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									Swing the tides in your favor! Online Reputation Management
Tony Adam
February 25, 2009



• Statistical Lane

• Monitor the Conversation
• The Conversation is Everywhere • Protect your Brand • Change your Perception to the public


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Taking a trip down statistical lane…

More than 320K Complaints Filled

Google Query for inurl:sucks


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Case Study: PayPal – Negativity in Search

• Ripoff Report: PayPal – 11,500 Results

• Negative Search Queries:
– 4,900 results - inurl:PayPal sucks – 12,800 results - intitle:PayPal sucks
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Monitor the conversation

Listen, Monitor, and Track what people are saying about your Brand.


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Tools available to Track your Brand


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Online Reputation Management is not…

Online Reputation Management is not just SEO and SERP management.


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The conversation is EVERYWHERE

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Be involved in the Conversation

It’s not about the Social Media tool or website, it’s about the Conversation. Focus on ALL FORMS of Social Interaction.


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Case Study: PayPal on Social Media - Twitter

(Hope my old PayPal Peeps don’t hate me! :P)
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Protect your Personal or Business Brand

• Username searches for your Brand: • Link to external resources and Social Media profiles with branded search terms. • Subdomains and Branded Pages to combat Flame sites and negative queries.

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Change Perception by being Genuine

• Keep negativity and flame wars OFFLINE. • Give Customers/Users the opportunity to provide feedback to YOU. • Transparency is key: Provide Assistance and Be Genuine.

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Case Study: PayPal – The Problem
• 4 of Top 10 Search Results for branded term “PayPal” were Flame sites:
– –

• Negative queries about “PayPal”
– “disadvantages of PayPal” – “paypal problems” – “is paypal safe”

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Case Study: PayPal – The Strategy
• Strategy to combat the Flame sites:
– Subdomains (e.g. – Social Media Branding (e.g. MySpace, Twitter, etc.) – Link to positive pre-existing external resources. (e.g. WikiPedia)

• Get involved in Social Media
– Clean up Social Media accounts like that are not really run by PayPal. – Make sure your Social Media profile are visible to Search Engines and creates engagement for your Audience. – Listen to and Monitor the Audience.

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Tony Adam

Manager, Search Traffic Acquisition
Yahoo! Audience Marketing (@tonyadam)
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