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Emergency Evacuation Procedures casualty


Emergency Evacuation Procedures casualty

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									                   Emergency Evacuation Procedures
         If alarm is ringing or fire bell sounding follow the steps below;
Most senior person takes charge.
Phone security on Ext 3333 and notify them of the emergency. If confirmed fire ask them to
notify the Fire Brigade.
Put on fire warden jackets (located in cupboard under coke fridge) and grab evacuation
signs from gym storeroom (behind door). Place one at main entrance.
Please follow these procedures:
Allocate staff or other responsible adults to evacuate the following areas and ask them to
report back to you at the main entrance. Patrons are to be told to proceed to the University
grassed area, across Learoyd Street through the safest exit.

                                                                                      Tick box when reported
                                                                                            all clear & by who

       Admin office

       Health and Fitness Centre, appraisal room, gym store room

       MLSHS academic office, ShapeHer studio & tearoom

       Sports courts and storerooms

       ECU & MLSHS male & female change rooms, disabled toilet,
        cleaners room

       Multi-purpose room/store, kitchen, classroom

       Three persons to evacuate the underground car park check
        no one is in cars. Close doors to stairwells located at ECU
        and MLSHS ends of car park. Place someone at the front
        entrance to ensure patrons or cars do not enter this area.
        The third person is to report back to you when
        they are in place. 1 x Evacuation sign at entrance.

If it is safe to do so, ensure the safe is locked and take the till trays with you.

Evacuate the building.

When security arrives brief them of the situation and wait for further instructions.

 When the emergency is over phone the Centre Supervisor, fill out an incident
        report form and place in the OSH reps in-tray for processing.

ECU Sports Emergency Procedures – Mt Lawley                                   As at February 2010 - Issue 2
                                              Bomb Threat
                             If you receive a bomb threat telephone call: 3333
1. Endeavour to obtain as much information as possible about the threat:
    Location of bomb – where in building____________________________________________
    Type of package. ___________________________________________________________

2. If possible engage the caller in conversation allowing a trace to be made on the call

3. Raise the alarm by attracting the attention of a passer by who should:
    Contact the Switchboard Operator on Ext 99 and security Ext 3333.
    Advise of the telephone extension number so that the line can be held open for trace

4. Complete as much as possible of the bomb threat checklist on the back of the page.

5. If asked to evacuate the building, do so.


    BY TELEPHONE CALL – the telephone operator is to note and record as many details and to
     ask as many questions as is possible. Record same on this form as soon as possible.
    FROM ANOTHER SOURCE (POLICE, ETC) – this form is still to be used. Source of notification
     to be asked for as much as possible.

        WHEN is it set to explode?
        WHERE did you place it?
        WHAT kind of bomb is it?
        WHY are you doing this?
        WHO are you?
        EXACT words used?
        Speaker was:                            Male                  Female               Child
        Age:                                    Very Young            Adolescent           Adult            Old
        Sobriety:                               Normal                Intoxicated          Drugged
        Speech:                                 Normal                Stammer              Slurred           Lisp
        Accent was:                             Incoherent            Well Spoken           Abusive          Irrational
        Message sounded as if it was            Yes                  No
        being read by caller:
        Message was taped:                      Yes       No         No
        Did it sound like a public phone        Yes         No
        was being used?
        Background noises:                      Music          Children            Talking        Typing         Traffic
                                                Aeroplanes              Harbour             Other
        Call received by:                       ............................................... at ............... am/pm
        Call received on:                       Line #                          Extension #
        Origin of call:                         Bomber       Police       Fire Brigade      Other
        Other information you can add:

ECU Sports Emergency Procedures – Mt Lawley                                                       As at February 2010 - Issue 2
                       Emergency Response Procedures
    1. ACT!

    2. Send someone to reception – give details of casualty‟s condition.
       Reception Staff: Announce Code Blue over PA, give messenger
       the portable phone, Defibrillator and Oxygen bottle.

    3. DR ABC

        Danger – check for danger (to self & others)

        Use the Defibrillator as soon as you have it and follow instructions accordingly.

        Response – Ask casualty‟s name, gently squeeze shoulders
          a. No Response: Open mouth and look for foreign material
          b. Response: Make comfortable, monitor signs of life.

        Airway – check for obstructions
           c. No foreign material: Leave on back, open airway
           d. Foreign material in mouth: Recovery position, open and clear airway.

        Breathing – Check for breathing (look, listen, feel for breathing)
           e. NOT Breathing:
                   i. Call 000
                  ii. Give 2 initial breaths
                 iii. Check for signs of life.

             f. Breathing: Place in recovery position, monitor signs of life.

        CPR – NO SIGNS OF LIFE (Unconscious, not breathing, not moving)
          g. Start CPR
                 i. 30 compressions : 2 Breaths
                ii. Continue CPR (30:2) until help arrives or casualty recovers.

    4. If casualty regains consciousness place in recovery position and monitor signs of life.

 When the emergency is over phone the Centre Supervisor, fill out an incident
        report form and place in the OSH reps in-tray for processing.

ECU Sports Emergency Procedures – Mt Lawley                                     As at February 2010 - Issue 2
                                              Code BLUE
A Code BLUE is the term given to a medical emergency situation within ECU Sports.

    Usually it means we have an unconscious casualty within the building or similar.

    1. In a medical emergency, send someone to reception to announce over the PA:
       “Attention all staff, there is a Code BLUE in the ……(Name the specified area – i.e.
       the sport hall) ...... could all available staff please attend”

    2. Give the attending staff member the portable phone, defibrillator and oxygen bottle
       to immediately attend the incident.

    3. Reception to ring security (ext 3333) and notify them of the emergency.

    4. Staff attending casualty to telephone for an ambulance or request another staff
       member to do so.
        Give clear directions as follows:
             o Travel along Central Ave turn into Stancliffe street
             o Turn right at round-a-bout onto Woodsome street
             o Explain we are the big colourful building on the corner of Woodsome and
                 Learoyd streets, they can park outside.

    5. Send a staff member (wear emergency jacket) to meet ambulance at round-a-bout
       (cnr Stancliffe and Woodsome Streets) and guide the ambulance towards the front
       of the sports centre.

    6. On arriving at the incident assist where possible by:
             o Clearing the area of further danger or onlookers
             o Helping to aid the casualty

        When the emergency is over phone the Centre Supervisor, fill out an
        incident report form and place in the OSH reps in-tray for processing.

ECU Sports Emergency Procedures – Mt Lawley                             As at February 2010 - Issue 2
              ECU Sports Armed Hold-up Procedures

                    Survival is the first rule during an armed hold up.
                         Protect yourself, not money or goods.

Follow the steps below during an armed hold up.
     Stand still, keep your hands where they can be seen and avoid fast or sudden
     Do not use the telephone.
     Obey the robbers instructions, do exactly as you are told.
     Allow them to leave, (sooner is safer).
     Remain calm and quiet and speak only when spoken to.
     Avoid shouting and provoking the robber.
     Be submissive and avoid direct eye contact with the robber.

Observe the following details about the robber(s) only if you can
while doing exactly as directed:
     Height and weight (marker points are on the main entrance doors).
     Clothing – including unusual marks, stains and tears.
     Age.
     Hair colour and eye colour.
     Identifying marks (scars and tattoos) and prominent or unusual features.
     Speech patterns, impediments.
     Type of weapon.

After the Hold-up
       Press the emergency “Duress Alarm” (situated under the counter near where all the
        files are kept).
       Attend to any injured victims and call an ambulance if necessary.
       Delegate a staff member to call both the police 000 and security on 3333 when it is
       Seal off the hold-up area by locking doors to avoid contamination of possible
       Ask witnesses to remain until police arrive and complete an „Offenders Description
        Form‟ (located in file with Incident Accident report forms).

   When the emergency is over, phone the relevant Centre Supervisor,
   complete an incident report form and place in OSH representative in-tray
   for processing.

ECU Sports Emergency Procedures – Mt Lawley                            As at February 2010 - Issue 2

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