PANICUM LAXIFLORUM Lam Pale Green Panic grass FAMILY Poaceae by benbenzhou


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									                               PANICUM LAXIFLORUM Lam.
                                 Pale Green Panic-grass

FAMILY: Poaceae.

SYNONYM: Dichanthelium laxiflorum (Lam.) Gould

HABIT: Herbaceous perennial lacking pronounced winter rosettes, vernal culms
      sparingly caespitose, erect or geniculate at base, 1-8 dm., flowering April-July;
      autumnal culms erect, branching from the base, with slightly reduced leaves;
      flowering June-September.

SIMILAR SPECIES: The genus Panicum is distinctive in Ohio. Species distinctions are
      based upon minute and technical characters.

TOTAL RANGE: MD to s. IN and s. MO, s. to FL and TX.

STATE RANGE (as of 2008): Post-1980 records are from Adams, Ashtabula, Fairfield,
     Jackson, Muskingum, Pike, Ross, Scioto, Summit, and Vinton counties. Pre-
     1980 records are from Perry County.

HABITAT: Woods and open ground.

HAZARDS: Unknown, but possibly grazing.

RECOVERY POTENTIAL: Unknown, but presumed good due to its generalized habitat.

INVENTORY GUIDELINES: Mature flowering material with underground parts and
     winter rosettes is needed for identification. Note density of basal tufts.

COMMENTS: This species is very likely more common than the records indicate, and
    should be sought in southeastern Ohio. The winter rosettes are fairly
    conspicuous, but the flowering culms are easily overlooked. Ohio is apparently
    the northern limit of the range of this species.


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               Division of Natural Areas and Preserves
               Ohio Department of Natural Resources

               Created: 2/1980 David Spooner

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