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									HR for Small Business
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Author: Charles Fleischer

Edition: 2
Table of Contents

INTRODUCTIONCHAPTER 1: The Employment RelationshipEmployees, Independent Contractors, and
AgentsStatutory Employees and NonemployeesThe Employment At-Will DoctrineEmployment
ContractsArbitration AgreementsBusiness Owners' Employment StatusCHAPTER 2: The Hiring
ProcessSteps in the Hiring ProcessNew Employee ProceduresEmployee HandbooksPersonnel
FilesCHAPTER 3: Evaluating PerformanceReasons for EvaluatingLegal ConsiderationsDisciplinary
ActionsCHAPTER 4: TerminationExit InterviewsTermination for CauseConstructive
DischargeRetaliationWhistleblower RegulationsAbusive DischargeDefamation LiabilityIntentional Infliction
of Emotional DistressCorporate Ethics and the Sarbanes-Oxley ActEmployee Due ProcessDownsizing
and Mass LayoffsCHAPTER 5: Wage-and-Hour RequirementsMinimum WagesOvertimeAlternatives to
OvertimeExemptions from Overtime RequirementsSettling FLSA Wage DisputesOther Wage
RegulationsChild LaborPriority of Wages and Benefits in BankruptcyAntitrust ConsiderationsCHAPTER 6:
Wage Attachments and AssignmentsGarnishmentsWithholding OrdersTax LeviesDebtors in
BankruptcyDepartment of Education GarnishmentsWage AssignmentsCHAPTER 7: Tax
Considerations.Deductibility of Wages and Benefits.Limitations on DeductibilityIndependent
ContractorsFederal Withholding RequirementsTipsOther Taxable PaymentsState Withholding
RequirementsEarned Income CreditDeposit and Reporting RequirementsCHAPTER 8: Leave
PoliciesVacation and Sick LeaveFMLA Coverage and EligibilityFMLA BenefitsMilitary LeaveOther Types
of LeavePaid Time OffCHAPTER 9: Deferred Compensation and ERISADeferred
CompensationNonqualified Deferred CompensationERISASpousal Rights to Pension BenefitsTop Hat and
Excess Benefit PlansCHAPTER 10: Group Health and OtherVoluntary PlansCOBRAHIPAAMandated
BenefitsQualified Medical Child Support OrdersClaims AdministrationGender-Specific CoverageStock
OptionsEmployee Stock Ownership PlansOther PlansDomestic PartnersCHAPTER 11: Workers'
CompensationCoverageCourse and Scope of EmploymentClaim ProcedureBenefitsSecond Injury
FundRights against Third PartiesCHAPTER 12: Unemployment InsuranceEmployer
ContributionsCoverage and EligibilityMisconduct and Quitting for CauseClaim
ProcedureBenefitsCHAPTER 13: Workplace SafetyOverview of OSHASafety and Health
StandardsRecord-KeepingInspections and CitationsFDA's Food CodeRetaliation and Refusal to
Work.State RequirementsSmokingErgonomicsViolence in the WorkplaceDisaster PlanningCHAPTER 14:
Discrimination in GeneralTitle VII of the Civil Rights ActCovered EmployersReligious Discrimination under
Title VIIOther Antidiscrimination LawsState and Local ProhibitionsProfessional Codes of
EthicsDiscrimination Based on GeneticsContingent...

HR For Small Business explains in simple, clear language what business owners and managers need to
know about their relationship with their employees in order to comply with the law and protect themselves
and their business from being sued.The new edition of this book includes everything from recruiting and
hiring to discipline and termination and everything in between. Updated legal information has been added
on the new minimum wage law that employers must be aware of, the right to privacy for employees,
especially in terms of their email, Internet usage, and phone calls, and what employers need to do to
comply with disability laws and FMLA.The appendices in this book include required postings in the
workplace, legal holidays, online resources for employers and human resource professionals, a sample
employee handbook outline, an employer tax calendar, and a complete glossary of
terms.Featuring:Interview questionsReference checksBenefits and taxesLeave policiesUnemployment
insurancePrivacy and confidentialityEmployment discriminationSexual harassmentWorkers'
compensationTelecomuting and job-sharingEmployees are your greatest asset. However, the days when
employee matters were simple are gone. To keep your business running successfully, you need a guide
through the many issues facing employers today.Charles Fleischer, successful attorney, lecturer, and
author, makes this complex area of the law easy to understand. His practical advice answers the
questions you have, such as:What steps do I take in the hiring process?How can I use performance
evaluations as a productive tool?How can I cut overtime expenses?How can I control costs and still offer
attractive retirement and health insurance benefits?How do I make a clean termination?How do I protect
myself against discrimination claims?What types of insurance must I carry?How long must I hold a
position for someone on maternity, military, or other leave?Start building a stronger workforce today.

"One of the few [references] geared to the bulk of American business."

"Absolutely indispensable for anyone in business."

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