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					                       Make Money With Twitter & a Blog

If you consider how the micro blog site works, and how people use it, you can make
money with Twitter. You have to keep in mind Twitter's new role as an information
network, and the fact that Twitter users regularly scan their Twitter stream for interesting
news and updates.

One way to use Twitter effectively is to use it to keep sending your followers to your
blog, whenever you have made another interesting post or have new information that
would interest your followers. One example of concerted use of Twitter to drive
followers to a site is Guy Kawasaki's steady stream of intriguing tweets, which send
followers to article excerpts on his Alltop site.

With a regularly updated blog, serving up news and information to a focused niche, and a
Twitter following built up in the same niche, you can use Twitter like a notification
service. Every time you post now content, use Twitter to bring your readers back to your
blog. With a busy blog - one you and guest bloggers are updating a number of times each
day - you can be running a series of tweets and bringing steady streams of visitors to your

With ads or affiliates promotions on your blog that are well targeted to the type of
followers your content attracts, bringing in steady streams of new and repeat traffic leads
to a steady income from your blog. With Twitter as a marketing tool for sending visitors
back to your blog again and again, you can vastly increase daily traffic to your blog and
daily income.

The important part of making money with Twitter and a blog is to develop a system. You
need to systematically update your blog with interesting, high-quality content. You need
to systematically build a related following on Twitter. You need to systematically tweet
updates to your Twitter followers. Consistently apply yourself to your blog and Twitter,
and you can money with Twitter

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