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									If you have an issue with sleeping, I feel your pain. I've no gripe getting to sleep, my trouble is that
after I drop off, it’s generally not a quality sleep as I've things on my mind, and I don’t generally sleep
for long periods of time. Even if it’s the weekend and I have nothing to do that day, I’ll still find
myself waking up after roughly 6 hours sleep. Even worse, when I have been celebrating the night
before, and had a few too many, I’ll still wake early, and have to suffer the consequences the next

I've endured this problem for the last year or two, I have been told it’s due to stress and worry, and
during my research into it, I have come across a lot of things that have recently helped me to sleep
just that bit better. Allowing me to rest for longer, and to also have a better quality sleep, so that I
am not waking up during the night with thoughts on my mind, or waking up, turning from one side
to the other.

This may sound weird to some, but I've found that I've a improved quality sleep if I have some sort of
noise around me. The majority of people need total silence by which to fall asleep, but I have found
that if I have a low-level noise which doesn’t change in volume too much, for example a fan blowing
in the room, or the TV on a low volume, or the compressor of my new beer fridge in my bedroom,
that it helps me to wind down, therefore ensuring a good, deep sleep. I've also noticed that I've a far
better sleep if it’s raining and I can hear the rain against the window. Apparently, plenty of others
also find the rain to aid them greatly when attempting to sleep, and you can actually purchase CD’s
and mp3s which just have the noise of rain, and thunderstorms on them.

Recently, I'm in a quest to shed pounds, and due to this fact, I’m now doing plenty of cardio
exercises. I am not sure whether it’s a coincidence, but on the days I do the cardio, I feel like I sleep
right through the night, and in actual fact feel tired at night time, and nod off to sleep literally the
moment my head hits the pillow. I don’t feel tired during the day, so that’s not anything you should
concern yourself with. I just feel tired at the end of the day, like my body has been doing a thorough
workout, and it’s now time for it to mend itself.

I’m a fan of reading, and always have a book to hand or a magazine of some type. I see that taking
these to bed with me at night, and lying down on my stomach, with my head resting on my arm, and
the book directly face-to-face with me, has me falling asleep within 15 minutes.

I’d like to thank you for reading this article, and I really hope that one or more of these ideas may
help you with your sleeping problems.

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