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									The Time Dimension
Author: T. K. Das

This is the first comprehensive bibliography of temporal scholarship-research on the subject of time and
the phenomenon of time itself. As the author notes in his introduction, the nature of research insights on
the subject of time is difficult to comprehend within the confines of any specific discipline since relevant
materials are scattered throughout the literature in numerous scholarly fields. By bringing together the
most significant published works in a wide variety of disciplines, this unique compendium enables
scholars and researchers to look beyond their own particular area of expertise when selecting appropriate
resource materials. Throughout, the focus is on the time dimension itself as a problematic or
researchable phenomenon rather than on narrow topics such as time management, time series analysis,
or forecasting.Organized by discipline, the work begins with an initial chapter that lists general works on
the time dimension. Nineteen chapters then list works in particular disciplines ranging from anthropology
and culture to biology, economics, futures studies, history, linguistics, management studies, psychology,
and more. The final chapter lists miscellaneous entries which could not be categorized into any of the
specific disciplinary headings. Within each chapter, entries are arranged alphabetically by author or
editor. Nearly all sources are from scholarly journals and books.

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