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					   Questionnaire for my unvaccinated child
Implementation of the questionnaire activities: Vaccination-critical Parent Group of
Salzburg – Petra Cortiel
Time period: March 1st 2001 through April 1st 2004

Number of participating families: 416
From the following countries: Austria: 108             Germany: 236   Switzerland: 57
                                          Italy: 3     L: 1           Norway: 1
                                          Russia: 10

Number of unvaccinated children: 581
Girls:         269
Boys:          302
Not specified: 10

Age of the children (at the time of completion)
Between 0-2 years:        206
Between 2-4 years:        177
Between 4-6 years:        86
Between 6-8 years:        48
Between 9-20 years:       49
Over 20 years:            11
Not specified:            4

Reason why child was not vaccinated: (multiple answers possible)

Researched the vaccination topic intensively:
Fear of vaccination injuries or side effects:
Vaccinations do not protect/ weaken the immune system:
Bad experiences with vaccinations of one's own:
Homeopathy disagrees with vaccinations:
Interference in natural progression / confidence in life:
Already have existing allergies or skin rashes:
Increase in allergies and distinctive features in the children:
Unvaccinated children are healthier:
No reasons given on the part of the pediatrician/ traditional medicine:
6 vaccinations are too many:
Read Dr. Gerhard Buchwald:
Other reasons:
I, the mother, am also not vaccinated
Involved with Dr. Stefan Lanka
Child is a premature birth
Vaccination is an establishment of fear
Skepticism of traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals
Because it is up to my child
Do not want to treat my child in a negligent and undeserving manner
Want to vaccinate later (not before 2 or 3 years of age)
Vaccinations jeopardize mental and psychic development
Child was born via Caesarean section
Child has heart defects
Fear of remote damages
Doctor advised against vaccination
Why should he be vaccinated?
Mother is health counselor following Dr. Bruker
Do not want to vaccinate in the first few years in order to build up the immune system
Am convinced that in Germany, vaccinations are too fast and without reason
Doctor almost forces one to vaccinate - that cannot be right
Pharmaceuticals think only of profit and not health
My child should contract children’s diseases
My child should have lifelong immunity
Grandmother was already critical of vaccinations
Recommendation of the doctor
At first, no, due to underdevelopment of the immune system, then “no vaccination material that we can say yes to”
To avoid poisoning of the small body and brain
Experience of a colleague with their unvaccinated children

General health conditions of the unvaccinated children:

Very good:            542 (=93.3%!)
(=vital, energetic, interested, rarely easily infected)

Common infections:        17
Neurodermatitis:          10
Dermatitis:                1
Mucoviscidosis:            1
Bronchitis:                4
Occasional headaches: 1
Slight liver and gallbladder impairment: 1
Unproblematic skin problems:             1
Chromosomal development retardation and febrile convulsions: 1
Poor teeth and weak joints: 1
Down syndrome: 1

Children’s diseases already experienced:

None: 320

 (Not included here are diseases such as baby eczema, teeth problems, candida fungus, 3-day fever
and slight or rare colds that many parents attribute to children’s diseases)

With children’s diseases, often no importance is given to the number of sick
children in the “with/ without complications” specification

Chickenpox: Without complications: 170
                      (strong: 18      medium:    9       mild: 49
                      with complications:   2 (Scarring))
Rubella:              Without complications: 33
                      (strong:  1     medium:                  2        mild: 18
                      with complications:   0)
Mumps:             Without complications: 18
                    (strong:  1     medium:                    2    mild: 9
                    with complications:   0)
Measles:            Without complications: 35
                    (strong: 1      medium:                    5    mild: 7
                    with complications:   0)
Whooping cough: Without complications: 31
                    (strong: 5     medium:                 7       mild: 9
                    with complications:   0)
Scarlet fever: Without complications: 55
                    (strong:  2     medium:     2     mild: 17
                    with complications:   2 (Inflammation of the middle ear))

Other (additional identified data from several parents):

Middle/Aerootitis: 27
Bronchitis: 23
Canker sore: 11
Acute spasmodic laryngitis: 16
Febrile convulsion: 9
Oral infections: 2
Pneumonia: 9
Ophthalmitis: 6
Strong infection: 1
Predisposition to skin problems:2
Laryngitis: 2
Salmonella infections: 1
Herpes: 2
Diphtheritic angina: 1
Eye operation after inflammation of the middle ear: 1
Vomiting spells: 1
Mastoiditis (with operation) after tuberculin test: 1
Fifth disease: 4
Vaginal inflammation: 1
Lobar pneumonia: 1
Atopic skin pattern: 3
Stomach flu: 1
Molluscum contagiosum: 2
Spastic bronchitis: 2
Pyelitis: 1
Chickenpox: 3
Eczema with fungus infection: 1
Diarrhea: 1
Disbacteriosis: 1
Cystitis: 2
Smallpox: 1
Varicella: 4
Bronchopneumonia: 1
Erythema nodosum: 1
Indigestion: 2
Croup: 1
Reaction to solvents in the floor: 2
Inflammation of the throat: 3
Rash (3 months long) from paracetamol: 1
Recurring infections: 1
Kawasaki syndrome: 1
Urticaria: 1
Sinusitis: 1
Heart surgery: 1
Common cold:1
Emotional spasms: 1

The number of unvaccinated children that suffer from the following
diseases (several of them are already healed with homeopathy):

0 Asthma, 25 Neurodermatitis, 17 Allergies, 7 Hyperactivity, 1 ADD
Miscellaneous:        Intolerance of cow milk protein: 5
                      Rash: 7
                      Mucoviscidosis: 1
                      Herpes: 1
                      Strabismus from birth on: 1
                      Sporadically occurring asthmatoid conditions:1
                      Developmental retardation: 1
                      Adenoids: 1
                      Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis: 1
                      Metabolic disorder MCAD deficiency: 1
                      Hemiparesis since birth: 1
                      Emotional spasms in conjunction with teething: 1

Additional information:
In Austria there is no exact/more recent information as to how many children in general
suffer under the above mentioned diseases. The following statistics were accessible to me,
next to them are the unvaccinated children from our questionnaire in %:

Every 10th child in Salzburg has asthma = 10% -
unvaccinated children = 0%

Every 4th person in Austria has an allergy = 25% -
unvaccinated children = 2.9%

Every 10th school child suffers from attention deficit disorder (ADD) = 10% - unvaccinated
children 0.17%, if hyperactivity included 1.37%

Whether vaccinations are linked to the above mentioned afflictions is not clear. Certainly
these are not the only causes. Pregnancy, birth, nutrition, psyche, family circumstances,
etc. affect the body in different ways.

Common treatment methods (counted per family, multiple answers

Homeopath:                                                      262
Pediatrician:                                                   111
Pediatrician only for preventative examinations:                 39
Alternative practitioner:                                        79
Family doctor:                                                   74
Self treatment:                                                  39
Classical homeopath:                                             28
Family doctor:                                                    4
 “is not necessary” / “never”:                                    7
LKH:                                                              1
Osteopath:                                                        2
Anthroposophical pediatrician:                                    3
Energy therapy:                                                   1
Acupuncture :                                                     2
Phytotherapy:                                                     2
Bioresonance:                                                     1
Kinesiology:                                                      5

Descriptions of the families:

Only children (unvaccinated): 168
Only unvaccinated children:                   2:       91   families = 182 children
                                              3:       15   families = 45 children
                                              4:        3   families = 12 children
                                              5:        1   family = 5 children

Vaccinated and unvaccinated children: 2: 77 families = 77 unvaccinated and 77
                                                 vaccinated children

                                                       3: 40 families = 56 unvaccinated and 64
                                                                  vaccinated children

                                                       4: 20 families = 35 unvaccinated and 45
                                                                  vaccinated children

                                                       5: 1 family = 1 unvaccinated and 4
                                                                  vaccinated children

of these:         vaccinated older and unvaccinated younger children: all (190)
                  unvaccinated older and vaccinated younger children: none

of these:         vaccinated children without reactions to vaccination/
                  stable health : 53

of these:         no description of health: 34

of these:         children with vaccination injuries / injuries that
                  develop from vaccinations : 103

Multiple answers possible
First the diseases that were also contracted by unvaccinated children are listed for comparison:

Disposition to Asthma: 1
Asthma: 4
Asthmatic bronchitis: 1
Hyperactivity: 5
Verhaltensauffälligkeit: 2
Aggressive towards oneself and others: 1
Behavioral problems (after first vaccination): 3
Learning difficulties: 2
Developmental problems: 3
Problems with fine motor skills : 1
Minor character change: 1
Character change: 1
Allergies: 13
Nutrient incompatibility: 1
Neurodermatitis (strong): 18
Physically very constricted (wheelchair-bound): 1
Paralysis on vaccinated leg: 1
Short-term paralysis of the vaccinated leg:1
Muscle hypotension: 1
Reduced muscle tone: 1
Epilepsy/encephalitis: 6
Recurring infections: 32
Strong or recurring bronchitis: 13
Recurring inflammation of the middle ear: 15
Recurring angina: 9
Recurring laryngitis: 1
Croup: 2
Pseudo-croup: 9
Rheumatism: 2
Sinusitis: 2
Fever after the vaccination: 2
Mononucleosis with clinic stay: 1
Severe fever convulsions with minor fever: 1
Fever convulsions: 1
Feverish episodes: 1
Mumps with trigeminus paresis (despite vaccination): 1
Mumps (despite vaccination): 1
Persistent diarrhea: 1
Bedwetting: 2
Problems with nightly bladder control: 1
Indigestion: 1
Massive constipation: 1
Pneumonia: 1
Strong strabismus: 1
Skin fungus: 1
Pneumonia: 3
Strong stomach flu: 1
Postural deformities: 1
Migraines: 1
Insomnia: 1
Screaming episodes: 1
Screaming child: 1
Tooth decay: 1
Diminishment in size and weight: 1
Animosity toward doctors: 1
Herpes: 1

Specific cases:

An unvaccinated child died of SIDS at 5 months.

A mother became sick at age 41 despite vaccination against rubella.

A father was vaccinated many times approximately a year after birth with genetically
manipulated vaccination material, daughter has chromosomal developmental retardation.
The older daughter is developing normally.

An unvaccinated child received a passive tetanus vaccination, no adverse effects on health.

From the writings of a mother whose daughter was born with Down syndrome: I truly
became convinced at the handicapped school where my daughter (…) was enrolled and where
I was invited to a parents' discussion. The parents whose children were not handicapped from
birth could not explain why their children are suddenly handicapped. This makes me scared,
and my decision not to vaccinate my children was then guaranteed."

Many thanks to all parents who participated in our questionnaire!

Thanks to all who eagerly distributed the survey.
Questionnaires or updated analysis at:

As a result of the inquiries of several parents, I would like to first emphasize:

I know that the questionnaire covers only a small area of health of unvaccinated children. Birth conditions,
nursing, nutrition, lifestyle, taking of antibiotics, etc. were not considered. This is mainly because the questionnaire
could not be longer than a page because it had to be voluntarily copied and distributed by unpaid involved parents.
Furthermore, in the last 12 months, aspects of non-vaccinations have come up by means of the questionnaire
activities of which I really had not considered previously. One of these is the question of whether unvaccinated
children have more frequent signs of higher aptitude than the vaccinated, and if so, whether this actually comes
from non-vaccination. It was always emphasized in the questionnaire that the children were quite mentally

Should you have access to statistics about the health conditions of vaccinated children (as a comparison group), or
to a questionnaire that is associated with ours, please let me know about the data so that I can share it next time.
Thank you!

Petra Cortiel

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