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From the birth date of Provence in southern France on her carefully guarded secret, until the arrival of the British Bidemeier. In Mel's pen, "Provence" is no longer a mere geographical name, but also represents a simple and worry-free, easy lazy way of life; a Chongrubujing, see Pretrial to blossom; fate of intention, hope horizon Yunjuanyunshu conception of leisure. Today, the influx of millions of people each year in Southern France's Provence and French Riviera, visit the album difficult to describe the incredible scenery and leisurely novel. If travel is to get rid of the shackles of life, make you forget all Provence.

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									M.V.      PRINCESSE   DE   PROVENCE


  Deck B Stateroom     Dining Room

  Salon                Lounge
M . V.   P RINCESSE            DE     P ROVENCE

 70 STATEROOMS            AND    SUITES

  Built in 1992 and completely refurbished in 2004,
  the M.V. PRINCESSE DE PROVENCE is the ideal vessel
  on which to discover the south of France.

  She has a total of 70 staterooms, all of which are
  outside, configured as twins and identical in size.
  Each comfortably appointed single stateroom
  features built-in closets, desk, private shower and
  toilet, telephone and radio. Hairdryer and terry
  cloth robes are available upon request. Bedding is      Deck A Stateroom
  European-style duvets with feather pillows and
  eiderdowns. (Synthetic materials are available upon     DECK PLAN
                                                                                                 Deck A
  Dining aboard the M.V. PRINCESSE DE PROVENCE is                                                Deck B
  an exquisite experience. International and French
  cuisine is prepared by master chefs and served in a
  luxurious, leisurely single seating. Three main meals                                               M.S. C ZANNE

  are served daily in addition to afternoon tea and
  snacks throughout the day.

  Facilities include a lounge, two bars, beauty salon,
  laundry services, safe deposit boxes, boutique and
  infirmary with a certified physician. The sun deck
  provides a perfect place for relaxing and viewing
  the passing scenery. Participants will also enjoy
  nightly entertainment and special Captain’s
  welcome and farewell receptions.

  Aboard the M.V. PRINCESSE DE PROVENCE, there is         Deck A
  one crew member for every 2.5 passengers,
  allowing for a very high level of professional and
  attentive service.


  Nationality of Officers and Crew:    European (60)
  Language:                            English            Deck B

  Number of Cabins:                    70
  Length:                              363 Feet
  Tonnage:                             5,000 tons         • Indicates triple occupancy.
  Built:                               1992

Thomas P. Gohagan & Company, 224 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 220, Chicago, Illinois 60604, Phone: (800) 922-3088

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