Cisco Security Annual Report Mid 2010

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              Spam Trends by Originating Country
                   November 2009 – June 2010

                         Percentage of                          Spam
Country                   Global Spam                           Trend
United States                8.98%                             -0.56%
India                        8.61%                               1.10%
Brazil                       6.71%                             -4.30%
Russia                       6.43%                             -0.26%
South Korea                  3.83%                             -0.86%
Vietnam                      3.74%                              -1.65%
Ukraine                      3.60%                              0.53%
Germany                      3.34%                               1.99%
China                        3.22%                              -1.19%
Italy                        2.80%                               1.30%
United Kingdom               2.74%                              2.39%
Colombia                     2.58%                              -1.30%
                             Source: Cisco Security Intelligence Operations
                                                           Americas Headquarters                                    Asia Pacific Headquarters                                Europe Headquarters
                                                           Cisco Systems, Inc.                                      Cisco Systems (USA) Pte. Ltd.                            Cisco Systems International BV
                                                           San Jose, CA                                             Singapore                                                Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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