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Lunch Menu Chill Lunch Special


Lunch Menu Chill Lunch Special

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									                           Chill Lunch Special
Chilli salami, semi dried tomato, basil and bocconcini pizza

Prawn, preserved lemon and rocket pizza

Smoked chicken, jalapeno and spinach pizza

Chilli salted squid w Asian herb salad with palm sugar lime dressing                 N

Hot and sour beef salad w roasted peanuts                                            N

Smoked salmon w chilli corn cake, arugula and soused leeks

Today’s fresh pasta

Potato gnocchi gratin w pear, walnuts and taleggio sauce                             V, N

Risotto of butternut pumpkin, baby spinach & goats cheese                            V

Fusilli w chorizo bocconcini, tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic & white wine

Risotto of the day

Club Sandwich w turkey, cheese, tomato, bacon, lettuce, egg & chips

Steak Sandwich w bacon, lettuce, tomato & chips

Bread & Dips                                                                1 to 2       2 to 4
                                                                            People       People

Sourdough bread or Ciabatta bread                              V            4.5          8
Served with your choice of:
 Olive tapenade                  Whipped Persian feta
 Balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Bruschetta                                                     V            7.5
W roasted tomato, basil and vincotto

On the Side                                          1 to 2 People              2 to 4 People
                                                          6.5                        11
 Mashed Dutch cream potatoes             V, G    Lemon bread crumb cauliflower             V
                                                 w golden raisins

 Crisp fried chips w garlic aioli        V       Spinach and mushroom gratin               V, G

 Buttered new baby potatoes              V       Sauté Asian greens                        V, N

 Golden fried chats                      V       Garden salad w apple vinaigrette          V, G

                  Green bean, baby cos, white anchovy and herb salad           G

                   V – vegetarian      G - gluten free      N – contains nuts
                   C h i l l ’s     S i g n a t u r e         S t e a k s
Darling Downs 350g Wagyu rump                                                          45
w sweet potato rosti, ginger scented caramelised onion,
baby tatsoi leaves and a fragrant Asian dressing

Certified 220g Angus tenderloin                                G, N                    50
w lemon balm infused baby potatoes, crisp green beans
with Persian feta, walnuts and a green tomato chutney

                               S p e c i a l t y         B e e f
1824 premium 550g T bone                                       G                       38

Gippsland fresh 300g scotch fillet                             G                       34

Queensland grain fed 350g rib on the bone                      G                       42

1824 premium 250g porterhouse                                  G                       28

All steaks are served w homemade chunky chips and your choice of sauce:
        Mushroom               Peppercorn                 Wasabi butter
        Selection of mustards  Garlic and parsley butter  Beef jus

                                   B e e f      F a c t s
Darling Downs Wagyu ™
Wagyu is a breed of beef cattle possessing a genetic trait that predisposes it to high levels of
marbling. Cattle are specially bred in Australia from the Wagyu cattle of Japan (that produce
the famous Kobe Beef) in the clean and natural environment of the Darling Downs. The good
"essential” fats are displayed as white flecks and "rivers” within the red meat which display a
marbling effect. Marbling is responsible for the firm texture of the raw chilled meat but melts
during grilling to provide the juicy taste and wonderful flavour.

Angus beef
Is known throughout the world for their ability to consistently produce the finest high quality
beef. The superior meat quality of Angus cattle comes from their ability to lay down intra-
muscular marbling (taste) fat during the finishing phase, together with excellent tenderness,
texture, flavour , meat colour and fat colour.

1824 Premium Beef
Award winning beef brand from the Australian Agricultural Company. 1824 Premium Beef is
produced from company-bred cattle raised on natural grasses before being fed quality grains
at Goonoo Feedlot in Central Queensland. The brand promise is a guarantee of tender,
flavoursome, MSA graded beef that has been prepared with care and aged to perfection to
deliver maximum eating satisfaction. Appreciate the difference.

Gippsland Fresh
Natural Beef - free range, grass fed beef from the farm in beautiful South Gippsland, Victoria
direct to you. Steers are raised naturally, grazing the best free range pastures on the fertile
river flats of the Jack River.

                  V – vegetarian       G - gluten free      N – contains nuts
Pear, sultana & pine nut crumble w mascarpone cream                 N             12.5
Caramelized jasmine rice pudding                                    G             12
w coconut, pineapple, lime salad and coconut ice cream

Date & Walnut filled baked granny smith on creme anglaise                         12.5
w vanilla bean ice cream & a walnut crisp
Frozen bittersweet chocolate parfait                                 N            12
w chocolate biscotti and crème de cacao

Flourless chocolate torte w burnt orange ice cream                   G            12
& butterscotch sauce
Steamed ginger pudding with poached rhubarb & double cream                        12
Chef’s Cheese Plate
w lavosh wafers, quince paste and fresh fruit with your choice of either:
 Calander Spring Cheddar                                                         14
 Milawa North East Victorian Brie                                                18

Chill Tasting Plate for 2 people                                                  30
 Caramelized jasmine rice pudding
 Steamed ginger pudding
 Frozen bittersweet chocolate parfait

Dessert Wine         375ml bottle

Vasse Felix cane cut Semillon Margaret River WA                                   50

Chateau Tanunda Barossa Valley SA                                                 48

Coriole racked Semillon Clare Valley SA                                     8.5   42

Liqueur Coffee
all liqueur coffee served w piazza d’oro coffee & fresh cream

Irish               - irish whiskey                                               12

Mexican             - kahlua                                                      12

Roman               - galliano                                                    12

Monte Cristo        - kahlua & grand marnier                                      12

B52                 - kahlua, grand marnier & baileys                             12

Italian Monk        - frangelico & bailey’s                                       12

Walkabout           - black sambuca, kahlua & baileys                             12

Russian             - vodka                                                       12

French              - dom benedictine                                             12

Jamacian            - tia maria                                                   12

Polar Bear          - peppermint schnapps & baileys w hot chocolate               12

                  V – vegetarian        G - gluten free    N – contains nuts

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