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									NGOs in India
Controversies in Science

Author: R. Sooryamoorthy
Author: K. D. Gangrade

Focusing on NGOs that work in the areas of rural development, women, and children, the authors' goal is
to shed light on the contributions of the sector in the spheres of social welfare, empowerment, service,
and rural development. In addition, the problems and difficulties experienced by NGOs are analyzed and
explained. This important new book traces the rise of NGOs in India and their transformation over the
years, revealing the importance of NGOs in India's development after Independence.Beginning with a
detailed history of voluntarism in India and examination of NGOs around the world, the authors provide the
framework for examining NGOs in India as a force contributing to development. They then focus on
partnerships and cooperation between NGOs and the government, advocacy and policy implications of
NGO activity, accountability within organizations, approaches to problems and delivery of services, NGO
life cycles, and the need for a code of ethics within NGOs. Case studies on NGOs designed to assist
women, children, and rural development are presented and discussed in the context of development in
general and improving the quality of life for all Indian citizens. This careful and comprehensive examination
is a unique addition to a growing field of literature on India.

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