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                                                                                                            THURSDAY 14TH JULY 1929                                                                               ONE CENT
Bugsy Malone is a dramatisation of a film script originally produced in 1975. The production was
filmed in a British studio with a mostly American cast, including an adolescent Jodie Foster. For the
original cast over 10,000 children were auditioned on both sides of the Atlantic.                            GANG WARFARE SHATTERS PEACE - AGAIN!
In response to the huge success of the film, Alan Parker felt compelled to create a stage version
                                                                                                                             MAYOR: ‘SPLURGE GUNS WILL DESTROY THIS CITY’
which has since been produced by countless schools from all over the world. The story is an affectionate       War has erupted            In a clear sign that
parody of all the best (and worst!) of American gangster movies produced in the last 70 years. Every        again between the          City Hall is serious
                                                                                                            two biggest gangs          about stopping the lat-
recognisable stock character, from the streetwise hero, the dumb cop and the gangster’s moll is
                                                                                                            in Chicago, follow-        est outbreak of gang-
acknowledged, as are the appearance and texture of darkened trash-strewn streets and smoke-                 ing just three             land violence, it was
filled offices.                                                                                             months of uneasy           announced yesterday
                                                                                                            peace in the city. In      that Captain Smolsky,
The short scenes and episodic style of the play script are a clear indication of its provenance, yet what   a new development,         the police depart-
really makes it successful is the stroke of genius to transpose the original into the imagination of the                                                               Fat Sam Stacetto              Dandy Dan
                                                                                                            a new and deadly           ment’s most successful
adolescent, whose secret dream is surely to be able to ‘splurge’ everyone in sight! The witty script,       weapon, known as
                                                                                                            a ‘splurge gun’, has
                                                                                                                                       officer, will be handling
                                                                                                                                       the investigation.
                                                                                                                                                                    the river wearing ce-
                                                                                                                                                                    ment shoes.’
slapstick comedy and lots of ‘splurge’ and pie throwing make this a certain success on one level.
However, it is the excellent lyrics of Alan Parker, combined with Paul Williams’ memorable tunes,           been used in many             It is believed that the      The mutual hatred           breaks out
that really provide the icing on the pie! The talented cast of over 40 students have really enjoyd          of the attacks.            men behind the recent        between the two gang           Looney Bergonzi,
working on this production; hopefully you will share their fun!                                                The mayor of            attacks are Dandy Dan        bosses is well-known.      the criminal whom
                                                                                                            Chicago, William T.        and his feared               Fat Sam is believed to     police have described
                                                                                                            Brookes, yesterday         mobsters. Dandy Dan          own Fat Slam’s Grand       as the most dangerous
                                                                                                            called for an end to the   was not available for        Slam, a notorious          person in America, has
                                                                                                            hostilities, which have    comment yesterday,           speakeasy famous for       escaped from the high
                                                                                                            left 17 people dead in     but his wife, Louella,       its illegal liquor, and    security jail in which
                                                                                                            the last two weeks.        said, ‘My husband            Dandy Dan has pri-         he was awaiting death
                                                                                                               Mr. Brookes said,       would never stoop to         vately confessed his       by hanging for the
                                                                                                            ‘These gangsters have      violence. He is a good       desire to take over the    murder of a policeman
                                                                                                            had too much free-         and cultured man who         business.                  two years ago.
                                                                                                            dom. Now is the time       likes nothing better            In the last three           Police say that
                                                                                                            to crack down on           than going to the op-        years, 127 people have     Bergonzi should not be
                                                                                                            them and finish them       era and listening to me      died because of the vio-   approached for any rea-
                                                                                                            for good.’                 sing.’                       lence between the two      son, and should be con-
                                                                                                               He added: ‘These           However, Dandy            gangs. Police now say      sidered armed and dan-
                                                                                                            splurge guns, which we     Dan’s rival, gangland        they are desperate to      gerous. A source at the
                                                                                                            believe to be of devi-     boss Fat Sam Stacetto,       stop the fighting before   police department said,
                                                                                                            ous foreign manufac-       insisted that he had         more innocent people       ‘He is easily recognized
                                                                                                            ture, will destroy the     seen Dandy Dan him-          are killed.                by his mad staring eyes.
                                                                                                            city unless the culprits   self at the scene of one        ‘These mobsters are     If you see him, run away
                                                                                                            are arrested.’             of the latest outbreaks      the disease of our soci-   and go to your nearest
                                                                                                               A source close to the   of violence. He said,        ety,’ Mayor Brookes        police station.’
                                                                                                            mayor revealed that        ‘That greasy lounge liz-     said. ‘I promise to all        There has been no
                                                                                                            the splurge guns are       ard has been trying to       the law-abiding citi-      word from City Hall as
                                                                                                            believed to have been      ruin me for years. If he’s   zens of this great city    to whether the escape
                                                                                                            manufactured in            not careful, he’ll be        that I shall rid them of   of this dangerous crimi-
                                                                                                            France.                    found at the bottom of       this vermin forever.’               contd. on page 11
                           THE CAST                                                                  Finale - You Give a Little Love
                                                                                                   We could have been anything that we wanted to be,
Bugsy Malone                                                            Ale x MacDonald                      And it’s not too late to change.
Blousey Brown                                                                 Patricia Oon              I’d be delighted to give it some thought:
Fat Sam Stacetto                                                           Chris Haeberli              Maybe you’ll agree that we really ought...
Dandy Dan                                                                Grant McMurray                              two...three...four
Tallulah                                                               Urassaya Sperbund
Fizzy                                                                          John Petras                               Chorus:
Captain Smolsky                                                               Ralf Siegrist        We could have been anything that we wanted to be.
Lieutenant O’Dreary                                                            Kris Karkov                     Yes, that decision was ours.
Louella                                                                      Eline Absillis          It’s been decided that we’re weaker divided;
Cagey Joe                                                                     Ralf Siegrist               Let friendship double up our powers.
Leroy                                                                       Kim Burtchen
Lena Morelli                                                                 Lara Tshering         We could have been anything that we wanted to be,
Roxy Robinson                                                         Stephen Van Bortel                     And I’m not saying we should,
Oscar de Velt                                                              Bridget Liggins
                                                                                                         But if we try it, we’d learn to abide it:
Babyface                                                                      Lisa Rudrum
                                                                                                       We could be the best at being good guys,
Looney Bergonzi                                                         Valerie de Saeger
Fat Sam’s Dancers                   Phiola Anderson, Phloy Boonyeun, Bianca Palas-Cuniah,                         Flowers of the earth.
                                                           Apple Maxwell, Noa Borenstein                    Who can even guess how much
                                                                                                                A real friend is worth?
Fat Sam’s Gang
Knuckles                                                                   James Sarginson                  Good guys shake an open hand.
Ritzy                                                                   Stephen Van Bortel                      Maybe we’ll be trusting
Angelo                                                                       Kim Burtchen                       If we try to understand.
Louis                                                                   Bavin Balakrishnan                          No doubt about it,
Snake Eyes                                                                     Wayne Hsu                         It must be worthwhile.
                                                                                                        Good friends do tend to make you smile.
Dandy Dan’s Gang
Doodle                                                                       Karina Baker                           Repeat Chorus
Laughing Girl                                                              Amy Humphreys
Yonkers                                                                     Marsha Fortune                       You give a little love
Bronx Charlie                                                               Rebecca Tasker                   And it all comes back to you.
Benny Lee                                                                   Meliisa Palipea             You know you’re gonna be remembered
Shoulders                                                                   Kay McCubbin                     For the things you say and do.

                                                                                                                    Repeat to end
The Chorus
Line Eiksund, Paige Bryant, Rebecca Humphreys, Sophie Poulsen, Sharon Salt, Sabrina Brooker,
Maria Mulberry, Stephany Auernig, Scarlett Grant, Bridget Liggins, Lisa Pookokwai, Vicky
Haslinger, Yeoi Shin Jung, Nena Spence, Linnea Timlin, Mint Pattralertpunnya, Rosaleen         PLEASE SWITCH OFF ALL MOBILE PHONES
McConville, Kizzi McMaster, Nathalie Wathne                                                         DURING THE PERFORMANCE.
                                                                                                           THANK YOU.
                                             The Bijoux Theatre                                                   THE BAND
                                                                                     Musical Director                                                                    Ian Alexander
                                                                                     Piano                                                                                    Joyce Lin
                                                             THE                D    Violin                                                              Narong Khanthong, Ryoki Kato
                                              LenA MorellI     C
                                                                       L             Percussion
                                                                                                                                                    Noel Huangthong, June Khongpennit
                                                                                                                                                                        Mel Campbell
                                                                                                                                                                           Iemke Karun

                                                             N                       Flute                                                                          Debbie Humphreys
                                                                                     Trumpet                                                                       Franziska Schoeppe
                                                      Starring                       Bass Guitar                                                                    Stephen Tomlinson
                                                  the one and only                   Guitar                                                                      Josh Tasker, Kari Satre

                                              Lena Morelli                           Double Bass                                                                      Hannes Rohtsalu

                                                       Rave Reviews:
                                                                                                                            THE CREW
                                                                                     Directors                                                                 Mike Thomas, Corin James
                                               “See it!” - Chicago tribune           Choreography                                                                             Gemma Cox
                                            “The only thing worth going to!” -       Technical Crew                                Michael Tenisch, Girish Balakrishnan, Klaus Rzehaczek
                                                                                     Stage Management                                                    Sara Menges, Cattreya Sperbund
                                                    National Enquirer                Costumes                                   Kathryn Liggins, Caroline Walford, Ama Tailors (Pattaya)
                                             “Kill for a ticket!” - Dandy Dan        Set Design                                                   Nick Hersey, Nicky Cases, Mike Wilson
                                             “The most fun I’ve had in years:        Property Design and Manufacture                                    Mark Griffiths, Geoff Barraclough
                                                                                     Programme                                                                                Corin James
                                              Lena’s a real star!” - Seymour         Backstage Supervision                                                Tammy Polomka, Maria Perreau
                                                            Scoop                    Ticket sales                                                                       Wieslawa Thomas
                                                                                     Front of House                                                                             John Mill

                                                                                     Thanks to Mike Walton, Stuart Tasker, Khun Kirsty, Khun Daeng, and Khun Su for all their support
                                                 CAGEY JOE’S!
Pop Becker’s                                  The best gym in town.
                                                  Boxing tuition
                                                                                     and assistance; to the teaching staff for putting up with the inevitable disruptions caused by rehearsals;
                                                                                     and to the parents of the cast who were willing to ferry their children to and from numerous weekend

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