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									INFOS MAIL                                                                                                       N°27-28/2009
                                                                                                               du 8 au 22 juillet

Bulletin d’information bimensuel sur l’exploitation sexuelle par la Fondation Scelles
Bimonthly news magazine of the Scelles Foundation dealing with sexual exploitation

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   SOMMAIRE                                                                       International Herald Tribune
                                                                                  17 juillet - extraits
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  - On Speedboats, Albania’s Sex Trade Could Flare                          p.1   On Speedboats, Albania’s Sex Trade Could Flare
                                                                                  Par Dan Bilefsky
  - Police crackdown on prostitution                                        p.1
                                                                                  It was only after her trafficker sealed her
  - Many Thai women lured into sex trade in Bahrain                         p.2   mouth with electrical tape, drugged her
  - Met Police clamp down on sex trade in five Olympic boroughs             p.2
                                                                                  and threatened to kill her family that the
  - Plan to restrict brothels                                               p.2
                                                                                  childlike woman, now 27, says she real-
  - Le Japon doit faire plus pour lutter contre le trafic d’êtres humains   p.3   ized that the man she had planned to
  - Flat-rate prostitution met with stiff resistence                        p.3   marry had seduced her with a terrible
  - Prostitution in Czech border towns declines over crisis                 p.3
  - Le proxénétisme tisse sa toile sur internet                             p.4   Her journey at age 18 from an Albanian village to a London brothel,
  - ‘Indoor prostitution’ may be coming to an end in R.I.                   p.4   where she said she spent five years working as a prostitute, began
                                                                                  with a gold engagement ring, the promise of a better life abroad
                                                                                  and — like many before her — a speedboat trip to Italy under the
                                                                                  cover of night.
                                                                                  So many women, men and children had been trafficked abroad to
                                                                                  work as prostitutes, forced laborers or beggars that the Albanian
                                                                                  government three years ago barred all Albanian citizens from using
BBC News
                                                                                  speedboats, the favored transportation used by traffickers to get
20 juillet                                                                        people out of the country.
                                                                                  This drastic measure, coupled with stricter border controls and
Police crackdown on prostitution                                                  revenge killings of traffickers by victims’ families, had a significant
More than 100 prostitutes are working in Dundee, according to po-                 effect, reducing trafficking by more than half and all but ending Al-
lice.                                                                             bania’s role as a major transit point for people trafficked to Western
                                                                                  Europe from eastern and southern parts of the Continent, say ex-
The force said it was targeting the women and kerb                                perts who follow trafficking. (...)
crawlers involved and had reported three men and
four women to the procurator fiscal since 6 July.
                                                                                  In June 2007, the Ministry of Interior arrested 12 police officers ac-
Several others had been given formal police
                                                                                  cused of human trafficking in three cases, including six officers with
warnings and officers are noting the registration
                                                                                  direct responsibility for anti-trafficking enforcement.
numbers of suspicious vehicles and could visit the
                                                                                  Albanian law enforcement officials say that help from other coun-
                                                                                  tries in getting evidence to convict traffickers is often lacking. Iva
The crackdown is taking place in the Stobswell and
                                                                                  Zajmi, the anti-trafficking coordinator at the Ministry of Interior,
Blackscroft areas of the city, where prostitution is a problem. Det
                                                                                  stressed that as a result of legal or tolerated prostitution in coun-
Insp Colin Gall said: “Clearly prostitution will not be eradicated
                                                                                  tries like Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, many trafficked
overnight but we are very encouraged by the positive and imme-
                                                                                  women were not identified as victims in those countries.
diate impact our efforts are having in the area.
                                                                                  “The legalization of prostitution has created a wall behind which
‘’For anyone not yet convinced that our efforts will be sustained, I
                                                                                  traffickers can hide and repress victims,” she said. (...)
can assure them, there will be no safe haven. “Do not loiter, either
in a vehicle or on foot, for the purposes of engaging in prostitu-
                                                                                  Brikena Puka, the executive director of Vatra, an outreach group
tion or you will be caught. “Kerb crawlers face a criminal convic-
                                                                                  that has helped trafficking victims, said prosecutions were scarce
tion, which also very often means their name being published in
                                                                                  partly because many victims were being tried for prostitution. In
the press.”
                                                                                  some cases, women are jailed after having been deported from
                                                                                  other countries. “Trafficked women are being victimized twice,” she
                                                                                  said. “First by the traffickers, then by the Albanian justice system.”

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                                                                                                    N°27-28/2009 du 8 au 22 juillet

Thaï News Service                                                      The Guardian Unlimited
20 juillet - extraits                                                  19 juillet - extraits

Many Thai women lured into sex trade in Bahrain                        Met Police clamp down on sex trade in five Olympic
Bahrain is a favourite destination for many Thai                       Par Sandra Laville
women. But the promise of a comfortable life
and well-paid jobs turns out to be a mirage and                        A team of police officers is moving into the five Olympic boroughs
the deception begins even before the women                             to tackle the expected surge in sex trafficking in the run-up to the
board the plane. (...) Back at home, the women,                        2012 games.
mostly from impoverished villages in the North-                        The clubs and vice unit of the Metropolitan police has secured
east, are promised well-paid jobs in discotheques or as masseuses      £600,000 to pay for the specialist unit which will work over the next
in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, one of the more liberal countries   three years to rescue young women who have been sold into pros-
in the Middle East.                                                    titution to meet the expected demand from more than 25,000 con-
                                                                       struction workers in the next year alone.
A source said many of the women knew full well the kind of jobs        As the games draw closer, police believe there will be a huge surge
awaiting them. A gang of flesh traders works both ends - from those    in the numbers of young women trafficked into the boroughs from
luring the women in the villages to the mamasans, or female pimps,     eastern Europe and Asia by traffickers keen to make money out of
in Bahrain who make them work under inhumane conditions.               the arrival of millions of visitors in 2012. (...)
                                                                       “There is considerable international evidence to suggest that such
(...) When some of the women managed to escape and return home         an increase in population in the context of the games may have an
and bring the matter to the attention of police, they were powerless   impact on women’s safety,” said Lynne Abrams, who wrote the re-
against the influential human trafficking networks, who intimidate     port for the MPA.
and bully them if they turn to the police for help.                    “Evidence from previous games suggests that the large visiting
“Police asked me to testify as a witness and identify people in the    Olympic workforce can lead to an increase in demand for prostitu-
gang so they could gather evidence and press charges,” said a wom-     tion … and an increase in trafficking.”
an called Oom who was lured into prostitution in Bahrain.              She said there were concerns that violence against women, includ-
She managed to escape and asked for help from the Thai embassy         ing those who have been trafficked, would increase.
there before the Pavena Foundation for Women and Children, a pri-      Officers are working in countries from which women are trafficked,
vate organisation which helps abused women and children, stepped       raising awareness of the dangers to women who are offered trips to
in and brought her home.                                               the UK by “boyfriends” or employers. Officers are also running train-
“But I am afraid to be a witness. Besides, this involves complicated   ing workshops in schools, youth clubs and colleges.
proceedings. It takes a lot of time and is expensive.”
Without witness testimony, there is nothing police can do to pros-
ecute the wrongdoers, even though the authorities have lists of
people working in the flesh trade gangs.
“Police know full well what is going on but cannot do anything,” a
police officer said.                                                   Southern Gazette (Australie)
(...) The women, meanwhile, feel justice will never be done. Still     14 juillet - extrait
in need of money to clear their debts and fight poverty, they often
have no choice but to go back to the mamasans and the flesh trade      Plan to restrict brothels
gangs, completing a vicious circle.
(...) According to the Bahraini Immigration Division, 1,043 Thai       The State Government has released a plan to restrict brothels to
women overstayed their visas in 2007. The number increased to          certain areas to prevent their proliferation in the suburbs.
1,500 last year. (...)                                                 The move came as the Town of Victoria Park faced resident opposi-
                                                                       tion to an application for a massage rooms business on Bank Street
                                                                       in East Victoria Park.
                                                                       The council said it did not have much information about what the
                                                                       premises would be used for and did not yet have a position on the
                                                                       One of two submissions made available to the Southern Gazette by
                                                                       residents said it was important for the Town to distinguish between
                                                                       a therapeutic massage service and sexual services. (...)

                  Fondation Scelles, 14 rue Mondétour 75001 Paris. Tél : 01 40 26 04 45 - Fax : 01 40 26 04 58
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                                                                                                        N°27-28/2009 du 8 au 22 juillet

Centre d’actualités de l’ONU                                              Deutsche Welle
17 juillet - extrait                                                      10 juillet - extraits

Le Japon doit faire plus pour lutter contre le trafic d’êtres             Flat-rate prostitution met with stiff
humains, selon un expert de l’ONU                                         resistence
                                                                          A new twist to marketing the world’s oldest
Le gouvernement japonais doit faire davantage pour lutter contre le       profession is putting sex workers in harm’s
trafic d’êtres humains alors que le Japon est un pays de destination      way, according to some concerned citizens
pour les réseaux de prostitution, a déclaré vendredi la rapporteuse       and women’s rights activists.
spéciale des Nations Unies sur le trafic des personnes, en particulier
des femmes et des enfants, Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, à la fin d’une visite dans   A broad spectrum of German politicians
ce pays du 12 au 17 juillet.                                              from across party lines was engaged in a
« Le trafic d’êtres humains concerne tous les pays du monde et le         new initiative to prevent flat-rate fee pros-
Japon est clairement touché en tant que pays de destination », a          titution on Thursday.
dit Mme Ngozi Ezeilo. « Bien que le trafic de personnes destinées à       The tumult emerged after a flat-rate brothel in Stuttgart encoun-
la prostitution et d’autres formes d’exploitation sexuelle constitue      tered resistance from citizens and women’s rights organizations.
la vaste majorité des cas enregistrés au Japon, le trafic de main         In an open letter to politicians, including German Chancellor Angela
d’oeuvre suscite aussi l’inquiétude ».                                    Merkel, critics called for changes to the prostitution law established
La rapporteuse spéciale relève les mesures prises par le gouverne-        in 2002, saying that it degraded women.
ment japonais, notamment l’adoption d’un Plan national d’action           The uproar began with the establishment of a flat-rate brothel in
contre le trafic d’êtres humains. Plus récemment, les victimes ont        Fellbach, near Stuttgart, in June. According to its ad, the brothel in-
également obtenu le droit d’un permis spécial de résidence si elles       vites customers to pay a flat-rate of 100 euros for an all-inclusive
souhaitent rester au Japon. Elle reconnaît aussi les efforts du gou-      offer of food, drinks and prostitution services.
vernement pour coopérer avec les pays d’origine afin de les aider à       “The protection of the rights of female sex workers must be added
réintégrer les victimes, et notamment l’établissement d’un groupe         to the prostitution law,” said Beate Pollert-Ebinger, a spokeswom-
de travail conjoint avec la Thaïlande pour combattre le trafic d’êtres    an for the “Aktionsbuendnis gegen Sex-Flatrates,” a political action
humains. (...)                                                            group opposed flat-rate sex services.
                                                                          Bringing protection to those in need
                                                                          When the prostitution law first took effect, the intent was to im-
                                                                          prove the social and legal rights of prostitutes. As a result these
Ceska Tiskova Kancelar Daily News
                                                                          nearly 400,000 men and women have access to social insurance,
13 juillet - extraits                                                     employment contracts and vacation days. (...)
                                                                          But Catholic nun Lea Ackermann says the law is not protecting the
Prostitution in Czech border towns declines over crisis
                                                                          prostitutes as advertised. She has spent a lot of time fighting sex
                                                                          tourism and human trafficking through her association, Solwodi.
Prostitution in Czech border towns has declined due to the lack of
                                                                          “The women are subject to almost complete supervision through
clients, mostly foreigners, which is caused by the financial crisis and
                                                                          video surveillance and security guards. The sexual practices are
municipal directives enabling police to check the brothel custom-
                                                                          mandatory; customers can not be rejected,” she said. (...)
ers and expel prostitutes from the towns, Mlada fronta Dnes (MfD)
reports today.
It recalls that in Dubi, north Bohemia, situated near the German
border, some 50 brothels, often disguised as night clubs or board-
ing houses, existed during the “golden era” of prostitution, while at
present only four are opened and they, too, face the risk of bank-
ruptcy. (...)
Malinova points out that many prostitutes in Czech border towns
came from Bulgaria and Romania. Since these countries joined the
EU in January , 2007, they have been leaving for Germany and other
western countries where they can earn more, and some Czech pros-
titutes follow them. (...)

                   Fondation Scelles, 14 rue Mondétour 75001 Paris. Tél : 01 40 26 04 45 - Fax : 01 40 26 04 58
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                                                                                                                         N°27-28/2009 du 8 au 22 juillet

Fondation Scelles
10 juillet

Le proxénétisme tisse sa toile sur internet

Poursuivi par un mandat d’arrêt international, le créateur du site escort-annonces s’explique dans France-Soir.
On passe de contradictions en contradictions en nous servant les poncifs habituels, jusqu’à l’écoeurement...
Alors que l’on a affaire ni plus ni moins qu’à une adaptation présumée du proxénétisme au marché d’internet.
Ce n’est pas parce qu’on est sur internet qu’on peut s’affranchir des contraintes législatives. Ce n’est pas parce
qu’on est sur internet que le proxénétisme doit devenir légal ou le proxénète plus inquiété...
Si ce monsieur, par le biais des annonces payantes, qu’il appelle cyniquement “escorts privilèges”, gagne jusqu’à
40 000 euros de salaire mensuel comme il le prétend, comment alors qualifier ces faits si ce n’est de dire que
l’on est en face d’une forme d’exploitation de la prostitution d’autrui ? Si en effet la loi Suisse autorise ce genre d’activités, des faits de pros-
titution se sont bien déroulés en France, en Italie et en Slovaquie qui ont permis de lancer ce mandat d’arrêt.

Ce monsieur a le bon ton de souligner que «Gagner de l’argent sur une fille, ce n’est pas correct. Je trouve que ce n’est pas bien de profiter
d’une femme qui vend son corps. Mais encore une fois moi je ne fais pas cela. Je fais de la publicité gratuite. J’ai eu une vie normale ici, en
Suisse. Je ne suis pas un voyou de la rue. Je ne suis pas un « mec » qui profite des « filles ». J’ai fait des études, j’ai vu qu’un site Internet avec
des annonces en Suisse cela marche bien… Donc après j’ai décidé de le faire dans d’autres pays.» : mais qui profite de qui ici ? Pourquoi dès
lors toutes les annonces publiées ne sont pas gratuites ?

S’il existe bien un problème récurrent sur internet d’application territoriale de la loi pénale qui part du principe que si le site incriminé ne se
trouve pas en France, l’acte délictueux sera probablement réputé comme ayant été commis dans le pays où le site est établi, c’est qu’il y a là
un vide juridique sur lequel nous devons réfléchir. Internet ne peut être une zone de non droit. La lutte qui s’est engagée contre les réseaux
pédophiles recourant à internet montre bien que les moyens nécessaires existent et ne se limitent pas aux seules frontières territoriales...

Une entreprise étrangère qui a des activités en France est soumise aux lois françaises. L’article 113-2 du code pénal prévoit d’ailleurs que la loi
pénale française est applicable aux infractions commises sur le territoire de la République. L’infraction est réputée commise sur le territoire
de la République dès lors qu’un de ses faits constitutifs a eu lieu sur ce territoire. Pourquoi donc dans cette affaire cette personne ne pourrait-
elle être incriminée puisque les articles 225-5 et 225-6 du code pénal correspondent parfaitement à ce qui s’est passé ici ? L’administrateur
du site en France n’échappera pas aux poursuites de toutes les façons et nous nous en réjouissons !

The Brown Daily Herald
19 juillet - extrait

‘Indoor prostitution’ may be coming to an end in R.I.
Par Ben Schreckinger

Rhode Island is one of just two places in the union where prostitution is currently legal. But legislators could vote to put an end to that when
they return from recess before the end of the summer.
While the state has laws forbidding public solicitation and the operation of brothels, there is no language explicitly barring the act of prostitu-
tion itself. In 1998 the state supreme court ruled that prostitution was legal if it took place indoors. In the United States, only Rhode Island
and some parts of Nevada do not ban the practice.
The state’s House and Senate have separately passed bills that target all forms of prostitution. The bills include punishments for prostitutes
and their customers, but they differ significantly in the types of penalties allotted. (...)

 Cette synthèse, réalisée à partir d’une sélection de la presse nationale et internationale, ne reflète pas nécessairement le point de vue de la Fondation Scelles.
 This text is a summary of articles from national and international newspapers, which do not necessarily convey the Scelles Foundation’s views.

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