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									Popular Methods of Learning Spanish

Spanish is a beautiful language to both speak and listen to and is considered by many to be one
of the easier languages to learn. If you are considering learning this wonderful language then
these four methods, which are the most commonly used methods for doing so, are worth

Immersion Courses

Probably the method that offers the quickest results, immersion courses are becoming
increasingly popular with many people who want to learn Spanish. They are successful because
they completely immerse the student into Spanish, language and culture, on a daily basis, often
not permitting the use of English at all!

Unfortunately, immersion courses come at a price...time away and cost. It is generally the case
that theses types of courses are located in Spanish speaking countries (although not always the
case) and will take a few weeks to complete they are also very expensive as you not only pay for
the course but for food and accommodation in many cases.


      Learn Spanish Quickly
      Learn about Spanish culture and interact with the local Spanish community.


      Requires time away from home
      Very Expensive for most people

Traditional Classroom Courses

The second method that many people use to learn to speak Spanish has been used for a long time
and was a favorite of many and that is the traditional classroom course, taken at a local
University or Community College. Pretty much all colleges provide Spanish classes so you
shouldn't need to travel too far.

Whilst learning in a classroom environment may provide great interaction and are a great way to
learn Spanish for some people, there are definitely a few drawbacks with using this method. The
main issue with this traditional method of study is that the courses are very rigid, well at least the
timetables are! There is no flexibility at all, if a class is scheduled for a Friday night at 7pm and
you can't make it till 8pm...tough you miss the lesson, not to mention the money you will have
already paid for the course. Oh..and a classroom class is not particularly cheap either and is often
beyond that which many can afford to pay.

Also...if you want, or need, to learn Spanish quickly a classroom course is probably the slowest
method of learning because most courses will run alongside school semesters, providing one,
maybe two, lessons a week, it will probably take you a while before you start to see any
worthwhile results.


      Generally local to where you live
      Good social interactivity


      Takes a long time to see results
      Expensive for most people
      No flexibility

Self Tuition Books

There are a massive number of self study books available to help teach the Spanish language
student learn to speak Spanish. These books are a flexible, affordable way to learn Spanish. With
a self study book you are able to take it with you and study wherever you want, but there are
some problems with this method of learning Spanish also.

As the self teach book is only a book it is impossible for the student to understand and learn how
words in Spanish are pronounced and also there is a motivational issue; languages are generally
more interesting when you can hear them being spoken rather than just reading the language.


      Very Affordable
      Flexible Method of Learning Spanish


      No Interaction
      No Motivation to Complete course due to...
      No Audio Reference for Learning Pronunciation and Gaining Conversational Skills

Online Spanish Courses

That brings us to our final method of learning Spanish the learn Spanish software program or,
online course. This method of learning Spanish has increased in popularity immensely recently,
simply because it ticks so many of the boxes.
Flexibility is, for many people, the number one priority when choosing how to learn Spanish and
learning with the use of an online course allows individuals to study when they want no matter
what time of day or night. The only downside of this versatility is that it isn't always possible to
have your home computer and internet connection with you.

When compared to a self study book, online courses are normally a little more expensive but
they do provide the interaction and audio that books do not, which does counter the extra cost.
There are varying degrees of cost and quality available but some of the most popular courses are
very affordable and offer exceptional quality comparable to courses that cost a great deal more.

Due to the flexibility of these courses and the fact that more focus is placed upon learning
conversational Spanish they make it possible to learn Spanish very quickly if you choose or at a
slower pace if you are in no rush. In other words, you control how quickly you learn.

Support is another key element offered by many of these courses and is possible because of the
freedom an online interface provides; if you have a specific problem you are able to speak to
other users on course forums or similar portals and very quickly receive answers or a resolution.


      Affordable for the vast majority of people
      Extremely Flexible
      Learn Spanish Quickly or Slowly, you set the pace.
      Interactive learning, often including online games and quizes
      Support network
      Quality learning material
      Much more enjoyable than traditional methods of self study


      Not as portable or (generally) as cheap as a self study book

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