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									           Facts About Cough
Cough is your body’s                            Home Remedies:                                     Call your doctor or seek
     defensive response to                                                                         immediate medical care if:
     remove foreign materials                   •Drink plenty of water/fluids:
     and mucus from the lung.                   Loosens up phlegm                                  •Cough present in children
                                                                                                   under 2 years old.
                                                • Suck on cough drops,
Cough can be productive and                     lozenges, and hard candy:                          •Your cough becomes
     nonproductive.                             Soothe irritated throat                            worse or wheezing
     Productive: Produces phlegm
                             p g                                                                   occurs.
     or mucus. This kind of cough
                                                •Use humidifier/vaporizer:
     generally should not be held in            Loosens up mucus in the                            •You cough up blood
     since it clears mucus from the             lungs.
                                                                                                   •You get other symptoms,
     Nonproductive: Dry or hacking              •Do not smoke: Avoid                               such as moderate to
     coughs that do not produce                 secondhand smoke. Ask your                         severe chest pain with
     mucus.                                     pharmacist for ways to quit.                       coughing, a rash, or a
                                                •Avoid allergens.
Coughs can be caused by:                        •Drink honey and lemon Tea:
                                                                                                   •If the cough last more
     1. Smoking                                                                                    than 7 days.
                                                Soothe throat, to reduce
     2. Allergens, cold, asthma
                                                cough. Do not give honey to
     3. Diseases such as
                                                children under 1 years old due
     bronchitis, pneumonia, ,
                                                to the risk of botulism

      ♦Yellow or green mucus does not necessarily mean it is a bacterial infection.
      ♦A cough is a symptom, not a disease.
 Frequently Asked Question:
       Q: Can I take any over-the-counter medications?
       A: There are various medications available, please consult with your pharmacist to figure out which one is
       right for you.

       Q: Can I take antibiotics for any coughs?
       A: No, because antibiotics kills bacteria only. And coughs are usually associated with colds/flu, that
          are caused by viruses.

   Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose health problems or to take the place
   of medical advice or care. If you have additional questions, please consult with your doctor.

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