffith's Row         inquest report

Quinlan     Thomas                       21/10/1884 Oola                   alleged manslaughter

Quinlivan   Denis                        21/10/1924 Athlunkard Street      pig buyer; obituary

Quinlivan   John                         30/04/1896 Taylor Street          accidental death at Barrington's Hospital

Quinlivan   Mary                         06/11/1913 Dromcollogher          news report

Quinlivan   Michael, Mrs. (née Holmes)   26/09/1893 Clonmoney              daughter of Mr. John Holmes, Athlunkard

Quinn       D., Rev.                     25/08/1887 Kilcoleman             funeral report

Quinn       Michael                      30/08/1884 Taylor Street          tailor

Quirke      John                         29/07/1922 Tralee                 shot at Kilmallock; Civil War casualty; news report

Quirke      Thomas                       22/05/1915 Kilmallock Workhouse   suicide; inquest report

Quirke      William                      07/09/1926                        aged 19; Dromcolloher cinema fire; news report

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