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					                          Kewaunee County Veterans Newsletter
                                               NOVEMBER 2002
                      Published by: Kewaunee County Veterans Service Office, 613 Dodge Street, Courthouse
                                         Kewaunee, WI 54216 Phone: 920-388-7198

                 E-mail:                   State CVSO Web Site

A THANKFUL AND BLESSED NATION                                                Bottomline, your discharge is secure in this
        This is the time of year where we need to sit
back and count the many blessings we all enjoy.                     VA GRANT AWARDS $3.2 MILLION TO
What comes to mind first is the great country we                    WISCONSIN VETERANS HOME
live in. Yes, we do have our challenges in many
areas, but overall, this still remains the greatest                         The Department of Veterans Affairs has
nation on earth today—America! We need to be                        awarded a grant for nearly $3.3 million to
very thankful for the freedoms that we enjoy every                  Wisconsin to construct a new 42-bed domiciliary at
day. We also need to remember that each one of us                   the state veterans' home in Union Grove.
has the responsibility to do everything within our                          This grant reflects the federal-state
power to make sure these freedoms are not taken                     partnership that is honoring our commitment to care
from us and to secure them for the next generation.                 for the men and women who have served in
        Many men and women have gone to their                       uniform. These partnerships allow more veterans to
death for the cause of freedom and it is behovent                   receive the respect and care that they have earned.
upon us to carry that torch of freedom to the next                          The grant will pay up to 65 percent of the
generation. Please do not take the blessings we                     cost to build and equip the residential addition. The
have in this country for granted.                                   overall cost of the project is more than $5 million.
        “The willingness with which our young                               In May, 2001 the VA awarded a grant to the
people are likely to serve in any war, no matter                    Union Grove veterans home to expand an existing
how justified, shall be directly proportional as to                 43-bed facility into an 86-bed domiciliary.
how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars                              The Wisconsin State Veterans' Home in
were treated and appreciated by their nation."                      King operates a 665-bed nursing care unit and 84-
 - George Washington.                                               bed domiciliary offering medical, nursing,
                                                                    rehabilitative, social, and other supportive services
DD 214 SECURITY                                                     to eligible Wisconsin veterans.

        The issue of discharge document (DD 214)                    HOME IMPROVEMENT LOAN RATE
security has been in the news in the past several                   LOWERED TO 5.65%
months. There are twenty-five states that do not
limit access to the discharge documents and thus are                        The WDVA also offers home improvement
under the open records law when the discharge                       loans with a 5.65% percent interest rate. Veterans
documents are recorded with the Register of Deeds.                  may borrow up to $25,000 with 15 years to repay.
        Wisconsin law does protect the security of                  A minimum of 10% equity must remain on the
the DD 214. According to Wis. State Stat. 45.21:                    property to secure the loan. The loan can be used
“Registration of certificate of discharge. The                      for a variety of projects such as additions,
certificate (DD 214) shall be accessible only to the                construction, repairs and alterations of their
discharged person, or that person’s dependents, the                 principal residence, including garage construction
county veterans' service officer, the department, or                and septic systems. Consecutive loans can be
any person with written authorization from the                      issued if more money is required and sufficient
discharged person or that person’s dependents.”                     equity remains in the property.
VA OFFERS NEW TREATMENT FOR                                           Monthly compensation for 3.3 million
VETERANS WITH HEPATITIS C                                     veterans and survivors will increase 1.4 percent in
        Less than 10 days after a new treatment for                   The 1.4 percent increase will first appear in
hepatitis C was approved by the Food and Drug                 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) payments
Administration (FDA), the Department of Veterans              received in January that reflect benefits earned in
Affairs (VA) made it available to enrolled veterans.          December, when the increase becomes effective.
        The treatment approved by the FDA October                     Those affected by the increase include 2.4
16 is called "pegylated interferon alfa-2a." The VA           million veterans receiving compensation for
has made arrangements with the manufacturer to                disabilities sustained or made worse during their
ship the new drug to VA facilities sooner than any            military service, as well as 347,000 wartime
other medical system.                                         veterans who are totally disabled from civilian-life
        The VA is getting this drug in the shortest           causes and who receive a pension under an income-
time possible to facilities that have the most need.          based program.
        Several advances in treating hepatitis C,                     The increase will also go to 310,000
particularly with the introduction of the "pegylated          survivors of veterans who died in service or from a
interferons," include drugs that act against the              service-connected condition and another 239,000
hepatitis C virus used either alone or in combination         who are served by an income-based program for
with other drugs.                                             survivors of wartime veterans.
        Through VA’s national hepatitis C program,                    Most veterans and survivors will receive
which has been in place about two years, veterans             their increased VA compensation or pension
with hepatitis C receive the most appropriate                 through direct deposit, which VA encourages
medical care, including: counseling for risk factor           because of its superior security over mailed checks.
identification and disease prevention, systematic                     If you would like to sign up for direct
screening and testing, proactive patient and                  deposit, call 1-877-837-2778 with your account
clinician education, liver transplantation if clinically      number and bank routing number.
necessary, and support services such as substance
abuse and mental health care.
        VA has screened more than 2.6 million
veterans for hepatitis C risk factors since the
system-wide policy was established in 1999. To
better manage and improve patient care, VA created                        HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
a national case registry of patients.
        If you have hepatitis C or had contact with                        GOD BLESS AMERICA!
body fluids during your time in service, please
contact this office to file a disability claim.               Please copy this Newsletter and distribute to all veterans.
                                                                                    Thank You

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 Congress -                 1-800-749-8387
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Wisconsin Legislative Hotline              1-888469-6614 #3

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