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Bussiness Suit Essential

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Bussiness Suit Essential

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									Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Essentials
Lisa Parekh
Vice President, Applications Technology Integration

 E-Business Suite Technology Priorities
   Leverage latest Oracle and industry technologies
   Offer ease of use
   Facilitate identity management
   Simplify integration
   Deliver business intelligence
   Reduce cost of ownership

 Technology Uptake Guidance
Latest Oracle
and Industry
Release 12 Technology Stack
3-Tier Logical Architecture

        Client                              Application                     Database

                                              10g                            10gR2

                                                             JDBC/SQL Net
                  HTTP / S

                             Web Listener

                                                 BC4J                         Global Single
                                                                              Data Model

                                              BI Publisher                    RAC & ASM

Desktop Client Tier

Supported Browsers for Release 12.0 and 12.1:
    Internet Explorer 7, 8
    Firefox 3.5
    Safari 3

Moving from JInitiator to Native Sun Java plug-in
    JInitiator desupported as of end of July, 2009
    Native Sun J2SE 1.5 (5.0) and 1.6 (6.0) supported
Application Server Tier

  OracleAS 10g 10.1.2 for Forms & Reports Services
     Replaces the 8.0.6-based Oracle_Home provided by iAS in 11i
  OracleAS 10g 10.1.3 for Oracle Containers for Java
     Replaces the 8.1.7-based Oracle_Home provided by iAS in 11i
  Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3
R12 Apps Layout

10gR2 or 11g DB   App Server 10.1.3 App Server 10.1.2

                  MT1       MT2     MT3


                        APPL_TOP          COMMON_TOP
Database Server 10gR2

Improved Manageability
    Automatic Workload Repository
    Automatic SGA Tuning

Better Performance
     PL/SQL operation 2x faster
     PL/SQL Native Compilation for RAC

Functional Improvements
    Enhanced VPD support simplifies multi-org access control
    architecture for R12
    Optimizer improvements enabled removal of ~1000
    indexes, improving DML performance
 Optional Database Features

Database options certified with E-Business Suite
 Real Application Clusters (RAC)
    Supports the deployment of a single database across a cluster of
 Transparent Data Encryption
    Encrypts database columns without requiring programmatic
    changes to existing programs
 Database Vault
    Prevent insider and DBA access to restricted database content
    Support for regulatory compliance controls (US Sarbanes-Oxley,
    HIPAA), separation of duties
 Database Server 11g

Upgrade to take advantage of:
    ASM Fast Disk Resync, Preferred Mirror
    Read, Fast VLDB Start, Rolling Migration
    Transparent Data Encryption Improvements
    More Partitioning options (interval, composite,
    virtual column), Partition Advisor
    Database Replay
    SQL Performance Analyzer
    New compiler optimized for PL/SQL native
    Incident Fault Resolution
    Transportable Databases
    Advanced Compression
11g New Performance Related Features

 Optimizer Enhancements
     Extended Statistics
     Pending Statistics
     Enhanced statistics collection for partitioned objects
     Adaptive Cursor Sharing
     SQL Plan Management

 Improved PL/SQL native compilation
   Easy to turn on/off with a single parameter
   No need to obtain a separate C compiler
   No file system DLL’s
   Faster PL/SQL execution
  11g Partitioning
  10 years of innovation

               Core functionality
Oracle8        Range partitions, global range index
Oracle8i       Hash and composite range-hash partitioning
Oracle9i       List partitioning
Oracle9i R2    Composite range-list partitioning
Oracle 10g     Global hash indexes
Oracle 10g R2 1M partitions per table
                           Partitioning by reference
                           Virtual column partitioning
                           Automatic interval partitioning
                           New composite partitioning:
                                   range-range, list-range, list-list, list-hash
                             Partition Advisor
Significantly Reduce Storage Usage
Advanced OLTP Compression

           Compress large application tables
              Transaction processing, data warehousing
           Compress all data types
              Structured and unstructured data types
           Improve query performance
              Cascade storage savings throughout data center

                                 Up To

              Test Case: Oracle’s Internal E-Business Suite
      Tested compression with Oracle’s Internal E-Business Suite (GSIAP)
                 4-node Sun E25K RAC; Compressed 100 largest objects with 11g
                 Average database storage savings                 3x
                 Table compression                                4x
                 Index compression                                2x
                 LOB compression                                  1.8x
                 Saved 7.6 TB of data for the single database instance
                 95TB of total storage savings expected across primary, standby, test,
                 dev and backup instances

© 2009 Oracle Corporation - Confidential
TDE Tablespace Encyrption

                                       SQL Layer
 Protect data at rest
 Encrypt sensitive information         Buffer Cache
                                       “SSN = 834-63-..”

 Oracle Transparent Data
 Encryption (TDE) adds support
 for Tablespace Encryption in 11g
                                       data blocks

                                     undo           temp
                                    blocks         blocks
                                    redo         flashback
                                    logs            logs
Announcing: 11gR2 Certification for EBS 11i

 Database 11g Release 2 now certified for
 use with E-Business Suite 11i
   Available for Linux 32-bit and Linux 64-bit

 E-Business Suite Release 12 certification
 under way

 New features in 11gR2 include:
   Simplified RAC configuration
   Faster query performance
   Hybrid columnar compression with Exadata
  Sun Oracle Exadata Storage Server
  Hybrid Columnar Compression

• Data stored by column
  and then compressed
• Useful for data that is bulk
  loaded or moved
• Query mode for data warehousing
    – Typical 10X compression ratios
    – Scans improve accordingly
• Archival mode for old data
    – Typical 15- 50X compression ratios    Up To

Applications Landscape
Leveraging Fusion Middleware
                        Business       Identity
                        Intelligence   Management

   WebCache                             Portal

                   E-Business Suite

   Collaboration                        SOA Suite
 External Fusion Middleware Certifications

Oracle Application Server 10g Module   Release 11i   Release 12
Single Sign-On               
Oracle Internet Directory    
Web Center                                 
Business Intelligence (EE+)  
Business Intelligence Applications     7.9.6         7.9.6
Web Cache                    
Oracle SOA Suite             
Secure Enterprise Search     
Upcoming Certifications

Desktop client:                  External technologies:
     Windows 7                       Oracle Access Manager
     Mac OS X Snow Leopard           Oracle Internet Directory 11g
     (10.6) + Safari 4               OBIEE 11g
                                     Discoverer 11g
Application server:                  Portal 11g
     OC4J (for R12.x)       Web Center 11g
     BPEL (for R12.1)       Web Cache 11g
     Java (JDK) 7

     Database 11gR2 (for 12.x)
Ease of
  Better User Experience in Release 12

                                                     • Reduced pop-ups and
                                                       duplicate screens
                                                     • Re-designed and streamlined
                                                       entire workflows
                                                     • Reduced the number of steps
                                                       to complete key tasks
                                                     • Improved overall look & feel
                                                       and visual style
                                                     • Increased personalization

                     Improved Workflow in Targeted Areas
• Campaign Management       • Financial Consolidation          • Self-Service Purchasing
• Customer Support          • Online Candidate Registration    • Sourcing
• Collections & Payments    • Absence Management               • Supplier Collaboration
• Loan Management           • Salary Administration            • Business Intelligence

Better User Experience in Release 12.1
Additional Improvements in 12.1

   Flexfield References
    • Use of Reference fields to derive values of Flexfield segments

   Record History
    • Capturing Record level data for better auditing and reporting

   Personalization Enhancements
    • Personalization support for Search region attributes

   BI Publisher Integration
    • UI level integration with BI Publisher from OAF pages

   Virus Scan Support
    • Out of the box support for virus scan of OAF attachments (Symantec)

   Calendar support
    • Support for Hijrah and Thai Buddhist calendars on OAF & Forms applications
Better User Experience Beyond 12.1.1

    Better User Experience Beyond 12.1.1
After    SINGLE Click to navigate to another application

                                      Mouse Over
    Better User Experience Beyond 12.1.1
After        SINGLE Click to select a value from LOV

Standard Search in E-Business Suite
Secure Enterprise Search Integration in Release 12

           Search for all assets in Northpark

                                      Ability to view
                                      search results in
                                        tabular form

        Click on Search Results to
           directly navigate to the
              Better User Experience
              Secure Enterprise Search Integration

        Siebel                                                                       Search Modeler

         ECM                                                Secure
                                                           Enterprise      EBS

                                • Search structured and unstructured information
                                • Integrated with E-Business Suite security
                                •Search Modeler now available for E-Business Suite
                                11i, 12.0, and 12.1

© 2009 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
 Oracle WebCenter
 Front-end Application Integration via “Mash-ups”

                    Integrated, standards based, user interaction suite




   Email                                                             Discussions

Partner   Custom
           Legacy                                                          Intelligence Apps

Other Apps…
Identity Management with E-Business Suite
Access Apps via Oracle Single Sign-On

                                                  E-Business Suite
                                                  Application Server

                        Sign-On 10g

E-Business Suite is a Single Sign-On partner application
Log on to Oracle Single Sign-On to get access to all registered partner
applications, including EBS
Log off any one partner application to log off all of them
Identity Management with E-Business Suite
Manage Users in Oracle Internet Directory


    Oracle                                           E-Business Suite
    Internet                                         FND_USER


 Synchronise user credentials bidirectionally between Oracle Internet
 Directory and E-Business Suite (FND_USER)
 Set master “source of truth” as OID, EBS, or both
 Manage user provisioning via powerful OID Directory Integration &
 Provisioning (DIP) templates
 Link an OID userid with one or more EBS userids “on-the-fly”
Identity Management with E-Business Suite
Using Oracle Single Sign-On and Internet Directory
                                          Oracle Internet
                                          Directory 10g

User                        Single
                            Sign-On 10g                      OracleAS 10g
              E-Business                                     OID LDAP Directory

                                          E-Business Suite
Identity Management Integration
Using other authentication solutions

          Integrate Oracle Single Sign-On with
                Oracle Access Manager
                    Formerly Oblix COREid Access & Identity

                Oracle Identity Federation
                    Formerly Oblix COREid Federation
                    SAML, WS-Federation, Liberty Alliance
                Windows Native Authentication via Kerberos
                CA Entrust, CA Netegrity, IBM Tivoli, RSA
                PKI X.509v3 Digital Certificates
                Biometric and smartcard systems
                Other SSO systems via custom adapters
Identity Management Integration
Available Oracle Internet Directory Connectors

           Integrate Oracle Internet Directory with:
              Microsoft Active Directory 2000/2003
              Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) 2003
              Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003
              Sun Java System Directory (Sun ONE / iPlanet) 5.2, 6.3
              Novell eDirectory 8.6 / 8.7
              OpenLDAP 2.2
              Any LDAP directory via LDIF files
              Any other directory via custom DIP agent

              Oracle Identity Manager
                 Formerly Thor Xellerate Identity Provisioning
                 Also integrates directly with E-Business Suite
                 FND_USER & HRMS

              Oracle Virtual Directory
                 Formerly OctetString Virtual Directory Engine
       Identity Management with E-Business Suite
       Third-party integration architecture

                 Third-Party                       Internet
                 SSO                               Directory 10g

                           Sign-On 10g

                                               EBS Application
         Identity Management with E-Business Suite
         Oracle Access Manager certification planned
                                                                       Oracle Internet
                                                                       Directory 10g or 11g

          User                                         Oracle Access
                                                       Manager 10gR3                          OID LDAP
                                  E-Business                                                  Directory

• Use multiple authentication schemes                                  E-Business Suite
• Heterogeneous support for other web servers                          Database
• “Instant” integration with Oracle Identity Federation,
Oracle Adaptive Access Manager, third-party
The Enterprise Today – Information Silos

  PLM    Planning   Orders   Manufacturing   Logistics   Accounting

SOA Integration – What does it take?

 SOA enablement of each participating application
   Integration points defined by the application
   Ability to send and receive messages
   Catalog of information about what services are available
   Message routing
   Business process orchestration
   Business activity monitoring
 Business process definition and automation
   Business process flows
   Common object definitions and semantics
E-Business Suite SOA Enablement
Business Integration Technologies

                         Integration Repository

   PL/SQL   Interface   Concurrent                XML Gateway
    APIs     Tables     Programs
              Java      Interface
    BSO                                       eCommerce Gateway
              APIs        Views

                         Business Event System

                            Oracle Workflow

                        J2EE Application Server
                                (Oracle AS)
     E-Business Suite SOA Enablement
     Integration Repository

 A Catalog of All E-Business Suite
        Integration Points
• Web Services                • Business Events    • Search and view available
• Public Java & PL/SQL APIs   • Batch Interfaces     interfaces by product family,
                                                     standard, or interface type

                                                   • Hosted for 11.5.10:

                                                   • Shipped with Release 12 –
                                                     automatically matches the
                                                     patch level at your own site

                                                   • Supports custom service
E-Business Suite SOA Enablement
Business Integration Technologies

                                  Web Services
          E-Business Suite                         Integrated SOA Gateway

                              Integration Repository

   PL/SQL      Interface     Concurrent                 XML Gateway
    APIs        Tables       Programs
                 Java        Interface
    BSO                                              eCommerce Gateway
                 APIs          Views

                              Business Event System

                                 Oracle Workflow

                             J2EE Application Server
                                     (Oracle AS)
Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter
Integration Streams

                      Oracle E-Business
                        Suite Adapter
Fusion Middleware, SOA Suite
Application Integration Architecture

                                                     Direct Integrations
                                                      Manage. Pre-built integrations
                                                      to support data flows between
Process Integration Packs
                                                     Process Integration Packs
        • Loosely coupled composite                   Optimize. Pre-built composite
          business processes             Direct
                                      Integrations    business processes across
                                                      enterprise Applications
    Foundation Pack
                                                     Foundation Pack
        • Comprehensive process
          composition framework
                                                      Standardize. Common Object
                                                      and Shared Service Library with
                                                      supporting SOA programming
                                                      model and best practice
                                                      implementation methods
 Application Integration Architecture
 Pre-built integrations for Oracle E-Business Suite -- Examples

• Siebel CRM On Demand Integration Pack for                     ►Opportunity to Quote

  Oracle E-Business Suite

• Siebel CRM Integration Pack for Oracle EBS Order                      ►Order to Cash

                                                                    ►Demand Planning
• Demantra Demand Management Integration to E-
  Business Suite
• Oracle Transportation Management (G-Log)                ►Transportation Management

  Integration to E-Business Suite
• Oracle Retail Integration to E-Business Suite           ►Financial Controls for Retail

• Oracle Comms. Billing and Revenue                ►Communication Revenue Accounting

  Management for Oracle E-Business Suite
• Agile Integration Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite               ►Design to Release

  Application Integration Architecture

Siebel CRM                                                                           EBS
 Customer                                                                           Order
Management                                                                        Management
                           Configure     Price/       Confirm/   Invoice/
                  Create      and        Check         Pack/     Receive
                  Order     Validate   Availability    Ship        Pmt

ABM                                                                         ABM
                     EBM                                    EBM
      Requestor                    Enterprise                                Provider
        ABCS                       Business                                   ABCS
Application Integration Architecture

                    Capture                              Sill &
         Plan                   Build       Fulfill                 Analyze
                     Order                              Collect

                 Fusion Middleware Business Process Manager

   PLM          Planning      Orders    Manufacturing   Logistics    Accounting

         Application Integration Architecture Evolution

    CONTENT:                CONTENT:                CONTENT:                CONTENT:                CONTENT:
      EBOs: 71                EBOs: 82                EBOs: 89               EBOs: 118           More EBOs & RPMs
      Industry:                New: 11                 New: 7                 New: 29             More Industries:
       Insurance/ 5+           Industry:             Updated: 12             RPMs: 583                 Banking
        Utilities: 10+           Comms: 10+          RPMs: 432                PIPs: 28             Health Sciences
     RPMs: 201                RPMs: 408               PIPs: 15                                       Public Sector
   View only RPMs              Editable RPMs                                TOOLKIT:
       PIPs: 5                    PIPs: 10          TOOLKIT:             • OER Solution Pack         TOOLKIT:
                                                • XMAN (formerly XSLT                          AIA Lifecycle Management
    TOOLKIT:                 TOOLKIT:              Mapping Document
                                                                        FMW TECH STACK:              EBO Designer
                                                      Generator )
        BSR                • ABCS Generator                                                       Service Constructor
                                                    • PIP Auditor        SOA Suite:
       CAVS              • XSLT Doc Generator                                                    AIA Installation Driver
   Error Handling                                                                                         B2B
    Diagnostics                                 FMW TECH STACK:
                         FMW TECH STACK:
                                                 SOA Suite:
                          SOA Suite:                                                  FMW TECH STACK:
 TECH STACK:                OSB ?version                                                          SOA Suite 11gR1
 SOA Suite:                                                                            WebLogic Server 10.3.1
WebLogic Server 9.2.3                                                                              BPA Suite: 11g
   AIA Evolution: Integrated SOA Development Lifecycle
  Comprehensive Coverage and Tooling

Business                                        Deployment
Process     Functional          Service                           Install &
            Definition        Construction         Plan            Deploy
Modeling                                        Generation

BPA Suite   AIA Lifecycle        AIA Service    AIA Deployment    AIA Installer
              Console           Constructor     Plan Generator


                            Oracle Enterprise
                             AIA Lifecycle Harvester AIA Lifecycle DB

               Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
               Enables Flexibility, Extensibility, Standardization

         Data                 Ad-hoc             Interactive           Essbase     Reporting &   Proactive    Disconnected     MS Office
      Integration             Analysis           Dashboards            Analytics   Publishing    Detection      & Mobile       & Outlook
                                                                                                 and Alerts     Analytics     Integration

                                                     Common Enterprise Information Model
                                                  Integrated Security, User Management, Personalization
                                                    Multidimensional Calculation and Integration Engine
                                        Intelligent Request Generation and Optimized Data Access Services

                                                                                      Oracle, SAP, Siebel  Files Excel       Business
             OLTP & ODS                     Data Warehouse                          PeopleSoft, JD Edwards     XML           Process
                                               Data Mart                 Essbase
              Systems                                                                   Custom Apps

Copyright © 2008, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.                                                                 55
 Oracle Business Intelligence Applications
   Interactive   Reporting &     Ad-hoc                     Disconnected     MS Office       Web
  Dashboards     Publishing      Analysis                     Analytics       Plug-in      Services
                                              and Alerts

           Service &                      Order
            Contact                    Management          Supply                         Human
Sales                    Marketing                                     Financials        Resources
            Center                     & Fulfillment       Chain

                   Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Applications

                        Common Enterprise Information Model
                           Oracle Business Intelligence Server

                                                                           Other Datasources
                                                                               IVR, ACD, CTI
                               Packaged                    Universal            Hyperion
                               ETL Maps                    Adapters
                                                                                MS Excel
                                  Oracle Business Analytics
 ORACLE APPLICATIONS                 Warehouse Schema
      Business Intelligence Applications
      Deployment Options

Standalone Interactive Dashboards   BI in a Portal via JSR-168/WSRP

                                          Embedded links in EBS
Business Intelligence Applications
Insight to Action via Action Links

Seamless navigation from analytical information to
transactional detail while maintaining context
Works with Oracle EBS, Siebel CRM, PeopleSoft

                              Action Links
Business Intelligence Applications
Security integration with Oracle Applications

        User              Object           Data
       Security          Security         Security

 •Single sign-on     •Responsibility     •Data filtered
 •Action links       associated to BI    based on
                     Web Catalog         Responsibility/
                     Group and           Inventory Org
                     Security Group
  Oracle BI Apps v7.9.6.1 for Oracle eBusiness Suite
                   Certified for 11i10, R12, R12.1.1
     Oracle BI Application                Oracle EBS module
Financial Analytics (Commercial)   Oracle Financials
                                   (GL, Payables, Receivables)
Human Resources Analytics          Oracle Human Resources
                                   Oracle Payroll
                                   Oracle Learning Management
                                   Oracle iRecruitment
Supply Chain and Order             Oracle Order Management
Management Analytics               Oracle Discrete Manufacturing (for
                                   Oracle Financials (for Receivables
                                   and Revenue)
Procurement and Spend Analytics    Oracle Purchasing/Procurement
                                   Oracle iProcurement
                                   Oracle iExpenses
                                   Oracle Financials (for Payables)
   Oracle BI Apps v7.9.6.1 for Oracle eBusiness Suite
                    Certified for 11i10, R12, R12.1.1

     Oracle BI Application                 Oracle EBS module
Project Analytics                  Oracle Project Costing
                                   Oracle Project Billing

                      Certified for 11i10, R12.1.1

     Oracle BI Application                 Oracle EBS module
Financial Analytics (US Federal    Oracle Financials
Financials)                        (GL, Payables, Receivables)

                           Certified for 11i10

     Oracle BI Application                 Oracle EBS module
Service Analytics                  Oracle Teleservice
                                   Oracle iSupport
              Beyond 12.1.1: OBIA content embedded in EBS pages

                                                           Embedded Analytics

      Embed custom content such as OBIA analytics in new rich container

© 2009 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential
Oracle BI Publisher
Better Document Publishing

     BI Publisher
     Business Users Format and Deliver Documents

Data Sources                BI Publisher          Output Formats         Destination
     Oracle                          Publishing
                                                  PDF   HTML     EDI       • Email
   Applications                         Engine
                  XML                             RTF   XML      Excel     • Printer
      CRM                                                                  • Fax

      FMS                                                                Order
                         Templates                       Letters
                                                         Fund            Online
      SCM                                                Transfers       Paychecks
                        Business                                         Grant Forms
   Any XML
Data Source

   Integrate Out-of-the-Box with Oracle Applications
R12 BI Publisher Uptake

• Used across E-Business Suite
• Initial R12.0:
   • 852 seeded templates across 55 products
• In 12.1:
   • Every Reports-based concurrent program has an
      associated layout template
   • Over 2600 layout templates registered against more than
      2000 data sources across 92 products
• Many templates translated to 30 languages for customers
Cost of
    Reduce Cost through Better System Management
    Application Management Pack offers central monitoring and automation

Extends Enterprise Manager to centralize the
management of Oracle E-Business Suite

  Key Capabilities: Pro-active Monitoring,
  Clone automation; Configuration Reporting
  and Service Level Management

  New Capabilities: Clone automation (Hot
  and RAC), EBS Administration and support
  for advanced EBS topologies
                                               • Lowers TCO
                                               • Improves DBA productivity
                                               • Improves Application Availability
                                               • Automates repetitive tasks
     Reduce Cost through Better Change Management
     Application Change Management Pack for patching and customization

A new product to lower the cost of managing
CHANGES within Oracle E-Business Suite.
     Customization Management:
     Automates and standardizes the
     transport of customizations

     Patch Management: Integrates with
     Oracle Metalink to download and
     deploy EBS patches

     Functional Setup Management:             Benefits
     Automates the synchronization of           • Lowers operational cost
     functional setups across EBS systems       • Improves user productivity
                                                • Centralizes and automates
                                                   change management processes
  Reduce Cost through Configuration Best Practices

      Users                                      Node1              Node2


                Node1 Node2 Node3                 Shared Filesystem
     EBS App

Reverse Proxy    Load Balancing        DMZ               RAC

  •Oracle provides step-by-step guides for implementing
  these advanced configurations and more in the context of
  E-Business Suite
  •Many configuration wizards available to simplify setup
Reduce Cost through Simplified Technical Configuration
12.1 AutoConfig Highlights

Improvements to the AutoConfig utility for automated
  configuration of the technology stack include:
  AutoConfig Profiler for analyzing performance of
  AutoConfig runs
  Parallel execution of AutoConfig on multiple nodes
  Enhanced reporting on changes prior to running
  Search and report on AutoConfig context variables
Reduce Cost through Better System Management

 Future functionality for E-Business Suite technical
 configuration includes
   Ability to run AutoConfig from Enterprise Manager
   Technology Integration console for assessing the “health” of
   your technology stack
   Simplified integration with external technologies
AutoConfig Run Options
Health of Your EBS Technology Stack - Details
Technology Patches You Already Have
Recommended Technology Patches
Reduce Cost through Virtualization

 Oracle VM is certified with EBS 11i, 12.0, and 12.1
 Achieve better, more flexible hardware utilization
 No license cost

 Oracle VM features include:
  • Dynamic resource management
  • Insight into performance and utilization at every level
  • High availability with automatic restart
  • Support for VM templates
Reduce Cost through Virtualization
OVM Templates for EBS

 Future availability of EBS 12.1.1 OVM templates
    64bit OEL 5
    Two templates: Database and Middle Tier

 EBS Virtualization Kit allows easy configuration of an
 entire EBS system
 Capture custom deployments, configurations, and
Reduce Cost through Consistency

               AIA Web Services   Business Intelligence Apps   Identity Management

              WebCenter Mashups        BI Publisher            Enterprise Manager
Benefit by upgrading to Release 12.1

 Current Technology
   Database 10gR2 baseline enables multi-org access control
   and faster performance in Release 12
   Use OC4J for load balancing
   Use JDeveloper 10.1.3 for extensions
   Leverage skills across technology projects
   Move to new hardware platforms easily

 End User Productivity
   Improved user interface in Release 12
   Secure Enterprise Search embedded in EBS user interface
   Future “Web 2.0” enhancements in 12.1+
   Lots of new UPK content
Benefit by upgrading to Release 12.1

   Integration Repository shipped with the Applications
   Use EBS content in Web Center and 3rd party portals
   Integrated SOA Gateway (12.1)

 Business Intelligence
   Broad BI Publisher uptake
   New Analytics content available
Benefit by upgrading to Release 12.1

 Reduced cost of ownership
   Configurable Discovery Process
   JVM Monitoring
   Graphical Topology View
   Out-of-the box flows for Service Level Monitoring
  Consider New Technology Uptake
 AIA Web Services   Business Intelligence Apps   Identity Management

WebCenter Mashups        BI Publisher            Enterprise Manager
Consider New Technology Uptake

 Consider upgrading to Database 11g or 11gR2
 Consider database options such as:
   Real Application Clusters
   Transparent Data Encryption
   Database Vault
Consider New Technology Uptake
Watch for upcoming certifications

Desktop client:                  External technologies:
     Windows 7                       Oracle Access Manager
     Mac OS X Snow Leopard           Oracle Internet Directory 11g
     (10.6) + Safari 4               OBIEE 11g
                                     Discoverer 11g
Application server:                  Portal 11g
     OC4J (for R12.x)       Web Center 11g
     BPEL (for R12.1)       Web Cache 11g
     Java (JDK) 7

     Database 11gR2 (for 12.x)
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  Time: 14.30 – 15.30
  Venue: Marriott Hotel, Salon 9

Wednesday (14th October, 2009)

• Using Oracle Application Server 10g with E-Business Suite (S307958)
  Time: 17.00 – 18.00
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008)

Thursday (15th October 2009)

• Advanced Configuration and Cloud Deployment of E-Business Suite
  Time: 9.00 – 10.00
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008)
• Tuning the Oracle E-Business Suite Environment (S307954)
  Time: 10.30 – 11.30
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2002)
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Tuesday (13th October)

• Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search:
  Customer Case Study (S309532)
  Time: 13.00 – 14.00
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2007)

Wednesday (14th October, 2009)

• Integrate Oracle E-Business Suite and Desktop Tools: Oracle Web
  Applications Desktop Integrator (S309541)
  Time: 17:00-18:00
  Venue: Moscone West L2 Room 2002/2004

Thursday (15th October 2009)

• Enabling the Web 2.0 User Experience for Oracle E-Business Suite
  Time: 10:30 - 11:30
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008)
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Monday (12th October, 2009)

• Critical Data Protection and Security in Oracle E-Business Suite (S307960)
  Time: 16.00 – 17.00
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008)

Tuesday (13th October, 2009)

• Securing Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Identity and Access Management (S309974)
• Time: 17.30 – 18.30
• Venue: Marriott, Salon 3
Related Sessions: Integration

Wednesday (14th October, 2009)

• Integration Architecture for Oracle E-Business
  Suite: Technical Insight (S309526)
  Time: 10:15-11:15
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008)
• Power Session - Oracle E-Business Suite
  Adapter: Technical Overview (S309530)
  Time: 13:00-13:30
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008)
• Power Session - Out-of-the-Box Web Services
  with Oracle E-Business Suite (S309530)
  Time: 13:45-14:15
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008)
Related Sessions: Ownership
Tuesday (13th October)

• Ten Things to Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of Oracle E-Business Suite
  Time: 14.30 – 15.30
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008)
• Oracle Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite
  Time: 16.00 – 17.00
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008)

Wednesday (14th October, 2009)

• Oracle Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite: Customer
  Case Study (S309526)
  Time: 11.45 – 12.45
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2008)

Thursday (15th October 2009)

• Oracle E-Business Suite Install and Cloning Best Practices (S309545)
  Time: 12.00 – 13.00
  Venue: Moscone West L2 (RM 2002/2004)
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