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									  MCC has ‘a place
   for everyone’
      For 90 years, relief agency has shaped Mennonite identity, witnessed to world
                              By Celeste Kennel-Shank
                                     For meetinghouse
                                       Akron, PA.

  ‘How is it that such a diverse                      here are multiple stories of how Mennonite
                                                     Central Committee (MCC) began. One tells of
 clan as ours supports MCC so                    Clayton Kratz, a young man who went to Russia,
strongly, to suspend our fixation                Ukraine and Turkey, to attempt to distribute aid to
                                                 starving people in 1920, but disappeared and was
on differences to work together?’               never found.
       (Herman Bontrager,                    Another details how Mennonites worked with the
                                           U.S. government to finally deliver relief supplies begin-
  MCC Binational board chair)              ning in 1922.
                                             For some people, MCC started when Peter J. Dyck,
                                           who was saved from starvation by that aid, and his wife
                                           Elfrieda Klassen Dyck led Russian Mennonite refugees
                                                                                          Canadian Mennonite July 12, 2010                 5

                                                                                                     Photos From weB gAllery

In scores of countries and communities around the world, MCC workers have been blessed to be gathered around a bounteous
table of sharing, a table prepared by our Lord Jesus Christ, at which all are welcome. Opposite page: Zaire (now the Democratic
Republic of Congo), 1993; abov
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