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ESA Resistance Linked to Variant Hb in Blacks by ProQuest


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									                                                                                              JUNE 2010    Renal & Urology News 11

   ■ NKF, Orlando, Fla.      Reports from the 2010 National Kidney Foundation’s Spring Clinical Meetings.

ESA Resistance Linked to Variant Hb in Blacks
VARIANT HEMOGLOBIN (Hb)                      globin was associated with a three-fold     cular morbidity and mortality so this       with venous thromboembolism, sug-
phenotypes may be associated with resis-     increased odds of ESA resistance, after     link should be evaluated, especially in     gesting that high-dose ESA use in
tance to treatment with erythropoiesis-      adjusting for multiple variables.           patients with variant Hb, the research-     patients with sickle cell trait may have
stimulating agents (ESAs) among African        Higher doses of ESA have been             ers noted. In addition, both ESAs and       an augmented risk of thrombotic events,
Americans with end-stage renal dis-          associated with increased cardiovas-        sickle cell trait have been associated      the researchers observed. ■
ease (ESRD), according to research-
ers. These phenotypes include sickle
cell trait (HbAS) and hemoglobin C
trait (HbAC). The study, led by Vimal
K. Derebail, MD, of the University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill, includ-
ed 155 African-American ESRD pa-
tients who underwent hemoglobin
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