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									The IIBA will publish a

                                                                                  In 2007/2008

                                                                 English 2000 – 3000

                                                                  Portugiese 2000 – 3000
The selection of articles is finished.

We will have publisher-houses in different countries.             German 1000

                                                                  French 1000

                                                                  Italian 1000

                                                                    Spanish 1000

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This huge project would not have been possible without enthusiasm of many colleagues!
I am thankful to all those who have participated so far and gave their ideas and all their warm-
hearted support to this project.
Vita Heinrich-Clauer (chair of the reader-committee)
Working groups and colleagues
who spent time
gave their energy and ideas
for the reader-project:

Editorial                               Organisation
Review                                  Financies
Translation                             Publication

Reader Committee                        Executive Committee
Chair: Vita Heinrich-Clauer (Germany)   Hugo Steinmann (Switzerland)
Phil Helfaer (Israel/USA)               Violaine de Clerck (Belgium)
Margit Koemeda-Lutz (Switzerland)       Alex Munroe (Canada)
Scott Baum (USA)                        (Guy Tonella (France) 2005)
Odila Weigand (Brazil)
John Conger (USA)

Consultants                             Board of Trustees

Jaime Perèz (Spain)                     Helen Resneck-Sannes (USA)
Ulrich Sollmann (Germany)               Romero Magalhaes (Brazil)
Leslie Case (USA)                       Liane Zink (Brazil)
Claudia Villalobos (Portugal)           Gabriella Buti-Zaccagnini (Italy)
Claude Maskens (Belgium)                Jim Elniski (USA)
Nicoletta Cinotti (Italy)               Jaime Perèz (Spain)
Mariarosaria Filoni (Italy)
Regina Axt (Netherlands)
Maryse Doess (France)
Eulina Ribeiro (Brazil)
Maya Hantower (Brazil)
Table of Contents

Phil Helfaer (2007): “Foundations of Bioenergetic Analysis” (Introductory Essay)

Alexander Lowen (1984): “What is Bioenergetic Analysis?”

Part I “The Self and Relationship to Others”
Introduction Jörg Clauer
Guy Tonella (2006): “The Self and it´s Attachments”

Robert Lewis (1983/2004): ”Cephalic Shock as a Somatic Link to the False Self Personality”

Phil Helfaer (2007): “Shame in the Light of Sex and Self Respect”

Gabriella Buti-Zaccagnini (2006): “Affective relationships and bodily processes”

Vita Heinrich-Clauer (1999/2007): “Therapists as a Resonance Body”

Violaine de Clerck (2007) : Corps Relation Transfer

Part II Working with Sexual Issues – Sexuality and Love
Introduction Violaine de Clerck

Virginia Wink-Hilton (1987/2006):"Working with sexual transference"

Michèle Dupuy-Godin (1987) : “Women’s Abdomens: Route to their Sexuality”

Bennett Shapiro (1993): “Healing the Split between Tenderness and Aggression”

Part III Working with Trauma Issues - Restoring the Soul-Body-Mind Unity
Introduction David Finlay

Scott Baum (1997): „Shifting Sands“
Robert Lewis (2003): “Human Trauma”

Maryanna Eckberg (1999): „Case of a Survivor of Political Torture“

David Berceli (2006): Interview about Trauma Releasing Exercise Work” with Vita
Heinrich-Clauer/Arist v. Schlippe

Josette van Luytelaar (2004): "Perseus'mirror or the therpeutic resources of flow and peak,
unfreezing the body in shock and panic"

Part IV Working with Psychosomatic Issues - Case Studies
Introduction Ulrich Sollmann

Jörg Clauer (2007): “Embodied Comprehension - Treatment of Psychosomatic Disorders in
Bioenergetic Analysis”

Carol Bandini (1990): “A Valiant Woman “

John Bellis (1990): “Symptoms and Diseases of the Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Tracts”

Lisa Rablen (1986): “Treatment History of a Man with Impotence”

Chapter V
Conceptual Integration of Research Results
Introduction Vita Heinrich-Clauer/Christa Ventling

Helen Resneck-Sannes (2002): “Psychobiology of Affects –Implications for a Somatic

Angela Klopstech (2005): “Reevaluating Catharsis and self regulation: clinical and scientific

Margit Koemeda-Lutz (2006): “The relative contribution of cognition, affect and movement
in psychotherapeutic processes.”

Part VI Scientific Evaluation of BA
Introduction Christa Ventling

Christa Ventling, Herbert Bertschi, Urs Gerhard (2007): Retrospective Evaluation of the
Efficacy of Bioenergetic Psychotherapy as related to ICD-10 Diagnosis”

Margit Koemeda-Lutz, Martin Kaschke, Dirk Revenstorf, Thomas Scherrmann, Halko Weiss,
Ulrich Soeder (2006): „Evaluation of Effectiveness of Body-Psychotherapy – EWAK – A
Multicenter-Study in Germany and Switzerland“

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