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					Olay Regenerist Eye Serum, .5-Ounce Bottle

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Give your eyes a visible lift... without drastic measures.     *clickable documentation
Notice a complete turnaround in 24 days: firm eyelids,
smooth corners, and even-toned under-eyes.
Manufacturer Notice a complete turnaround in 24 days
and all around eye firming; smoothing and brightening.
Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum contains a
concentrated form of an exclusive amino-peptide
complex that hydrates to firm and visibly lift skin around
the entire eye area. Skin's natural glow will be restored
and skin is left feeling velvety smooth. The results?
Visibly lifts; smooths and brightens the entire eye area
for firm eyelids; smooth corners and even-tone under
eyes. Use alone or create your own regimen with other
Regenerist skin care products. Gentle; fragrance free;
dermatologist and opthamologist tested; non-greasy;
suitable for everyday use.

Customer Review :
I bought the .5 ounce Olay regenerist eye serium with the amazon subscribe and sa ve. I just want to
recommend this program. It knocks a little off the price and it allows you to choose how often you want
it sent, plus you don't have to run out and get it. I love this feature and have used it for the sensitive
lotion and a few other items. As for the regenerist eye serum I love it. I have not used this particular
eye serum before, but I have used olay often over the years and have always been satisfied with the
results. I thought I would give this a try. I used it after a long, restless evening. I put a couple of drops
on each eye and smoothed it in. I started to notice a difference even before I finished smoothing it in.
After I smoothed in and let it set the difference was even more dramatic. I will not say that I looked like
I got my full 40 winks, but I looked significantly better than before I applied it. To those wondering
about its texture and appearance, it is more of a thick lotion with a beaded texture, than a thick serum
and it is kind of a taupe color. However, I think it works just as well as the traditional eye serums I
have used from other brands such as clinique. Try it and you will be highly satisfied!

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