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Introductory Patient Letter


									                     PUT ON CLINIC OR HOSPITAL LETTERHEAD


Care Provider, MD
Clinic Name
Clinic Address
City, State Zip

Dr. Care Provider,

Thank you for referring Patient Name to Clinic Name. On Date, Patient Name received
a Boston Scientific implantable CONTAK RENEWAL® 3 RF CRT-D at
Hospital/Clinic Name.

Patient Name met the criteria for implantation of a cardiac resynchronization therapy
defibrillator (CRT-D) because of his/her heart failure in addition to his/her high risk for
cardiac arrest. As you may be aware, the COMPANION trial showed CRT-D, used in
combination with optimal pharmacologic therapy (OPT), reduced the risk of all-cause
mortality by 36% when compared with OPT alone for patients with an EF ≤ 35% and
QRS ≥ 120. For your review, I have included typical patient fluoroscopic images of the
venous anatomy and lead position.

                                          LV Lead –
                                          Bipolar with

                                        RV Defibrillation
                                        Lead – Bipolar,
                                         coated with

                                   RA Pacing Lead – Bipolar
              LAO View                                                RAO View

Your patient’s RENEWAL 3 RF device is being remotely monitored by the LATITUDE®
Patient Management system. The system collects heart health and specific device
information, which is available to both myself as the implanter and you as
Patient's Name health following physician. In addition, the system can be configured to
fax you clinical event notification information when a patient experiences atrial
arrhythmia, weight changes of greater than 5 lbs/week, and when shock therapy is
If you are interested in receiving clinical event notification or having direct access to
Patient's Name LATITUDE Patient Management information, please contact
MDSO Rep or CRM FCR Name.

We look forward to future collaboration to impact patient outcomes. Please contact us
with any questions.


Physician Name, M.D., Clinic Name

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