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Poseidon Design Systems appoints Brian Bailey as Chief Technologist


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									      Poseidon Design Systems appoints Brian Bailey
                  as Chief Technologist

Atlanta, Georgia – February 27, 2006 – Poseidon Design Systems, an
innovative supplier of system level tools for processor-based designs, today names
Brian Bailey as the newest member of its executive management team. Brian Bailey
has served on the Poseidon Technical Advisory Board for the past year providing
guidance and technically contributing to the direction of the company.

“We are very excited to have Brian join our executive team,” said Ravi Janak,
president and CEO of the company. “He has already demonstrated the impact that
he can have on our analysis tools and with his full time help we can be assured of
extending our lead in providing the best solutions to our customers.”

“Poseidon is poised to become one of the leaders in the emerging Electronic System
Level (ESL) field. I am excited about this opportunity to help them achieve the
ambitious goals that the company has set for itself.” said Brian Bailey. “Multi-
processor hardware / software systems are becoming ubiquitous, and providing the
right analysis and verification tools to handle these complex systems is a key enabler
for the Poseidon Design Systems’ optimization, acceleration and synthesis tools

Brian Bailey is the Chairman of the Accellera Interfaces committee and a renowned
industry veteran. He contributed to the introduction of RTL simulation, emulation,
mixed abstraction simulation, hardware / software co-simulation and transaction
level modeling. During 2005, he published two books on the subjects of design and
verification and has published many papers and articles over the past several years.
He is actively sought out to appear in panels and conferences. He has two patents to
his name with others pending and is proclaimed to be one of the visionaries in the
emerging ESL field.

Prior to this appointment Mr. Bailey was an independent industry and management
consultant, having worked with a number of startup companies to help them turn
their conceptual ideas into practical realities. Prior to that, he was the Chief

                                  Poseidon - Confidential
Technologist for functional verification at Mentor Graphics. He graduated from Brunel
University in England with a 1st class honours degree in Electrical and Electronic

Poseidon Design Systems Executive Team

Brian Bailey joins, as Chief Technologist, an established and highly experienced team
of executives that includes veterans from EDA, Semiconductor, Embedded Systems
and Software communities.
Ravi Janak- CEO & President, has over 25 years of entrepreneurial, management
consulting, and line management experience in IT and related industries. He has
extensive experience in building top-notch teams and building offshore development
Farzad Zarrinfar- VP Sales, over 24 years of industry experience in the EDA, IP,
ASIC, ASSP, design services, and SOC-based platforms. He has held senior
marketing and sales positions in Samsung, Sony and ARC International.
Bill Salefski- VP Technology, an EDA veteran with over 20 years of experience
developing EDA Tools. He has held various senior technical positions in Cadence
Design Systems, Synopsys and Chameleon Systems.
Stephen Simon- Sr. Director of Marketing and Business Development, has over 20
years experience in the electronic and semiconductor marketplace. He has held
senior engineering, management and sales positions at LSI Logic, Quality
Semiconductors, and AT&T Microelectronics.
Suhas Hiwale- Managing Director of India Operations, over 13 years of project
management and product delivery experience with management and technical
expertise in embedded systems design and development. He has held senior
management position at HP.
Vinod Malhotra- VP of Engineering, over 11 years of EDA software development
experience with a track record of successfully developing and managing High tech
development teams. He has held senior management positions at Numerical
Technologies and Synopsys.
Sarang Shelke- Director of Engineering, Extensive experience in ASIC and FPGA
based design. He has specialized in bus architectures, custom DSP’s and low power
DSP designs. He was previously a technical specialist at IBM Microelectronics.

                                Poseidon - Confidential
About Poseidon Design Automation

Poseidon Design Systems is an Electronic Design Automation company with offices in
Atlanta, GA., San Jose, CA, and Bangalore, India, founded in July 2002 to provide
products and services for modeling and designing processor-based SoCs. Poseidon's
Electronic System Level tools allow users to rapidly analyze, optimize and accelerate
a complete SoC system. Visit Poseidon Design Systems at www.poseidon-

      Poseidon Design Systems
      Media Contact
      Farzad Zarrinfar, 925/292-1670

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                                Poseidon - Confidential

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