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OTA (Over-the-Air Technology). Through mobile communications (GSM or CDMA) the air interface on the SIM card data and application of remote management technology. The air interface can use WAP, GPRS, CDMA1X and SMS technology. OTA technology, makes the mobile communication can not only provide voice and data services, but also to provide new services to download.

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									                                                                  Course Reference     : T1001I
    Fundamentals & Technology                                     Webstore Reference   : DOC112154A

SIM, STK & OTA Basics

     Objectives:                                                      Each training session
                                                                      consists of:
     At the end of this course you                                       A Complete course
     will:                                                               manual
          Have an overview of the                                        Practical Exercises
          main GSM SIM card
          Understand SIM card                                         Pre-requisites:
          functionality.                                                 This course requires
          Have an introduction on                                        participants to have a
          how “SIM Toolkit”           Creating new services              basic knowledge of the
          applications work.          has until now required             GSM networks, as well
          Be able to understand the   long development cycles            as an electronic or
          “Over-The-Air” (OTA)                                           computer background
                                      and proprietary                    This course is held in
                                      implementation. Using              English
                                      Java Card based SIM
     Key Topics:                      cards and Gemalto SIM
       SIM                                                           Duration: 2 Days
       ISO 7816                       Administration &
       GSM 11.11/ 3GPP 51.011         Simulation Tools, based
       GSM 11.14                      on the latest GSM              Course fee:
       GSM 03.48 / 3GPP 23.048                                       Please refer to regional
                                      standards, you can now
       SIM APPLICATION                                               schedules on
       TOOLKIT                        work in-house, and    
       SMS & “OTA”                    transform ideas into            or contact us:
       AUTHENTICATION                 applications in a matter
                                      of days.
     Who should attend:               This training course will
       Project Managers               allow you to rapidly get        Location:
       IT Managers                                                    Gemalto Training Centers
                                      to know the main
       System Implementers                                            For on-site training, please
       Development Staff              features of these               contact us.
                                      products and begin
                                      managing your own

                                                                                     Course Reference     : T1001I
Fundamentals & Technology                                                            Webstore Reference   : DOC112154A

     Course Schedule:

                                Day 1                                                    Practice
      Trainees registration and training overview

      Gemalto in GSM
      Gemalto cards & software
      Gemalto services

      Understanding SIM Cards using GXXV3 cards                             SIM Files browsing
      GSM 11.11 standards                                                   PIN management
          Card architecture                                                 File creation
          Card life phases
          Memory organisation
          Access conditions
          Security features
          Special features
          Command set

      Understanding SIM Application Toolkit
      GSM 11.14 Standards
          SIM Toolkit definition
          Use of STK applications

                                 Day 2                                                   Practice
           SIM toolkit commands                                             STK application loading & testing
           SIM toolkit protocols                                            with ADMIN & SIM software

      Remote management of services                                         Mobile & network
      Introduction                                                          acknowledgement
      “Enhanced Short Messages” – GSM 23.048                                OTA testing using SIMu tools:
      “Enhanced SMS journey” for SIM cards                                  Downloading securely GSM data
      Security features                                                     Over-The-Air

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                                           Please visit us on                                   2

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