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Hepatitis A Vaccine Havrix

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									                           Hepatitis A Vaccine (Havrix)

What is Hepatitis A?       A highly contagious viral disease
                           The most common disease among travelers that can be prevented with
                           143,000 people in the United States are infected with hepatitis A each
How is Hepatitis A         From person to person through fecal contamination and then hand-to-
spread?                     mouth contact
                           Through contaminated food and water
What happens if you        Symptoms include:
get Hepatitis A?            Fever
                            Lack of appetite
                            Abdominal discomfort
                            Dark urine
                            Jaundice (yellow coloring of the skin and sclera)
                           The effects of Hepatitis A vary from person to person
                           The older the patient, the more sever the symptoms, while young
                            children may not have any symptoms
How long to symptoms       Usually about 4 weeks
last?                      Relapses occur in 20% of patients
                           Symptoms may continue on and off for 15 months
                           Some patients may need to be hospitalized
Who is at risk for         In the United States, the largest group of people at risk for Hepatitis A
Hepatitis A?                is the 24 million travelers to Africa, Asia (except Japan), the
                            Mediterranean basin, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central and
                            South America, Mexico and parts of the Caribbean
                           The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health
                            Organization recommend immunizing travelers to high risk areas
                           According to WHO, most cases of Hepatitis A occur in patients staying
                            in middle-to upper-level hotels.
How can I protect          Get vaccinated with Havrix at least 2 weeks before your trip
myself and my family       The primary course (single shot for adults, two shots 1 month apart for
from Hepatitis A?           those 2 through 18 year of age) protects against infection for up to a
                            year, while a booster 6–12 months later is required for longer
How sage is Havrix?        Havrix is a widely used vaccine, licensed in more than 45 countries
                            with millions of doses distributed worldwide
                           It is generally well tolerated
                           The most common solicited adverse effects in clinical trials were
                            injection-site soreness (56% of adults and 15% of children) and
                            headache (14% of adults and less than 5% of children). As with all
                            vaccines, expanded commercial use could reveal rare adverse events
                            not observed in clinical trials
How effective is           Havrix is proven effective
Havrix?                    It achieves immunity in most patients by day 15
                           Studies show that within 15 days of injection, 80%–98% of the people
                            vaccinated develop immunity. A booster dose at 6–12 month prolongs

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